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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:04 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom (DILD)


      Iím inside a grocery retail store, and Iím on my way to the restroom. The flooring before heading there is very clean, light brown cement color with some kind of marble coating to it. The lighting overall is a yellow hue mixed in with orange, and this probably due to the upper roof windows emitting the light from above.

      Itís a fairly active within the store itself, and itís very spacious as well. I seem to be carrying something that looks like a Poo-pourri spray.

      I go inside the restrooms, and noticed that the sinks are to the left vs. the right as it usually is in the other retail store I shop at. Thereís the same laminate coating, dark brown colors mixed in with some grays, blacks, and subtle appearances of white along with the fancy, stainless steel sinks. I look at the mirror, and Iím preparing to move the eyeliner makeup stick around for a little bit.

      I try to apply some to my eyelashes, and Iím getting various outcomes each time I invest more time into this. One moment, it seems like my eyelashes are going to become thinner, and less noticeable. The next moment, itís as if in spite of their state of being, they still are emphasized more for some reason, and it feel awkward looking at myself looking feminine. There were a few men that came every now and then to be surprised as to why Iím applying eyeliner, eyelash, whatever itís called, and even though I had a knee-jerk reaction to be shocked that they came in, I still went about my merry way.

      I was only aware of what was going on, and didnít really bother to fixate on bodily movements, I guess. I started to play around with the substance within the makeup bottle, and I could see itís a very thick, white substance with some black blemishes that are shiny and glossy as well. I pay attention to the realism of the texture forming around the small brush stick, and the sounds associated with knocking against the bottle from the inside with the brush stick.

      After I stop reveling in this, I proceed to go out of the restroom, and as Iím going near a check stand, some random kid asks me for a machineís game currency, and I quickly responded, ďNo.Ē And I mean no as in, ďno-you-demon-child,youĒ type of no. The child is about 2-3 three feet in height, dark complexion, and is wearing a white shirt and probably some generic, dulled out shorts that were light blue. He had a haircut close to the 1.5 setting, i.e., having hair, but close to being bald.

      He looks up at me weirdly, and doesnít seem to be capable of processing my immediate response, and starts looking around for a bit, and then moves on to go to his parents.

      The funny part is that later on in the day, a co-worker was asking if I was using perfume before she corrected herself, and saying cologne.

    2. Deactivating a Tower |Dreamed Using Restroom -> Real Wet Dream | MIC Makes $$$ Off of Runescape

      by , 11-17-2015 at 11:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Deactivating a Tower (DILD)


      All I remember is that I'm in the desert sector related to Code Lyoko, but I don't feel I'm actively participating in the mission of deactivating the active tower. I see, in first person perspective, some Tarantulas that eventually give up, and see that as soon as they pass a certain point near the tower, they disappear.

      It feels as if someone is destroying the desert sector.


      I Wet Myself IRL Because DC Stalls Me Using a Restroom In a Dream (DILD)


      Iím with some of the Code Lyoko: Evolution members in a classroom. It seems the setting is in a late afternoon where the sunset is slowly dissipating. The floor is white, and made of some kind of hard-surfaced tiling, and the rest of the room is white.

      Iím sitting in a dark-colored chair, and resting on a light-brown table thatís fit for at least 6 individuals. The teacher looks a bit familiar, and has a light complexion. He seemed to be a mťlange of one of my bossís bosses at a retail store, and then one of the principals from the Code Lyoko: Evolution show, and such.

      Heís doing something to stall time so students wonít be convinced to leave early until the bell rings. Iím wondering why heís doing this, as I felt I had a good judgment of when the bell would ring. I looked at the clock at some point thatís white in the background, and has black tick marks and numerical fonts as well.

      It seems to be somewhere around 1:20-1:35PM or so; the equivocations with time just made things more obvious. When the teacher was counting down when the bell would ring, the moment he reached 0, he wouldnít let everyone leave at once. He asked us if anyone of us wants to go to jail, in which we quickly said, or made a gesture of ďNo.Ē

      He eventually allows us to leave in this false imprisonment nonsense. I go out to the door, to my right, and weíre having a quick conversation over how the teacher was acting weird. I turn to the left, and I see a Hispanic female that I presumed to be in the class we were in as well. She looks like one of my co-workers; short ponytail, red shirt, tight blue jeans, and weíll just nickname her An.

      I asked her why the teacher was so peculiar, and she shook her head in confusion as her retort. I get the strong urge to utilize the restroom, and immediately went into the closest one. Brown walls, white tiled floor, and a really clean restroom. I open one of the doors, sat down for some reason instead of standing up, and started to urinate.

      I was feeling a virtual experience of urinating that ended up translating into real life, and mid-way piss, I feel myself urinating IRL while still in the dream, and eventually woke up to take care of the issue.

      My first recalled lucid wet dream. Good thing it wasnít #2.


      Manager In Charge Makes $$$ From Runescape (DILD)


      Iím inside a room that has a Wall Street vibe to it where others are congregating for some big event in stocks, or something like that. It doesnít feel like that at first, but it seems so secretive, cozy, and thereís a gargantuan wide screen in front of us emitting some blue light.

      I see a Manager in charge at a retail store I used to work at which weíll nickname ďJ.Ē He seems really enthusiastic, and is wearing a light gray dress shirt tucked in under a black dress pants. His sleeves are folded up to the top of his elbows, and is wearing black glasses as well.

      Heís holding some paper, and starts bragging about the success of whatever workflow he, and his affiliates utilized to make money off of Runescape, and maybe other MMORPGs. He eventually shows us the paper, and I quickly glance over without much interest; I could see some golden stars, and a quantity of at least $1 Million.

      Then, at some point in the dream that I canít sequence into a timeline, I was going go into the Bandos section in the God Wars Dungeon in Runescape. I was setting up some overloads, brews, and things of that nature. I was choosing whether or not to use a Legends Cape, or the Bandos cape that seems fairly new. The latter seemed more advantageous stat wise for the Chaotic Rapier I had in my inventory, but there was still skepticism on my end.

      I forget what I do next, and felt I spent most of my time fixating on the ideal inventory set up.

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    3. Machine Guns, I'm Nikita, Captured, Someone Falls Down, Female in Men's Restroom

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Machine Guns and Captured to Be A Slave (DILD)


      I've been watching a lot of Nikita on Netflix apparently to get a dream related to it.

      I'm inside of what seems to be an apartment, and it's fairly late at night within the dream. The flooring consists of a brown wooden color, and the walls are most likely dark gray.

      I'm right behind a dream character that looks like Michael from the show "Nikita," and he seems to be on the alert of someone coming in. I move around a bit, feeling a bit anxious.

      I realized I was dreaming at some point when I asked him a few questions on what I needed to do in this area. He told me that I should go ahead and hide and just keep myself safe.

      He's holding a black silenced pistol and is staying in position while I find a place to hide. It doesn't seem like I any alternatives other than to just stay there and face whatever entity or group of entities coming in to invade the room we're in.

      There's a door that's opened to the left of me, and I believe it leads to the kitchen. Michael comes in for a moment, and as he's going halfway through the door, the door he was patrolling 10-20 feet away from him opens.

      He's caught by surprise and tries to aim his gun as soon as he can, but it seems the invader used the machine gun to quickly spray bullets at him. I immediately evade to the left and tried to glance at what the entity looked like.

      He looked like Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4, and had the same outfit as well. Michael is pushed back to a wall, and simply lies down there. I didn't confirm if he was dead or not since I was already trying to save myself.

      I quickly hide behind a door because that's my only option right now. I noticed I had a weapon on hand, but didn't pay attention to describe it well enough. I just presumed it was a pistol, and I made sure to slow down my breathing.

      It seems the Mendez dream character disappeared, and a feminine figure is walking slowly towards the door I'm hiding behind. I get tensed up for a bit and prepared for confrontation.

      The entity turns around immediately and I take a shot at her. It seems it was teenager in the age range of 16-18. Though her visage looked a little bit more cheekier and child-like. She had some kind of patched up braided hairstyle, but it wasn't the whole format of her hair.

      She looked very familiar, like the sister from the "Everybody Hates Chris" television show. I thought I killed this dream character, but it seems she's just another invincible entity in my head. She takes a shot at me, and I expected to recieve some kind of reaction, but I'm not really feeling anything.

      The dream starts getting a little hard to intrepret chronologically because one moment I feel like I'm being riddled with bullets from a machine gun, and the next I feel perfectly fine.

      I take another shot at the girl, trying to see if she can at least fall down and faint or something. Doesn't seem to work, and she's a bit too close for comfort honestly. She says,

      "We're going to take you to be our slave."

      After that, it's hard to know what happened next. A probable reason is that during the inconsistent shifts before taking my last shot at the girl, I was questioning whether or not they were using tranquilizers.

      I checked the suit I was wearing that had a milky butterscotch color mixed with dirty golden color and found bits on my wrist, arms, and my chest I believe.

      And as I'm in shock that they're trying to tranquilize me, I look at my hands and things get even freakier. The perspective involves me looking at myself from the bottom-up that's zooming into my face.

      I realized I was Nikita.

      Apparently I or she's wearing a black vest along with black jeans and a belt. I couldn't make out what she wore for her feet, I just paid attention to my/her reaction until the dream scene shifts abruptly.

      There's a quick fade out and a gradual fading into another scene. I can feel myself being chained, and decided to wait for the environment to become more vivid.

      Eddie Falls Down (DILD)


      I'm trying to go down a set of stairs floating above what seems to be a bottomless cosmic-like pit.

      There's a person in front of me trying to hold onto any ledge, and ends up tripping and falling.

      I scream as he's falling down and started to freak out while still trying to hold my balance. I keep going down the stairs


      Female in the Men's Restroom (DILD)


      I know this dream was long, but can't recall much.

      Basically a black haired female was in the men's restroom, and I think she, me, and maybe two more people were a group that were trying to rendevoue at a certain location.

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    4. Boob Awareness & Almost Had Great Sex, Tied Up

      by , 11-12-2012 at 07:46 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      First Floor Boob Awareness Room? (Non-lucid)


      I'm going into an elevator, and I press the button for "Floor 1," which is going up instead of down. There's a room that gets my attention, it's called "Boob Awareness" or something like that.

      It seems I'm there too early, because there's not a lot of people inside, just two girls showing random purple lineart of drawn women. So I head back out and go back at a later time.

      I head back to the door, slowly open it. There's a female wearing a black blouse, and she has a nice rack on her.

      Spoiler for 18+:


      FUCK IT.
      Tied Up (Non-lucid)


      I only remember being tied up, and I feel like I'm in the body of Ryoma Echizen, the same dude I posted a picture of in the last dream journal entry (where he had green aura around him and held a red racquet).

      My feet were tied up, and my hands were behind my back and tied up as well. I tried avoid this bald dude wearing a swamp green shirt and regular denim jeans that I feel is trying to find me. I scooted over near a pile of dead leaves, hoping that I could avoid him.

      He still finds me, and he takes me back to wherever he wants to take me.

      Then I get a dream shift where I'm probably in a dream body of my waking life body. I end up going into this area that overall has a brown setting to it. It almost resembles a restroom, and the urinals are spread out. I think I'm following a group of random people, maybe 2-3. We're planning to jump over the urinals, since there's a huge gap on top of them to get out of.

      I see the same bald dude with the swamp green shirt and denim jeans, but I don't have the feelings of fear like before when I was Ryoma Echizen. I guess I was a completely different mindset in this dream.
    5. Lucid Public Restroom Fellatio and Breast-play

      by , 09-26-2012 at 02:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lucid Public Restroom Fellatio and Breast-play (DILD)


      I can't barely contain myself............I had to delete my previous reaction because I'm so PUMPED.

      And yay me for the somewhat decent recall too, this is definitely a huge boost, considering I have a History Exam coming up....at least this will make it more tolerable.

      I get up from my bed, and somehow, I do a reality check instinctively. I had a feeling the dream environment would be bright and sunny. Inside of my bedroom, even though I didn't pay too much attention to the details in it, I realized it's a bit brighter than usual without any kind of artificial light source.

      I believe I checked my alarm after "waking up" to it in the dream, and I think it was around 7:00 AM at the time, but again, I didn't pay too much attention to it. I slowly walk out of the door from my bedroom, and I'm now going through the small hallway of the kitchen.

      I didn't even bother switching the lights on, since I'm already lucid, but I could tell from peripheral vision, my subconscious does an amazing job of replicating my whole apartment. As I'm slowly walking in my apartment still, I made sure to touch my body as much as possible, and I felt my chest, my stomach, and some of my legs as well.

      The vividness of the dream, it was just like waking life, but even better. More crisp, detailed, and still even had somewhat of a high-end graphics game to it as well. I touch my body some more, and told myself,

      "I will have a long and stable lucid dream."

      "I will have a long and stable lucid dream."

      Just like that.....I told myself that, and then I wanted to touch the wall to the left of me for more stability and getting the realism in. I could feel the small bumps on it, and it felt smooth just like the wall in waking life, oh and it had the white color to it as well. I saw small highlights hitting the wall as well from the window in front of me emitting the light.

      The dark sky blue curtain I usually have up in waking life to conceal the insides of the apartment more was there as well. It's glowing, to some extent, from the daylight hitting through the slightly opened blinds, and then through the curtains.

      I even told myself a few times at some point that I'm going to wake up, NOPE, NO STOPPING ME NOW!!!!!!!!! I immediately eradicated that thought, and then to my right, I noticed my bicycle is on top of the round table.

      Yeah, that's definitely abnormal, and the table had a caramel color to it, just like in waking life. The gears on my bicycle, there was a subtle difference compared to the waking life counterpart. The gears in waking life were black and just like any default mountain bicycle with several gears for several levels of speed for the bicycle.

      In the dream, it was as if the bicycle was brand spanking new. The gears were light gray, with probably just one gear instead of several, and I probably assumed that because the bicycle was titled diagonally to the right side from my position. To keep augmenting the stability, I decided to feel the bicycle tire on the back.

      I moved the rear bicycle tire to rotate anti-clockwise (I think that's just a habit of being left-handed) with my right hand. As I watched it moved, I hover my right hand over the tires, and I gradually descended it until I finally made contact with the tires. I could feel the slight grazing from my palm, and the small grooves of the tires as well.

      WOAH. If I wasn't lucid, this would've been an insane false awakening....

      I even widened my eyes on how I was able to feel all of this. The bicycle was also purple, and had the light blue oval color with a thin white border around it on one of the horizontal and long supports of the bicycle under the seat. I didn't look too much to see if it had the name of the bicycle though.

      I finally shift my focus to the door, and I believe I took my left hand to touch the doorknob. I noticed it was pretty damn close to the waking life counterpart as well. It had a dark gold color that was faded.

      There were these small degradations apparent from the doorbell. I don't know if it was an intentional design like the waking life counterpart, but there were small cracked like style to it. The whole doorbell was covered with these randomly curved and jagged lines. I finally turn it, opened the door, and immediately saw the huge level of contrast from my dark apartment and this bright and sunny environment.

      I take the time to really absorb in all that's being given to me. It's sort of difficult to describe the dream environment at this time, since it was so bright and sunny, I could only focus on getting my senses adjusted to this new level of stability and vividness.

      I couldn't tell I was naked or not, but I assumed I had clothes on the moment I left the apartment. I knew I had to have had an underwear on in the apartment, despite knowing I slept naked in waking life.

      After almost zoning out, I get back to focusing on doing something, and I turned around to my left, and I saw a cop vehicle. It was black and white, and had a dark gold symbol between the front and back doors on the right side, and I'm assuming this is the case for the left side that I didn't bother to look at. I get closer to the vehicle, and see there's a police office inside.

      He's looks African American, is bald, and he's wearing glasses with a very thin metal frame. He was wearing a Black dress shirt with his badge somewhere on the left or right, and also wore Black long pants as well. I saw the pockets on his shirt as well, and these looked like pockets to store heavier stuff than your usual dress shirt pocket.

      I open the door and sit next to him on the passenger seat. I close the door, and had a small random talk with him.

      I didn't waste time and blatantly asked him,

      "What do you represent in this dream?"

      He then goes on to ramble about some random reason why he exists....he declares something about him being here because I didn't water down something?

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I guess you're just a random DC.

      The guy was pretty nice, he wasn't threatening or anything like that. So while I decide to just stay in the vehicle with this guy, it seems he's going to get a huge car wash for his vehicle. I quickly looked up, and I saw motors quickly initiating to get ready to scrub the police vehicle. I immediately get out, since I don't want to waste time seeing a car get washed.

      After I get out, here's the part that confuses me, maybe it's just a slight fault to my recall here, but I don't know what I did next from him.

      But I do know things felt like a dream shift, and I'm still lucid....this whole environment was still bright.

      I find something very odd....most of my dreams consisted of some kind of darkness....and the majority of those dreams in darkness were non-lucid. Here I have a lucid where it's completely bright and sunny, and to some extent, even blinding on me being able to pick out key areas of the environment around me.

      I wonder.....could it be the day light in the dream that keeps me aware? Hmmm......I wonder....

      I'm walking with someone who is on my left side. I can't tell who they are at the moment, and it seems we're coming near the end of a driveway and eventually on to the road. But instead of actually crossing it, I go back along with this person I'm with that I'm not even bothering to turn my face to, and I asked them,

      "Do you think I can teleport to Alyzarin? (I said her real name)"

      The voice sounds like a female....and now that I think about it more, I slowly shifted my eyes to the left side, and saw a female body, but I didn't look up as yet to see the head just yet. The person who's visage I can't identify as yet is wearing a Pastel green long sleeved jacket that had the material of a long-sleeved dress shirt....I hope that description makes sense.

      It seemed they wore skinny jeans, and I believe they probably had a red shirt underneath the dress shirt type of jacket. As I'm moving my head up to see how they look like, it's really hard to tell if she's a blonde girl, or if she looked like a girl named Sarah B. that I used to know for History class.

      It's hard to tell if I would have another dream shift with another girl, but for now, for this moment, I'll just put in what I remember at the time.

      The girl that I can't identify responds to me in a passive but confident manner,

      "No, you can't do that."

      I felt slightly disappointed in myself that I couldn't teleport to attempt to find Alyzarin, and I didn't bother asking the female any more questions on other ways to find her.

      Now comes the gap in recall here...ugh, I need to work on that.....actually no, I'm just going to let it come naturally...

      The dream shifts again, and now I'm with a girl that looks a lot like Sarah B. (I'm using that because I met way too many Sarah's in my life).

      It seems Sarah is wearing this weird color that seems to be a mix of dark maroon and brown, it's very hard to describe. I'd said....a really dark brown colored jacket? Underneath that was a light gray sleeveless ruffle blouse of some sort. She wore regular jeans as well, but my recall of how they really looked like is a bit stale, since I was mostly enticed by her face.

      She has a very cheerful personality, just like the waking life counterpart, it's like my subconscious collaborated in getting the best aspects of her overall personality.

      She was one of the most cheerful females I've met in my life, and was very nice towards me. She's the type of girl who has a lot of friends, probably even to this day, and she was usually the type to jokingly make fun of them.....she was just the cool chick that you just had to love.

      She holds my hand.....oh my...

      I let her guide me, and then she tells me,

      "Let's go to the Women's Restroom....."

      I take my hand away from her and stop right there.....

      The last time I went inside a Women's Restroom in a lucid dream, I ended up fingering a girl who was peeing....I wonder what's going to happen now with someone I had a slight crush on before in waking life?

      I respond,

      "But But.....why can't we use the Men's Restroom?"

      She responds with,

      "Tch," like she was slightly irritated on why I would be concerned on which restroom to go to.

      Wooooah, she probably needs to get some action or something....I didn't expect her to express a slight shift in mood.

      It was as if she's the embodiment of a YANDERE...woahhhhhhhhhhhhh....oh goodness.......things are going to get EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITING..a dream character who can go slightly psycho on me, but is still mostly romantically attracted to me? I'm GAME.

      I stand there for a while, looking back and forth at the Men's and Women's Restroom sign above me, and then peeked at the Women's Restroom for a split second because I didn't want to look like a pervert.

      I'm lucid, and I'm still afraid of this? I mean....that makes sense, because a girl I fingered in the bathroom in a lucid that was months ago went bat shit cray the moment I told her to prove she was my dream guide. She does this by making her eyes bigger than they should be, and she just did some weird stuff to wake me up while having her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms around my neck.

      I guess unconsciously, I was afraid of that scenario possibly happening. After a while, and by a while, I just mean a few seconds, I sigh, and then I decided to inside the women's restroom.

      As I'm going in, it seems there are Men's Urinals with small stalls splitting between them for privacy. Oh man......this brings back memories from that last lucid I had a long time ago....

      Alright, now for the 18+ stuff, you have been warned, and don't get your hopes up too much, it was just mainly just a fellatio and tit-job....but still, it's an amazing experience for me, considering I didn't have to worry about the dream destabilizing.

      Sex is SEX....even it's just oral and using another female's body part.

      Spoiler for 18+....but I know most of you are going to read this anyway..:

      If you get confused....just read what's under the damn spoiler.

      I get distracted, and there's a random group of men that come in. I can't tell all of their facial composition, and there's maybe like 2-3 of them overall, one I know being a big and muscular Black male. He declares to me,

      "Let's trade women!"

      I get pissed, I immediately grabbed Sarah B's naked body and said,

      "NO! SHE'S MINE!"

      I quickly dash out of the restroom, and then all of a sudden, there's random shooting, and I'm even hearing machine guns....


      I still have a good hold on Sarah B in my arms, and I eventually reached back to my apartment again and quickly shut down the door. I looked outside at the window and saw an old man get shot by this unknown force of entities I didn't even see as yet. I honestly think the shooting was just added there for the lulz or something.

      I was worried if the old man was dead or not, and by looking at him, he was a really short man lying down on the grass. I'd say he's probably 3-4 feet tall, he has a big head.

      He looks exactly like the Sturgeon from Windwaker, except he was wearing a white outfit, and a red-pink-ish band around his waist, and his skin was tanned.

      I opened the door after the gunfire ceased, and asked the old man,

      "Hey, are you okay?"

      The man wiggles his nose, and he gets up immediately and I let him inside of my apartment.

      After the fiasco really calms down, NOW I START THINKING of the consequences of receiving fellatio and a tit-job from Sarah B....

      LOL, despite my lucidity, I'm STILL concerned, it's like my mind was so focused on getting away from the gunfire that the after effect made me dumb down a bit...I started thinking,

      "Shit...what if she has an STD?" I started to pace myself back and forth near my apartment while Sarah B. is probably sitting down on a chair next to the same round caramel table I mentioned that is in my apartment in waking and dreaming life.

      After worrying about the matter even more, I then have another dream shift where I see the alarm clock time for 7:54 AM. I'm back inside of my dark bedroom, and the alarm clock is just sitting there, glowing the time in red light.

      I can't remember much after that, but when I woke up, I felt these rushed emotions tingly and surging through my head and most of my spine.

      Wow...this dream took me quite a while to type....man...I need to type faster! I have 35 minutes or so to get to my class, and I'll probably have to eat a banana after I'm done with brushing my teeth and all.....

      FAST MODE ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    6. Father and a Child, Father and Pizza

      by , 07-05-2012 at 05:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I had these dreams after I went back to sleep from a WBTB, but didn't remember them until now.

      Father and a Child (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting down, and I see my father in his prime, at least, that's what I think he was in. There's a child next to him, and he's playing a game with him.

      What the child has to do is try to hide from my father, and my father will go around the walls to try and catch the child. Kind of like playing tag, except that I'm helping the child know where my father is.

      My father is smiling throughout the whole dream, playfully running slowly to give the child a chance to hide between corners on the wall in front of us. The wall itself was either white or a really light and faded canary color, and it was really thin, maybe 3-5 feet side, and it was in the middle.

      Perfect for running around. After directing the child on where to go, my father starts to trick the child by making him assume he's going this path, but halfway, he quickly switches to the other side.

      Yeah, the dream continues on like that, I can't remember when we stopped and what we did after.
      Father and Pizza (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a random truck with my father. I have a Pizza box on my lap in the passenger seat, and my father has to find a place to drop me off because he's going to be busy doing something.

      I quickly suggested to him that he can drop me off at the Laundromat, since I had a feeling that I've been to that place before in a dream that I can't remember right now.

      He asked me if I'm sure, and I said yes, and he turns to the right off-road, and completely ignores the basic laws of driving. He goes over a curb and I open the door to go inside of the Laundromat.

      I don't really bother to wave goodbye to him, and I proceeded to go inside a section where people could find a seat and eat in the Laundromat. I think this was one of those Laundromats with a Restaurant or a small fast food chain combined. Perfect waiting place for me until my father comes back.

      I try to get into the section, but some lady obliviously blocks me to talk to someone near her. I try my best to be patient since I'm going to get to the section eventually, and she finally makes a path for me to pass through.

      It seems she was either flirting with the guy or just having a friendly conversation, but I doubt the way she angled herself would say the latter was what she was going to opt for.

      They were near the entrance to the Men's and Women's Restroom, which I find quite odd to be a chatting place for them, but it's none of my business anyway. The seats in the eating section had a turquoise color, but I'd say that green was a more dominant color mixed into it.

      The wood was a faded gold color with a decent shine on it. There are a few people around, but I didn't really focus too much on them because I felt a little shy. I just wanted to be quiet and get ready to eat my pizza.

      I slowly opened the box, and find there's a full sized pizza, but it's fairly small. I didn't mind, and I get up to get something real quick, but I forget what it was I was going for. I go back, and find that one slice of pizza is gone.

      Really?? REALLLY?

      I sigh and didn't really bother to check who took the pizza, but nobody in the room looked like the type to steal food like that if there's a fast food chain near them in the first place.

      I pick a pizza up and ate it, but I forget how it tastes.

    7. Obama and Sneezing, Jumping on Panels

      by , 07-05-2012 at 04:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Obama and Sneezing (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a High School, I don't have a shirt on, and I feel kind of disturbed about this, but I never really looked down to see how my stomach looked like. I'm passing through a small hallway on the side of a cafeteria.

      I think I went to get something from my bicycle, not sure what it was. I go back inside the school with a shirt on, it was white and the pictures and words were a bit degraded. I would say it's exactly like the white shirt I have in waking life that has some of the plastered picture chipped off.

      I go upstairs, walking at a reasonable rate, and once I reach the top, I see Obama. I pretty much treat this as a normal thing and continued by going left. I think I had to go to the bathroom to blow my nose or something.

      There's a small dream shift to where some dream character who looks like he's a bully is showing me something. He isn't trying to bully me, in fact, he looks like he's trying to become friends with me. He was a little creepy looking for me, but I didn't really mind him being around.

      He eventually goes away, and then I get some brown paper towels, and I start blowing my nose really hard.

      Surprised I didn't wake up with snot.

      I get more paper towels because I feel that most of it didn't come out, even though I had the sensation that most did come out already. Guess I wanted to double-check.

      I look at myself in the mirror, but not my whole visage. I already had my head up to see what's inside of my nose. There's this huge white blob inside, and I wanted other people to see it for some odd reason.

      And then I see Obama again at some point in this dream again, but I had the same passive reaction as before.


      ...................................what a shit dream.
      Jumping on Panels (Non-lucid)


      I only remember jumping down on some panels, and some moved around a bit. The bottom was an abyss, and I had situations where I almost get into the abyss itself.

      When that happened, I think the dream resets to a certain point. Then I remember seeing someone like Spike from Cowboy Bebop and I think Naked or Solid Snake from the MGS series.....


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      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Monk Again, Is this the restroom?, Me vs. Sasuke

      by , 06-24-2012 at 02:26 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Monk Again (Non-lucid)


      That guy from the show Monk that I'm too lazy to say his name again because I keep forgetting it showed up in some random dream.

      There's a group of men that are chasing Monk, and he eventually gets away by jumping on the side of an opened window on a moving bus. He turns around at the people chasing him, bends down and slaps his rear.

      Is This the restroom? (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a school building, and I see a "Geography" sign in front of me, and it seems that's where I want to go. I don't know why though, but in the mean time, I needed to go to the restroom pretty bad.

      I go to the area where the Geography sign was, and there's a bathroom to the right of it. I make sure I look at the Men and Women signs before I go in, and at first it looks like your typical restroom, but things start getting weird.

      Oh, and inside the restroom, the overall color setting was maroon, with a mix of gray and white being the dominant colors of the restroom walls. I go for a spot to pee, and it doesn't look like a urinal to me, but since it's a bathroom, I just assume it is.

      Man, I'm pretty dumb to not realize that what I'm peeing on is a gap under a table and a chair. There's a pile of papers that are locked or stapled together, and since I have no common sense here, I ignore that it could be an important file and piss on it as well.

      There's a guy in front of me looking at me....he looks like the Asian guy from a tennis team I used to be in, let's call him "Al" for short.

      Al continues looking at me weird, and he eventually screams out that I pissed on a pile of paper that was for a certain course for a teacher.

      I start panicking because urine is all over it, and it seems more people are starting to come in, both men and women. I thought this was a bathroom!!!!

      What am I supposed to do now??? I tried getting some paper towels or to wipe the pile of paper on the chair.....wait a minute, there's a bathroom sink in here!

      How can this be a classroom and a bathroom combined? I don't know, because I'm stupid and I'm still panicking in drying this pile of paper.

      Trying to soak up the piss made it worse because the ink started to fade away. Then I see blonde female teacher that looks exactly like the World Geography teacher I had in High School my sophomore year.

      She's wearing a thin black shirt with sleeves that end a few inches beyond her elbow, and is where a black and white skirt with some kind of fancy design on it, and the skirt probably stopped near her knees or just at the end of her thighs.

      She gets closer and closer, and I start presuming that she's the one who probably needs this file.

      I can't even take this tension anymore from typing this! Ugh, I feel so stupid.

      She grabs the file, I think, looks at me in shame, and I could only look away in shame, assuming she'll say negative things at me.

      In fact, I think I reached the point of embarrassment where I started to block out all the sounds in the dream and I just stood there looking down on the floor....

      Me vs Sasuke Uchiha (Non-lucid)


      You have to be kidding me....this dream probably occurred because of the last dream I had a few days where Sasuke needed an electrical outlet for sustaining his Susanoo.


      There was probably a lot more going on before I had to get ready to face him, but me and him are called up. We have to enter separate rooms, probably to prevent a person from trying to kill the other before someone says we can start.

      Before we go our separate ways, the rooms we have to go into are completely red, like some kind of strong red light emitting from above, kind of like the dark room where you turn on the red lights for photographs.

      I get ready to go in the red room, but I said that I needed to use the restroom real quick.

      I don't remember using the restroom though....LOL.

      Anyway, dream shifts a little and I'm back in the red room. I think someone prompts us to go ahead and fight, and I'm still in that phase of "lolwut durp hurp" and standing like an idiot.

      Sasuke quickly stabs the side of me.

      DAMN IT!!!!

      I don't feel anything though, I think it was me that was falling, but I'm not sure anymore. But I do remember Sasuke was basically topless, and wore that bottom part of the outfit where he faced Orochimaru and completely owned him in Shippuden.

      And I couldn't see his eyes, just the outlines of it being darkened.

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