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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. The Chicken Breast Rooftop Challenge

      by , 01-19-2016 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Chicken Breast Rooftop Challenge (DILD)


      Iím standing on top of a blue, pastel stylized rooftop with another dream characters. The plot of the dream was to ensure that the chicken breast packages that you would typically see in grocery retail wouldnít topple over.

      How I assessed this was by standing in the center, and then analyzing the environment through different angles to calculate which crevice underneath the peculiar roofing would have the chicken breast packages fall over. There was one moment where thereís an old lady underneath walking out, and I had the feeling that the chicken breast package on that side would topple over.

      I dash over, and managed to place it back through the slot in time. Fortunately, there was about 30 seconds left on the timer displayed on top in the dream. And as soon as it reached zero, I take a jump into the blue abyss below me, and start looking at the area I was just in. It was contained in some transparent sphere, and Iím falling at a moderate pace while smiling at someone, but Iím not sure who.
    2. Existentialism & Red Asian Temple Rooftop [WILD]

      by , 05-02-2013 at 01:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Existentialism & Red Asian Temple Rooftop (WILD)


      Spoiler for Side notes:

      The setting is night time, and it's really beautiful outside, the stars are visible, and I quickly realized this is an Asian-Temple themed environment. The night sky is very expansive, and has a very dark turquoise color with sparkling white and yellow stars.

      The weather is perfect, it's not too cold, and it's not humid at all. It's like the air is perfectly wrapping around my dream body, keeping it in perfect condition, and I realize I'm wearing a white dress shirt and black dress pants.

      I'm standing on top of a Red Asian Temple Rooftop, similar to the image below, except just replace the obvious with what I'm describing.

      The rooftop is very large, spanning at least 50-60 feet for its curved composition length (if you're looking at just it side-view. It's width however, is even more than that, maybe 100-300 feet wide, and there isn't much of detail on it because I don't really emphasize my focus on it.

      I could blame the night for not really bringing out the details as much, since the temple rooftop itself looked like it consisted of red clay or red cement material.

      It could just be dream logic not really having consistent proportions for the building, especially when I would become passive and go into spectator mode and see the temple a bit smaller than usual, but that's probably because things are really zoomed out.

      The surrounding environment, it was like a mini-village, and another highlight in this area was the very long river going parallel to the Red Asian Temple.

      The moonlight shines on the river, glistening it to show its dark blue/ dark turquoise hue, and the water itself looked enticing in itself. It felt that if I were to enter it, I would be cleansed or purified or something related to feeling renewed.

      I gaze at the long river for a bit, and then I shift my focus back to the person that's sitting about 4 feet away from me to my right.

      We're on the left side of the temple rooftop (just imagine looking at the temple roof top in side view), and it was Eva. She's wearing some kind of gray or milky swamp-ish green
      kimono blouse with a matching short skirt that only extended to her mid-thighs.

      The blouse itself makes a large V-neck shape that just barely shows cleavage, and the base of the blouse for her stomach region is wrapped with something slightly thicker, most likely to keep the skirt and the blouse in place.

      This base was maybe 4-5 inches in length and her blonde hair is glowing a bit to the point where it looks like it's a slightly bleached blonde hair.

      The hairstyle is similar to the image below, probably exactly like it, except brighter.

      Her skin, it's glowing (not literally), like the type of glow you would see in a woman when she just had a shower and had lotion applied to her. Her thighs seemed to be eye-candy for me, since most of her visage wasn't as detailed, mostly just the outlines and maybe grooves to imply there's an eye brow, nose, and mouth.

      She's just looking at the environment, and I started to wonder if this was just a temporary doll-like body of her, but she quickly came to life when I started to have a conversation with her. It seemed she was phased out like I was and was gazing at this beautiful environment at night time.

      I can't remember if I stood up or sat down, but either way, I decided to keep my distance from her for a bit, and started talking about reality and dreaming.

      I can't remember the specific details, maybe a paraphrased recall will be enough.

      "Isn't the night sky beautiful?"

      She doesn't respond, but I know she was listening to me. She most likely knew I would just go into a monologue about random things, and how I felt about certain aspects of reality and dreaming life, so that's there wasn't much for her to add on.

      I greeted her and asked her how she was doing, and I get the usual generic response,

      "I'm doing fine, how about you?"

      I turn back to looking at the environment in front of us again, then I started to shift my perspective to third-person for a bit and looked at myself side-view.

      I felt very calm, and I think I went through a stream of consciousness and began talking about how sometimes I wonder if I'm in the waking state or dreaming state anymore.

      I shake my head quickly, realizing how foolish that statement was, and stated how I already knew the huge difference compared to waking life.

      I just wasn't stressed out, there wasn't any kind of doubt, there was no need to worry about anything. I could be myself, and she would be the one where my subconscious would sublimate and exchange thoughts with the unconscious and all that stuff.

      I noticed she moved a bit slightly, she leans her left arm onto the surface of the temple rooftop, letting her elbow hit the surface. She brings her right arm over so she can clasp her right hand with her left, so that her arms formed a geometric shape like an imperfect square or rectangle.

      She still maintains steady focus on the environment, and was probably looking at me when I wasn't looking at her. I was about 1-3 feet in front of her, and I kept shifting my perspective from third-person and spectator mode.

      I talked about how certain people in my life that I would place so much significance don't have much of an emotional impact as before. It was only when I started to care about them is when I would go back into being part of their lives in some way.

      I started telling Eva that the people I interact with, how I place certain emotions towards them were all delusions in some way.

      I started getting into Existentialism more and more, but I tried to keep myself from going too much, and just kept the thought process limited to a few people in my life.

      I knew there was no point trying to express extreme disappointment when I could just talk about things casually. I continued stating how I'm only making certain people satisfied by letting them see what they want to see.

      Yeah, I don't even know what the hell is going on as I'm typing this, I was just speaking for the sake of speaking the dream. Just wanted a steady communication with her.

      And damn it, my laptop shut down just when I was finished typing this dream down.

      Having hatred or dislike for them seemed pretty pointless, and how they decided to react to people and the situations that come to them would just be their own worries and not mine. I would just have to tolerate how they reacted to me until they wouldn't become as much of a bother anymore.

      Then I tried to break the seriousness by joking around with her by asking if she would try to run away from me again.

      I even had a mental image of her doing that, or at least both of us running together on top of the huge temple rooftop, but the idea goes away because I felt it was just too silly. This only made things more awkward, and I started to wonder why I used that in jest. But it seems Eva doesn't really mind, just listening to whatever it is I wanted to say.

      I decided to break the awkwardness by sitting next to her and braced against the rooftop surface. I spread my arms open and clasped my hands together so I could rest my head on them.

      I looked at the sky, and decided to spend a few minutes just relaxing and staying in this position with her next to me. I go back to feeling the weather in this dream, the environment and such, and I eventually decided I should get closer to her.

      I turn to my right and hugged her and braced my head against her chest. I told her she smelled nice, and I could feel the slight sweat from her body that trickled down from her neck to her cleavage.

      I liked rubbing my face against this area, even though it was kind of creepy rubbing into someone's sweaty chest. It felt cold, but very nice as it extinguishes my heated body.

      Then I embraced her by hugging her tighter, and then ignored the environment as I closed my eyes and embraced her warmth.

      There wasn't much else to do in this dream, other than possibly go and see if there were people in this large village. But I didn't really care anymore, and I decided to wake up.

    3. Pillow Cover, What's Cooking, Playing with Cat, Climbing Rooftops

      by , 04-23-2012 at 06:06 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Looking for a Pillow cover (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a store, and I'm talking to this female employee, she looks like she's an employee, and she's being fairly annoying towards me.

      I don't know if she's doing it to mask what she really feels for me, but it starts to irritate me a little bit. I don't know what she was doing with me, but my father comes in and assumes that I was flirting with her.

      He starts smiling at me, and leaves me with the girl. I try to convince him that I'm not flirting with her, but he's still smiling and presuming I am. After that, I look around the store a little bit more, and there's quite a few people in it looking around.

      The store overall is kind of weird, I think you could use a washer somewhere on the sides, because I do remember someone trying to take their clothes out of some kind of machine. Then I realized that one of those shirts had to be mine.

      It was a maroon shirt with logo of the university's name I go to on it. It takes a while, but the man moves the shirt a little bit out of the pile, and I see a ripped hole near the top right chest region on the shirt.

      I told the man that is my shirt because I know there was a hole on one of mine in waking life, but he quickly responds back to me that he had a hole in his as well. That leaves me in an awkward position, and I have to let it go.

      (I believe the hole was actually on the left side in waking life instead of the right, kind of a minor thing, but still, if I was that serious with all day awareness, that could've made me lucid instantly!)

      Then I tried pumping my pillow I think?? It was no use, the pillow, or whatever it was I was pumping was constantly deflating, then I decided I should buy a new pillow and cover. I believe my mother was walking with me on the right when we got out of the store.

      When I told her I'm going to buy a pillow and cover, she complains about something, but I try to ignore it.

      Then as I'm going to the other store, I see my father in a vehicle, but he's looking at something else from another angle, he's sitting parallel from our view, and I quickly go inside of the store before he gets the chance to see the other side.

      I don't know why I'm worried about him finding us though. I go inside the store, and I think me or someone said "Howdy!"

      (Wait.....I would only say that at the university....not a store...unless it was a store within the area...).

      There was an Asian man as a cash register along with a black female as well. They looked cheerful overall, but probably because the store didn't have many people, so they just appreciated whoever came.

      Then there's a female employee who is headed her way to me and asks me if I needed any help. I told her that I'm looking for a decent pillow cover. She acknowledges my response, and turns around for me to follow her. She shows me one that's black, but it's too girly because it was some weird stickers or some kind of girly girly stuff on it, no thank you, next item please.

      She goes to the front of the store, and tries to pick some random pillow cover, but I can't remember anything after that.


      What's Cooking (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a random house with my father......and even my mother. The house is fairly wide, and the walls I believe had a slightly darker due of canary yellow.

      Both of them are cooking something in the kitchen, and I go over to see what it was.

      Kind of a boring dream...


      Playing with a Black and White Cat (Non-lucid)


      I only remember resting on the floor, and some random image of a transparent and empty water bottle appears in the air.

      Things get pitch-black for a moment, and I can see all the edges and curves from the water bottle. I think I was moving it around, either with my mind or with some kind of device.

      Some cat was attracted to it, and I basically spent the entire dream trying to make the cat do random things while it was trying to catch an invisible water bottle.


      Climbing Rooftops (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember a lot from this, but I believe it starts out with me hanging on the edge of a rooftop and getting on top of it. Once I'm there, the rooftop is pretty big, and it's slanted as well.

      There are some random people throwing water down the rooftop to prevent me from getting inside the house. I had to do a bit of dodging, and I honestly don't know how I'm doing it, but I'm just going with what happened.

      I think I finally get inside the house, and I see some random people inside, forgot what I did after that.