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    1. Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money (DILD)


      The exercise I did for an hour about 2 days ago is really helping my recall alot, but I'm beginning to think it's much more than that helps with recalling this dream despite having to take my time typing other dreams. The exercise is basically made for me to imagine things without being able to put conscious judgment in anything, and how I'll have to rely on unconscious thoughts to stream in to connect the dots.

      Now, this isn't what I'm doing for this dream, this is what I actually experienced, the exercise itself is completely different from this. This is just a result from that practice, and of course, the discipline I tried to give myself with recalling as many dreams as possible. The thing is, instead of me being so focused on recalling dreams instantly, I'm letting my mind form those events because I know that as long as I want to recall them (which isn't that hard obviously), the more the mind will make those connections to make the dream a bit more cohesive.

      Now, you're probably wondering if one doesn't recall their dreams sooner or later, it might become less valid. Well, with how the concept that's made with the unconscious mind, it seems that if someone thinks that, it's really the person underestimating what your mind can do if you just allow it to do its job of helping you remember things.


      The environment I'm has a major color of green and shades of it and has a darker overlay to it as well. It feels as if I'm within the depths of some ancient chamber that has all sorts of secrets and jargon all over the place.

      I interact with several dream characters, and I can't really make a cohesive structural plot to do this because there's so much going on at once, but I will try my best. Anyway, I go to a dream character that looks like an albino, and he has a floating orange object in his hand, so I go up to him and ask what he's doing.

      He declares to me that he's training how to make thought-forms imposed into his reality, and how the orange object he's holding that's floating on top of his hand about 3 inches up is the thought-form he's trying to make. I take a closer look at the object that's floating about his hand, and it kind of looks like some weird fruit. Imagine cutting Mango, and finally getting to the seed, but there's still some orange-yellow flesh surrounding it. Now imagine scraping the flesh with your teeth that would give the flesh that doesn't come off as easily a slightly curvy and smooth spiky look to it.

      Like this,

      except the ends are bit longer and wavier. And there are a few red orbs/eyes/balls on this weird looking object as well, and I see that a few more dream characters have thought-forms similar to the albino I'm near. He's wearing a black monk outfit similar to the Las Plagas monks wear in Resident Evil 4. I turn back to look around the environment again, and I see Naruto in Kyuubi mode, and he's using the Kyuubi arms to hold onto a dark orange orb.

      I can't recall why he's doing this, but it seems to be something very important to hold on to seeing how everyone is worried that he might make it drop down in what seemed like a bottomless pit. I think at some point Sasuke shows up for something, and as Naruto is continuing to hold the orange orb, it seems something throws off his balance.

      He isn't able to hold the dark orange orb for very long and it drops all the way down to the bottom, and Sasuke I believe gets irritated on Naruto's clumsiness. Naruto closes his eyes and tries to give a fake laugh, and I end up diving towards the bottom.

      The dream shifts completely where after the darkness subsides while still falling all the way down head-first, I noticed there's some kind of tug on the pants that I'm wearing. I turn my head quickly to see that it's Azula from Avatar.

      From this point, I'm shifting back and forth from third person, spectator, and first person view, and as I'm trying to get Azula away from me, I noticed that I shift between the body form of Aang and myself. I end up taking the role of Aang, and realized that if I airbend at the right time, I won't fall faceplanting the floor.

      I look down really quickly, but I can't make out the surface other than it being a light brown-ish or khaki colored tiled flooring. I noticed really huge columns that were a mix of brown and orange, and I believe there were a few lit fire torches maybe 30 feet above from the surface.

      And as I'm trying to get Azula off me, she continues to persist and is holding onto the regions of my pants near my ankle more. I try shaking my legs a bit to see if she'll lose her grip, but it seems she's not going to give up. I decided that when I was about 15 feet away from the ground, I somehow managed to make an Airball and flipped myself over on it and landed softly.

      Not sure how Azula took the fall, but as I'm preparing to run and create another air ball to sit on, Azula is already back on her feet. She prepares herself like in this video clip below:

      Except this time, she's lightning bending to propel herself, and as I'm instantly creating an airball to travel on and escape her, it seems she's having a hard time catching up to me and sustaining the lightning. I don't really look back from that point other than hearing her grunts as she talking to herself wishing the lightning bending would've worked for her.

      Pretty sure if she wanted to kill me, she would've done it right from the start. But you know, logic doesn't come in like in a snap that when you're fucking falling down 200-500 feet from above. And I remember her showing up in my dreams at least two times, and it's in really awkward situations. I wonder......

      Anyway, my recall of what occurs as I'm continuing to travel with the airball is patchy, and all I know is that there's a dream shift that still relates to this dream I'm having. I'm in a similar environment like I described in the first portion of this dream, except this time, the area is much more expansive and even comforting despite of its dark setting.

      The walls and columns are all still green, and I believe the fire is green as well, which makes a huge contrast from the patches of darkness in random places. I can't recall what happens next other than another dream shift in a similar environment, only this time, the atmosphere and lighting has a yellow-orange hue to it (leaning more to yellow).

      The more I traverse through the depths of this presumed ancient underground, the more I feel there's going to be surprises just waiting to happen. I find myself walking at what seems to be a dead end, and there's some wording on the walls the seems to be instructions on how to operate the switch in front of me. I had to go around a wall in the middle to the left to reach this area, and I press the switch for a bit to see what will happen.

      Nothing happens as yet, and then there's a dream character that looks like the same albino monk I met holding a floating fruit that looked like a Mango. This dream character informs me that I have to keep pressing the switch in order for something to work. I think there's a leveling format involved where there's the maximum number listed and I had to hit the switch, or twist and turn it a certain amount of times to get the result.

      The monk leaves I believe, or maybe I just become less aware of him, but anyway, the moment I make the maximum turn/rotation/push/whatever on the switch, it magically slides in a bit more through the hole it came out of. Imagine the event here like watching a movie like the Mummy or even Indiana Jones where if the person presses something they don't know they're dealing with, you start building up tension that something is going to go wrong.

      Well, it's pretty much like that, and there's a lot of rumbling occurring, and the ground and the whole area shakes for a little bit. I go back around the wall in the middle where the switch was behind, and looked up.


      I couldn't have described the moment any better, there's a huge statue with glowing orange eyes that has the visage of an ox. It's pretty slow due to its gargantuan size, which gives me more time to find a way to get out of this place, things have gone too crazy for me to try and find anything anymore in this area. I go straight towards the huge statue that's probably 200-300 feet away from me, and I go to the right with the stack of columns perpendicular to me to get some cover.

      And as I'm running straight on the right side, I noticed there's a set of glass windows bordering something inside, and I peeked to see that beyond those glass windows is an exit. It's dark, but it's definitely my chance of escaping.

      Suddenly, another entity comes in from the dark opening, and it's basically a mini-version of the large statue that's probably coming after me. Imagine for a moment of how a person would play a game with someone else where they go around in circles trying to catch each other, but then one person stops and waits for that person to come into that direction; and how we predict where a person's going only for them to make a sharp turn in the opposite direction.

      It was kind of like that, except this entity was a bit more competent to fall for such tricks. I end up going to the right inside the entrance from the set of glass windows bordering the interior area that has white lighting and is more bright than anything in this ancient environment. Then as the beast comes in from the opposite direction, I quickly turn back and tried to make a dash, but then the beast catches on to what I'm doing, and it makes a sharp turn as well.

      All I remember is trying to get out, and probably trying to get away from the mini-ox humanoid entity,
      the rest is just a mystery to me.

    2. Catherine with Purple Wings, Sakura and Sasuke (SDE Day 24)

      by , 09-07-2012 at 02:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Catherine with Purple Wings (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is someone levitating above me, she had huge purple wings. Whenever I'm trying to recall how she looks like, she looks a lot like Catherine from the game "Catherine."

      The background behind her was shining with bright colors, like a mix of white, a little bit of orange, pink, and other things. She was wearing the default costume in the game, but what was different this time is that it seems she's wearing white lingerie stockings as well.

      How I see her is starting the bottom of her feet in stockings, all the way up to her arms spreading out to me, as if she wanted to wrap her arms around and hug me. Then the angle shifts up more, and she's smiling at me.

      Well......I guess there's no doubt about it, I was just heartbeats from getting a direct answer from her, but I don't even remember what I did after I saw her.

      She's my dream guide, or if I want to start getting more into it:

      -My Guardian Angel
      -A Succubus
      -Or a Shape shifter Dream guide...which probably means the blondes in my dreams are all some element, and Catherine is just another form she can take....probably because I had an attraction to her in the game (gaaaaaaah video game crushes............)

      Hmmm....finding which dream to try and draw gets harder, especially when an idea pops in my head to help me remember the dream and get it engrained in my mind.

      I still remember the dream with the lady in the blue dress.

      Then there's Ada Wong with the Black Wings, and now Catherine with the Purple Wings.

      As much as I want to interpret this dream as just a figment of my imagination, as an aspect of apophenia, ugh....

      that's no fun thinking like that! Oh well, maybe I'll have some luck tonight, that's what I always say to myself. -__-

      Sakura and Sasuke (Non-lucid)


      The environment is dark, it had colors ranging from dark maroon, red, and black. Sakura from Naruto Shippuden is wearing the same white cloak she had over one of her default costumes in the series. Sakura is right behind Sasuke, and Sasuke is just standing there, waiting for a response I'm assuming.

      Sakura bends her neck a bit forward and I think she starts crying, almost similar to the scene where she tried to kill Sasuke
      (sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, but I doubt anyone is going to die if they were trying to catch up on the anime and manga).

      She decides to get the kunai in her hand closer and closer to Sasuke's back, and the moment he turns around, both of them have their weapons next to each others neck. Sasuke has his sword, and she has her kunai, things look like a stalemate.

      Hmm....that's weird, Sasuke allowing himself to get into that position, I honestly thought he would

      EMS+ Spam Amaterasu+ Spam Susanoo to overkill her or something.

    3. Sakura, Ada Wong's Black Wings, Ada and my Scooter, 6 Paper Towels, Izanami and Tobi (SDE Day 12)

      by , 08-26-2012 at 07:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sakura Haruno Driving (Non-lucid)


      I remember getting on a train, and as soon as I take a step to go up to the train, I take a sheet of paper and placed it parallel to the step, and then decided to put it perpendicular to the step instead. The paper had red eyes on it, and it could've been random images of Sharingans. I see someone coming on the train, and tell them to step on the piece of transparency sheet before they get on the train....I think?

      I look behind me and I see Itachi from Shippuden looking at me with his Sharingan. He didn't scare me though, and I think Sasuke who wore the white samurai type of outfit in the show as well came along for the train ride.

      The dream shifts, and I'm in the back seat of a windowless jeep with no roof and sides. I look to my left and the person driving the car has light pink hair, and it's Sakura Haruno.

      I can't remember anything after that.
      Ada Wong's Black Wings (Non-lucid)


      Lol, I can't wait to draw this dream, it's so scary, but oh so FUN! And besides, it's not everyday I have a female that makes me warm and fuzzy inside while still scaring me.

      I believe I was helping someone, a male, but I can't remember the exact details on how they look. I'm helping them kill someone, and all three of us are located at a circular base.

      The base has a smaller circle in between the base we're standing on, so think of it as being shaped like a donut. In the middle of that hole is water, and the outside of the outer ring also has water. The walls look like they're made of rock, and it feels like we're inside of a small section you can reach by going underwater.

      As I'm moving around the base, I'm trying to shoot at someone, and when one weapon didn't work, I mentally brought up the Inventory Screen, and decided to go for the Chicago Typewriter because I believed it was the best thing I could use. Infinite ammo and rapid firing rate, surely I can kill whoever it is I'm shooting at.

      After equipping it, I quickly aimed at my target, which ended up looking like Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. I didn't have time to flinch and think about what I'm doing, because I felt I needed to shoot her for some reason. I aim the laser sights near her, and start blasting away. I kept holding the trigger, but none of the bullets are affecting her.

      She's just standing there with her arms folded, looking at the ground to her left side. She's not feeling any of this, and she's wearing a red dress as well. As I'm trying to continue shooting her, she comes behind me so fast, wearing a different outfit this time, the one in the mini-game Assignment Ada from Resident Evil 4.

      I turn around, and I see things in slow motion for a few seconds. She was kneeling down on the ground, and quickly rose her body up, and I saw her face close-up too. I believe she had brown eyes, and she had a neutral expression on her face.

      She does some weird stuff that I can't remember, but I do know that she took off the belt I had on, along with a few mini black storage cases that were attached to the belt, and they're just placed right on the floor.

      She also has black Angel wings........

      and she does a leg back kick right on my stomach, I take a hard hit to the ground and look up at her. She's completely lost it, she's holding a black object with her left hand, and as I look up more to see her face, she has a sinister look on her face. She slams the object she's holding on to the wall, and tells me,

      "You have 31 seconds before this place blows up."

      I look at the object, and she's not joking. She quickly takes a dive into the inner ring I mentioned and disappears. Seeing that there are no viable options of escape other than to do the same thing she did, I also take a quick dive into the water without hesitation.


      Ada Wong and My Scooter (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a very large city, though there's not a lot of people in it at all. I'm riding a scooter casually, just thinking about going forward and not looking back. In front of me was a beach with a few houses spread out.

      For some reason, I wanted to go to one of those houses, and as I'm pushing my feet off the ground to accelerate the scooter, I feel as if someone's following me. I turn around, and I see someone in a red dress, and it takes me a few seconds to get an idea of who it is.

      It's the same dream figure that looked like Ada Wong from RE4 again. I quickly turned back, hoping she didn't see me stop and turn to see her there. She was really far away from me, she was literally on the horizon behind me if that makes any sense. I could feel that she was a bit calmer than her direct and dominant behavior from before, but I couldn't help but feel worried.

      I try my best to calm down and continue riding my scooter, still feeling pressured to take a few more glances back to see if she's gone by now. I could've just dropped the scooter and run as fast as I could, but I was worried that it would make things worse for me. I'm still maybe quarter of a mile from reaching the random house I want to go into, and I have a sidewalk path that looks weird.

      All I can say is that it looks curvy, and that there were several paths for me to ride on. I turn back quickly and find Ada's a little closer than before, probably a quarter mile closer than before. Okay...no problem, just turn my head, and keep riding the scooter.

      The feelings of fear kept growing and growing, and all I wanted to do was get away from her because of what she did to me in the last dream. I ride a little faster, and then decided I should go to a random path instead of going to the house near the beach-like area.

      I take a random path to the right, and then turned back to find Ada is even closer than before, maybe 50 feet or so close to me. This prompts me to just forget the scooter and run like hell. I realized by now that whenever I stop to look back to her, she stops as well.

      I go to an area where there are barely any sidewalks, and I tried thinking of some place to teleport, because I felt that if I stayed for a few seconds more in this area, Ada would be right behind me. I'm seeing things in third person by this point, and I see a light green poof of smoke appear when I disappeared.

      When that happens, I see random image of Penny Proud from the show "The Proud Family." The image starts to distort and then it blanks out and starts repeating itself randomly and makes the sound of, "D-d-d-d-ddd-dd-dd-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dd-d" like a broken record or something.

      I think the last dream was to get me to pay attention to her, and when I dived into the water to go into this dream, she was a lot calmer and didn't have any intention of trying to attack me. It's just me being afraid of her. Wish I was braver and stopped to see if she wanted to say something to me.

      6 Paper Towels (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking around in a random area, and I believe I'm asking random dream characters for help on where to go find some people I wanted to meet. Most of them showed me a path to follow, like following a lighted path, or that I would have to look for a door with a blue stream of ink running along from top to bottom.

      I do all of that and eventually go into two people's houses where they wanted my 6 Paper Towel rolls. I didn't know why they needed them, other than for obvious reasons, but after they were typing on the computer for a little bit, it turns out that these 6 Paper Towels are valuable.

      Like $6 a stack, and without thinking at all, I'm shocked and was angry that I basically gave them something that would've gotten me a lot of money. They smirk for a little while, and I count the stacks they made. I had trouble counting...so much for reality check there, but then again, the stacks were kind of misaligned that it was easy to confuse two stacks to be one.

      I counted 10 in total, that's $60 for paper towel stacks.....LOL. I re-counted, but didn't bother to remember if I counted right or wrong. I finally asked one of them how many pieces of paper is considered a stack. I can't remember what they declared exactly, maybe 20-30 are considered stacks, but whatever amount it was, it made the value less than $60.

      I think they were selling this stuff on eBay, even though I didn't check, it just felt like it.
      Izanami and Tobi's Love? (Non-lucid)


      I recall reading some kind of site that looks like the Naruto Wikia, and there's things about Izanami. One thing that really gets my attention is how Tobi claims he has an ability that is so powerful and deadly, that he doesn't want to use it, because he fears that it would affect others and that he wants a world of love and not war.


      I see a picture of Tobi wearing the mask when he has both the Rinnegan and Sharingan, there's other link that I could've clicked, but decided not to. It had some stuff that looked out of the norm, but that should've tempted me to click on them though.


      Oh and 42 days of a dream recall streak starting from 7/15/12

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss let's keep this up!!!!!
    4. Monk Again, Is this the restroom?, Me vs. Sasuke

      by , 06-24-2012 at 02:26 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Monk Again (Non-lucid)


      That guy from the show Monk that I'm too lazy to say his name again because I keep forgetting it showed up in some random dream.

      There's a group of men that are chasing Monk, and he eventually gets away by jumping on the side of an opened window on a moving bus. He turns around at the people chasing him, bends down and slaps his rear.

      Is This the restroom? (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a school building, and I see a "Geography" sign in front of me, and it seems that's where I want to go. I don't know why though, but in the mean time, I needed to go to the restroom pretty bad.

      I go to the area where the Geography sign was, and there's a bathroom to the right of it. I make sure I look at the Men and Women signs before I go in, and at first it looks like your typical restroom, but things start getting weird.

      Oh, and inside the restroom, the overall color setting was maroon, with a mix of gray and white being the dominant colors of the restroom walls. I go for a spot to pee, and it doesn't look like a urinal to me, but since it's a bathroom, I just assume it is.

      Man, I'm pretty dumb to not realize that what I'm peeing on is a gap under a table and a chair. There's a pile of papers that are locked or stapled together, and since I have no common sense here, I ignore that it could be an important file and piss on it as well.

      There's a guy in front of me looking at me....he looks like the Asian guy from a tennis team I used to be in, let's call him "Al" for short.

      Al continues looking at me weird, and he eventually screams out that I pissed on a pile of paper that was for a certain course for a teacher.

      I start panicking because urine is all over it, and it seems more people are starting to come in, both men and women. I thought this was a bathroom!!!!

      What am I supposed to do now??? I tried getting some paper towels or to wipe the pile of paper on the chair.....wait a minute, there's a bathroom sink in here!

      How can this be a classroom and a bathroom combined? I don't know, because I'm stupid and I'm still panicking in drying this pile of paper.

      Trying to soak up the piss made it worse because the ink started to fade away. Then I see blonde female teacher that looks exactly like the World Geography teacher I had in High School my sophomore year.

      She's wearing a thin black shirt with sleeves that end a few inches beyond her elbow, and is where a black and white skirt with some kind of fancy design on it, and the skirt probably stopped near her knees or just at the end of her thighs.

      She gets closer and closer, and I start presuming that she's the one who probably needs this file.

      I can't even take this tension anymore from typing this! Ugh, I feel so stupid.

      She grabs the file, I think, looks at me in shame, and I could only look away in shame, assuming she'll say negative things at me.

      In fact, I think I reached the point of embarrassment where I started to block out all the sounds in the dream and I just stood there looking down on the floor....

      Me vs Sasuke Uchiha (Non-lucid)


      You have to be kidding me....this dream probably occurred because of the last dream I had a few days where Sasuke needed an electrical outlet for sustaining his Susanoo.


      There was probably a lot more going on before I had to get ready to face him, but me and him are called up. We have to enter separate rooms, probably to prevent a person from trying to kill the other before someone says we can start.

      Before we go our separate ways, the rooms we have to go into are completely red, like some kind of strong red light emitting from above, kind of like the dark room where you turn on the red lights for photographs.

      I get ready to go in the red room, but I said that I needed to use the restroom real quick.

      I don't remember using the restroom though....LOL.

      Anyway, dream shifts a little and I'm back in the red room. I think someone prompts us to go ahead and fight, and I'm still in that phase of "lolwut durp hurp" and standing like an idiot.

      Sasuke quickly stabs the side of me.

      DAMN IT!!!!

      I don't feel anything though, I think it was me that was falling, but I'm not sure anymore. But I do remember Sasuke was basically topless, and wore that bottom part of the outfit where he faced Orochimaru and completely owned him in Shippuden.

      And I couldn't see his eyes, just the outlines of it being darkened.

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    5. Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin

      by , 03-20-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Bullet Bill & Water of Wishing

      I'm riding on a mini-vehicle that looks like a Bullet Bill, and I have to use the pedals on the sides to operate it. I meet at an intersection and I'm waiting for this car to pass, then I find myself going off the road bit near the gas station to the left of me.

      I think I'm headed there to get something to eat, and as I'm getting closer to the gas station, the dream shifts to where I'm in a supermarket, probably Walmart.

      It has white flooring all over the store, and I'm heading in line somewhere I can't remember too much on. I accidentally bump into some little kid who is walking around like he has no brain, and he goes back to his parents.

      I wait in line, and it seems I'm already off the mini-Bullet Bill. A guy comes up to tap me on the shoulder to tell me that I bumped into his son, and that I should be a bit more careful.

      When he told me this, this guy looked like he was going to piss his pants, I swear, if I said something negative in response, he would have his hands up and run like little bitch.

      The reason why I know he's afraid of me is that that he says "Yeah" after telling me I hit his son with the Bullet Bill bike in a silent tone, and his head faced towards the ground a little bit.

      Instead of being angry at him for not being able to pay attention to where his son is walking around, I suppress the urge and then conformed to an innocent demeanor to ask him,

      "Oh, I bumped into your son? I'm so sorry!" I almost said it like I was going to cry.

      The timid father responds, "Yeah, you made a bruise on his leg."

      I looked over to the right of me and see the little kid who apparently is in pain. He is holding one of his legs and is jumping around, it looks like he's crying, but I can't hear him cry.

      I could see this little kid was just being a little pussy and should just suck it up because I wasn't even going that fast in the first place. So I responded to the father in a neutral tone,


      Then I had the sudden urge to find a some kind of dress shirt or sweater in the form of one. So I'm walking around the supermarket, and this definitely looks like Walmart.

      I'm going around random aisles, probably spending some time looking at random items and putting them back. Then I get back to focusing on finding a black dress shirt/sweater. I don't know what exactly happens, but one appears in front of me, or maybe I'm actually wearing one.

      I go to an area of the supermarket where water is being contained in a small area, and I decided to put my hands in it. When I was touching the water, random thoughts started to form in my head wishing for certain objects to appear.

      I think I was imagining keys appearing, and the water instantly creates them and has them floating a little bit. I grab them, and for some reason, I handed them to my mother since she's wondering where her key were.

      After that, I can't remember what I did next.

      Dream 2: Monkey Shirt

      I'm in a supermarket again, but things are a little bit different now. Somebody is asking in a loud voice on who has the most interesting shirt in the store.

      I look at my shirt and see it's red with some random picture on it, and then it alters to an orange shirt with a monkey on it, to be more specific, an orangutan with a finger near its mouth, as if it was in a "HERP DERP" moment.

      So I decided that this shirt I'm wearing looks pretty interesting, and I basically pointed towards myself, hoping the person who asked the question would see me pick myself.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Dream 3: You Mad Sasuke???!?, Wait...Sinoblak's Dog???

      I'm outside near Northgate, and it seems I'm testing myself by closing my eyes, and visualizing the environment in front of me. I'm doing really well, and the environment is vivid.

      It's bright as day, which should've made me do an RC since it's raining at College Station today, and I just rely on being able to replicate the environment around me with my eyes closed.

      I guess this made the non-lucid productive for once, since I'm doing really really well in creating a replica in front of me. After a while, I decided to go back to my apartment.

      On the left and right side of the road that I'm walking on, there's these long bushes extending horizontally towards my location for a little bit, and I see a dog in front of me.

      It didn't look like it was trying to rip my neck off, and I didn't realize this at first in the dream, but it looked a lot like Sinoblak's dog, but it was a bit lighter, almost having a gold-ish fur to it.

      It looked up to me, and it looks sad, but since it came so fast in front of me, as a reflex and out of fear, I started to scream at it.

      I wanted to run away from it, but I decided to scream louder, and it started to move back a bit. There was another dog to my right coming at me, but again, it didn't look like it wanted to bite me.

      I continue screaming at these two dogs, and I slowly advanced forward, trying to do the ignore test
      (in a half-assed manner) to them to see if they disappeared.

      But when I turn back, they were still there, and I was still afraid that they would do a sneak attack on me, but they clearly weren't there for trying to attack me.

      I continue screaming, "NO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" until I finally reached my apartment.

      I go in, lock the door, head towards my bedroom, and I see some kind of fight inside.

      I go inside and find that Sasuke is this close from having his hand on Naruto's neck. Everything is in slow motion, and Naruto just has his mouth opened in shock, which gives him time to dodge Sasuke's attack.

      Then all of suden, Sasuke deactivates his Mangekyou Sharingan to the regular three-dotted Sharigan on each eye, then he started to look sad.

      And he just gets out of my apartment feeling emo, well, I guess it's better than me trying to force him to get out.

      Kakashi is there for a while as well, and he looks sad as well, like he feels that Sasuke just doesn't know what to do anymore.

      Then when everyone leaves, I get closer to the exit, and look at the round table to the right of me and see a wig on top of it. I take it and try to put it on my head, the wig has curly hair.

      It's a pretty crappy wig, since the edges to show that it is a wig were hard to conceal. After a while, I take it off did something, but I can't remember what.

      Dream 4: Naked Snake in a Suitcase

      This is a Metal Gear Solid related dream again, while Snake is busy escaping, I'm in spectator mode and see a crap load of guards outside just waiting for Snake to come out. They have their automatic weapons ready, and they're balancing them to help with accuracy I'm assuming.

      Then a random call comes up, which I believe distracted the guards, and Snake just starts charging to the other side really quickly, because he's in a situation where even he can't make it out alive without some distraction.

      Then he moves forward away from the guards, and then goes left again, and a vehicle shows up.

      The backside of the vehicle lands on the ground for Snake to get on, and I believe a Suitcase is on it, so Snake gets inside of it, and the backside of the vehicle attaches itself again. Then I find I'm Snake because I'm peeking through the backside door.

      Someone is still trying to shoot us, even though we're clearly away from shooting range of the gun she's using. I peek again, and she's still trying, but she gives up and just walks left (from where I'm seeing her).

      All I remember from looking at the girl was that she had black hair, a black shirt, and a really really really short red skirt.

      Dream 5: Windows Live Chat With Alyzarin

      I wake up (False Awakening) and I go on my laptop and find Alyssa is on MSN Chat, or Windows Live Messenger.

      She told me about certain times she woke up I think, and I look at the alarm clock, and see that it's 11:05 AM. She gives me all sorts of times that she wakes up, and I can't remember them exactly.

      I find myself waking up, and it's around 8 AM instead of 11:05 AM.

      DAMN IT!!!

    6. Escaping and Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hill, Quiz, Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gyneocology Check up

      by , 03-06-2012 at 04:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping and Seeing Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hilly Area, Quiz and Clock, Physics teacher and Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gynecology Checkup


      Dream 1: Escaping and Meeting Beast from X-men

      I had a pretty good recall of these dreams, I was able remember them without thinking too much because I could remember the other senses. Pretty glad that happened, I wonder if the Dream where I met Alyzarin was really her.

      I was running away from some group that seemed to be an organization of villains. I remember waking up or something. And them some comrade of mine wakes up as well.

      We are bound by a semi-circular metal trapping us on a wall. Someone was giving us a speech on how our bodies were filled emotions, literally.

      I see an image of Garfield who is skinny as a meter for which emotion was on top to bottom. Then it starts to drain from the top (the emotions that is), and you could see the animated cat (it's still flat) express the emotions that were going down its body, but the person announcing the cat's emotions was interrupted.

      Then some entity I can't make good facial features of, I'm assuming he's the mastermind or leader. He orders a redhead lady in black latex to send us somewhere since whatever they were trying to interrogate us didn't work.

      So we go inside this room that just has an old light shining and I see a blue creature that looks like Beast from X-men. Beast is doing self torture on himself by having a tight rope can be changed to various pressures on his neck and legs tied as an "X" by tight rope.

      What do you wear under there?-ydxph.jpg

      There were buttons near me that I wanted to press to control the tightness, but he says not to touch it. He frees himself, drinks some alcohol that looks like a Jack Daniels Whiskey. The redhead lady in black latex comes closer to have a drink.

      He starts to use the bottle like he's going to slam it on her head to knock her out, but he does it softly, like he was just playing around with her. I think she wanted some whiskey, but he pulls it back, and finally hits her with it more aggressively.

      She's still persistent and tries to say 'Master' a few times, but Beast pushes her softly to where I have to go, and she's basically walking awkwardly looking dizzy, and she drops on the floor before she could be seen from the open door with the soldiers.

      So to where she passed out, and I was sure that soldiers wouldn't be suspicious because she was walking there, and wouldn't think that I was escaping. I'm near her unconscious body on the floor, see a new door, and I look at Beast silently to confirm if this is the exit or not.

      He nods and smiles I think, and I go quickly. The soldiers by now are screaming "Go go go go!" to find me. I go through the door and I lock it to buy some time for me. I didn't think about how odd it was for the lock to be on the other side rather than inside, but I didn't think about it and started to escape somewhere.

      The dream shifts to where I'm hiding outside in the dark on high grass. Then the DCs in green raincoats that I taught were guards look weird. They're actually out to save me, since they didn't kill me.

      I follow them and see the Third Hokage from Naruto in a green raincoat. I follow them, and when I turn back to look on my left side are soldiers walking slowly in what looks like Russian Soldiers or Nazis.

      Dream fades.

      Dream 2: Sasuke and Jiraiya?

      I think I'm Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden or at least watching him in third person perspective. He's basically testing out his Mangekyou Sharingan, and I see him on his knees in pain for a while, so I'm guessing he doesn't have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as yet.

      (If you don't know what I meant by that, it's basically him having the eyes of another Uchiha member, which means that the light in his eyes will not fade away from using Mangekyou Sharingan too much.

      Then I take a first person perspective, and I started to spam Ameratsu like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      The dream shifts to where Sasuke and Jiraiya are on a floating rug??? Sasuke asks Jiraiya that they should kill Sakura and Tsunade since they can do a sneak attack.

      What do you wear under there?-250px-naruto-jiraiya.jpgWhat do you wear under there?-carpet.jpg

      And my spectator view starts to pan over to where I do see Sakura and Tsunade together.

      But Jiraiya most likely rejected the offer, and I see them at an angle where I'm viewing Sasuke's left shoulder and head from above, and the dream ends from there with them moving forward something in the middle of the rug they're floating on was there too.

      I just couldn't grasp what it looked like.

      Dream 3: Outside Green and Hilly Area

      I'm outside some green and hilly area after coming out of some school Basketball stadium I think.

      Outside is huge and spacious, and while I'm on top of this fairly huge hill, I see some random DC in black shirt and regular jeans ride some fancy motorcycle that was purple.

      He fades away riding it, and I look down from this green hill to see the bottom slope is flooded, and I was going to slide down near it, but I immediately stopped before touching the water.

      Then some DC motivates us to walk through this by walking backwards. He has the voice that would motivate people to overcome something like this.

      I follow everyone, while worrying what's in the water. We make it to the dry part on the other side, and I forget what happens next.

      Dream 4: Quiz and Alternating Clock

      I was outside somewhere, probably near some school or college, and I thought I had to go the second part of it first. I realize that I'm late, and I have to go to the other part, and that I had the two mixed up somehow.

      I go inside a door, and meet with the class. I don't think the teacher counts me tardy, and I'm probably 5-10 minutes late. The teacher decided to do something fun, and everyone around me was sitting down on the floor listening to him.

      I saw a few familiar faces, and I think I saw Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho there two for some odd reason.

      The teacher wanted to do some game where we ask a question to someone without trying to laugh, and since I'm in front listening to the teacher, he decides to pick the right side that's front of him.

      From my side, that's the left, and I was first, so I turn around to this guy and purposefully asked, "Do you like boys?"

      The whole class started laughing and the guy was had the "WTF" face on him.

      I don't know why I said that, but the guy asks the next person next to him a question. Then after that's done, I see a TA that's from my Sociohorticulture class come inside the classroom.

      Apparently, we have to take a quiz, but it's open-note. There's a worksheet that I have handy with me, so I use that to take the quiz, but the TA was talking about that we have little time to take it because some people were late or something like that.

      I didn't understand why she said that when all of the classmates took it at the same time, but I start to take the quiz anyway. What I remember from it is that there was some fill in the blanks basically, and all I had to do was quickly look back and forth from the notes that were printed out with the answers.

      I remember some answers being chug, wug, and something else related to dogs. Then I look at the clock and see that time is running out apparently, so I quickly try to go through everything, and I still haven't even gotten half-way from completing the quiz, and I'm really worried.

      Then I look at the clock inside of the class again and find that the time was not running out, in fact, it's been set to the previous time before we even took the quiz

      (That was an obvious reality check I could've done there, and I even did a few RCs when I was doing a WBTB before this dream as well).

      Anyway, I try to fill out the blanks from the quiz, but by this point, I don't know what the hell I am doing, and the TA announces that quiz time is over.

      She comes to me to pick up my quiz, and she says something like, "I will check to see if Brandon has his name on the paper." or something like that, she basically tells me my name, and I never had any other DCs, or only a few, tell me my name before.

      I didn't do a reality check there either. So After she picks up the quiz, I think the dream ends from here.

      Dream 5: Meeting High School Physics Teacher and possibly Alyzarin?

      Apparently, I go to an area that looks like my University, and a mix of it with other High Schools, because I see my Physics Pre-Ap teacher that I had the second semester as a Senior in High School.

      Let's call him Michnick. I go up to him, and he greets me. He looks exactly like the one in waking life, and I greeted him back by saying "Hi, Mr. Michnick."

      I told him that I apologize for not seeing him for so long, and told him I was sick one day, and that the week we had off (I don't know what the hell I meant by week off for something, but I just go with it).

      He tells me to not worry about it at all.

      He also tells me that he's surprised that I still remember his name, I feel a little concerned about this, but the feeling goes away. I shake his hand, and go into class.

      I see all sorts of people, a few are familiar to me, especially the girl who was in front of me and the girl in front of her who was her friend too. Let's call them LY and Laura, respectively.

      Michnick comes up near the board, which is white. And before I pay attention to him, I quickly glance at the board and see that there's something on the board that says Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.

      One was red and the other was green or having a turquoise or teal color to it, I just can't remember which order it was. I'm assuming red was on top and the cooler color was on the bottom, but I don't feel that really matters.

      Since Michnick said to not worry about anything, I basically just chill back and watch the other classmates get their flashcards out in panic of this quiz, which amused me. But Michnick writes on the board in a Maroon marker something related to the word "Aggies."

      When he does that, I automatically assumes he wants me to give a little story about A&M before they start the quiz. Michnick tells the class something that he doesn't like about them having flashcards out probably.

      He gets near me, but he's still a desk over from me, and asks me if I had any stories from some random name of a University that I don't even know. I told him, "I go to Texas A&M University- College Station."

      He nods, and then after a while, I can't remember what I said next, but I do know the dream starts to shift to where everyone is directed in a different room.

      The room looks like a lecture room at Texas A&M, and Michnick is sitting at least 2-3 levels below me (me and him are at the top section of the room, and the seats most likely started from A-Z as columns and the numbers like A-1, A-2, etc. branched off as rows, but that's what I'm assuming to give more detail to this dream that I'm having a really good recall of).

      He has his left leg or right leg folded on top of the other, and I'm sitting on the top level of the seats like he is, but again, I'm a few rows above him. Anyway, there's a student in front that looks a lot like a guy name Mitchell that I knew in High School.

      I won't state much about him other than he was a blonde, and he was wearing a gray dress shirt, and black pants. Apparently, for the quiz, two people were in front of the class.

      They had the option of rejecting Michnick asking them a quiz question and asking another classmate one, or agreeing with going with Michnick's question. Of course most of them would obviously want to reject and ask other classmates.

      Mitchell does a thumbs down sign, and his cheeks look a little red, like he's nervous or something. I'm not really paying attention to what questions the students are asking, but I am looking at other familiar faces in this room.

      I look to the right, and I see this black girl that was in my Introductory Biochemistry course my first semester as a Freshmen in college. She was worried that people would pick her, and she started to be a little loud by saying that she doesn't want people picking her for today.

      (Since the quiz might have a second day to cover any other students that couldn't get their turn for the allotted time given for the class in general).

      It's funny that this girl wasn't picked at all, but after all that, the class is interrupted with a fire alarm I believe. By this time, the whole class is gone, and I think only a few DCs are walking with me as the fire alarm in the school is ringing.

      It isn't ringing too hard, in fact, I'm surprised it isn't loud in the first place, but I didn't care about this. I see Laura and another DC walking with me, but they were just a few inches ahead of me.

      I don't know if Michnick is here or not, but I know we're planning to walk to exit the building without panicking.

      I see Laura in short sports shorts and the same with the DC next to me.

      This DC was really interesting, The sports shorts that she was wearing, it had a light blue lining. She was quiet, but I felt something about her, she looked a little sad, and I could swear that I knew something was familiar about her, it was on the tip of my tongue, but I just walk with them.

      I know this DC looks familiar, and I believe she has make up on her face, like a little mascara on her eyes, and I maybe a little pink on the corners of her eyes. She was pretty attractive, and looked hot in my eyes.

      What do you wear under there?-gfqph.jpg

      She was really amazing, seeing her in sports shorts made me stare at her ass a little more than usual, and she and Laura looks like they're probably in volleyball, judging by the short shorts.

      We go through the double doors, which were maroon just like my University, and I swear this environment feels like Hedenfels because of the brown or gray colored floor and brown colored brick walls. As I'm going down the stairs, I believe I have the urge to just jump like two steps down instead of walking down one step at a time.

      Then I start to realize that this same environment is indeed an almost perfect replica of the 4 levels in Heldenfels at my University.

      I go down jumping two steps at a time, and then I turn to the other set of stairs going downward and I keep doing this all the way to the end. By the time I'm done with this, the dream fades.

      I wonder if the DC that I was enticed by was Alyzarin or not, she looked kind of sad, but calm at the same time....guess I'll just wait for her entry).

      Dream 6: Kaomea's Gyneocology Checkup, and I'm the Gynecologist!!!!!

      I know I had a lingering image for this dream, but I spent all my time remembering the one before this one, so it's kind of short.

      I believe I see Kaomea, it just has to be her because I see her beautiful long hair, and I think I have a good image on her cute face by now, and I know I had her in my mind to find after Alyzarin. She's resting on what seems to be a blue Gynecology bed.

      I think her hands are trapped by some metal bar, probably to prevent her from escaping, or she could've had her arms resting on the pads for her to hold on to. I'm wondering why I'm here exactly because this seems to be a private moment for her.

      But guess who ends up being the Gynecologist?

      ME...THAT's RIGHT...ME...I'm staring at her vagina close up, but I can't get a good image of it, I'm really trying to, but all I can remember is seeing her breasts and her beautiful body.

      She had her eyes slightly closed, and I think she was smiling a little bit. I think she knew it was me who was getting ready with the operation.

      I can't remember much other than the fact that I'm looking at her naked and beautiful body. It had a certain glow to it, which just made me more excited by this. It was so fragile, and so vivid, she is the perfect lady indeed.

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