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    1. Eva Talks About Thought-Forms, [DILD] Missed The School Bus, Military Base Stuff

      by , 08-07-2013 at 05:16 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eva Talks About Thought-Forms and Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an environment that looks like a graveyard, and the contents within this dream mostly consisted of shades of gray and bits of dark green here and there. It seems that I'm mostly just watching the dream from a spectator point of view, and I noticed Eva is hiding behind pillars, and there's caption showing on the "display" in this dream, like on Youtube videos.

      She or maybe someone else is talking about how people who emulate those in real life into thought-forms should just allow those people who died or exist to have a distinction. She's wearing a dark green jacket that's slightly unzipped until it shows a slight cleavage. She's wearing light brown pants and dark brown leather boots I believe.

      Anyway, it's raining as well, and this dream itself is kind of depressing, almost as if while the voice is narrating certain things to me, despite of my lack of ability to recall the exact words, my emotions were mixed with feeling slightly sad for something, but also being comforted with something else.


      Missed The School Bus, Elementary School, & Female Police Officer Flirts With Me (DILD)


      I did a few more sessions with the mental exercises that helps with being more proficient and aware of tapping into the unconscious mind by letting it do the job for you with the mental imagery, and all I have to do is just describe what's going on. Slept late last night, had the confidence that I'll be aware of my dreams, knowing how my unconscious mind will make those connections to enable me to have a lucid dream, and I managed to get a decent lucid, despite of its randomness of someone flirting with me and all sorts of stuff.

      I freaking love these exercises, makes visualization, imagining, and other things so much freaking easier to do now. I used to think I didn't have to put in much effort into dream recall, but now, that was clearly an understatement. Anyway, let's move on to the lucid dream shall we?

      Alright, so I'm in an environment that looks really familiar to a previous neighborhood I resided in waking life during my Junior year in High School. The setting is early morning, and things obviously feel more dream like that it's just blatantly obvious that I'm dreaming.

      As soon as I feel the rush of emotions and sensations common in the dreaming world compared to waking life, it doesn't become a challenge for me to know whether or not I'm lucid dreaming.

      I noticed that there's a school bus I have to follow to class, I don't know why, but I just presume it has to be the one I needed to take. The reason being is that I'm feeling sensations and emotions of being rushed, out of choices, and not knowing how to go about finding other routes to get to whatever destination the bus was going to take me. The consistency of the dreaming environment was dependent on my ability to calm down, so if I was panicking for too long, the dream just feels messed up.

      However, it's not like I was going to have an unstable dream to the point where I would wake up, no, been through that already and know how to plant myself into this dream. Emotions and adrenaline do not matter anymore, just don't pay attention to how they can wake you up, and you can enjoy them as much as you can. So as I'm wondering where in the bloody hell to go now that what seems to be my only ride to whatever location I had in mind passed by too quickly.

      I even tried lurking around to check to see if the bus will make a turn-around somewhere, since it had to have more than one route to pick up the dream characters. But it just happens that the route that I'm in is the last one, but at least I gained competence in a dream for once to look for alternatives. Now it seems things are hopeless for me, and although I knew I could just do whatever I wanted to, I decided to just let this dream happen and watch while being able to go back and forth in spectator mode, third person mode, and first person mode.

      It's hard to describe, it's as if I'm shifting through three states of consciousness or perspectives I should say all at once. It's not even 360 vision, it's just sublimating my awareness in 3 perspectives at once, it's a really funny feeling, but it's really comforting being able to do that, especially when it would enable me to keep track of anything suspicious going on. I noticed that I'm wearing a long black jacket and a dark blue polo shirt and black dress pants. I believe I'm wearing lace-less shoes, but because I'm not focusing much attention to my outfit, and rather on what to do next, it's merely conjecture for my dream body description.

      I turn around and I quickly noticed a dream character that looks very familiar, and it doesn't take me very long to deduce that this was a dreaming counterpart of a person in waking life that I'll just nickname "K." He had the mannerisms, body posture, and annoying attitude of the real one. He's wearing a black and white striped dress shirt that's buttoned and spread out. Even though I'm looking at his back, it's clear to identify that he's wearing a white t-shirt. Now for the pants, the thoughts coming into me now say he's wearing white baggy jeans.

      The epitome of a wanna-be gangster who doesn't know how to pull up his pants and is either too indolent or incompetent to know how to use a belt. Of course, this doesn't bother me one bit in the dream, and I noticed that he's looking left and right, and I make sure that I don't attract any attention to him.

      It's weird, although I knew he couldn't possibly hurt me, since I'm going with the classic predisposition that this is a lucid dream obviously, but I still needed him. The reason being is because he's the closest thing to being a student or someone looking for a bus as well. And because I wanted to know why I had intentions of going inside of the School Bus, he was my only option for the time being.

      So I make sure I keep a trail off of him at least 30 feet away from him or so, and he's slowly walking. Then he picks up the pace, and before he starts going a bit faster with power-walking, I noticed my vision is now focused on his trail and where he's going. Which means there's an augmented tunnel vision in my perception of the reality in this dream, and everything else outside that scope is considered blind, insignificant, and a waste of time to recall to the best of my abilities.

      I had a mix of emotions when following this guy, and they weren't really that positive at all. I had the urge to just slam this guy to the ground and destroy him completely, but again, can't do that since he's still a valuable dream character. And as I'm picking up my pace, I noticed he takes a sharp turn to the left side, and I quickly avert my eyes to the right to pretend that I'm not trying to follow him.

      He doesn't really seem to have much competency level in terms of being sentient and sapient of my presence, and this tempts me to just shrug him off completely once I figured out that the path he's going towards is to a school. I walk past him, but then find myself slowing a bit just to see where this dream character is going to go. Instead of just ignoring him and him fading out of existence because of my lack of interest in being aware of him and the other DCs, I decided to just let his existence hang just a bit longer.

      I noticed that the psychological tendencies I had towards this guy, especially in waking life, were now shut down completely. He's not the type of person I knew "K" was, a very loud-mouth individual that was cross-eyed and didn't see to have much going for his life. He's countenance is completely different, despite of his dark-skinned complexion still being difficult to conceptualize to full detail. He seems to be expressing a kind demeanor, especially towards younger children, and I just let go on auto-pilot in terms of walking as I shift to the completely different "K" individual.

      There's a little boy he's walking with, and he looks familiar as well, all too familiar, and this boy is wearing a shirt that consists of dark warm colors (mostly orange, maroon, and such). He's wearing sports shorts, but I can't make out the actual color because as I'm walking in auto-pilot, I noticed that I'm picking up the pace a bit more because I'm having less interest in this twisted up version of "K" of a dream character.

      I finally avert my eyes to the environment surrounding me now, and the tunnel vision has disappeared completely, and you could say that I'm just going through 360 vision now. There's no need to go through the sublimation of 3 perspectives seeing how this is a school environment, which means there isn't really going to be much of a threat, seeing how I'm never encountering physical threads in school dreams.

      So as I'm easing myself into this third-person 360 vision, I begin to notice that I'm already shifting myself into the building. And here's where the environment starts becoming inconsistent, but just for a little bit. Now, imagine for a moment for where I'm standing right now in the dream, imagine seeing the back of a person at a slightly tilted angle to where their face is slightly further away from your perspective, but only by a a few degrees.

      Now, as I'm absorbing the content of the dream environment here in order to make presumptions of where to go next, something feels very peculiar about this dreaming environment. Typical. Anyway, allow me to describe the environment during this moment. The overall colors that pop up are brown, dark yellow, green, and maybe a faded and dirty milky violet color here and there. These colors mostly show up on the tile flooring below me.

      The stairs that I'm on top on, which probably has 3-6 steps, has the dirty milky violet color along with the walls as well. It almost felt that the colors themselves made this dream more like a a puzzle, kind of like this image below
      (I'm really freaking shocked on how that association just came up on a fly, whatever, not complaining! Whatever helps me get to the point right?)

      Just imagine that some of the walls are patches of brown and dark-gold with those few walls that are also the dirty milky violet color as well.

      I apologize for my horrible description of colors as well. Please bear with me.

      And one interesting thing shows up after I analyzed the dreaming environment. There's a vault, a fairly huge one, I'd say about 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall. But here's the thing, because the vault crank, or whatever you call it is small from my point of view, but it still felt like it would be bigger when I get closer to it (just imagine the huge vault cranks you see in those movies where there's bound to be a bank robbery or something).

      So I noticed my perception in this dream is a little bit skewed, it feels like things aren't really following along pretty well. However, this doesn't stop me from exploring what seems like constant and altering chamber that resembles a prison and elementary school at the same time. The Vault crank itself has a fairly large black dot in the middle, and it now looks like a Huge Gear trying to protect something I believe.

      I don't touch it of course, instead, I just go about lurking in random areas in this confusing dreaming environment. I begin to notice that as I'm going through these doors, it feels like randomly generated scenarios with dream characters and such. Kind of like what you would see in movies where the person is in an area with what is presumed to be an infinite amount of doors, and they stumble upon the most abnormal and peculiar of things.

      Except it's a little less scary fortunately, just randomly generated child dreaming characters, teachers, and other school staff members. I remember one door where there was just a black void and that same kid I was imagining before that hanged around with the "K" guy. He seems to be looking at the teacher, and the teacher is a female that looks very familiar.

      Kind of like my Reading teacher that I believe I had for 6th grade in middle school. I noticed that her hairstyle is still a bit poofy and proper, and she's just looking down on the child while having her face and neck turned awkwardly.

      Anyway, I close the door for whatever reason, even though I doubted myself on what I would be doing here in this dream with stairs being inverted, twisted and stuck on places where they shouldn't be. The abnormality itself is what keeps my lucidity sustained I guess. I find myself noticing how I'm raising one of my eyebrows speculating what to do next.

      Then after what seemed so long, boring, and dragged out event, I'm just going to skip to the final part now. I find myself getting near an exit, actually being able to see what's outside for once. As I'm preparing to go for the exit, the tile checkered floor here is different than the one before. It consists of a faded vanilla and black colors, and the moment I find my shoes making contact with the floor, it delivers the type of echo as if I were in a large and spacious region in a building.

      The area itself was too hard to make out because it was a little dark on the corners, despite of the fact that there's a strong lighting outside and the sunlight is still able to leak in some rays as well. I continue heading to the exit, and there's a metal bar that I would have to pass through, kind of like the rotating bars you would see if you were to come to a supermarket .

      Except this time, I wasn't able to get past these bars, and as I'm trying to move back and forth to see if they're sensor-activated, there's a random female dream character in front of me that informs me I can't pass. I was a bit puzzled on why she would tell me this, and I decided to turn back and realized there's a female police officer, or some security guard up front.

      I immediately go up to her and she informs me that I just have to show my I.D. or something, and I just pull up a random card out of my pocket, and she takes it real quick and looks as if she's busy typing information. As she's going about doing whatever, she tells me I'm handsome.

      I said, "Thank you." in a silent voice, but it didn't seem she was hearing me well, so I said it a bit louder. I wanted to just remain silent, but I just had to pretend to be social with her since she's my only way out. She has very short hair, as if she was bald a few weeks before, and she's fairly cheeky and has a dark complexion. Her outfit is mostly dark blue, and she seems to be the cheerful type of guard, but of course, I can't really revel in her kindness for too long.

      After that, I don't know what the heck went on from that point sadly, seeing how I had all sorts of dreams in the middle most likely.


      Military Base Stuff (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that Eva's face is zoomed in, and it seems we're just going around inside a military base. The main colors are very light gray.

      Yeah, that's all I remember for that.
    2. At least give me $20, Kaiba's Wives (SDE Daty 13)

      by , 08-27-2012 at 12:51 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      At Least Give Me $20 (Non-lucid)


      Inside of a High School, and the tile flooring is light brown, and I'm at one of the end sections of it like the one High School in waking life that shows up a lot lately. Apparently, I'm waiting for something, I think, and I can't go inside of the rooms because most of the students are taking an exam of some sort.

      I'm just casually waiting at a wall, wondering when it's time for dismissal. I'm assuming I finished my exam early, like REALLY early, so it's no wonder I'm waiting so long for the bell to ring. As I see people coming out, for some reason, I had to give some guy cash, like around $30 if I remember correctly. I felt as if I didn't need to give him this at all, I felt like I Was just giving away free money.

      I tell him to give me back my money, and he does. I check the amount in my hand and had $5 instead, so I asked him,

      "At least give me 20."

      He looks at me, but he's just standing there like an idiot, and since he's not going to respond at all, I decided to prepare to leave for the building. There's a red sign with white font saying something along the lines of talking not being permitted when others are taking the exam.

      When it's time for most students to leave, there's a blonde teacher who looked likes Ms. Anderson in one of the High Schools I attended. She's wearing a light gray jacket, light blue jeans, and has the same, or close, body composition as the waking life counterpart. She's resting one of her hands on the red sign, and is pushing it forward, which obviously means we can't talk for as long as she drags the sign wherever she's going.

      I walk a little faster, since there's really no point in being in this area anymore, and I finally get out of the long hallway from one of the end sections, and I am now at the beginning of the 1/4 mile path that would be perpendicular to the hallway I just came out of. It looks like good weather out there, light gray skies, not too sunny at all. I turn to the right, since the left side is pretty much a dead end with a brown wall like the waking life version of this High School layered in bricks.

      I'm still cognizant of the sign being moved around, but by this time, I'm already at a fair amount of distance from it. Here's the part that makes this High School different from waking life. There's a section to my left where you can prepare to leave the building and go to the bus docking area. It's easy to distinguish because of the light gray carpet flooring and glass doors.

      I had a feeling that I might've been late to get on the bus, but I don't know why, just a hunch. That hunch was wrong because as soon as I get out of the building, there are plenty of buses that are dormant. All of them are your classic canary/yellow colored buses. A few are starting to get ready to form a line for students who will be outside in a few minutes.

      I decided to get a clear view of all the buses, so I decided to take a jump up some wide ledge above me with easy, probably 10 feet, and look at the view. It's pretty decent, and I have my right hand between my waist and upper thigh. I had it in a reverse upside-down L position
      (if you try to make that with your arm right now, I'm sure you'll know what I mean), and I said a few words to someone, though I can't remember what exactly.

      I believe it could've been something related to how cool the scene looks from above, seeing the horizon and the buses preparing to form a line. From afar, the school buses still looked pretty huge, but I didn't pay any attention to that. The person to the left of me looks like a debater I knew in High School named Danny.

      He responds by whatever I'm saying by saying, "Yeahhhh...." while looking at what I'm looking as well. After a while, I'm presuming that I get ready to find my bus to go home, and
      that's all I remember.
      Kaiba's Wives (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a light-orange room, and it feels too weird to be in here, it feels like a garage to me. If I turn to my right, I will see a Plexiglass type of window where you could look outside, however, it's too dark to see anything at the moment. I can feel that my father is here, and a friend of his as well too. There's three entities that would come near the Plexiglass outside.

      Before they came, I assumed that Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! or someone would be the husband for all three of these entities, and I'm not saying that word loosely. These are completely abstract beings, not human AT all. The first one that shows up looks like a variant of Gardevoir, and she looks so cute. Anyway, she comes up slowly, has her hands, or whatever you want to call them, and looks shy. Then there's another entity that looks orange, but I can't remember what exactly.

      The final one that comes up is a pink octopus, though I don't know how the hell that's could be a wife for a human. I can understand if the human has some sick fetish for Gardevoir, but an Octopus?

      How does that relationship work out, through suction cups? =P

      I think I tell someone that the three wives are here, and my father and his friend come on, though I don't know why they need to come in the first place. They declared that they can't see properly outside, and the window was kind of misty that they had to wipe it from the inside, lol, that's dream logic for you.

      Then after they leave, Kaiba comes in out of nowhere and starts using these type of binoculars or some microscope lens attached to the window. I'm wondering what the hell he's doing, and he responds to me by saying my first name, and then declaring that I was disrupting him from finding out something.

      What could you be finding through those weird lens attached to a wall, and through complete darkness outside?

      Also, my father random decides to mix what seems like orange juice, milk, and hot cocoa power together.


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    3. WakingNomad Dun Took Mah Comb, Bus, Vortex (SDE Day 07)

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:14 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      WakingNomad Dun Took Mah Comb, Bus, Vortex (Non-lucid)


      You'll see soon in this dream...*giggle* even if he may be a projection from my mind, still funny...I'm probably going to be laughing just by trying to imitate some hillbilly accent while saying the title.

      There's a lot of dream shifts, but they are all so similar that it's best to just make it one dream, and maybe it was! I did sleep a little late last night. I'm at the pinnacle of my dream recall when it comes to purposely getting distracted with things and still remembering the details (most of them). Now I just need to elevate that peak more....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      I'm running around somewhere similar to a track and field, and I feel this is just some final exercise we would do for a class. Things feel like their coming to an end, and then I remember running fast at an angular line. The grass was so blurry that it started to look like N64 graphics if that's a decent comparison to go by.

      I didn't feel any pain from my legs at all running so fast, so I kept running and running until I reached a locker room where I assumed my stuff would be located at. I'm still running a little fast, making short turns and curves inside the locker room and finally found my locker.

      There were a few guys around the area I was going too, and most of them only had their boxers or underwear on, and it felt kind of awkward too.

      I decided to do a short jump over the small light apricot/vanilla colored wooden bench and take a seat. I'm still breathing a little fast from this (THE RUNNING mind you), but I didn't notice it too much unless there was complete silence in the locker room. Then a guy wearing a dark gray shirt and some dark blue denim-type of shorts randomly declared in the most annoying tone,

      "That was only a side jump!" Let's nickname him "DeS" to help me remember the waking life counterpart the DC is the embodiment of. I turn my whole face to the left, look at DeS for a few seconds and literally said (not doing the act of it),


      DeS looks at me weird, so I guess my job was done here.
      I managed to make a DC shut up for once and not make me feel bad about myself!

      I thought DeS was going to react from something like that, like punching me on my left jaw kind of reaction....guess not. I open some random locker door and claimed it was mine, and some of the stuff felt like it really did belong to me. The locker doors were white, but had some fade and wear to them, but not by a lot.

      There were those little holes as well for air to go in and out easily in the front of them as well. I start taking random clothing inside my locker room, and there wasn't a lot of stuff in it, just a few dangling pieces here and there, and the rest was just a dark gray shadowing most likely from how the lighting in the room was spread out.

      I forget where I put my belongings into, but I guess it would be a bag or something. I take out a comb from the locker, and it is devoid of any teeth (those little spikes). I can't remember the exact color of the comb, my guess is between swamp green or the default orange you see with the skinny combs.

      I also recall seeing a shape of a fist and all the fingers clenching together that you would see on an Afro pick.

      I look at it for a while, and then lose all awareness of it being in my hand. It felt like someone took it and quickly dashed away. I remember seeing a silhouette of someone behind me on my left, and it wasn't DeS anymore.

      With my peripheral vision alone
      (I love this vision of mine I've been using a lot lately in my dreams), I could sense that this person had very long hair, and was even smiling a little. I didn't need to see the person's face, their aura was so positive and full of jestful nature, and he quickly fades away.

      Once I realize this, I quickly get out of the locker room, and the dream environment shifts into a fairly dark room with natural lighting from outside shining through some small windows near the sides of the roof.

      And without even thinking about it, I presumed this person to be WakingNomad.

      "Hey....hey....give me back my comb WakingNomad....." I could see that he's not really trying to go anywhere with my comb, he only took it away to get my attention.

      Then I started to declare in jestful tone myself,

      ".....before I go into yo dreams....and....and..."
      (I can't remember what I said to him after that =P )

      I think he gives me back my comb, not sure, but I do remember the creases on the silhouette's visage forming to where it looks like he's smiling. He leaves through a door, and I do the same.

      The dream shifts where I'm inside of a yellow school bus.
      (Second time in a row so far that's happened).

      I'm going to the back section and sit down at the right side of the bus. There's a few girls in front of me, and I barely noticed this. I see some heads moving around left and right, as if they're trying to build a conversation of something. And then I see the blonde Sarah that I used to know in waking life.

      She was beautiful...just like the waking life counterpart.

      Spoiler for Mini Life Story:

      While I'm looking at her, her other friends are like blurs to me at this point. I pay attention to how the dream captured her hair realistically, and started to lower my vision to her visage. She had a fragile but soft and glowing facial structure, completely innocent and enthusiastic.

      I think I get a Blackberry phone out of my pocket, which is probably a teal color instead of being "black" like the one I have in waking life, and pretended that I was going to text somebody.

      [Sarcasm] Very smooth Link....very smooth...[/Sarcasm]

      I realized I was wearing the varsity tennis outfit from the school me and the blonde girl Sarah wore. It was dark green, with some one white stripe along each side. Then I checked over on Sarah again, and she's wearing her's too. She's also wearing really short sports shorts as well. I think she and the other girls she's sitting between know I'm looking at them, but they just pretend they don't know I'm looking at them.

      It was so obvious because Sarah tried to use her peripheral vision by turning her face to the side a little too much. After this "pretend to not see" contest, the perspective changes to where I see the back of the school bus, and I also see a separate small window somewhere around the corner that shows the bus driver.

      It's a dark-skinned man, and he looks very young, and the fact that he's all jittery doesn't give me enough assurance that we're going to make it through whatever destination me, Sarah, and all the other random dream characters are going to. The driver was driving on top of a bridge road, and he literally has the bus near the edge of the bridge.

      I don't know how he got the wheels to get on the edge, especially when there were side borders to prevent something like that from happening, but I start trying to tell the guy to be a bit careful....like seriously, this guy, I swear if someone scared him, we would be falling off from a very very very VERY high bridge.

      I had moments where I thought I was going to freaking faint, I can't believe I go on a bus where I place my faith on a jittery and inexperienced driver. Just thinking about it makes me laugh and scared at the same time. The driver looks familiar, but I can't exactly who he looks like.

      I basically go through this mental process of "WTF MAN, YOU TRYNA KILL US OR SOMETHING?" and "HOLY S*** WE'RE GOING TO DIE," and while I'm going through this traumatic state, the dream characters are just chilling, Sarah too.

      Like what the hell, how are they this calm when the bus driver looks like he's high on sugar? After watching the outside rear of the bus again, and seeing the driver on a separate display at the corner still jittering and looking like he's fucking crazy with every shift to the edge of the high bridge, there's finally a dream shift......

      on flat ground....thank goodness!!!
      (I hate how I'm still giggling at how scared I was with the bus driver's competence)

      I'm not sure if I'm in the school bus anymore, maybe I am, but now we're inside some weird tunnel. I'm pretty sure I'm inside some moving vehicle, I don't see myself at all, just a first person perspective, but it still feels like I'm seeing this over the shoulder.

      Think of third person shooter type of games like Resident Evil 4 and up( go on YouTube for game-play to get the gist of what I experienced....if you really care. =P)

      The tunnel consists of darker shades of green, and with the alternating colors of it and other random colors, it feels like I'm going through a vortex tunnel that doesn't look like it's going to end. There's all the typical vortex sounds you'd hear, so much "Whooooshing" and "Swishhing" interchanging, playing at the same time, it was just a rush, rush, rush!

      There's all sorts of things happening here, there's random creature that look like Deku Scrubs from the the Zelda series, and whenever they are destroyed, a feather that looks like the ones that are dropped when you kill monsters from "Tak and the Power of Juju" and the rest of the series shows up.

      The surface inside this tunnel looks like very shallow water, there's all sorts of small ripples forming. ***********EDIT******** Oh, and there were skunks all over the place in small groups as well....o.O

      So much flashing, so many things going on at once that the only thing I could do was just become passive and embrace everything. Then the dream starts getting even MORE random.

      Now it feels that I'm watching a game, a game with so many things on it, too many enemies to avoid, and it had the game play of Super Paper Mario for the Wii (the dream had a side scroller type of perspective and 3D view).

      I believe I'm watching Mario, and the entirety of what makes him, him....is saturated with different uses of gold, and a little bit of orange as well. It was like the classic NES or even arcade type of embodiment he was in. The walls in this new environment are full of bland colors, mostly various hues of gray. A bunch of block like structures, but no surprise there since the dream seems to be conforming to the classic 2D game style.

      There was so many things that happened that I can only recall a few. One was me mentally controlling the Golden Mario, and making him avoid direct contact from enemies trying to come after him. Some of them look like variants of the default Goomba you see in Mario games.

      I kept mentally controlling Mario to jump up constantly because the enemies confined in the area he was in were just all over him. I remember one scenario where Mario is on top of those brown blocks that you would normally make him butt his head on for coins or other random items, and I think there was a Shell going left and right, and it was hard timing everything right so that I can step on it to make it stop moving.

      Then there's one more part I recall, like with the Super Mario game play, things went into 3D-mode, but still had a two dimensional feel to it. Then a random Thwomp block just strolls its way into me, or Mario, or whoever, all I know is that I'm seeing things in first person perspective now.

      The Thwomp is actually trying to talk to me,

      "Hey Bro....."

      or something like that. I know he told me something else,
      but I can't remember because I distracted myself too much with watching YouTube videos early in the morning. =(

      I think that's all I remember, I know I had more dreams, but you know what...WHATEVER....I can deal with forgetting a few dreams, there's always the next time I sleep for that.

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    4. School bus, house, tennis in the pool, 3D thong and Rear Display....(SDE Day 06)

      by , 08-20-2012 at 07:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      School Bus and English Class (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who's trying to find her father because he took something that she needed to get to somewhere I think.

      I forget if this girl is a blonde,
      since I think I slept again instead of typing it on my laptop because I was too lazy to turn it on.

      All I remember from this is that the girl used a bicycle, and her father had a faster model of another bicycle or motorcycle. I thought the girl wouldn't catch up, but she managed get to the same speed as her father. When he realized she really wants to talk to him, he finally stops.

      He gets off the bike and gives the girl a plastic bag with some random items in it, but most importantly, he also gave her the item she was looking for, a very transparent bead.

      The dream shifts, and now I'm inside of a yellow school bus. I couldn't see the outside, but based on how the seats were arranged, it definitely had to be a school bus. There were quite a few people inside, but there were two people I had most of my focus on.

      Before doing so, I think I looked at myself at the mirror, but I'm not sure if it's me, it looks like a female.....am I in a female's body?

      Whoever it is that I'm looking at in the mirror, she has some white cream on her face, so I take some object, probably a paper towel or something, and slowly wiped it off her face. It doesn't take long for me to finish this, and then I listen to the two girl's to the right a few seats in front of me. One girl was talking about how her Adviser told her she had to take some other course because of some condition I can't remember.

      The girl had to leave, and then her friend called her to declare that in short, her Adviser doesn't know what she's trying to tell her at all. She starts telling her that she can do whatever it is she thought she couldn't, and after they talk for a while, maybe a minute or two, I see the same girl who left walking around on the cell listening to her friend to respond,


      The girl was wearing a black leather jacket, white shirt, and some dark colored jeans. I don't do this often, but her visage wasn't very appealing to me, in fact, she reminds me of a girl in High School when I was a senior. She was on the cheerleader team, but I knew that someone like her would be the one talked about behind everyone's back as not looking good enough or something like that.

      She hangs up and after that, everything is quiet. Then another random girl, who is a redhead, wearing a light gray shirt and the usual blue jeans is talking about people's weight. As the bus is taking a very deep curve to the left, while I'm on the right side of the bus looking at the window of the arrows signaling vehicles to take a deep left turn, the girl talks about how that if she sees someone obese in her neighbor, she takes that as a compliment.

      It took me a few seconds to process how that can be a compliment, but for some weird reason, I found some logic in her twisted and cruel declaration. It makes sense, when you apply it as petting her ego and making herself feel better. She was a little pale in skin tone, and pretty skinny, but not too skinny, she had a little substance in a few regions.

      The dream shifts again (everything seems to be following the same theme for me)....now I'm inside of a school building, and I'm on the top floor. There's a classroom I have to go to that's "Room 113," something like that. The overall setting are shades of brown, very dull and boring.

      However, the room is closed, so we have to wait for a while, so I decided to walk around the hallway a bit and look around for any other classes that have started already. I get a hunch that someone is coming near Room 113, but it ends up being a student instead.

      It's one of my short-term friends, Marissa, and she's wearing a think black cotton type of jacket with some kind of brown or dirty colored shirt and dark pants. Her face looks just the same, but she has a brown beard showing.

      I can see why I didn't find this weird because she actually did a play where she had to paint a beard to act as a man....

      The teacher eventually comes, and everyone is already trying to find their new seats. There's probably 10-15 people inside, excluding the teacher. Most of these people are familiar faces. There's one guy who looks like Gere wearing a black shirt and dark pants. Then there's this skater dude that I sat near a lunch table with in middle school, though he was a douchebag in waking life.

      He's still skinny as ever, and is wearing a white shirt, though I can't remember the color of his pants. Then there's Marissa, who I already mentioned, and then there's another guy that I'll nickname "Hay" for the sake of being anonymous as well. I'm not too sure on that, but whenever I try to recall the details of the classroom, he always pops up.

      I also think another girl from middle school who had a family history of sickle cell anemia there as well wearing a thin black jacket like Marissa, except she was shorter than her. The teacher was also wearing a thin black jacket and probably a white shirt underneath.

      I think she had an inverted bowl shape hairstyle, which reminds me a lot like my first English AP teacher before I switched classes. While everyone is quickly finding their seats, I end up being the last one trying to pick a seat, and the teacher isn't really patient herself, in fact she told me,

      "It shouldn't take long to find a seat..." (paraphrasing here).

      I awkwardly acknowledge it, but I forget where I decided to sit down. I think she hands out some sheets, and while I'm scavenging through them, I find there's one worksheet that asked two questions. One was related to something about having a specific type of camera. I think it was a Yes or No question. I was confused about this because I thought this was an English class.

      But I think the reason why I assumed that is because I saw Marissa, who I only met my English AP and U.S. history dual credit class.

      It seems this is some type of photography class, and I think other people start getting confused as if they're in the wrong class.

      I can't remember anything else.

      House (Non-lucid)


      In a house with father and mother probably, there was some talk about ants and how they don't go onto certain animals because of their stench....house feels incomplete.

      Not a lot I can remember here.
      Tennis in the pool (Non-lucid)


      I wake up, making grunting sounds, and I felt really tired as well. I see one person to the left of me who looks like Jerry in waking life. He's wearing dark clothes. In front of me is a pool, but I can't remember if it's full or not.

      It had a sky blue glow to it, and apparent, there was supposed to be a tennis match near the pool. I think I ask Jerry if I can join in, but I don't hear anything from him.

      I see three fluorescent green tennis balls on the grass. I pick them up and formed them into a triangle. A random lady comes out of nowhere and looks at me. It seems she's going to pick up the tennis ball, but I can't remember what she does. She's a little overweight, and based on the cap, she looked like she could be the umpire.

      This area seems to be the backyard of someone's house.

      3D Thong and Rear Display (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:
    5. Give Me a Dollar, Small Flood, Middle School Again,

      by , 06-22-2012 at 04:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Give Me a Dollar (Non-lucid)


      Inside a random school building, and I believe I'm at an auditorium. I forget what is going there, but there are quite a few dream characters listening to someone.

      Whatever event happened ends, and I believe I get out of the building to go do something, then I forget I left something at the auditorium looking place.

      It was dark, so it was hard to tell if it really was one, anyway, I go back and I find that one guy that looked like Spencer from "The King of Queens" (the sitcom) is responsible of containing lost material.

      Apparently, some girl to the side of me that I can't remember too well told me about him, and as I'm going to speak to him, she interrupts me and says,

      "Give me a dollar."

      "Hold on," I replied while putting my up my hand. I talk to the Spencer looking guy, and he starts showing me what I left behind. I get the stuff back, and then I have a dream shift to where I'm near a school bus.

      It's pretty difficult trying to get inside of the bus, and I basically spend nearly 30 seconds or so looking like a complete idiot trying to climb up to the entrance of the bus. You literally have to take one arm, lift yourself up, and then find a place to plant your opposite feet just to get a small boost.

      The bus starts, which prompts the others to start as well, and I still haven't gotten inside the bus as yet!

      So I'm left dangling with my hands holding tightly at the edge of the entrance to get inside the bus. After a few seconds, I managed to pull myself up. This bus is really small, like build for only 2-3 people at most, excluding the bus driver.

      I glance over to see some lady trying to run after the bus, and apparently she's some kind of assistant for the bus driver since I heard her screaming at the top of her lungs that she's supposed to get on there as well.

      The bus driver ignores her though, and I only remember standing for a while inside the bus, but not sitting down.

      Small Flood (Non-lucid)


      I believe this dream goes with the first dream. I find myself shifted to a place that feels like home. I go inside, and my father invited a few of his friends to hangout and have a drink. There's probably 3 men I recognize.

      Let's just nickname them "W," "R," and "C."

      R is basically standing there relaxing, and probably speculating about something because he looks a bit spaced out from my view. W is sitting down, and he looks pretty chilled as well, and he tries to ask me a question, but like the other girl in the previous dream, I tell him to hold on a little bit.

      I go up to C, an adult I played tennis a few times with outside the realm of being in tennis teams in High School.

      Anyway, C tells me that I've lost some weight since the last time we met, which is probably just my mind telling me that I really lost a few pounds.

      I forget what I say in response, but the conversation eventually ends. Then I realize that the floor I'm walking on, it's flooded with water. It's as high as my ankles, and I decide to go upstairs.

      There hasn't been a house that I remember having a two story, except for one, but it was a really small area to be in, so technically it was still a one story house.....meh whatever.

      I have a few dream bits that somehow get incorporated with this dream. I see Kakashi when he was much younger from the Kakashi Gaiden arc or whatever you call it from Naruto Shippuden.

      Seems Kakashi is trying to protect something wrapped in white cloth, I would presume it's a baby safely contained with open space to breathe of course. Seems he and a few other shinobi are trying to send these babies or containers for them somewhere else.

      They're stored in what looks like a random house, and the most apparent feature of the place were the shelves with books.

      I think Obito was there as well, but things went a little fast for me.

      Demon/Incubus Version of Me? (Non-lucid)


      Seems I'm engaging in some kind of Call Of Duty: War at War-esque type of dream. I believe I'm a spectator most of the time, but I have moments where I'm shooting people as well.

      The area resembles the "Cliffside" map in COD:WAW, but the thing that makes it different is that the bases inside look completely new compared to old, dark, and ancient look from the actual game map. It almost felt like being inside a mini locker room.

      I don't recall myself dying at all, and I do some weird things too, like lifting dead bodies and using a person's weapon to kill a few people, but that itself is something I'm not sure of.

      I continue doing this until I probably get bored decided to spectate for a while. I'm inside from of the bases, and after I've seen that people aren't coming it as frequently, I see a woman come in.

      She looks a lot like a girl who was from my art class that I thought was really cute.

      It's call her "Allis" for my own sake.

      Spoiler for 18+:
      Middle School Again... (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a Middle School environment all over again, more specifically, Thornton Middle School in Texas. Some parts are a little different, but the section with different food selections and all that is still preserved like in other dreams I've had about this school.

      I wait in line to get the side meals for the foam tray we're using to contain it. One of the servers, who was a male, looks young, like he's probably still in college, asks me if I wanted another part of the meal added. I kept saying yes because all of the food looked pretty damn good.

      While I'm waiting in line, I arrange the food properly, and even took a little bite out of the french fries on the tray. It seems the line I'm in, the supply of the main meal is already done, so we have to move to another line, but there isn't anything interesting.

      I get out of the line, look around for other sections, and I see there's a soda machine. I get a foam cum and start filling it up with Sprite, even though the logo for the part that I'm getting the Sprite from said "Asian."

      In fact, all of the soda names were "Asian."

      I was this close from doing a reality check, but assumed it was just some prank.

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    6. Snapshot and Dragon, Turning up Food Volume?, Handsome and Humble

      by , 04-24-2012 at 04:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I stayed for for around 60-90 minutes last night for a WBTB, trying to relax and everything......no luck, still passed out for the WILD attempt....

      I remembered more dreams, but I forgot, probably because I woke up to set the alarm at a different time and went back to sleep again.

      Snapshot and Dragon (Non-lucid)


      I see a flashing moment of some young Asian man in the past apparently who gets his photo taken. Then the moment ends, and I believe I see a fossilized body of that same man older.

      It looks like Kim Jong Il, and it was confusing to determine if I was seeing his father at first who died after falling from a high cliff, or if it was Kim Jong Il who jumped off the cliff.

      Either way, there were two random people who wanted to see how a photograph that made this weird vortex that looked like a Hurricane around a person when it was taken by camera.

      The cause of death for the fossilized person was jumping into the water, passing out from the impact after trying to get some air. I see the same person when they were young, and it's like they were escaping from someone or a group of people.

      I see the person breathing for air, and then he started to get dizzy, like his body was paralyzed or something. Because of this, he drowns and most likely dies.

      Apparently Kim Jong Il shared the same fate? Not too sure, but the fossilized person on the ground looks A LOT like him, so it was either him in the dream dead, or his ancestor.

      The two random people analyzing this, one was measuring the length of how long the ancestor fell, and how long Kim Jong Il fell?

      The two guys had different results, and there's this bar that shows up that fluctuates at different points from the cliff, so one guy had a lot of fluctuations when he was at the lower regions of the cliff, while the other guy some some fluctuations here and there at certain points.


      Then the dream shifts to where I'm in this dark area, and I'm floating on top of water.


      This dragon in the water pops up, and it's actually after me, but it's allowing me to hit it easily for some reason. All I have to do is dodge its attacks.

      I'm surprised on how I'm managing with this, especially floating on water where I'm supposed to be slow or something
      (maybe I can swim fast as a natural ability???)

      When the dragon exposes itself, I start slashing away like crazy before it covers itself up. So I basically dodge its attacks and repeat the process until it took a fatal hit or died.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Turning up Food Volume? (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm at a restuarant, and there's a table with cloth that has red and white squares spread all over. The chairs are pretty generic, mostly brown and made of wood.

      The area is an all you can eat buffet apparently, seeing as you can pick out the food all by yourself. I go up to one the tray lines, it's empty of course, and I look at all of the food, looks very enticing indeed.

      There's this person to the right of me that looks like someone I know in waking life named Juan. He starts turning up the Food Volume in the dream, and things get loud.

      I was worried that he would get in trouble, but the people in the drema didn't care didn't care at all.

      I go up to other tray lines, but forgot what I did after.
      Handsome and Humble (Non-lucid)


      Some lady tells me I'm handsome and humble, I didn't see who it was though. I just remember getting off a school bus.
      He Makes a 97 (Non-lucid)


      Okay, so I see this guy sitting in front of me who made a 97 on his exam/test/whatever it was. I think I made a 93, but for some reason, I was jealous the other guy made a better grade than me....meh.
      Quiz, Lecture, Another Quiz (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my Sociohoritculture class, and the TA tells us that we'll be looking at lecture slides, and then have a quiz, another lecture slide and then a quiz after that.....

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    7. Man with Cutlass, School Bus Lady

      by , 04-14-2012 at 04:11 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Man with Cutlass, School Bus Lady (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for Talking.....and annoyed.:

      Dream 1: Man With Cutlass

      I'm outside somewhere with another person, and we're headed to go inside some random place, and we have to go through this hallway that would have two doors you have to go through.

      There's a man chasing us, and I'm assuming that he's out to kill us.
      He's Black, wearing a white shirt, has long Khaki pants, and probably one of those brown lace-less shoes, and is pretty muscular. He probably was wearing glasses as well.

      I open the first door, which has one of those knobs you have to press down/up to open/close. The lock looks pretty stable, and when the guy tries to come in, he fails at first.

      He still scared me though, because he looks like he's really trying to open the door. After the second time he tries to open it, he's almost there in getting in where me and some other DC are at.

      I tell the other DC,

      "We need to get the hell out of here!"

      I dash to the second door, and open it quickly, and the man chasing us managed to get through the first door, and I quickly slam in the the second door because he's about 3-4 feet away from us.

      The dream shifts to where I'm inside of a house, and it looks pretty familiar. I'm in the kitchen, which is pretty much one of the smallest areas of this house.

      The guy in the white shirt is out to kill my mother and father, and it seems I managed to get on top of one counter, and I see the guy has a cutlass. My mother quickly exits through another door, and what's weird was that she disappeared instead of actually opening the door!

      I guess she was phasing through the door, and the man stabs my father
      (I'm assuming it is him...).

      Instead of staying still and being overwhelmed with fear, because I knew I was going to be next, I decided to go back to the same door I opened to get in here quickly.

      I was in such a rush that I forgot what happened next, all I wanted to do was to get the hell out of there.

      The man looked really similar to a person I know in waking life, he wore glasses just like the real one, except the glasses is what helped me figure out who he could possibly be.

      Other than that, his visage was hard to define because the hue was a little too dark for me to pick them out.

      Dream 2: School Bus Lady

      I'm inside of a school bus, and I sit there for a while, but I don't know what I'm doing specifically. After a while, the bus stops, and the lady opens the door either with an automatic switch, or one of those knobs you push to open the door.

      I take a look at the lady, and she looks just like a lady I know in waking life, let's call her "K." She was wearing a black dress, and she was turning around to see who has to come out. A few people come out, and it takes a few seconds for me to presume that I should get out as well.

      Before she closes the door, I see a guy outside that looks like "J" with glasses who was #2 in a High School before I moved. I think he was talking to someone inside of the bus, and then I realized,

      "Oh wait, this bus stop is closer to where I want to go!"

      I get out quickly, and then I join James and some other dude he's with. The dream shifts to where we are playing tennis with just our hands.

      We're not exactly out on a tennis field, just a random area that is spacious and doesn't have many things blocking us from moving freely. It seems we're inside some huge warehouse, and I throw the tennis ball at some random dude I'm playing with.

      He's a bit slow, but we managed to get a few rallies going back and forth until the ball rolls under one of these large red containers that were stacked on top of each other.

      I thought, "Awww man!"

      But apparently, all you had to do in order to get it back was go to the left side, climb up and move one side of the red containers to leave a decent gap to reach for the tennis balls.

      I can't remember much after that.
    8. Tight Seating, School Bus, Code Lyoko Monster Fight, Sensui & Beach?, Promise, Caterpillar

      by , 03-17-2012 at 09:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tight Seating, School Bus, Code Lyoko Monster Fight, Sensui & Beach?, Promise, Caterpillar (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Tight Seating in Restaurant

      It was afternoon time in this dream most likely, and I'm in a restaurant that doesn't have many lights on because the sunlight provides enough of it.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	l.jpg 
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ID:	3011

      I try to find a seat somewhere, but most are occupied, so I end up taking a whole tour around the section of seats in the restaurant until I found one. There was a male who looked like a guy named Julio I used to know in High School.

      He and some other familiar people that I know I met, but just can't get their facial patterns. As I'm sitting near the empty seat, I find it really hard to try and get through the tight space, but from my perspective it looked like I was going to be able to sit down with no problems.

      But as I'm trying to sit, my chest is being pushed from this short space, and for some odd reason, instead of getting out of this space, I continue to go deeper and deeper in this limited space.

      It seems that I ignore this, but I'm still feeling the pressure from sitting from such a tight seating area, and I'm probably talking to Julio about something.

      Dream 2: In School Bus

      I believe I'm sitting inside of a High School Bus with my friend Rudy in waking life, and we're talking about a few things that I can't really remember. As the bus stops to let people who live in the area come out, Rudy has to get off from this stop.

      I asked him if he has to get off from this area, and he probably says yes or something like that. And since I was probably sitting on the left side of the seat we're in, I get up to let him pass and exit the bus, and then I went back to sitting down.

      Then after a few people pass to exit the bus, I decided to leave it as well to go somewhere. I get out of the bus, go to the front of it, and then slowly walked to make sure there weren't any vehicles passing by because the bus was blocking my side view.

      Everything is safe, and I proceeded to go forward, I don't know where I'm going, but I see my friend Rudy still walking somewhere in my direction behind me. As I'm going to make a turn, Rudy tells me "Take care, Brandon," or something along those lines.

      I reply back and said, "See ya later, Rudy." Then he makes a turn to go wherever he's going and the dream fades after a while.

      Dream 3: Code Lyoko Monster Fight

      It seems I'm walking with the main group of characters from Code Lyoko, and apparently, Odd is sick, so he can't really go to some field trip to some restaurant or something. There's this contest to where if you can hold a certain food without eating it for a certain time, you would get a free meal from the restaurant.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gWSyx.jpg 
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ID:	3012

      Then the dream shifts to where Jeremy is checking an alert message popping up from his computer. I assume it's X.A.N.A., who probably activated a tower. (X.A.N.A. multi-agent program that the group has to fight against in the actual series)

      But it seems to be a false alarm because Jeremy isn't really picking up anything from X.A.N.A.'s end. So everything is okay for now, until ANOTHER alert message shows up, which is enough for us to go into Lyoko and find the activated tower.

      Apparently, Jeremy did something to mess up something, which gave X.A.N.A. an advantage to set out an attack, and Ulrich is slightly bothered by Jeremy's recklessness I believe, because he made the situation more dangerous than it should've been.

      Jeremy responds that he's going to try and fix the problem the best way he can.

      The dream shifts to where I'm in Lyoko with Ulrich, and probably Odd and Yumi, but what I was doing at the time was a little bit too tense to check on the others. I'm top of a ramp, and I see Ulrich using his motor vehicle to build up speed to ascend towards the fairly huge monster in front of us.

      And it also seems that we're in the Forest Sector, but it seems that the same ramp was the only type of ground surface we could rely on, so the Sector was probably close to being eliminated.

      (Which means X.A.N.A. most likely controlled Aelita by brain washing her with one of his monsters (The Skipazoa to be precise, but I didn't see the monster) to enter 'Code: XANA' instead of 'Code: Lyoko' that she normally inputs to deactivate the tower and make a return to the past before X.A.N.A's plan at the time is done).

      He uses that acceleration to land somewhere on top of the monster and stab it. The Monster looks like some elongated mechanical bug. I just know that its top region was light silver or gray, and it had some weird looking dark blue oval orb on it's head.

      It definitely looks like a product that X.A.N.A. would make to fight off against the Lyoko Warriors.

      I'm on a vehicle as well, but things are in first perspective, so I can't really identify what it is, and I start to accelerate down the same light green ramp, and as I'm going up towards the boss, I use something to stab him and hold on to that object (probably a sword just like Ulrich's weaponry).

      It seems this new monster isn't really taking too much damage from my thrust to its body, despite going really fast from a ramp to create deadly amount of force. Then I notice something weird, there's a screw contained in one of its body's lower regions.

      I decide to go near this area, and I don't know how I'm still holding on to the monster, but I am, because if I let go, I'll probably be destroyed completely if I fall into the Digital Sea. I unscrew the screw, and it drops the lower region of the monster's body to the Digital Sea, and we finally destroy it.

      Dream 4: Shinobu Sensui and Alaskan Beach features?

      Yuske from Yu Yu Hakusho is running along some character that looks like Itsuki, who is behind him. The situation seems to be intense, because a yellow light is rotating fast and constantly as if an alarm has been triggered.

      (You know how you watch movies and hear the alarm sound off and the whole place is glowing with red light with loud noises? Yeah, it was like that, except that it's glowlng yellow and sometimes orange).

      As they are running, one of them said, "Your penis is this big." The other replies, "Shut up!" while still hanging on to the process of saying "up" for a few seconds.

      They manage to get out of the exit, and it's like seeing the white light getting closer and closer as you're trying to rush away from the darkness. When we get out (and I mean we because I'm in spectator mode in this dream), it's dark outside.

      The dark sky had an attractive vibe to it. It had a dark voilet type of setting, and as I'm recalling this, it felt like I was getting closer and closer to the shared dreaming location that Kaomea, Alyzarin, and myself agreed on.
      (But instead of being highly suggestible and speculate on the wonder of that possibility, I'll just continue on to the dream)

      I believe the surface we are standing on is white sand, which again, I don't want to be highly suggestible, this sand did carry on features of the shared dreaming location for me, Kaomea, and Alyzarin. It felt like the Alaskan beach, but it was so vast, and I mean VAST, it's just that I didn't think about it much because of it being a non-lucid experience.

      In front of the two characters is Shinobu Sensui in his younger days before he had the traumatizing experience in the actual series that caused him to split his whole personality to cope with the fact that the Humans he thought he was helping to save from the demons are in fact are just as or are even more horrible than them.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	96943.jpg 
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ID:	3013

      I'm including that because the look on his face, it was so innocent, his face was like a naive child who had the skills of a cold-blooded killer. You could say that seeing him, it's as if his countenance was completely filled with the idealistic ambition of a black and white view on what is right and wrong, just like he was in the series.

      It seems that the Kazuya side to human must be at its early phase. (Sensui had Multiple Personalities Disorder, but it wasn't so much of a chaos since the individual sides came out independently to conform to the given situation, so Kazuya most likely came out because he's the side that is completely sadistic and the cruelest out of all that deals with the bloody and digusting acts).

      Kazuya is talking in his accent just like in the show, which sounded like a Biker Punk in a way, like how Yusuke described him in the English dub. Kazuya is talking about random things like "Help to make me?" and then he starts snickering.

      I didn't realize this, but when he said that, I realize he was basically saying things right from what he actually said in the series.

      Then I see a huge blast come out of nowhere, and it has to be Yusuke's Spirit Gun coming at us. From what I assumed in the dream, Yusuke probably teleported so fast to shoot from afar, and then teleported back to where we were, or maybe it was really just a random blast of energy coming out of nowhere.

      Sensui dodges the attack since it seemed to be directed only towards him. Then I see Yusuke in his demon form looking up, saying he wants to build a community????

      The dream fades before I see Yusuke walk a few times towards this vast environment that had some features of the Alaskan beach Kaomea set up for us.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	468412b245e61.jpg 
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ID:	3015

      Also, a fragment that happened somewhere along in this dream for sure was me actually being Sensui, and I'm riding a bicycle along with a few people at night, but that's all I remember for that.

      Dream 5: You Promised me....

      The dream starts out where I'm in a hallway. It seems I'm in a school related dream, and in front of me is a dead end with a door to a classroom. There were more doors on the side of where I am, and there are a few people waiting for a class to be over with.

      While they're busy standing around, I think I get a little impatient, and I knock on the door. I move back a little, and I see the door open slowly. For some odd reason, I'm afraid of who is going to come out.

      The person is wearing a gray hoodie, and they have the hoodie over their face, but the fact that I was so afraid because the person looked pissed that I turned my back to the group of people waiting near the dead end.

      One of them smiles at me like they wanted to say that I probably shouldn't have knocked the door. And I felt like someone was going to tell the person that I knocked on the door, but I make the silent NO! expression to them.

      After a little while, the people in the same classroom I knocked the door from come out. While they are coming out, I go in, and I see a female in front of me. She looked a lot like Ashely from the tennis team I was in at a High School. Let's call her "Ashley H." for the sake of being private about her being.

      It seems Ashley H was passing up slips, or pieces of paper for students coming inside the classroom. She's really close to me, and I gaze at her cuteness for a little while. Then to the right of me is a girl that I knew from Middle School.

      She was the type of girl that had an insanely big ass for her small figure, along with perky breasts as well. She had fairly big lips, but not too big to where it become a distraction, in fact, she had red lipstick on them.

      Before I had the chance gaze her red and enticing lips, I feel in the back of my mind a person coming out of another door. I believe he is talking to someone, but I can't pick out who. He told the person,

      "You promised that you would let me fuck her mouth."

      I was a bit bothered by this because as he was saying this, I was looking at the girl to the right of me with the insane body ratio. I was looking at her red lips, and only looking at them. I saw the creases on her mouth, and it was as if they were going to pull me into a vortex or something.

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      When I finally broke free from looking at her lips, I walked around a bit trying to find a seat. I saw a person who looked like James that I had in AP Government in High School, along with a bunch of random people.

      He's looking up at me, but just glancing and going back to what he was doing, and I try to find somewhere to sit.

      I think I do find a vacant seat, and that's all I remember unfortunately.

      Dream 6: Caterpillar and Old Man Screaming

      All I remember for this dream is that I was walking around somewhere, and one area was off limits for me because whenever I stood near this area, the dream resets.

      It almost felt like someone was pushing me back.

      I think another part of that happened after was me observing a preserved jar of some type of Caterpillar. I expected it to be still since it was contained in a gel type material, but I saw it moving a little bit, as if it was trying to swim in it.

      Then another dream shift is where some guy is pissed off at something, and he bends his back as if he's going to do a long and loud, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" voice.

      I know I had more experiences, but I just forgot them. But I guess my recall is getting okay now, better than not remembering anything at all I suppose, so I should be grateful that my mind is being nice to me like always in remembering these things, even when waking life does bother me from getting them down quickly.

      Focusing on emotions, and other senses, like Kaomea told me, helps a lot, and I think I'm getting used to it now to the point that I could go more and more into the dream, and really think about everything mentally to where I can associate so many things from only a few fragments that can extend.

      Again, this is one of many reasons why I find Kaomea a suitable partner for Shared Dreaming along with Alyssa as well.

      And I might as well focus on all things that I can since when I do meet them, or at least one of them at a time, I can capture the emotions we experience to where we won't have a warped recall, like how Kaomea helped me go through a parking garage, but I felt hazed out because I thought it was something else, and we actually ended up having a non-lucid (for me) shared dream together .

      (Apparently, that seems to happen a lot when people don't try to match up REM stages), but it amazes me that when I think a dream is random, when Kaomea or Alyssa finds something similar to that, it makes me believe both in dream telepathy and the dream plane itself.

      Either I try so much to become aware about myself that I end up knowing how certain people will feel in their dreams, I guess it's just an ability I should take advantage of, because it'll sure to have positive results in the long run.

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