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    1. Sonic vs. Shadow, Killing Gods and Someone Saves Me, No You Stay Here, Math Exam (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 17)

      by , 10-21-2012 at 03:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sonic vs. Shadow + Chaos Control out of nowhere? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm controlling Sonic the Hedgehog, like playing a video game. I'm preparing to go into some room, and I get strong feelings of fear and anticipation of what's to come. My gut feeling thinks I had a dream reset at least once, which probably added on to my perception of the outcome to do better than the last attempt.

      I go inside the room, and it's structured like the stage before the final variants of the final boss in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle where Shadow and Sonic face each other off.

      Out of a reflex, I mentally control sonic to do a Homing Attack at Shadow. It's hard to tell if Shadow is my enemy, because I'm getting thoughts that it was the Chaos creature in its Zero form.

      I'll just assume it's Shadow. Shadow comes after Sonic, and I prompt Sonic to dodge to the left immediately and then dash to get some distance from Shadow. After a while, Sonic falls off the edge of the same violet type of surface mentioned above.

      Then I realized we're at very high altitude in outer space, just like in the game. But while I think there's no hope of doing anything, except wait for another game reset because I probably had a lot of lives, something weird happens.

      Sonic is able to use Chaos Control, and teleports himself back to the seemingly infinite path of the violet type surface.

      I can't remember what happens after that.
      Killing Thor-Like Gods and Someone Saves Me (Non-lucid)


      It's kind of hard to recall all the details here....and I'm kind of shaken at the turn of events later on...

      I'm killing DCs that looks like variants of Thor. I think I'm doing this to save somebody who's blonde that's wearing a female CEO outfit, the black skirt, white dress shirt underneath the black jacket, etc.

      The Thor-like variants all have HP bars on top of their heads, and I'm able to kill them pretty easily. I can't recall if I'm in my dream body similar to waking life, or someone else completely. I believe I was wearing a Black tuxedo unbuttoned, with a white dress shirt underneath, and long black dress pants.

      It takes maybe 2-3 hits to kill the assumed Thor Gods. The HP bar level of danger was set up like the usual Green being healthy, Yellow being Cautious, and Red meaning danger.

      The environment I'm in seems to be at an open city. Me and the enemies are on a wide gray concrete surface separate from the empty roadways.

      Even though the enemies were pretty easy, it seems my life points was decreasing as well, and I don't know why. I'm at 15 HP, but it still shows up as green, so it must be that I'm invincible despite the HP going down.

      As I'm getting to the last enemy, I think someone tries to tell me something bad is going to happen. Since I had my back facing the majority of the environment when I killed the last enemy, I turned my back to find a laser-like beam was going to be fired at me.

      At the last moment, the same blonde female in the CEO type of suit comes in, grabs me, throws me out of the way to the back of her. She takes the laser beam between her chest and stomach, and I open my arms, desperately trying to make sure I can catch her falling towards me with her back facing me.

      I can't tell who it was, just that she was blonde.

      Wow..just wow...you took the shot for me? And I can't even remember how you looked like?

      I think I might add this to memorable, and hopefully consider drawing it in the future...if I can even remember to do so...
      No You Stay Here (Non-lucid)


      The people didn't really tell me that in the dream literally (the title)...

      I'm inside a random house, and I'm doing something on a laptop. After a while, the people in the house decide to leave to go somewhere, and I said that I'll come along as well.

      My father declares to me that I have to stay here, and I get disappointed because whatever it was, I really wanted to go.
      Math Exam Curve and Different Math Classroom? (Non-lucid)


      Weird dream...

      I'm sitting in a math classroom that seems to be a smaller sized college room, or a regular sized High School room. The teacher is a young Asian male, and he says there will be a curve for the exam.

      Everyone starts doing that reaction where they start talking at low volumes, and then augments in excitement as they talk about about the curve being implemented. I can't blame them, since I was busy having my own mini-mental orgasm of there being a curve for the class.

      I think the curve would be applied because the class average in this dream was horrible, like a 48 or something like that. The environment is kind of blurry in some areas, and I can't even recognize my teacher, but that's due to his bowl-shaped brown hair covering his eyes.

      The dream shifts, and I'm trying to look for my Math Class,
      here's the part that bothers me the most.

      After looking around in one of the hallways, expecting my classmates to be in this randomly generated classroom, I get this conception, like an unconscious reflex or something, that associates that this is the classroom that I usually go to. I ended up turning back to get out of the hallway.

      As I'm getting close to the big main hallway, I look to the second to last or last room to my left, and noticed familiar faces from waking life inside. For some reason, those faces triggered me into believing this must be the classroom that I have to go in, and that the teacher probably had a room change or something.

      I get disturbed by these types of dreams where my mind associates a random collection of people, tries to conform it to a plot of a basic endeavor like trying to find your class, and suddenly, it's like having false memories implanted based on feelings on previous experiences in life and in dreams.

      It's a bloody Apophenia fest in this dream.

      Oh, and the dream seemed like it was just developing, but my external alarm in waking life wakes me up...7 AM. Ugh. Life. Eeeew. Laundry....NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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