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    1. Naked in Front of Julie Chen & 3 Other Women, Economy Class & Previous Experiences, Rebecca Chambers

      by , 12-30-2013 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Naked in front of Julie Chen & 3 other women (DILD)


      I'm inside of a large room with multiple women, and the environment itself seems to give a highly sexual vibe to anyone that's in it. It felt as if any logic to restrain myself was absolved within this environment, especially since the women were naked and were obviously wanting to have sex.

      They didn't seem to mind me taking my clothes off, and there were three that seemed very familiar.

      • One is an Asian female that looks like Julie Chen from the Talk, and I never had a dream with her before.

      • The second is a Hispanic female that I remembered since middle school, and she seems to have a chubbier build than her older self in waking life. She still seemed to have the dark caramel brown hair, and wasn't really attractive whatsoever.

      [list][*]The third was an African American female that looked like who I will nickname as Chels. She still has her thick glasses intact and has that awkward facial expression where she looks spaced out and is looking at something/someone for a few more seconds than usual.[/quote]

      And then there's one random anime girl with snow white hair that looked like she has a One Piece face format. Chels has her left hand on the side of her hips, and she's looking down on me.

      This is where I started to realize I felt that whatever the hell happen before is nothing more than a blurry and hazy memory. I can feel myself bracing my back against a red bed of some sort.

      I was going to put some clothes on, but I was distracted by the huge erection that somehow made me afraid of how the women would react. Even though that shouldn't even be a fear, maybe I was worried they would do something to me if I was barely able to string together the ability to perceive what was going on.

      I can hear them giggling, mostly from the Hispanic female, and I had a growing fear of her because she's trying to take pictures of me naked. I felt it should've been the other way around, though it would be kind of pointless to shift the gender/sex dynamic since it was just a dream.

      I managed to put on some light blue sports pants that resembles the one I wear in waking life before she took a picture down there. Though I felt she was able to get a shot seeing how she was still giggling and holding onto her camera fairly tight.

      And with my awkward position of bracing against the bedside on the floor with an erection that would make Viagra a pre-meal warm-up, I started to feel both sensations from dreaming and waking life. And I had the urge to urinate, which made things even more awkward.

      Whatever they did to me, and whatever we did in that blurry memory of mine, I guess that many women needed this raging erection apparently. The girl with the snow white hair was someone that seemed to randomly exist, and I can't recall her naked at all.

      All I could recall was her static facial expression of looking the other way with her mouth open and eyes wide open.

      First time in a few months where I naturally woke up to a REM stiffy.


      Economy Class and Telling About my Previous Experiences (WILD)


      This classroom felt like the AP Economy class I had with the younger teacher that was a Baseball coach during my senior year in High School. The class was pretty active, and there seemed to be a lot of group activities going on for a particular project.

      There was a book in front of me, and there was a red bar on the top section of the pages. There was black colored text and the the book itself seemed to have a wealth of information, though that kind of overwhelmed me at the time seeing how I was still trying to get used to the environment and the dream characters surrounding me.

      I'm sitting a wide table, and I noticed the Economy AP teacher is paying attention to me and the others. He definitely has a different demeanor compared to his more quiet and reserved type in class. It kind of freaked me out that this guy was this engaging to his students in a positive manner and with a smile on his face.

      Definitely had to be dreaming if there wasn't going to be anything else other than that huge contrast in his behavior. Everyone seemed to be interested in my previous experiences with the other High Schools.

      I went on to tell them in a joking manner of how things would be much harder because I would finish everything all in one night, and then end up stressing out. There was a girl that looked like Sara/Sarah/or whatever she called herself
      (side note: the one that was preppy)


      Trying to Avoid Rebecca Chambers (DILD)


      I'm sitting in a hallway with a random dream character that looks like your classic shady individual with a dark gray coat, black top hat, and black sunglasses.

      I'm sitting on the opposite side from him, and I'm not too aware of what was actually being discussed. I sensed that someone was coming after me, and was able to shift perspective into a spectator mode and looked over the shoulder of the entity.

      She looked like Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0, and she's coming over with a gun. I believe she was wearing her default costume, or maybe a dark gray and black version of it.

      I think the flooring had a few inches of water, though it could just be the reflection from the glass roofs that made me imply that.

      The dream starts to shift where the roles are switched where I'm the one coming after her while she's sitting down with someone. The dream gets too confusion to conceptualize at this point, and I can't recall what happens after.