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    1. Surviving Flooding Ship, Spanish Teacher, 4-Lettered Password (SDE Pt2. Day: 11)

      by , 10-16-2012 at 02:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Surviving Flooding Ship (Non-lucid)


      If I took the initiative to immediately type this down when I woke up, there would be more recall on this...Anyway...

      I'm on a ship, and it seems to be a cruise ship, and at a minimum assumption, maybe a Navy ship. But it couldn't have been the latter, considering the havoc that would come later on in the dream. The deck has a shiny wooden floor surface on it, at least for the area I'm in at the given time.

      I seem to be having a conversation with someone, and I think this person ended up having a machine gun magically appearing, and then lifts it up and warns everyone to run while they can. I'm like 1 feet next to this guy I though was innocent, so I dashed the hell out of there.

      I had to first go through the watertight door you see in ships and submarines that was half-way opened, and from there, the dream shifts where I'm at the control center for guiding the ship in certain directions.

      I turn my back to the door I went through just now, and the whole thing is flooded.

      EVERYTHING below is flooded, there's only a few people in this control room, me, and just 2 females I believe. Holy shit. We're the only survivors in this area!

      My gut feeling is telling me that a few people probably did extreme measures of surviving the big flood from the ship, and this assumption is sparked when one of the random DC females gave me a paper the size of an index card. The card had a Milky Light Pink color, and it was fairly rough and durable, seeing how it doesn't bend easily.

      On the same card, are values of something, and I don't know what it means at all. I believe the numbers that are stacked on each other is some kind of code for people who survived. I remember looking at one value, where there's one 2 on top, and another 2 on the bottom.

      For some reason, when I looked at that, it triggered a memory of my half-sister in waking life, and I presumed that she was on this ship, and managed to survive, even though I was very doubtful anyone could've made it through this fast-flooding ship.

      It felt weird that the control room is perfectly safe, even when the whole place is tilted diagonally to the left
      (your perspective of looking at this screen to the left of course).

      I'm relieved that she's alright, along with other values that represent other people that I can't remember.

      I believe I had another dream reset where I experienced meeting the few people on the ship again.

      Wow.....obvious dream meaning there, but not going to consid-------- okay, I better make an analysis, it wouldn't hurt.

      Okay, Ship = a belief

      Water = Overall consciousness

      Sinking Ship = Let go of Conviction/unshakeable belief I have so I don't drown with it, and become one with my consciousness

      Me surviving the flooding ship that's still floating at the top = Me at the apex of eradicating this old belief, and since I'm in the control room, I have control on how I want to set a new direction in life.

      Okay. That's enough to make a tear come out to any overly emotional person, but the problem is, just what the hell is/are my belief/beliefs that I need to sink away and get away from?

      The only things I can think of are:

      -Fear of failing college

      -Not getting a job sometime after graduation

      -Being somewhat of a nihilistic in terms of everyone's beliefs and preconceptions, but not really advocating the ideal of eradication of a social system....so I'm a "sorta Nihilistic" or "Hipster Nihilistic" or just a "Complains about human race...WAH!"

      I'm thinking the dream has to do with this Math exam I have today, but I doubt I would be dramatic over one exam....then again, I still surprise myself every day...
      Meeting my High School Spanish Teacher (Non-lucid)


      This dream probably goes along with the dream I had previously, so I'll just mesh the two together.

      I'm inside of a classroom, and I'm memorizing important concepts to do well in this oral presentation. As I'm looking at the teacher, who looks a lot like my Middle School English teacher at some point. Oh, and her name is Ms. Bloom in waking life (Don't think she'll find this Dj entry in the first place anyway).

      After a while, when one person gets up and talks, I'm informed by someone sitting to the right of me, I think, who says that memorizing the concepts is not enough, since you have to derive those mechanics into forming an oral presentation on a book we had to read.

      I started to panic a little, but I calmed down, and on my lap, there's an essay that seems to be mine. This same essay would be a life saver, because based on my emotions at that given time, I felt relieved. So I presume that I utilized this essay I written out to give the oral presentation, and how well I did is left for speculation.

      The dream shifts to where I have to move around in a lot of rooms. I enter one room, and I see Ms. Bloom, and she's in the middle of lecturing students. While you're looking at this screen of course, the teacher formats the class seating where the students would be sitting and facing parallel to my lateral vision.

      Ms. Bloom would also be parallel to my lateral vision as well, and she's wearing a fancy Black Laced tank top or some sort, along with a Black dress skirt that would conform to her curves and literally "hug" her thighs" where they become an enticing part of her body to look at. She has one leg over the other, and I realize I'm interrupting her.

      So I put my lips inside my mouth, and quickly tip-toed so the other students wouldn't turn back to see who it was. I had a feeling Ms. Bloom saw me, but she just used her peripheral vision most likely and just went out to give a fluent lecture discussion. The walls in this room were Khaki colored, and the flooring had a dark turquoise carpet layer with random shades of blue intertwined.

      To the left, despite me not paying any focus on it, but with just my peripheral vision, I could tell that it was mostly dark, as if the students were looking at the school stage that's also contained near the Commons/Cafeteria.

      I open the door to the right of me, and now I'm shifted to a different area. It seems I'm at an office base in the school. It's set up where there's different subjects in white font surrounded by a rectangular green sign. The basic subjects were there: Math, Science, English, etc.

      I look up at the "Spanish" sign, and I then turned to the right to find that I'm looking at the back of a person talking to someone. The back of her head starts getting familiar, and I slowly walk towards the direction of this person.

      It can't be.....it's my Spanish 3 Pre-AP/K-level teacher Ms. Hasan!!!!! At least a projection of her.

      Ms. Hasan was an AMAZING spanish teacher, I managed to get an A in that class thanks to her extreme kindness in making things easy for us. Because honestly, taking a 3 year Foreign Language course wasn't necessary, I just needed two years.

      She's wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and has a red rubber-band like necklace starand that's attached to her School I.D. She seems to be holding a white styrofoam cup with something inside, probably coffee. She turns around, sees me, and smiles and says,

      "Heeyyyy Brandon!!!!"

      She hugs me, and I hug her. I think we started having small conversations that would lead to bigger ones, but I forget what happens next.
      4-Lettered Password? (Non-lucid)


      Okay, this dream...not sure if my mind is teasing me, or giving me a hint here.

      I'm inside my apartment, and there's this girl who looks like Emily that I used to know in World History class in High School. I set up a fairly long password on a laptop in the living room of the dream apartment similar to waking life. Then Emily has a 4 lettered password, where the first character on the screen is some other weird letter that I can't guess.

      I don't know what's going on in the dream, I just know I feel confused and somewhat irritated that she would just have a 4, or even 5-lettered password.

      Oh, and there's one short dream where I compliment someone I know in waking life by the name of Aaron on how well he making his own room with some silver marble coated material.

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    2. Alarm, What is this, Titanic??, A little privacy please??,

      by , 05-08-2012 at 12:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's late at night, I'm in a random house, I look at some chick that is sleeping in pink pajamas, I can't make out her visage though, but from what I remembered, she looked cute sleeping.

      I think I was eating something, and was going to get up to put the cup and plate in the sink. I wanted to go somewhere near the female that was sleeping, but when I do, the alarm for the house triggers. It startles me a little bit, but I quickly go to the alarm thingy that you go to enter the code.

      Apparently, the code was related to personal bank stuff....lmao, and I even said the code in a form of a question to someone. Don't know if they responded back, but how could I not tell that I said a personal bank pin to a random DC?

      Then I see my father come out of the door, but he's in a passive state, probably still tired, and he sees the alarm is taken care of and goes back to sleep.
      What is this, Titanic?? (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of people, and it seems we're inside a ship because there's water coming up all the way to our knees. I believe me and a girl decide to stay together.

      The girl herself? Not even attractive enough. Either I was extremely fucking horny or extremely fucking stupid to stay with this girl.

      The reason I'm saying that is because the group that's heading out, one of them apparently was going to bomb the doors, meaning we couldn't get out. But I didn't know what was going to happen to us, maybe the water levels might increase gradually, and we'll drown together.

      The girl on the other hand, she didn't care at all on what's going to happen, it seemed she had an abnormally active sex drive, and she was fixated towards me.

      Like, I swear, this girl would be up for any kind of sex. I can't recall too much, but judging by her positive emotions, this girl was probably past the level of insanity. We're going to die either way, and me and her both decide to stay inside the ship that's going to flood...*facepalm*

      Come, at least be Eva or some other hot chick with a vagina. Looks don't matter? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftt okaaaaaaaaaaay
      Spoiler for 18+ Stuff eeeeew:

      The dream shifts to a completely to where I'm in an area that looks like a place related to my University environment. There was a blonde lady who looked a lot like my AP English 4 teacher I had at High School.

      For some reason, I assumed that this lady was looking for her son, and in my mind, the son was the one who was going all freaky time with the chick from the last shift. The problem is, the guy didn't look like her son AT all.

      Weird logic being sustained in my mind, no doubt, but as usual, I don't do a reality check from something as abnormal as that. I started talking to myself and laughing mentally at this women, and I believe one of those speculations were,

      "Aww poor woman, it's sad that she's not going to know her son is going to die until later on..."

      Don't know why I said that, but hey, guess I'm a real asshole when I don't have control over my dreams.

      There were people lined up near some fence, and apparently, it seems to be some kind of collaboraiton with singers and instrument players.

      The weight size of these people was hilarious, one looked like a bloated balloon, some had bigger proportions in other areas, it was just awkward just to see them do hand formations and even dance.

      By dancing, I mean twisting their bodies to one side and to the other, not exactly professional dancing, but who am I to blame them....I only know two-step and three-step back and forth dancing...meh.

      So I get closer to this group, and go under this small area under what seems like a bridge, and I'm standing in front of a person that looks like a guy's brother that I knew in the Tennis team I was part of in High School.

      I basically have to extend my right hand, with one finger pointing up, and I have to make a reverse U sign from right to left to inform whatever group to move their fingers the opposite direction. And apparently, when they do that, music starts playing.

      I get out of synch at first, but I finally get used to it and synch it right. Then some random guy tells us that he admits that he doesn't give us the instructions online, making it hard to understand what the hell we had to do just now.

      What an idiot....

      Then he starts bragging about this 1:1 interaction is nothing compared to how he has to do 5:10 or 5:20 with other people

      The ratios I mention above just means interaction with people, so I guess he gets 5 people to interact with 10 or 20 people at once. Didn't really see what's the big deal with that, you're just responsible for a few more people.

      Whatever. That's all I remember.
      A little privacy please?!?!? (Non-lucid)


      I'm headed to the bathroom, and my perspective is weird in this dream. While I'm in the bathroom, I can see what's going on in the kitchen or living room in the house, and the people in it.

      It seemed my mother and Kim (another dream with her again...) were going to the bathroom as well.

      Kim was interested in what I could be doing in the bathroom, and starts laughing while she questions me on what I'm doing.

      Ooooh I don't know.....obviously freaked out that you're asking me that question!?!?!?

      (The reason why I'm kind of annoyed is because she's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me and not really good looking....if it were a younger woman, sure come right in!)

      I brace my back to the door, because I have a feeling Kim is going to go inside, but my mother comes in and says she has to get something in the bathroom.


      That's all I remember.
      Biology Lab Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm in Biology Lab, the setting is different, the TA for the lab is the same one I had for Biology 112.

      It seems that it's the end of the lab, and everyone gets out.

      I think I have another dream shift before or after this one, and I'm talking with a woman who looks Indian. I guess she's average on looks, and I forget what she was telling me.

      I was telling her how I was compared to some other Indian girl I knew in waking life. We'll call this girl I'm mentioning Hum.

      I told the lady that I was in the top 3%, while Hum was probably in the top 8-10%. I don't know how I got that random percentage for Hum's ranking though.

      I think me and the lady were going to enter a building, but I can't remember.