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    1. Forced to Marry My IPC Teacher, I Win A MP4 From A Claw Machine

      by , 05-13-2014 at 01:17 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Forced to Marry My IPC Teacher (DILD)


      The irony of being forced to have chemistry with a Chemistry teacher.

      The starts out in the same room where I had IPC in High School, and since there seemed to be one lighting shining on me, the rest of the room was dark, so I didn't pay too much attention to any finer details.

      I believe I'm wearing a white dress shirt that isn't tucked in along with an open black suit along with a black tie. I have black dress pants and maybe black laceless shoes. I'm sitting on the floor in an awkward manner, with my legs folded in an upside down V position, and my arms titled at a 45 degree angle to stabilize myself.

      I started to become aware, at least through spectating myself in the dream, that I was dreaming. My IPC teacher appears, and seems to be a decent emulation of her in general. She seems to have features, both for her visage and body composition, of another lady at work. She doesn't make the sudden proposal apparent, so I end up being coerced into following her direction, and we're traveling through all sorts of areas.

      After a while, she states something which makes me imply that she wants to marry me, and although it was kind of predictable, the emotions from my end were kind of overwhelming to the point where I probably forgot that I knew she was going to hint it at me. It takes me a few seconds to make a response as the tinging sensations surging through my spine and head augmented, but I agreed to go along with her.

      However, I didn't say "yes" to her indirect response that wasn't even in a form of a question, just "yes" to continue on our escapade I guess. After a while, we stop at an area where there's quite a few dream characters, the most noticeable was an emulation of Reba in a light blue dress suitable for a wedding I believe.


      I Win A MP4 From A Claw Machine (DILD)


      I presumed that today within the dream was my off day from work, but for some reason, I went ahead and wore my work clothes. I noticed the sensations were completely different. It feels as if I’m existing in waking life, but that subtle atmospheric dream quality is there, and it seems prevalent whenever I tried to use my peripheral vision.

      I noticed that I wasn’t paying too much on the external environment, but judging from the lighting within the building I’m in, it seems to be a late afternoon. From the gravity, to the usual feelings of being relaxed and prepared to work, this dream really emulated waking life pretty well. As I’m entering the building, I noticed one of the employees standing around some computers and other electronic devices. She’s of Indian descent, has a short body composition, and the same hairstyle as in waking life.

      Seeing how I implied this was my day off within the dream, I had implications that I wanted to talk to one of the managers, or the admins for certain questions. An image came up of one of them that I talked to frequently, and I was tempted to go up the stairs to see if they were available. Then all of a sudden, I get an urge to play around with the claw machine that’s usually there in waking life, except this time it’s by the small hallway where you could take an elevator to head to the lounge and meeting room.

      I didn’t really have to put anything of monetary value for this claw machine, and the prizes consisted of MP4 players, similar to the one in waking life. The machine itself was quite complicated at first, especially since the main lever you control had all sorts of buttons. I try to go slow to gradually see what does what, and saw that I failed on my first try, but it seems I didn’t have to worry about putting in money for another go.

      The lever itself has a black coating around its light gray color, and the coating was probably conformed for hands, and there’s one small blue button just a few inches below along with maybe two light gray buttons. Then there’s a switch that you could push up or down, kind of like a light switch on the lever as well. I presumed this was to move the claw up and down, and was right in my presumption.
      I look at the black MP4 player, and fixated on getting it since it seemed to be the only color where the red-pink cloth material for the base where the MP4s rested on wouldn’t distort my vision. Though this is merely post-analysis of what I would choose out of unconscious preference.

      I fiddle around with the claw, and I finally got it to grab the mp4 player that doesn’t seem to be protected by a case should the claw’s grip pose a problem in damaging the screen. Fortunately, the claw held onto it just fine without crushing anything, and now I’m focused on moving it slowly without the MP4 wiggling out of the claw’s grip.

      I had moments where it was close to coming out of the claw, and when I had it near the hole that would slide down for retrieval, it almost landed back on the surface it previously rested on. I finally get the prize, and I grab the MP4 player, and then proceeded to figure out what to do next in this building.

      I noticed a dream character that looks like one of the managers or admins is coming in my direction. Let’s call her Liza, seeing how I had a small talk with her on how to pronounce her name later on in the dream. Liza has a name tag where it’s just Liz, and she’s wearing a blue cardigan of some sort with a white dress shirt buttoned up underneath it along with wearing khaki pants and sneakers with a white base near the toe region.

      She’s holding a clipboard with some paper on it, and she’s questioning how I seemed to have won the MP4. She expounds that the machine previously could never work at all, and she was wondering if I somehow hacked the machine. I quickly responded “No,” and wanted to give a follow-up that the machine just happened to work when I used it. Then she tried to come up with another probability of it suddenly working because I used “it.”

      By “it,” I guess she was referring to inputting my worker id for this building, and she ends up declaring this probability to me as well. She’s writing some stuff down on the clipboard, and I’m concerned if she could be writing a report on me, or at least writing how the machine works for further reference to the other managers. It didn’t seem like she needed my undivided attention anymore, but I still wanted to stick around her for a bit just in case something else came up in her mind.

      I saw that what she was writing down were a bunch of long-tailed numbers, which prompted me to feel that there’s really no point in engaging with this dream character emulation of Liza. Liza is about to leave, and I believe I was asking her how she states her name.

      I asked, “Lisssssa? Liz?”

      She responds, “Leeeeezah”

      I tried to pronounce this, and it should’ve been easy to declare back to her, but I’m having minor trouble here. So we ended up using trailing voices for her name for a while until I finally got the “z” down. I finally was able to say her name with a slight indication of a Hispanic accent integrated with that.

      After stating her name right, she proceeds to go through the hallway just like in waking life, except this time there seems to be a pathway to the right where one could continue to instead of being closed off in general.

    2. Looking for Phil from Hey Arnold

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:44 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Looking for Phil from Hey Arnold (DILD)


      I’m looking at a series of buildings, and I presume the environment has a New York City kind of setting to it. I see a vehicle pass by, and immediately stops at a building that seems to be open. There’s a sepia tone overlay in the dream in the initial stages until there’s a dream shift.

      I’m looking at things from first person perspective, and I’m walking with a female that’s my relative in waking life. This looks like a store that sells all sorts of things, and the overall color scheme is kind of dull, and doesn’t really highlight any major features of the store. It seems kind of run down in a few areas, and before we turn right, I glanced over to the area in front of me that looks like where the cashier would be located.

      I see a few items that are levitating, and the first one that attracts me is one that looks like a vanilla milkshake with cherry on top. I believe the female relative was discussing something with me, but I didn’t bother to pay too much attention to her, or maybe what she declared was to prompt me to go to another area of the store.

      We navigating through the area, and I noticed several dream characters that looked like individuals in waking life where I worked. One was a Hispanic man with a black mustache wearing a hair net, and he seems to be operating near a seafood section. The flooring seems to have some subtle leaks of water, and other unknown liquids as well, and there’s pipes that seem to be disconnected, and very loose as well.

      It seems our objective is to find if Phil from Hey Arnold! is still operating this store. I seem to be really into this occurring, and continued to watch the mental projection of myself searching for this individual.

      Our trip abruptly is finished when the female relative told me that he doesn’t seem to be here at all, and even added that he probably died.

    3. Wild Orgy, Forcing Someone To Lock and Unlock Vehicle Repeatedly

      by , 08-10-2013 at 05:06 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Wild Orgy (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+ Too hot for DV:


      Forcing Someone To Lock and Unlock Vehicle Repeatedly (Non-lucid)


      The setting of the dream seems to be in the early morning. I'm locking a vehicle, and I believe I get a dream character to unlock and lock it again, and I told him to keep doing it.

      He asks when he should stop, but I just ignore him and go into a store that looks a lot like H-E-B here in Texas.


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    4. Calvin and High Speed Punches, Nazi Kamikaze Soldiers

      by , 12-07-2012 at 11:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Calvin and High Speed Punches (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that Calvin from Tyler Perry's, "House of Payne," is engaging in an intense battle with some random dream character.

      Calvin is wearing a maroon dress shirt buttoned up along with black jeans. He's giving it his all punching this DC, and his opponent seems to be giving him an equal amount of punching as well.

      Their punches are so fast that it ends up being a Dragon Ball Z type of battle where you just see random flashes and it's hard to know where they're trying to punch.

      Oh, and he's also flying and punching too, and he has his mouth slightly open, probably to exhale as he's exerting immense force in his attacks.


      Nazi Kamikaze Soldiers (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a store with a few random people. Everything about this area feels suspicious, like everyone is watching us, watching to see when we'll seem like we're out of synch with everyone else.

      Kind of like in Inception when the subconscious manifestations of dream characters start looking in on someone who isn't in synch with the host's mind.

      I believe we were trying to retrieve something, and I was going through a fairly long aisle in front of me. The flooring was all white, the lighting was pure white, and the shelves were mostly gray and dull in color.

      The dream shifts where I'm trying to take something, and I'm doing a horrible job at hiding it. It's a really long white pole, that I'm putting underneath my random black robe outfit that I'm wearing.

      I tried pushing the pole down to see if I can make it shorter, but the action itself was too awkward, and I started to get growing suspicion from everyone around me.

      Then I heard someone state,

      "Get him."

      I tried to rub it off and walked casually to just to make sure I didn't assume they were talking to me. But with the footsteps picking up their pace, I made a dash for it. Things go out fairly well in my escape, until I temporarily had my speed decreased for no apparent reason.

      I literally was pedalling my legs....how is that even possible? I tried so hard to speed up, and I did, though the reaction time was very awkward because I went a little too fast.

      Spoiler for A bit too poopy:
      Spoiler for A bit too poopy:

      So after that's settled, I accepted whatever is inside of me, and completely ignored the simple function to just find a bathroom and do #2.

      The dream shifts where I'm in a mini-mall of some sort. There's a lot of dark-skinned dream characters, and I had a feeling this was a tribal setting. I also felt that these people were most likley cannibals as well.

      I tried my best to remain cautious in everything that I did inside this area. It was difficult getting out, because I didn't want to stare at anyone for too long to provoke them, and also not make myself too out of norm where they might just attack me for no reason.
    5. Contest, Shaking Hands, I need a ROPE NOW (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 20)

      by , 10-24-2012 at 04:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Contest in Intermission (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in some kind of contest, and there's this guy that looks like Jon K. that I used to know when I was part of the Varsity Tennis team in High School participating in this event as well. He starts becoming an annoyance, and I don't know why, but whatever he did, it made me temporarily get out of the position that I was in to do something else.

      When I came back, I don't think I was able to get into my position in the contest, and it really pissed me off. I end up being left in the intermediate on whether or not I could still participate in this contest.

      It was outdoors for sure, like a carnival-style, without the carnivals...you know, like pie eating contests or whatever.


      Shaking Hands with People (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a hallway with brow flooring and yellow walls. I'm following some guy in a light blue dress shirt and long dark dress pants. Or maybe that person was me, except that I was in spectator mode.

      Now that I'm back to being me in the dream, I'm holding a book up to hide my face from someone that's on the left side of me sitting down. This feels like it's an airport of some sort, especially with how the seats were lined up in the section that feels like a waiting area. The book I'm holding had red, yellow, and white colors, and I can't recall looking at the title of the book, or the contents in it, I just wanted to use it for cheap-ass stealth form someone.

      They obviously didn't fall for the trick, and they smile at me and stated in a jest manner on why I was trying to hide myself with a book. I take the book down, and the person resembles a guy in waking life my father is friends with, let's call him Wilf.

      Me and Wilf shake hands, and I forget what happens next.

      The dream takes a huge shift now, with the same people that I forgot to mention other than Wilf. It seems I'm inside of a vehicle, and I'm having a small argument with my mother about what's causing a part of the vehicle to look weird. I tell her it's the paper ball under some part that's making it look unbalanced, and she says that's not the case.

      Okay....the damn paper ball or whatever the hell it is, is RIGHT there, how can you NOT see it?!?!

      Before I made this petty observation a big deal, I just dropped the conversation and decided to not talk to her. After a while, we reach at a driveway, and I still can't recall who the driver was. I know it wouldn't have been my father, because he wouldn't want me giving sass to my mother.


      Anyway, I get out of the vehicle, Wilf, his wife, and I think my father and mother are here now. I didn't really pay attention to my father or mother, mostly just Wilf's wife. I shook hands with her, and she seemed to shake mine in a half-hearted attempt.

      She's busying looking down at something, probably a phone or some electronic device.

      I can't recall much after that.


      I need a ROPE NOW! (Non-lucid)


      No, I'm not hanging myself in the dream.

      This dream feels weird, it's like I'm taking on the body of Edward from Cowboy Bebop, or that I'm controlling them to do something while I'm in spectator mode. Even though I doubt it's Edward, it's the closest person I can associate with the dream being.

      The store the Edward counterpart is in is pretty compact, kind of like those mini-stores you would see downtown in Toronto or New York. The flooring is dark blue carpet. For some reason, I see a Rope sticking out of a box, and the Edward looking person takes it, then a cashier asks,

      "You're not going to steal that are you?"



      "Nope, I'm going to pay."

      So I end up paying for the rope at the cash register.



    6. Alyzarin and False Awakening, Texas Store, Jenny is a Bloody tease

      by , 08-03-2012 at 09:28 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alyzarin and False Awakening (Non-lucid)


      I HATE FALSE AWAKENINGS. I hate it so much, that I have to use CAPS.

      I open my eyes, all droopy and shit, HA HA HA, feels so real too you know!!!?!?!?

      I look at the laptop I always have by my side to wake up from the alarm I have set. I open windows live messenger, and I see Alyssa (Alyzarin) log on.

      This is where the bloody nbullsghakjdgsfsgvnfdbg happens.

      I ask myself, "Why is she on so early?" I thought she'd be sleeping like a baby.

      My eyes want to shut down, and I fall back to sleep.

      Alyssa wasn't on at all....FALSE AWAKENING, DAMN IT.
      Teaxs (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, I know I spelled Texas wrong, because that's how it was spelled in a store I went to in this dream.

      I was driving a vehicle (I don't drive, so much for reality checking). I'm driving pretty slow, feeling that if I do anything too quick, something bad would happen. I turn to the left, kept straight until I saw a few stores coming up.

      I get out of the vehicle, and it seems my father is waiting for a friend to come with us. I don't know how I know this, but apparently, this same person he's waiting for was cheating on someone before years ago.

      It seems to me that he probably met him to settle some things. The man is fairly old, he has a blue dress shirt tucked into some dark dress pants. I didn't really pay attention to him talking to my father, I was just a watcher.

      We go inside the store, and before we go all the way in, I see that at the entrance, it says "Teaxs" instead of "Texas."

      I didn't want to pay attention to it for too long, since the words were stacked closely together, and at first glance, I just assumed it was "Texas."

      The dream shifts, and I believe we're at someone's house. There's white tile flooring, and each of the creases is covered in black. There's a random dark skinned man, wearing a long gray vest and some short pants. He's also wearing a black cap turned the other way, and had a beard as well.

      I think we asked him about his life, and he declared something about doing one thing, and then having to find a job at some point. He shrugs his shoulders when he tells us that.

      That's all I can remember.
      Jenny is a Bloody Tease (Non-lucid)


      Oh god, first of all, this dream made me realize how perverted I was when I played Bloody Roar Primal Fury for the Nintendo GameCube, and played as Jenny at one point.

      Sometimes I would pause the screen, and just look at her, everything....EVERYTHING...I would even spam the emote for her to say "Yes" in that enticing voice of hers.....oh god....and some of the moves she did, I swear....are they even LEGAL?


      It's pretty obvious I'm lying on my back on a floor, and the whole room is dark and has a blue atmosphere around it. It's blurry at first, and I feel I can't really move right now. I see a blonde female walk on the left side.

      I still can't do anything, and she gets near me, squats down with her ass in front of me, and waves her fanny all around my face. She doesn't even make her ass touch my face, at all.

      She leaves me there to just be teased, and even asks me,

      "You want this?" with a smile on her face, and she was wearing blue latex I believe as well, very tight latex that I could see her cameltoe.





      God, why....I'm still trying to cry from this, but I can't...sigh......stop teasing me already!!!!

    7. Love Song, Store Killing

      by , 07-31-2012 at 02:18 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Love Song (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting at a computer lab with a few random people, and I trying to think of something clever for a project I have to do. I believe I was wearing a black leather jacket, with a regular white shirt underneat, and probably long jeans.

      I wanted to do some set of drawings for something, and I believe I was doing it digitally by first scanning a sketch of something, and then creating a separate layer to quickly draw in the lines in the sketch for better detail.

      That's what I would think I'd do, but then I started to get distracted with something else. I look at the computer screen, and I was watching Nana (not the singer Nana) and Nobu hugging each other. Nana was crying on Nobu's chest, and he's holding her tightly in his arms.

      I look at this for a while, and tried to speculate how I could relate this to the project I'm doing (and I honestly don't know what I'm doing it for).

      I felt someone's presence to my right, but I didn't bother to turn around to see who it was at the time. I start getting more worried and needed to do something quick, at least that's what I think because I felt like I was being rushed.

      Then the person sitting next to me queried,

      "Why don't you do a love song for her?"

      It takes me a few seconds, but I finally realized she was talking to me. I slowly turned my head to the right, watching her from her breasts all the way to her mouth. As I'm elevating my head, the black shadow starts to fade away and reveals more of her visage.

      I think she had long black hair that was curly and wavy....

      Unfortunately, that's all I remembered, I didn't get to see any other parts of her face except for her smile.

      A love song? For who?
      Store Killing (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking inside of what seems to be your basic supermarket. I believe I killed someone based on the number of people looking at me, and I think someone said that I killed her myself.

      The dream resets, I think, and I'm walking around checking the aisles of the store for any kind of suspicious activity. I still have the feeling that I did something wrong, and I eventually reach an aisle, but didn't go into it, where there's a lady who most likely fainted.

      An older women who has a wide stopic and huge ass (you know, the droopy torso and elevated ass kind of older women) holding the lady that looks like she passed out in her arms. She's kneeling down to support the lady on the floor, and when I looked closer, there's blood somewhere on the girl's chest.

      As for the girl herself, I didn't pay attention too much to get her visage, because I still had a feeling that this could've been my doing. It felt as if this was a rewind on the event, except that I'm not with the group of people crowding around the female.

      I'd say the female was in her 20s, and she was wearing a faded swamp green kind of dress with the thin straps that can go over her shoulders. Her hair was brunette, I'm sure of it, and she was skinny, but not too skinny.

      Why am I killing people without knowing why I did so in the dream?
    8. King of the Pirates, Mattress Sneaking Mission, Blonde and Sinoblak, Alyzarin

      by , 07-08-2012 at 06:38 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      King of the Pirates (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm reading a One Piece Manga, and someone who claims to be the King of the Pirates wants someone else to take the title. That same person looked more like Zolo, except with a bigger chest and way taller than usual.

      Apparently this Zolo look-a-like was stabbed on the left side of his chest, barely piercing through his heart. He was okay, just twitching his eyes a little bit from the pain.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Mattress Sneaking Mission (Non-lucid)


      I think I was a complete idiot in this dream.

      I'm inside a fairly dark area, and I believe I'm using a mattress at some point to hide from some people, I think they were two black females who were really overweight. I watched their movements to know when to dash past them and I eventually get out of the area.

      I doubt they would've done anything to me, because no one was carrying weapons or anything like that. I go to some store, and I have to deliver something for someone. I go to the cashier, tell him about it, he immediately knows, and pays me like $20 in cash for my troubles.

      I think I wanted more money from him, but I said thank you to him and left.
      Blonde and Sinoblak (Non-lucid)


      I don't know, but Sinoblak was talking to me, either through a message or she was actually next to me on my left.

      Though I wasn't paying too much attention to her because a blonde came out of nowhere on my right. How she made her own entry was kind of..........abnormal.

      It's like she made some medium of a black-hole or a vortex, and when she spreads her arms out and forms a circle to make the medium she's traveling through bigger, she gets closer to me. I believe she's wearing a black shirt, and I can't recall what leg-wear she wore.

      Sinoblak was trying to tell me something, but this blonde in front of me surprised me too much, and I couldn't resist looking at her.....

      Her face was fairly small, a little cheeky, nice glowing blonde hair, and a beautiful smile.

      I can't remember much, but I feel sad that's all I remembered. Maybe she could be my dream guide, but eh, whatever.

      She's the first blonde female in my dreams to ever make such a fancy entry by using warping dimensions as her means of travel, which is actually what I would like to do to save time as well.

      Hmmmmm................NO DON'T ANALYZE LINK.
      Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      I forget how the dream started initially, but I find Alyzarin through some random dream characters I think that showed me where she was.

      I look at the female in front of me. She's wearing a white vest and a long white dress as well. I think at the ends of the same dress, there was a bit of brown covering all the way up to her ankle region I believe.

      She had long and beautiful brown hair, both wavy and curly, her skin looked so pure and innocent.
      If I could just touch it, I bet I could've felt the smoothness and slight coldness of it.

      I get closer to her, but I'm not sure she's Alyzarin though, but her hair and skin reminds me of her.

      I'm not sure if she's shocked to see me and is too shy to respond, or if she was just lifeless at the time.

      I think I hug her....
      maybe that's just pushing the recall into wishful thinking. :/
    9. Fun with Rulers

      by , 05-09-2012 at 07:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Fun with Rulers (Non-lucid)


      I'm in the English Pre-AP/K-level class I was in my freshmen year of High School. The teacher was the same as well, tall blonde guy. Let's call him Mr. A.

      While everyone is sitting in actual seats in class, I'm in front listening to everyone, but I don't think they really mind me just sitting there. I'm not even sure if they saw me.

      While Mr. A is trying to read some stuff to the class (he's sitting down on a chair between some rows of students) and there's this Asian girl who speaks....well, ASIAN, and the Asian guy in front of her was mimicking her.

      Mr. A looks at him, and the guy immediately quiets down, and he continues reading more random information to the class, and then the Asian girl started to get annoying, and the teacher looks at her to make her quiet down as well. After he's done talking, I think I'm on the right side of class this time, and he comes up to me and hands me a survey.

      Wait....what? I take it, and I start filling out some of the Teacher Evaluation questions. Then I started to get lazy and marked "B" for everything (B was the second positive answer you could pick, and he was a cool teacher my freshmen year as well).

      I give it to him, and then I see some people turning some assignment. Oh crap.....

      I go check to see what it was, and it seems pretty simple, just make a simple bar graph with a ruler.

      Boy was I wrong.....

      I get a light green transparent ruler, and one random sheet. I was being stupid, and I made a X and Y axes on a bar graph that was already made. I had difficulty making a straight light, and I swear the ruler was shifting in form or something, not by a lot, but just enough to make me question what's wrong with the ruler.

      I ditched using that sheet, and I get a blank one, I tried making two straight lines come together for another graph set-up, but again, still having trouble making straight lines. Then I looked to Mr. A about the situation, and he said I need to complete the assignment now because it's due today.

      I start panicking (STOP PANIC!), I can't make a fucking graph for freaking sake!!!!

      I started to scream at Mr. A for making me do an assignment when I'm not even part of the class.

      Fajitas (Non-lucid)


      I'm going inside a fast food place, and I decide to get some Fajitas, don't know how I can get Fajitas at a store that sells mostly burgers, fries, basic stuff. This isn't a Hispanic Restuarant link.......

      I go up to the cash register person, and they say it'll cost $7.56..screw that. I tell them, "Oh, never mind..."

      I go outside, and there's some kind of dance fest or soemthing where one person stands on some symbol on the ground, and start busting some moves. People were watching one guy that was closer to me than the one further away.

      I guess he was trying to have sex with the air, because all he did was do pelvic thrusts and humping the air along with weird snake like dancing.

      I go into a random house, apparently it's mine, and before I go in, I see two dogs near the set of stairs I'm on. I try to get their attention, and they get closer to me, then I see a lady come in the hallway, and she sees what I'm doing. I close the door, but I know the lady is going to come and knock on the door to ask what happened.

      I forgot what I said, but after we talked, I closed the door and she goes on her way.

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    10. Afraid of the Dark, No Exam for me, Store rage..

      by , 05-06-2012 at 05:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Afraid of the Dark (WILD)


      I don't know how to categorize this lucid, lol. WILD, DILD, DEILD? I'll just go with WILD I guess.

      I believe this is after I heard the alarm, because I said to myself that I would do a reality check after the alarm started to ring.

      I'm resting on my bed, and I decided I should do a nose plug reality check.

      I feel awkward at first, but I know I'm lucid because even thought it was hard to breathe through at first, I know that in waking life, my insides wouldn't be able to expand.

      I'm at my apartment, and it's dark, barely any light at all, maybe near the kitchen, but I'm not sure about that.

      I take the time to try and turn on one of the lights several times, but none of them are working for me. I believe I rubbed my hands at some point for stabilization, and I decided to open the front door. It's still dark outside, and I see maybe two or so random people walking outside.

      I couldn't see their facial composition though, there was one person that looked like a silhouette, literally, and for some reason, I was afraid of going outside in the dark, so I go back inside my apartment.

      That's all I remember.
      No exam for me (Non-lucid)


      I believe I moved to another school in this dream, because the main thing I wanted to ask this random professor in the ends was whether or not I still have to take an exam for moving in at an awkward time. The professor seemed to be awesome, everyone paid attention to him and all that fun stuff.

      After class was over, I go up to him and ask if there's any exams that I have to take. He pauses, then smiles and says,

      "Nope, we're pretty much done."

      I remember the dream shifting to where I'm waiting for my father to pick me up.

      Store Rage (Non-lucid)


      I go inside a store, and I asked one of the employees how much they would buy a pair of black shoes I was holding on to.

      "Ten bucks..."

      I said, "Make it 20$."

      "You got yourself a deal...." he replied.

      I go up to the guy, get my money, check it, and then he said,

      "That easily would've gone for $15."

      Okay.....I get out of the store, then I checked the amount of cash I had, there was some trouble reading it (missed reality check), and it takes a while for me to calculate how much I have in my hand right now.

      I actually see a nine-dollar bill while looking through the amount I had. I realize that guy gave me over $20, and I decided to go back into the store to tell him this, but then I had a gut feeling to just not tell him, I almost did, but I stopped midway.

      The dream shifts to where I'm probably in a different store, and there's an Asian employee this time of a Caucasian one. I'm looking above the shelves to my right and see a bunch of printers and scanners.

      I'm interested in the scanners, and ask him how much they cost. I check the price tag on them, and saw $30. I was surprised at first, but I checked again, and it was for the ink cartridges. The actual printers were around $100 or so.

      The Asian guy gets angry at me for some weird reason, and I'm trying to figure out why he's being so mad at me. I look down at one of the printers, and I see Japanese symbols that were printed out, which leads me to assume that it doesn't print English.

      He gets more serious, and I just reach the breaking point and basically told him to go screw himself and left the store. I get out of the store, and I think I'm shifted in the dream to where I'm near the store again, and the Asian guy is taking a smoke.

      I don't think he notices my face, but I'm still pissed at him for getting mad at me for no reason, so I ignored him and get near a fairly deep ledge to get on the grass on the bottom.

      I look left and right for traffic coming by, then when it's clear, I jump off the ledge, walk down the road to get to the section in the middle with grass on top of the curb to split the lanes, and then cross it as well.

      I see a blonde girl in a black jacket and some short sports shorts, sitting down with some females. There's other groups of people around, but I just continue walking forward.

      I had another dream, but I forgot it, whatever..

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    11. Pillow Cover, What's Cooking, Playing with Cat, Climbing Rooftops

      by , 04-23-2012 at 06:06 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Looking for a Pillow cover (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a store, and I'm talking to this female employee, she looks like she's an employee, and she's being fairly annoying towards me.

      I don't know if she's doing it to mask what she really feels for me, but it starts to irritate me a little bit. I don't know what she was doing with me, but my father comes in and assumes that I was flirting with her.

      He starts smiling at me, and leaves me with the girl. I try to convince him that I'm not flirting with her, but he's still smiling and presuming I am. After that, I look around the store a little bit more, and there's quite a few people in it looking around.

      The store overall is kind of weird, I think you could use a washer somewhere on the sides, because I do remember someone trying to take their clothes out of some kind of machine. Then I realized that one of those shirts had to be mine.

      It was a maroon shirt with logo of the university's name I go to on it. It takes a while, but the man moves the shirt a little bit out of the pile, and I see a ripped hole near the top right chest region on the shirt.

      I told the man that is my shirt because I know there was a hole on one of mine in waking life, but he quickly responds back to me that he had a hole in his as well. That leaves me in an awkward position, and I have to let it go.

      (I believe the hole was actually on the left side in waking life instead of the right, kind of a minor thing, but still, if I was that serious with all day awareness, that could've made me lucid instantly!)

      Then I tried pumping my pillow I think?? It was no use, the pillow, or whatever it was I was pumping was constantly deflating, then I decided I should buy a new pillow and cover. I believe my mother was walking with me on the right when we got out of the store.

      When I told her I'm going to buy a pillow and cover, she complains about something, but I try to ignore it.

      Then as I'm going to the other store, I see my father in a vehicle, but he's looking at something else from another angle, he's sitting parallel from our view, and I quickly go inside of the store before he gets the chance to see the other side.

      I don't know why I'm worried about him finding us though. I go inside the store, and I think me or someone said "Howdy!"

      (Wait.....I would only say that at the university....not a store...unless it was a store within the area...).

      There was an Asian man as a cash register along with a black female as well. They looked cheerful overall, but probably because the store didn't have many people, so they just appreciated whoever came.

      Then there's a female employee who is headed her way to me and asks me if I needed any help. I told her that I'm looking for a decent pillow cover. She acknowledges my response, and turns around for me to follow her. She shows me one that's black, but it's too girly because it was some weird stickers or some kind of girly girly stuff on it, no thank you, next item please.

      She goes to the front of the store, and tries to pick some random pillow cover, but I can't remember anything after that.


      What's Cooking (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a random house with my father......and even my mother. The house is fairly wide, and the walls I believe had a slightly darker due of canary yellow.

      Both of them are cooking something in the kitchen, and I go over to see what it was.

      Kind of a boring dream...


      Playing with a Black and White Cat (Non-lucid)


      I only remember resting on the floor, and some random image of a transparent and empty water bottle appears in the air.

      Things get pitch-black for a moment, and I can see all the edges and curves from the water bottle. I think I was moving it around, either with my mind or with some kind of device.

      Some cat was attracted to it, and I basically spent the entire dream trying to make the cat do random things while it was trying to catch an invisible water bottle.


      Climbing Rooftops (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember a lot from this, but I believe it starts out with me hanging on the edge of a rooftop and getting on top of it. Once I'm there, the rooftop is pretty big, and it's slanted as well.

      There are some random people throwing water down the rooftop to prevent me from getting inside the house. I had to do a bit of dodging, and I honestly don't know how I'm doing it, but I'm just going with what happened.

      I think I finally get inside the house, and I see some random people inside, forgot what I did after that.
    12. With Father at Party, Blonde DC and her Friend, Child, DV members mentioned and DCs look familar....

      by , 01-25-2012 at 03:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Well, I woke up a lot earlier than the time I set for my external alarm, which is why I probably remembered a lot of these dreams instead of waking up feeling like I was rushed or something.

      Dream 1: Sitting with my father & Balancing on Pipes

      I was sitting down with my father at night outside at some party I guess. Apparently, his phone can tell how far somewhere is to real land or something like that. So I look over to the phone changing its status from one word to "Real."

      Then suddenly, I'm on top of several pipes connected to each other, and one DC tries to grab some red cloth. Then I have to grab the red cloth I believe, and suddenly I have to fight another DC with a pole stick or something like that.

      I feel Like Satan-pipes2.jpg

      I decided that instead of fighting while balancing on pipes, that I should just fall down, and get out of there through a door.

      Dream 2: Following Blonde DC and her friend

      I'm outside, most likely at my University because I'm walking on towards a place, most likely Kyle Field. I'm wearing a brown leather jacket and probably wore long jeans with a shirt (probably).

      I see this DC who looks exactly like the girl named Samantha that I knew in real life. She was a blonde, but I think she dye her hair black again, or maybe she really did have black hair.

      Anyway, this DC was blonde, and some other female DC was right next to her. I think she was looking to see where she could get a Zune HD. Her friend has a Zune HD, but she said that's not the type she's looking for.

      I come a bit closer to show them my Zune HD 32 GB, and before I showed it, Samantha said something about looking for the 32 GB version (her friend probably had the lesser storage type; 16GB I guess).

      I show it to her and said that I have it. She looks down at it and says that's the one she's looking for. She gets up and walks somewhere with her friend. I decided to follow both of them, and I put back my Zune HD inside the pocket of my jacket I believe.

      I keep following them until we're in a different dream scenario. I think we're outside this large area where they are selling books not only for college students, but for other people as well. It was more open to a lot of people, and it was bright as day, maybe afternoon at 1PM or 2PM setting to it.

      Samantha goes up to some old DC who is selling these random green and golden yellow books. She gets her credit/debit card out and asks if the guy could look it up with some source that I can't remember.

      I just remember seeing a big stacked green binder that looks like it has a lot of information. And the girl who was following Samantha as well, I think she was trying to get something from what the old guy was saying.

      He said something about her studying a lot, and that she probably wouldn't have time to read, in a joking manner. She asks if she has to buy a book, but the old man gives it to her for free and smiles.

      She smiles at him, and then she turns to me and smiles I think, or does a small turn to my direction and looks at me. She looks awfully familiar to person in waking life I've met in my College. She had light brown hair, wore those gray jackets with no zipper (had to pull it over your head), and wore typical jeans (she had somewhat skinny to average legs).

      Dream 3: Walking with a child to a store

      Apparently I'm convincing this little child who looks like he's Indian to follow me somewhere. I go into a store with the kid, and then go back out after a while. But before I headed for the door. I see some Indian child on top of some ledge that's pretty high to be on for his own safety.

      He was dark-skinned, and he was wearing a nose-strap-on that was lighter than his skin tone, Apricot-ish colored in fact. I couldn't see his eyes though. He looks at me from below and smiles and says "Pakistan."

      I ignore it and focus back my attention to the kid that was following me. I turn around and see him and tell him to come follow me.

      We get out through the door.

      I wake up after those set of dreams, and typed them up pretty quickly, and then did a WBTB with the FIELD, but I didn't do very well on holding the mouse button with my finger until I let go.

      Dream 4: Room full of DCs I knew in Waking Life and at least Three DV members mentioned.

      This dream was so vivid and so much like reality, that I swore it was beyond a regular lucid dream where everything felt like reality, and much more. I still can't tell if I'm dreaming, but I know my emotions carried on inside of this dream. If I became lucid, it probably would've been one of those rare experiences that felt like an OBE/AP...or just a WILD that was REALLY close to that experience.

      I was inside of a restaurant, it was probably afternoon time in this dream. It was fairly dark inside of this restaurant, but it did have lighting in it.

      I remember a DC I was talking to or listening to, but I didn't recall their features. He/She said something that Sinoblak and possibly Alyzarin too (I know Sinoblak was mentioned) wanted he/she to tell me that my true self is revealed when I was with them or something along those lines.

      I think the DC probably meant that when I'm alone socializing with them that is.
      (Maybe it's my subconscious response to me wondering if I'm really who I am when talking to others, not too sure on that reply it gave me...)

      The DC also mentioned something about nina too.
      Too embarrassing to reveal here.
      While this DC was telling me all this, I was drinking something in those restaurant cups. I almost wanted to spit out the drink that was in my mouth when this DC told me all of these things about DV members. I believe I tilted my head in questioning and raised my eyebrow or something like that listening to them as well.

      Then I had this small image in my head of Nina posting on a thread about something, couldn't remember what exactly. It seemed to be a casual thread on something. But I saw her Avatar pic and everything for a few seconds.

      The DC leaves, and I'm finding a seat to sit down on. An Indian or a dark-skinned female DC is at the front of the cash register, and I ask her for a menu. She gives it to me, and I as I'm reading it, the format was like going to Deviant Art's website.

      I had some confusion with finding the choices to eat, but I did know that I had a menu in front of me before I went up to get another one.

      I decided what I want, and I went up to this lady that looked Hispanic. She was talking to another DC, and they turned their attention to me. I said while stuttering a little bit (that facade of mine where I just suddenly lose my brain for a few seconds) and said that I wanted Nachos with cheese and meat.

      And I mentioned that I didn't know the the other choices I could pick, so she helped me out by asking if I wanted small, medium, or large.

      Of course, I pick large, and then when I turn my face the other way and turn back, the DCs are completely different. The lady that was helping me by asking me what size I wanted turned into my English AP teacher I had in a High School.

      (In waking life, her hair was light blonde (almost close to white)).

      She was asking me if I was involved in something in college I believe, I said "No," and she started to laugh with the DC next to her. (but it wasn't a laughing-at-you laugh, it was those laughs older women would express as a "Ooooh you!" laugh.

      I think it's even safe to declare that there was a long thin piece of hair elevating on the side of her face. It was just those moments where you see that nearly invisible strand of hair at first glance, but don't say anything about it unless you really knew them.

      Then I find myself near the entrance of the store, and the whole scene changes to where there's white tiles on the floor, and the whole area gets a little brighter than before. I see all these DCs that look exactly like the people I met in waking life.

      First everything is first-person perspective. I see this DC that looks like a person I drew in waking life, I turn around to greet him, and he says "Thank you." (probably saying thanks to the drawing I did for him and his friend, or maybe for something else).

      Then his other friend comes as he moves to another area in the large room. He's looking at the wall, and I try to get his attention by putting my hand out to him to shake, and said that it was nice to meet him.

      He was a bit surprised, and said he was nice to meet me too, but he didn't know who I was. Then I told him that I drew him, and he starts to realize who I am and greets me back.

      (Apparently I wanted to shake hands with the DCs around me for some odd reason)

      Then I turn back and see another DC, he was dark-skinned, and I wanted to shake his hand too, but he was holding something. So I turn back to look at the direction of the small group of DCs in front of me standing and probably talking to each other.

      Then I realize the same DC I wanted to shake hands with put the item he was holding (probably a jacket) down, and shook my hand.

      After that, I go up a little more to the area where the DCs were. I look up at the TV hanging on some mechanical medium to hold it in place. It said something about "Hey Freshie" and other things that I couldn't recall. I assumed that it was just me being a Freshmen in college, hence the word "Freshie."

      Then when I focus my attention to the DCs within the room. I see a female DC to the left of me that looks like the girl that was on the Tennis team I was part of in a high school I don't want to mention because she might find this dream journal.

      Let's just call her "K"
      (I'll probably remember the full name when I go back to glance over this entry later on).

      "K" is standing there, and from my peripheral vision, I could tell she was wearing a white shirt and wearing a pink short shorts (those types of shorts athletic girls wear).

      I feel Like Satan-pinkgrayraysshorts.jpg

      Then the last thing I recall was smiling after I was standing around with the DCs.

      Then I woke up.

      Honestly, the female DC that looked like "K," if I woke up, I would definitely would've fucked her right at that moment. Oh my god, my libido OOOOH if ONLY I WAS LUCID MAN!!! IF ONLY!!!!

      Her wearing the pink short shorts and just a white shirt, (and in waking life, her ass was big, but she was had strong thighs, not thunder-thighs). And that's one of the physical features that I liked about her.

      That's all I remember, I was a bit bothered for not remembering the whole message on the T.V.

      I don't know what the purpose was in showing all of these familiar DCs, but I'm glad I was able to recall a decent portion of what happened.

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    13. Looking for Headlamps, At Video Game Section & Underground, Furry Sex...

      by , 01-22-2012 at 05:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I wanted to forget what I experienced again, but I started to remember more and more events, and decided to just type it anyway.

      Kind of weird stuff going on, especially in the second dream if you don't like the idea of seeing furry sex (I know I didn't want to experience that....). But it doesn't have anything too extreme or revealing I think.
      Remembering certain snapshots of the dreams is really helping me out when I branch more into detail on them.

      And lol, don't bother about the attachment on the bottom, I was planning to use that as an upskirt reminder when I go back to my Dream Journal, but the green skirt picture was better
      Never mind haha.

      Dream 1:

      Apparently I'm in a store looking for head lamps for my bicycle. There was this employee that looks like Mr. Bean saying that I had to get a certain type of headlamp when I asked him what I needed to get.

      I didn't understand him, and I was in the store walking around random places at once. There was this girl who had black hair, and was probably Hispanic who was looking for head lamps as well, but I don't know how that turned out for her finding them.

      Then my father appears and I tell him about finding the headlights, so he goes back to the DC that looks like Mr. Bean and asks him what he said earlier to me. But before he did so, my father wanted to finish picking up other items before going back to the section where the headlamps where.

      I can't remember anything else for that one.

      Dream 2:

      This whole situation felt like playing Uncharted 3 or something later on. I was in a store again, and I went to the Electronics section. I was at the area where they sold video games and had those demos for all the popular consoles.

      Then I saw some steps leading down to some random area. I go there, and I believe when I go down some more, I turn back to see this girl who is at a slightly higher view from me.

      She was wearing a skirt, probably turquoise that had a little bit more green to it. I sat down on the steps and relaxed for a little bit to look at what's under her skirt .

      How did you find your way to this forum?-chu-bra-60.jpg

      Her butt was so firm and wide, and her panties were so adorable, even though they were just a blank color. I would've probably looked longer if I did think DCs were going to come and find me out.

      Then I go inside this underground place and it's like more space for playing video games in the store I guess because I see a little boy playing something on a T.V. I couldn't see anything on. It was positioned for the boy's view, so I just saw flashing lights everywhere.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-jr43581-red-room.jpg

      Someone tells me to sit down and wait for a while. I think I was like "Yes Sir!" with a childish tone or something.

      Anyway, now things are in third person perspective, and I'm sitting down on some darkish red couch. The whole area in this place had a dark red setting to it, even the carpets were red as well.

      Then I see some PS2/PS3 control button images show up on the top left corner, kind of like a Heads-Up-Display. After I was waiting for whoever told me to wait, there's some type of explosive that happens maybe 10 feet away from me.

      And it's enough of a blast to cause everyone to start panicking. So I decided that I should go ahead and run like hell instead of sitting here and possibly getting exploded.

      I believe I was playing as this little kid in a red shirt and brown pants, I would say the age of this DC I'm playing as (or actually am at the moment). He had brown or black hair I believe, and he was really short.

      I think I was actually playing a video game simulation after this because when the child jumped, it felt like I was pressing buttons.

      I started spamming the buttons to jump to see if he could double-jump, but he could already jump pretty high for a child, maybe up to 4-6 feet up on the initial jump and maybe an additional 1-2 for the second jump in the air.

      It felt like playing Uncharted 3 when you play as Drake and started running away from something. After I move forward a little bit, I'm not playing as the child again, I'm probably back to my perspective again.

      Then I think I meet Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Amy. They were walking around on the bottom of where I was at. I was looking at them having my hands on the ledge. Sonic was blushing a little bit when he was talking to Tails about something.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-sonic-tails-sonic-x-1877385-400-337.jpg

      I think he said he loved Amy Rose in a slightly loud sound, but he quickly hushed up. I go over the ledge I had my hands on and went down (it was probably 10 feet I went down).

      I follow Sonic and Tails, and Amy eventually catches up too. We were all headed for one room. Then when we go in, everything just starts getting freaking weird.

      Apparently they were going to have sex with each other, and I had the option of what combinations they could try. I was only concerned for a little while, but I probably had that "Ehh screw, what's the big deal anyway..." kind of mood and chose the option where tails suddenly had 4 dicks and was having sex with everyone (I think he got it up his behind as well)

      I think Cream was in the little gang-bang (possibly) , but I do know I was just spectating what was happening (thank god I wasn't going to get butt raped), it was kind of disturbing. Tails started to look like a body-builder version of Renamon.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-renamon.jpg
      LOL WHAT THE HELL MAN. RENAMON? So freaking random....

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    14. Hiding and Shooting Guards, In Store, Ada Wong (Lady in Red), House party, Sensui, MGS2 again..

      by , 01-17-2012 at 03:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      I started to remember more dreams as I was typing the first 3.

      Dream 1:

      I'm inside some area where there are several mini-water thanks. The whole setting has a brown color to it with shades of black etc. I think the floor had a little water on it.

      There were these guards that looked similar to the ones you see in MGS2 when you get to the part where you're in Arsenal Gear.

      The poll to rule them all....-tengu.jpg

      I think I'm spectating what's happening or playing as the person. I try to shoot some guards, and I think a few die from the bullets, but then it gets harder to shoot them.

      I tried going for head shots on them, but somehow the bullets didn't work, probably because they had those helmets, but it should've worked either way because in the actual game their armor wasn't an issue at all.

      There were a few times where the guards would alert that there's an intruder, and I would shoot a few of them before they made a final report to HQ. Then one guard manages to succeed to call more backup.

      I can't remember what else I was doing in the dream.

      Dream 2:

      I'm inside of a store and I'm running inside and then I as I'm running, I do a dive shot to the floor because I'm hiding from some random DC eating a piece of cheddar cheese or something (the thing they were eating looked dark yellow/ light orange).

      Then I think I go back outside and head for a vehicle to go into, the whole setting was set at night.

      All I remember for that one.

      Dream 3:

      I'm playing Resident Evil 4 again, and I'm still not sure if I was playing as Ada Wong(she wears a long red dress) or actually am her. I do know that I was playing Separate Ways though.

      I started out in the village and normally you start out near the church where you're trying to help Leon not get over killed by the zombies coming inside the house he's locked himself in.

      I run a little bit near to the right to a location where all zombies would come in one at a time
      (I think it's an actual method called the Spartan method or something that you could use as Leon so you won't get raped by zombies), and I see the chainsaw guy come a bit too early. He comes after me and I try shooting him with the Chicago Typewriter, which should've killed him easily, but he just keeps coming after me.

      The poll to rule them all....-image101.jpg

      (Never in my mind did I think that if I shot him in the knee instead, I could've done a fan kick and do more damage than the shit damage the Chicago Typewriter was unleashing in this dream).

      He gets close to me and he starts cutting Ada Wong's head off slowly with his axe, of course Ada is trying to resist, and I even get to shoot the guy one more time before he chops all of her head off.

      I didn't see a game over though, it just restarted by itself. I'm back in the village and I decided to run like hell to the entrance to get to the village, and then turn around and just started to shoot all of the zombies. The Chainsaw guy (Dr. Salvador) is running incredibly fast compared to the actual game.

      He's just running like a retard towards me, and he's not even holding the chainsaw right, he's holding it like a sword I think when he's running
      (if he kept it up, he'd probably cut himself off).

      I aim the gun at him, but I can't remember what happened next.

      Ada Wong...lady in red....the signs are getting more obvious now for me.

      Dream 4:

      I'm inside a house and the house across from me is having their music on really loud. Some DC said they were playing Muslim music.

      Dream 5:

      I see Toguro at 85% of his power (in the English dub of Yu Yu Hakusho) and Sensui in his Sacred Energy Armor. The dream was a bit random, it involved helping Sensui kill Toguro, and then he would be facing me I think.

      The poll to rule them all....-toguro_finger.jpgThe poll to rule them all....-shinobu_armor_1.jpg

      Toguro was about to shoot someone, probably me, I don't know, but Sensui is right behind him.

      I don't know what else happened but Sensui was talking to me about a group of people called "Naturalist" or something like that?

      Dream 6:

      I'm Snake again from MGS2 in his outfit when he used the alias Pliskin. I think I'm from the tanker level, the first level I believe, and I had to shoot some guards from above. Then someone tells me that those guards need to stay alive.

      The poll to rule them all....-mgs2_01.jpg

      So I had to dash towards the guards that fell onto ground level who were above and inject some kind of reviving aid to wake them up before they died. I had to inject them quick because in my mind there was a timer somewhere on the syringe I was using, so the injections weren't really accurate, I even saw a small black hole when I took the syringe out of one guard.

      I immediately go to the far right end of the ship and hide in a cardboard box, but then it turns into a towel, so I quickly had to move my body to cover my whole body. Then I saw a towel to the left of me and covered myself even more.

      As the guards were waking up, some lady who looks like a girl I knew in my AP Government class, let's call her "Dian" I think she was doing some kind of fancy dance flinging her wrists smoothly in front of them, and as they were recovering, they're wondering what the hell is going on.

      Dream 7:

      My father is saying that I should get familiar with the terms my friends are using and says "Boatski." I knew something was wrong here and asked him, "Don't you mean Broski?" And then he has that expression that said "Ooooh" and laughs in embarrassment.

      He leaves, and I see a Blackberry Phone with some small yellow objects attached with clear tape on the bottom. (I guess he was trying to make a Boat out of a Blackberry?)

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