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    1. Taylor Swift, Room 174, Wedding Gift (SDE Pt.2 Day: 05)

      by , 10-10-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Taylor Swift in Black Latex Catsuit (Non-lucid)


      Another blonde in a black latex catsuit...well at least she's just posing instead of doing disgusting things.

      I'm on a website, and it has a white background to it. One picture that stood out the most is Taylor Swift in a black latex catgirl suit. I can barely see the outfit, but she is wearing one for sure.

      In that same picture of her, there's a dark brown background with darker hues of brown mixed in with it, and they existed as small dots that seemed to be diluted in some way.

      Taylor Swift has her chin sticking out, and she doesn't look too bad at all. She's also wearing red lipstick, and has her mouth slightly opened where she's showing mostly her top teeth in the picture.

      It's hard to tell if she was posing in an enticing position.

      And why would I be looking at Taylor Swift photos? I mean....why would I look at someone who makes a song after they break up with someone?

      The Blonde in Room 174 (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream is that I'm inside a room that looks like it could be a Middle School, or mostly likely a High School classroom. I remember having to switch to another class, so I end up trying to look for it. I have trouble reading numbers in the dream, but I'm not performing a reality check at all.

      The whole hallway that I'm on has several shades and highlights of brown, and after a while, I finally found where I needed to go to get to room 174. The area I'm in is also confined, like at most just 30 feet in length and probably 20 feet wide in terms of what I can see well. The rest of the environment was a blur, so I'm assuming that this area that I can see well is what I needed to focus on.

      The teacher I have is a tall blonde female. She kind of reminds me of another art teacher who was just next to the art teacher I had for High School, except, it looked like she was the younger version of her. The one in waking life, I think she's in her 40s-50s, this version looked like she's in her early to mid 20s.

      I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, there's something about her that's enticing that makes me want to get closer to her on purpose, even if it would have to be confined to just solely seeing her as a teacher, and me as a student.

      It's hard to keep up that mentality, because she's REALLY attractive. She's not the most stunning person in the world, but she is very enticing indeed. She looked like she was a bit shy or something, she was a little quiet, but judging from her eyes and body structure, her clothing, she looked like she could exhibit positive energy to anyone near her.

      Her outfit consisted of a semi-transparent faded white scarf, dark Khaki women's jeans, and a white dress shirt that was buttoned up half-way or all the way, not sure. If it was half-way, my best bet from recalling that is that she work a gray shirt underneath.

      I think she was in the process of telling me something, but I kind of zoned out looking at how she's luring me in somehow. I feel so good around this woman, and I can't help but not care what happens next in the dream as long as I'm around her.
      Wait...WHAT WEDDING?!?!? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, though I can't remember too many details of what happened there. I get out of the house to go somewhere, and I have a feeling it's the Postal Office building somewhere near this randomly generated neighborhood.

      I see some vanilla or light brown concrete to my right eventually as I walked down the faded gray tar road, and had a feeling that I'm getting closer to the Postal Office. I walk up a fairly steep slope that's maybe 10 feet diagonally. I'm now on the parking lot, and before I go into the building, I look back, and see that there's someone getting their keys out 20-30 feet away from me to get their mail in the gray metal boxes you have to pay I think for mail you want kept safe.

      The dream shifts as soon as I enter the building, and I'm inside of a Hispanic Restaurant, and a waitress comes up who has her hair tied up in a ponytail ball, wearing a turquoise/blue shirt, has a muffin-top (yes, she's a bit pudgy on the sides), and is wearing the usual dark blue jeans that look like they would lift her butt or something.

      She looks at me, and I assume she's just waiting for me to declare my order. She then realizes that I must be a new customer here, and asked me if I know about Blueberry pie.

      I respond like an idiot, and all of a sudden, I don't even know what a Blueberry pie is....LOL. I start saying random stuff, and describing what a Blueberry Pie would look like completely wrong, and the waitress ends up laughing at me, along with another one who was behind her as well. Then I tried to correct myself by actually stating what a blueberry was, but it was too late, already made myself look like an idiot.

      The waitress has that face that says, "I'll get you something you'll like," so she goes back to the kitchen to tell the chefs the order I'm presuming. After a while, I get my food in a white To-Go Box, and I opened it to make sure what's inside of it.

      It ends up being some kind of white cream sauce, maybe ranch sauce, and sliced tomatoes......

      The waitress tells me this is a gift since I'm going to be married....that it's a wedding gift.

      I passively accepted that, and didn't take into consideration that she said MARRIAGE and WEDDING in the same or near the same sentence. I get out of the building, and it seems I'm back at the parking lot for the Postal Office. I go up to some old blue truck, like it was made in 1950s or something, and there's a blonde guy inside on the driver's seat.

      I tell him,

      "Sorry to have kept you waiting...."

      He responds,

      "Nah, it's no big deal" (paraphrasing here).

      After that, I guess he takes me back "home."

      Alyzarin Becomes Admin of DV (Non-lucid)


      I see Alyzarin has the Admin rank, though it's probably just On-Topic Admin or something like that.

      - It was that Eva chick in the Black latex catsuit
      -Now it's Taylor Swift in the Black latex catsuit
      -Then I remember Taylor Swift doing weird things with her body in a violet dress in a dream a few months ago
      -Then I remember a blonde in a fancy silver glittering dress months before that
      -Then I remember a blonde who came through a small black vortex while wearing black clothes
      -Then I remember Catherine from the video came "Catherine" with purple wings and wore her white costume.
      -And a bunch more blonde females that I cba to recall.

      Maybe I should just create a Lesbian Dream Guide, so I don't have to be so insecure contemplating about having sex with them......-____-

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    2. Blackmail & Lady's HOT voice, Feigning Crying, Passenger Seat, Taylor Swift Acrobatics (SDE Day 02)

      by , 08-16-2012 at 07:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blackmail & Lady's HOT voice (Non-lucid)


      (Just keeping this for reference: Lady in bed is similar to a lady I talked to about where I wanted to go in life while on my trip to New York, and I had feelings she was into me, even though she is currently married...name starts with "S")....some note that was....ha!!!!

      I believe I'm with my father and mother again, and we're getting ready to pack our things and move somewhere. I don't know where, but somewhere, the environment is dark gray, with white lights emitting from above. I remember seeing a vehicle parked next to them, and it honestly feels like I'm in a parking garage.

      I wanted to go back to the elevator to the room we were in before, I take the elevator, but I'm not aware of picking any kind of floor, I just go in, and I guess things happened just like that. The elevator opens, and I enter into a room. It's dark, with little lighting, and I looked at the bed right in front of me.

      Someone is obviously sleeping here, but I can't tell who, they have themselves covered with white sheets. I have a feeling it's someone I know in waking life, so I make sure I walk silently to get whatever it is that I wanted. I don't know where I went, but I came back to the bedroom that was near the elevator door.

      I look at the bed one more time, and I see the person is finally awake. I'm shocked at first, but I decided I might as well stay for a while and see who it is. She has black hair, she looks up to me and asks me something related to why I'm leaving so soon or something like that.

      She really didn't want to see me go, and I assumed so based on her voice, it was so kind to me, it's as if she wanted me to hold my position near the bed and not move one inch. She had way of words, because I honestly could not see any reason to leave so soon. Whatever it is she said to me, god.....

      Her voice was so bloody enticing, it it possible to be fully turned on by someone's voice?

      After a while, I had to say goodbye to this lady, and I guess she did so as well. I go into the elevator, not even paying attention to which floor I picked in advanced. Then I get a flash in my mind of being in that same bedroom again with the lady with the enticing, lewd, and sexy voice.

      It seems I had a recording of her before I talked to her of when she had sex with someone. The voice recorder resembles the model I have in waking life that I wanted to use for recording lectures, but there just a few extra buttons, and I think it was a different color in this dream.

      Anyway, I play the recording, and I hear her moans as whoever it is continues to penetrate her. She starts using dirty words in synch with her screams and moans of pleasure. After the recording ends, I'd say it was 10 seconds overall, there was a button that gave me the option of sending this information to VH1.

      LOL what?

      I was tempted to press this button, and I think I even clicked it, but I clicked it one more time to cancel the transfer. Apparently, the transfer would be wireless, and I heard all sorts of beeping sounds that I didn't know verified what. I was worried that I was probably to late when I wanted to cancel it, because there were a few beeps occurring that would sound like I sent something in correctly.

      I find another button on the recorder where I could see the video of her having sex with someone. She has herself in the spread eagle position, bracing against the bedhead, and sheets covering most of her waist and part of her legs. I can't see who's having sex with her, but it's a person with light skin tone for sure.

      Definitely not her husband as far as I know.

      Don't tell me I'm a manwhore in my dreams now......

      OKAY, back to the dream, she's really enjoying what this man is giving her, and I hear the voice recording go in synch with the video, so it really is the video version of it. I even get tempted to send that to VH1 as well, but I don't think I do.
      Feigning Crying and Social Anxiety (Non-lucid)


      There was a lot going on in this dream, so it's really hard managing how things started out.

      Holy crap, I need to get better with this recall thing and making sure the only thing I do is type my dreams out the first time I wake up.....this dream could be longer, but because I had trouble synching those events together......eh......just another thing to conquer.

      I remember being inside of a house, it's fairly dark inside, the windows emitting light from the moonlight is pretty much the only thing keeping this house from looking like it went into a blackout or something. I remember parts where I would come in and out for something, and every time, I would see a couple in a bedroom doing random things.

      One was a man in a black tuxedo, and the other would be a woman in a red dress that had portions of the dress that completely wrapped her to where her hourglass body structure was apparent. I took these people for random dream characters, even though I know them being manifested are part of my dream signs of seeing a females in red dresses.

      So much passive demeanor, it's as if I have a naivete of a child that still believes babies are delivered through storks. It's so sickening, but I let myself play things out to see how they go, I just have to....I don't know why....

      I open the door to get outside, and now it's night time, with the tall street lights emitting light orange light, saturating the clean concrete that is now a cul-de-sac. I look around, and see that people are sitting around the edges of the cul-de-sac in fold-able chairs (mostly).

      I see that most are young females, though I didn't really take the time to start doing a mental rating of who's hot and who's not because I was insecure on how I looked to them. They were passing glances at me, causing more mental stinging on my part, which forces me to resort to something to distract myself from their gazes.

      I take my left arm out while continuing to walk, and pretended that I had to do some random inspection of it, even scratching it because I felt a slight itch on it.

      I did this for a while, and then resorted to rubbing my the top of my head all the way down to my chin, pretending that I was tired. I finally reached the end of the cul-de-sac where a straight line would be formed, and sat next to a random person in the small get together everyone is having around here.

      Someone informs me that someone had died, but I can't remember who specifically. In my mind, I honestly did not care about their death, because it didn't trigger any emotions of sadness for anyone that I knew that I thought was close to me. But since this person is trying to be gregarious with me, I started to feign feelings of sorrow.

      I even stood up for a while to ask in a pretentious shock, "Really??? Him???" I slowly descend down to the ground again, covering up my eyes with my hands, making wringing motions as if I'm going to cry.

      No.....merely feigning tears at this point, but I did make sounds to show that I was crying, and I honestly tried to cry to make it seem like I cared, but it only ended up with little more water saturating my eyes, but only at that, no dripping at all.

      I did feel some kind of liquid stained below my eyes, but it was most likely the sweat accumulating from wringing my hands to feign the tears. I get up, and decided to go back inside of the random house I was in before.

      I think the dream shifts at this point, and there's one part that I feel doesn't belong, but here goes.

      I'm inside a house, it feels like the same random house, except it's now daytime, judging by how bright the windows are emitting light, even going through transparent light gray curtains reflecting some of it back. There are a lot of people in here, I'd say 5+, including my father. I pay no attention to the other people except my father.

      The walls in the house are light green, similar to a house I've been too before for vacation. There's an entertainment center just like the one in waking life. It has a glossy and shiny dark brown painted wood finish to it. There's also a bunch of items and accessories around the place, but I only focus on my father.

      He's wearing his glasses, and seems to be talking to someone at the moment. I get closer to my father, just waiting for him to include me in the conversation. I don't know why I wanted to, but I just kept quiet until he makes a response about me. He talked about how I would call him constantly to update on small things.

      I get annoyed by this, and told him that I don't do that kind of stuff. He looks at me seriously, but then puts on a smile and taps my head with his finger.

      WTF, did you just do the "Itachi" tap on the forehead just now? LOL, I'm not Sasuke bro (Sorry, maybe Naruto Shippuden fans might get what I said).

      Spoiler for What kinda sorta happened...:P:

      It made me calm down though, the tap on the forehead that is....what the hell.....WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED. LOL, was I being petted just now?

      I couldn't really do anything, couldn't really feel any kind of anger trying to get it's way back into my reality again...damn it...

      I turn to the man that my father is talking to, and he puts his hands out, and I shook his hand. I didn't know his name at all, all I remember is him wearing a Hawaiian type of dress shirt with dark gray dress pants. I knew he had a dark skin tone, and then I decided to leave the house.

      The dream shifts again, and now I'm back in the same night time at the cul-de-sac. I still reform to pretending that I'm trying to make sure I'm fine, because the female glares still kept mentally stinging my mind, and this time, when I reached the end of cul-de-sac......

      I see a mirror in front of me, and I see myself....I'm wearing the yellow and black horizontally striped sweater I have in waking life, along with denim looking jeans. These jeans were a bit too small for me, in length, but they were perfectly fine in width. I looked so innocent, and I still had some focus on how short the jeans were.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Passenger Seat (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a vehicle, most likely the Chevy Blazer my father owns in waking life, and I'm on the passenger seat. I pay no attention to my father at all, or whoever it is that's driving.

      I have my body faced perpendicular to how they're sitting, and the door on my side was completely opened while they were driving. So I'm facing the door that would've been closed instead of facing the front windows.

      Ignoring the obvious that this is a dangerous thing to do, the passive demeanor on my part is absolutely remarkable. I actually enjoyed having the vehicle door opened, and I realized that there were a few things contained in the little slots on the top and bottom door.

      It's bright as day outside, but since we're going pretty fast, the wind makes me ignore looking up in the sky. The breeze felt so nice......probably my fan in waking life at my apartment blowing in high speeds is what is causing this homologous variation in my dream.

      Anyway, there seems to be a black leather folder contained in the bottom slot of the car door that's opened, and also a stack of papers packed closely together with a black binder clip on the right side.

      The top ends of the papers are blowing very rapidly, but everything is safely contained in the bottom slot. Nothing is going to come out at all, despite the rapid winds from the vehicle going at high speeds (I'd say 70+ mph) because that's the point where if you were to slide down the window, it would just be constant wind blasting in your ear.

      I have my seat belt on, so I guess I'm not that passive. =P

      I have my shins forming a V shape, which makes my feet align closely together, and I have one of my elbows resting on top of the other hand that's perpendicular to the same elbow having the forearm up so I can rest the side of my face on my hand.

      I'm just looking at traffic, random traffic, seeing the cars go by a little slower than what we're going out. In fact, there seems to be a traffic delay, and then I noticed the vehicle I'm in slows down to their speed now. I guess this just gives me more time to look at my environment, whoop dee doo!

      But I really took the time to pay attention to the traffic, and I honestly cannot comprehend why I want to locked in this position facing away from whoever it is that's driving for me. I see a couple of people's faces waiting for the traffic to start disperse. On my side, the vehicle is probably going at 1-5 mph, but at least it's moving compared to the others at a complete stop.

      One noticeable dream character though, as the vehicle on my side continues to advance, I see one lady with only her left side having a complete eye, nose, and mouth. The right side was completely gone, or at least overshadowed by extreme darkness.

      In order to not show that I was really freaked out by this, since she was looking at me, I take the hand on my right side that was resting on the right side of my jawline, and shifted it diagonally to cover my mouth while closing my eyes at the same time.

      I felt so ashamed that I couldn't contain myself with being shocked that this woman's face did not show completion on both sides. I kept closing my eyes, wishing things could speed up a bit more so that this same lady would just be like those other random dream characters that would be faded away from my mind.

      I'm sure I opened my eyes again at some point, but just wanting to forget that lady's visage was my main priority. It just kept stinging to me mentally, "be grateful on how you look."

      DAMN IT.....thanks for the belittlement repressed feelings!

      Taylor Swift Acrobatics (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a room mostly with shades of brown, and I'm near a table with a paper bag in the middle. The table is light gray, extremely thin, and supported by black metal legs. I see a blonde sitting on the floor a few feet away from the table.

      She looks exactly like Taylor Swift, and she's wearing a fancy light violet dress that is slightly transparent. She looks cute, and she's doing some really random things on the floor. The floor was a faded brown, and the lights from above made a reflection on it.

      The Taylor Swift lookalike has her elbow resting on her other hand so she can rest her jawline. Then she starts getting a little too open with herself.

      She literally does a leg split, showing her panties, which are also a color of violet!

      Isn't this cute?!?!? She matches everything together! Go Taylor! /sarcasm.

      (I don't hate her, just couldn't help but be amazed on how she matches everything....EVERYTHING....)

      After watching her giving me a show of her panties, someone comes in, and I think after they talk for a while, I realize the paper lunch bag is actually for me. I started getting ecstatic for no apparent reason, and I had some weird hunch that women would be inside of the brown paper lunch bag.

      Lmfao, what the heck was wrong with me in this dream??

      I opened the lunch bag, and it had all sorts of treats, small blueberry muffins (oh man, they looked soooooo tasty), and all sorts of little desserts inside. I think the person wanted to take one inside the bag, but I just moved the bag away from them.

      MINE MINE MINE is pretty much my behavior in the dream.