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    1. Alarm Interrupts Experience at XXX Shop, False Awakening, At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire

      by , 12-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm Prevents Me From Trying Out Some Toys (DILD)


      I was actually going to attempt 12 hours of image streaming before thinking that 30, or so minutes of it was more than enough, and that I could always do it on my next day off. Fortunately, the image streaming session beforehand proved to be advantageous in remembering some dreams.

      So Iím doing some grocery shopping, but not sure who for in particular; maybe just myself, but later on in the dream, it probably was for a relative, or even one of the co-workers I was trying to image stream in being with. Whatever the case, I remember that Iím finish with the shopping, and I have a huge paper bag with some vegetables on top; your stereotypical visual cue of produce being bought along with some random items underneath.

      The size of the vegetables were a bit larger than they should be, but I had a one track mind towards something else-finding the near XXX store to buy a sex toy for myself. I eventually stored the paper bag filled with items inside of a car that was probably white, but fairly old (in the 2000s, or even 1998), and proceeded to casually zone around the area. Itís an evening setting, but it really feels like itís 2AM, or something.

      Thereís streetlights around, but theyíre emitting a faded white light, and this misty aura thatís shaped like a cone penetrating the ground. The ground itself-side walk and all, consists of a melange of blue and gray colors, and by looking at that, it has this chalky, semi-realistic vibe to it. I eventually reach a section of the area that looks like it could sell sex toys, but the layout looks weird.

      You get the impression that whoever owns the store is about to move out, or that theyíre sold out, and probably needed to stock for the next day. I go ahead and open the glass door anyway. Inside of the store, the walls are light brown, and the milky, yellow lights make it more caramel. The flooring is a generic white checkered pattern, and to the right of me is a Caucasian male. Heís wearing a gray hoodie with the hoodie resting on his back, some brown pants, and a generic cool colored shirt. He has light, caramel hair, but he could have dirty blonde as well, and based on certain features of his visage, he looks like he could have originated in the East.

      I wanted to feel that his overall clothing scheme would be shady, but honestly, Iím not surprised based on what the shop was in general. I go up to him, and started to get down to business. I first had apprehensions on this people a XXX store, but he clarified things to me in vague ways, almost as if heís trying to have external ears deter away from that probability, I think.

      He turns to the right, and I promptly follow him, and wondered how weíre going to pass through this brown wall that will clearly make him face plant into it. Then, a concealed door opens, and I hear this futuristic Zwooomp sound for a few seconds, and became even more confused. It felt like this guy was over playing it in hiding the real intent of the shop.

      I continue to follow him upstairs for a bit, and thereís this bright, white light above us. When we reached the apex, I noticed this grandiose area thatís covered in white. Thereís some white tables stacked in rows along with some white metal fold-able chairs that are spaced out about two feet from each other. Thereís all sorts of dream characters, but the ones that I can remember at the moment was this Asian female that looks like sheís in hear early thirties thatís wearing a white dress shirt thatís tucked in nicely into a faded black skirt that accentuates the contours of her thighs, and ends a few inches above her knee.

      She looks like Lucy Liu, and she has a hairstyle akin to the one Jady Nguyen had in Hitman: Absolution.

      Sheís handing papers to everyone that seems to be in the building, including me. I look at the paper for a moment, and noticed that thereís nothing of sexual connotations whatsoever. It looks more like complicated math formulas, and some scientific context thrown in there for good measure. Iím confused once more, but I continue to follow the guy around, as this is probably his second layer of hiding the fact that he owns a XXX store. This still seems like heís over-playing it, especially when there shouldnít be anything to hide in this dream.

      I couldíve said that this is only a dream, but I couldnít be bothered with opening Pandoraís Box that comes with the reactivity levels of said dream characters. I had a feeling he was talking to me, but it was filtered out as background noise for a few seconds while I was processing the general layout, and more of the dream characters. I noticed a second dream character looks like one of my co-workers. Sheís of dark complexion, has her black hair tied in a hair bun, and her visage really looks like itís fleshed out with barely any noticeable nuances to it.

      Sheís looking at me, which feels awkward, and she has the demeanor that sheís out for some toys as well, but we just dart our eyes somewhere random in space. I think sheís participating in the pseudo class being set up, when sheís probably trying to get more information on toys in general. I follow the guy, and get a little impatient, and started to ask if he had any toys for sale. He magically pops out like three Flesh-lights-one green, one blue, and a black one. He makes me privy to the function of each one. The blue one seems to have vibrations set up along with some ring that fluctuates horizontally, which seems to imply that it sets certain amounts of pressure if you put your rod in it. The green one seemed to be alien related, I think, and the black one was just your generic Flesh-light. They looked like actual flashlights from the base, and smaller than the actual Flesh-lights.

      I asked him how much each of them would cost, and he starts throwing out figures like $49.95, $59.95, and $XX-95, and he literally just hands me all three of them. I ask him more questions as to why heís handing me them all at once, and he states that I can go ahead and try them out before I buy. Then I started to question if these things were used, and how the packaging for each entailed of Bubble Wrap. Then again, he took it out of a large box, but I was kind of concerned on whether or not there was a metal rod in each of them in the first place.

      Started to reconcile that itís just a dream subconsciously, and thanked the guy. Now, I had to dart out of this place, and then realized that itís fairly late in the night. I look at my phone, and noticed that itís 11:02PM at the moment. I realized I probably would have caused moments of consternation for whoever I was supposed to bring the paper bag of groceries to. So, I utilized my phone, and wanted to text them that Iíll be back soon in about 30 minutes or so. First, it started out with ďBRT in XX minutes,Ē but when I rejected this for something else, the moment I was about to send it to them, the phone in waking life sets off the alarm.



      Typing Tags To Recall Previous Dream (Non-lucid)


      When the alarm rings for the dream before, I believe I woke up in waking life, or so it seems. I think another alarm rang for the actual time, and the dream itself was just a false awakening.

      I can feel myself feeling tired and groggy, and trying to gain mental fortitude to attempt a WBTB seemed so difficult for me inspite of sleeping very early (around 8-9PM). I'm waving my hands over, and realized that my phone should be located on the floor.

      I somehow have a notepad app that I took the liberty of typing down some quick tags for the previous dream I had with the shop in order to remember some of the content, and expound on it later on. Once I finished, I went back to sleep.

      Dang it.


      At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire (DILD)


      Iím inside of a school facility, and it looks like it could be a High School. There was a class that I was in, but I canít recall too much of the events other than seeing a Caucasian female about to sit next to me thatís wearing a gray shirt, and a white hoodie on top along with generic skinny, blue jeans.

      Then the bell rings, and I felt a little apprehensive, and figured there had to be one more period to attend. It turns out, based on the professions of an Asian male that looks exactly like an Asian Jon I used to know in real life, thereís only 7 periods, and the rest is up to the person to revel in extracurricular activities.

      I told him how awesome that is, and I wanted to attend tennis practice, even though I didnít have a racket. I was so caught in the moment that I went to the tennis courts only to see that theyíre occupied at the moment. Some are red courts, and others are green courts, and thereís a mixed race of people. I see an elderly man with a dark complexion wearing a white shirt, cap, and maroon colored sports shorts. Heís wearing sunglasses as well with a small silver necklace. I donít know what heís doing, but it seems like he could be warming up.

      The other people are just people about my age, or in their early teens rallying with each other. I pass through one of the courts, saw that they were looking at me and waiting before they presumed their rallying, and I felt odd being here at the moment in my current attire. I had plans to buy a racket pretty soon, but didnít really think about just fabricating one along with a sports attire.

      Iím in pursuit of a racket, clothes, and shoes to go along with it for the rest of the dream.
    2. Playing Tennis and Dog, Candy Jar, Fake Death Matches

      by , 12-07-2012 at 11:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Playing Tennis and Dog (Non-lucid)


      I was playing tennis in a random court that seems to be a collection of previous High Schools I attended.

      Two dream characters that looked very familiar to others in waking life of Joel and Kimmy.

      Joel and I were beginning to rally, and he mentioned how he tried to hit slower and softer so that the ball would bounce less. Even though that logic was kind of messed up, I just acknowledged what he said and got my racket ready.

      He serves the ball under handed to me, and as soon as I make contact with the ball, I make an awkward gesture where the ball ends up flying all the way to the left side over a very tall fence.

      I looked at Joel and he makes the facial expression that says, "You're getting that...not me."

      I put up an "eh" face, and quickly ran to predict the ball's trajectory. I open the small get to get outside of the court, and I realized the ball landed on someone's backyard.

      The layout was very weird, there was a brown picket fence, but the ball somehow managed to get on the mini-sidewalk that leads to the backyard.

      There's a Pug Dog that looks pretty innocent, or just mentally deficient. I start being fearful of it, but it's not really making any reaction whatsoever. I didn't want to take any chances though, even if it did look sad and depressed.

      It picked the tennis ball with its mouth, and I immediately was disgusted about this, and decided I should go ahead and leave. Problem is, I'm having trouble opening the door that I have halfway open. I tried to wiggle my way in, but I really can't get back into the area for the courts at all.

      The dog is getting closer, and is being harmless, but with my anxiety and over-exaggerated fear of it made things worse. I kept looking back at the dog, and then the area I want to get to, and I repeat this for like 10 seconds until the dream fades away, or when I had a micro-awakening.


      Candy Jar of White Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm waiting for someone to buy something at a store, and all I remember is shooting sperm inside of a Candy Jar.



      Fake Death Matches (Non-lucid)


      That's all there really is to it. It's inside of a fake bedroom, and dream characters are just making up fighting gestures where I actually think they're killing each other.

      The lights go on and I go up to them and they say everything is fine. And everyone really is fine, which confuses me.


    3. I'm PREGNANT!! + Come Hither Woman, Pinnacle of Perfection Tennis...AGAIN!

      by , 11-17-2012 at 09:29 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'M PREGNANT LOL (Non-lucid)


      16 and PREGNANT, OMgz0rs LOLzzz BABY SHOWER!

      Okay, I'm lined up with my arms bracing against a female to the left of me, and there's probably 2-3 more females lined up just like that.

      There's some random man walking around in a jacket. I had a color of red on the shoulder region, white in the middle, and red for the rest of the jacket.

      It's hard to remember if he has it unzipped or zipped. And the women in line with the profile view of our faces parallel to what we're looking forward at, the glass windows far away from us, seem to be wearing red and white clothes too.

      I look down, and my stomach is huge...HUGE. I look at the women to my left, and they're stomachs are huge, which is disproportionate to their actual body composition, which leads me to the assumption that they're pregnant.

      Then I look at my stomach and theirs, and it's about the same radium, same surface area, same whatever you want to call it....I'm PREGNANT.

      I'm pretty sure I don't feel like I have a vagina, so................

      I wonder how things are going to come out!!! I rub mah belly, yes, "mah," and I swear I could feel something kicking. Oh shit.

      OH SHIT. No water didn't break, thank goodness.


      This was taken from a site that I had here, but now it disappeared for some reason EDIT: Never mind, here it is:


      A man who dreams of being pregnant himself is often in a situation where his virility or creative participation in the world is in question.

      This occurs most among men who see themselves as less creative than they would like to be.

      The dream serves as a form of compensation to illuminate the more creative facets of their personality.

      Men who are pregnant do not give birth exclusively to children, but a wide range of objects that somehow support their mission in the world.
      The first thing that pops up is that it's associated with me trying to tulpaforge, or maybe how I go about drawing. Maybe I feel like I can't be creative enough, I don't know. You see, just like the interpretation implies, my creativie participation in the world is in question, but I think it's just a question within myslef?


      But if you are not actually pregnant in waking life, or even if you are a man dreaming this, is it usually about a new area of your potential or personality developing; a deepening relationship with your potential is producing a new area of experience, a new talent or facet of your personality. If it is still unborn Ė i.e. not yet expressed outwardly Ė it is developing. It can also be shown in the drama of the dream, how you are bringing to birth a new scheme or creative idea is Ďhatchingí.
      With this one, I really think it could be related to tulpaforging, making a slight dissociation, making an extra limb in your body that you are aware of that's extended. I hope this is the case, because I don't see much of myself being extended, even though the tulpa is an extension of myself.

      Does that make any sense? Hahahah
      Come Hither Woman (Non-lucid)


      So there's this blonde female wearing a black shirt and regular blue jeans that I presume is my U.S. History teacher, but she's nowhere close to any of them in waking life.

      She looks like she's in her 30s, and she looks pretty attractive without any makeup on. I think she announces some kind of project we had to do, and what would be considered artistic for extra points.

      I was a picture of a man in a red military uniform, probably the British redcoats, and he was wearing Khaki pants. He has one foot on top of a rock that's ideal for a foot pedestal. It's curved upwards, and then makes a downward curve, almost like a mini-uphill cliff.

      I believe he's holding a red flag, and it's very enticing, despite its bland shading here and there. It was shiny in a few areas as well. The man is standing proud, your classic stereotypical manifestation of the ideal patriot.

      Then after she was done announcing, I wanted to talk to her SO bad. After seeing the drawing, I wanted to show her some traditional drawings I did in waking life with a pencil. So I somehow find the same blue folder where I store most of my traditional media graphie portraits of people I drew in waking life, and waited for her to get near my area.

      She was about 10 feet or so away from me, and I alerted her to come next to me. She comes slowly, and then I have to motion my "Come here" finger to her, and she gets really close to me. She has her hands on her thighs, and her spine is bending down so she can move her face close to my face, so that she can hear me.

      I don't know why I wanted to speak privately to her, but has I'm opening the folder, I take out one drawing, the first being this one I did:

      Spoiler for A little big:

      As I'm taking it out, I turned to her quickly, and told her she should keep her voice down if she'll offer any advice on whatever it is that I'm asking her to do.

      I even put my index finger close to my mouth, and I feel I'm showing her this to get an ego boost or something, and to see if she would give me a response if I could get extra credit for the high example of an acceptable drawing she put up with the patriotic soldier from before.

      She tells me that they look good, and as long as I can fix a few things, I should be fine. I showed her this drawing I did at some point as well:

      Spoiler for Another big one:

      Pinnacle of Perfection Tennis...AGAIN (Non-lucid)


      There's this really short anime boy who looks like he's 5-8 years who is wearing a black cap, white dress shirt, and black shorts. He asks this anime girl, who looks like she's 16 years of age or so to play some tennis with her.

      I had the feeling this girl was a REALLY good tennis player. She's wearing the usual Asian school outfit you would have engrained in your mind, white blouse shirt with a red tie in the middle, along with the insanely short black skirt.

      She was playing the boy for a decent amount of time surprisingly, and I was shocked at how patient she was playing with him, because the boy had no skill at all.

      Looking from the back of of the girl, I could see how she sees playing the boy. She can see all his weak points, and they're indicated on the green tennis courts with white arrows going one direction.

      I assume these direction arrows were places she can hit the ball to. It all seems like this is a waste of her time, UNTIL the little boy suddenly unlocks Pinnacle of Perfection from Prince of Tennis.

      Pinnacle of Perfection, in a nutshell, is the final gate where you have the assurance that you have fun playing tennis, and aren't worried about winning or losing.

      Each ground-stroke the boy takes, they get more powerful, each grunt of him performing a backhand or forehand is replaced sighs of joy, them giggling, then laughing, he is having fun. His footwork augments tremendously, and he's so fast, I can't even catch up to him looking at the side view of the tennis court.

      There's a big SWOOOOOOOSH, and he's gone. Then in a split second, he appears on right in front of the girl who is at net-play area now. He's floating in the air, and he slams the ball with immense force that it makes a white smoke.

      I can't recall much from here, but I can assume the little guy owned the girl in a tennis match.

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    4. More Tennis: 200 Rally!!!! And I get a C (SDE Pt. 2: Day 22)

      by , 10-26-2012 at 05:26 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      More Tennis, 200 Rally!!!! (Non-lucid)


      I see Ryoma Echizen and Kintarō having a 200 consecutive rally, I don't know how I got that estimation, it was just the first thing to come out of my mouth after someone asked me on their progress.


      I get a C (Non-lucid)


      I'm at an area that feels like the Biochemistry Department in waking life. I'm at a random office, and I go to a random Caucasian female. She's slightly overweight, is wearing a black dress jacket over a white shirt, and has black dress pants as well.

      I seem to be waiting for something to print out, and it turns out I get a 73.67 I think? Around that, but I don't know for what. Then a girl comes in, who's my age, with a paper with 80% or above. I get jealous of her, and I basically feel horrible that I suck compared to her.
    5. [DILD] My Mind is What?, Rat Killing, Woman Can't Cook Souse, Tennis & Pod ship (SDE Pt.2 Day: 15)

      by , 10-19-2012 at 02:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Become Lucid, Screw Logic of Needing Nose Plug Reality Check (DILD)



      That's the sound I'm trying to use to wake me up at certain intervals of sleep. Except this time, I decided to set this countdown timer app I have to repeat every 15 minutes, and I managed to sleep through all that.

      Loool, I'm a HEAVY sleeper.

      I'm inside of a fairly dark area with an inadequate light source, orange-yellow colored light as usual. There's someone in front of me, I can't tell who it was, I presume it's my mother, or some female wearing gray hoodie and bandana.

      I remember seeing another lady wearing a bandana as well from yesterday's set of dreams.

      They tell me my mind is something, I can't remember what, but it makes me question,

      if I'm dreaming. So I do a nose plug Reality Check, but I honestly didn't try because I just had the awareness that I must be dreaming. I do start touching the walls a bit though.

      I started to get some thoughts in,
      but I forget what I actually do.
      Rat Killing? (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this, just that I was signed up to kill some rats in some kind of weird and twisted game.
      This Woman Can't Cook Souse (Non-lucid)


      Souse Soup is an actual soup by the way. I can tell how I go this association into the dream, by reading some girl's Facebook status on her wanting to eat some Souse.

      Are you kidding me? You decide to associate things that way from Facebook, mind? Sigh

      I'm inside a house, and I ask some random kid if I can eat the cake pieces over at the table. It was on top of your classic dining room table. There's white cloth over the table, and over somewhere on the top left corner is a China plate set

      Then I go into the kitchen, and I see there's a pressure pot that's exposed. It looks like there's some Souse inside, but for some reason, I get this belief that it's not really Souse. Later on, it turns out the lady who wanted to make this was using an ingredients list, and for some odd reason, I get surprised that she's doing that.

      I just moved it around with some utensil and it changed.....to water.

      Yeah that's all I remember.
      I suck at Tennis & Inside a Pod ship (Non-lucid)


      I was really pissed in this dream.

      I'm playing tennis in the dark with someone, and I suck. The serve isn't even that fast, but I still try to minimize my back-swing, since I had a habit of doing the opposite.

      The racquet I'm holding sucks too, when I'm trying to "bend and pronate" my arm for a right-handed windshield wiper forehand, the racquet bends along with my "bending."


      I miss so many balls, and by many, I mean 3-4, and I get pissed and walked halfway into the court. Then I decided to turn back, and throw my racquet at the ground with as much force as I could exert.

      Then the dream shifts to where Atobe from the Prince of Tennis Series is inside some kind of ship with several pod ships to leave this area I'm assuming. I think I end up being him, or at least it feels like I'm watching him in spectator view but still feeling some kind of link with him.

      I wanted to get my racquet that I threw down in the ground, but I looked at the status of the pod ship that I'm in, and exiting out is not a good idea. I press the cancel button, but I end up verifying to stay back in after I made the conclusion that I don't need the racquet. During that time, and probably the reason why I decided to just stay inside was that people were asking me if I was sure I wanted to cancel this whole thing.

      Since there's a red alert blaring all of the place, I decided that getting a racquet back would seem useless.

      I honestly don't know what I was in this pod ship for, but it must've been to escape some dangerous event from happening.

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    6. Game Set Match

      by , 07-07-2012 at 09:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Game Set Match (Non-lucid)


      I only remember playing a one set match against some random adult at a tennis court that resembles the one I attended in a High School. Red flooring outside of the court, and the court itself is green.

      I was doing fairly well, probably playing
      at my peak before I realized that I shouldn't be playing in tournaments if it'll make me too tired to finish assignments late at night.

      It was a very close match, the guy was very good, but I end up pulling off some miraculous shot, and I win 7-6.

      There's also a dream shift where I'm practicing flat serves, and someone said I could serve like Andy Roddick. I ignored what they said because I knew I could never do that in the first place.

      Turns out I did. I held the racquet with my right hand, continental grip most likely since it would be a flat serve. I gently threw the ball in the air, focused my eyes only on it, and then reached up with the racquet to hit a fast flat serve.

      I believe it barely got in the service box, and I think I do an air uppercut to cheer myself or something like that.

      Can I just become an astral being or something, these dreams SUCK.
    7. Cranky Chemistry TA, Detour, Tennis talk, Pink Velour pants, Code Lyoko Fight

      by , 04-18-2012 at 03:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Cranky Chemistry TA (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a nearly perfect replica of a Chemistry lab at my University. Black top tables, gray vents to suck up chemical vapor and the such, perfect environment for me to not do any kind of reality checks.

      The experiment seemed simple at first, just get a graduated cylinder, and inside a fairly lukewarm water bath made from one of those huge beakers, probably the 500-600 mL ones. Once you put the cylinder inside of the beaker, some small reaction should occur to manifest some kind of "L" shaped figure that would be tilted in various positions for each person..

      I looked at the girl to my right, I didn't pay attention to how she looked like, since we were wearing goggles, and sometimes there would be a natural shine on them that would prevent you from looking into their eyes without things being awkward, but I guess the dream was really trying to fool me by even incorporating basic eye safety for once.

      Oh, and the girl was probably wearing a light teal green shirt, with some fairly tight pants that make her curves more distinguished, at least from the perspective I'm looking at her, since I'm taller than her. I think she was my lab partner, because she was looking at my materials on the table, but I couldn't remember what we were talking about exactly.

      I believe I looked at a female to the left of me, she was Black, and looked like the girl in my Chemistry Lab that was black as well. She was wearing a black shirt and really short Khaki shorts
      (which should've prompted me to do a reality check because they're really strict on us wearing only long pants or dresses in labs that cover our ankles at least).

      Then I realized the graduated cylinder I had didn't even look like one, it looked more like flask with a circular bottom, and it was filled with some type of yellow liquid. And the water bath itself was a bit odd as well, maybe it was the setting of the lab's overall color, seeing as its color was mixes of yellow, apricot, and light brown.

      Since I realized the object I have isn't a graduated cylinder, I go up front to replace it with one. There happens to be one graduated cylinder left, and I grab it, and I think I finally get the same results from putting it in a water bath just like everyone else, which makes me worry less now.

      After everyone is done, we all group up near our Chemistry TA, who is black. She's getting ready to tell everyone some helpful hints in finishing the Data Reduction Analysis worksheet for the experiment, problem is, there are a few people that are talking way too loudly for her to make a coherent speech.

      She stops in the middle of her talk to signal those talking to be quiet, and she continues talking some more, but there's still some idiot talking to another person. They were whispering most likely, but when everything is quiet, those whispers started to become annoying.

      Then the TA got annoyed and said that we'll just have to figure out how to complete the DRA on our own. Everyone's pissed of course, and I turn back to someone, probably my lab partner, to say,

      "Man, she really is cranky huh? Especially how red her eyes look right now"

      I believe my lab partner nodded, and I mentioned her red eyes because the TA looked really tired, like she didn't get any sleep at all.

      We leave the room, since lab was finished, and I walk slowly with my lab partner, or just by myself, but I'm paying attention to the idiot was talking too much in lab that prevented us from getting useful information in finishing the DRAs, since those are ALWAYS a b.i.t.c.h. to do in waking life.

      He's wearing a light gray shirt, and dark blue pants most likely, and he's pretty muscular, but I wondered if he was just fat that made it look like he was buff. Apparently, he has to get ready for some kind of jog or track meet, which is what he was talking about in lab before most likely.

      I asked myself how he could possibly be on the track team or anything that involves running with something other than his mouth....

      Then the dream fades
      Detour (Non-lucid)


      I believe the dream starts out with me getting closer to the Sbisa Dining hall, but there's construction going on in front, so it leads me to go to the detour instead like everyone else is doing.

      I was riding my bicycle at first, but because of the detour, I had to get off it and carry it, and I also think another reason I got off was because two females were in front, and they were only making things slower for me.

      (I should've realized that construction near the Sbisa was already done before, so there's no point setting up barriers unless the situation was serious).

      I follow the two females who were annoying in blocking where I wanted to go (they weren't purposefully doing it). The girl on the left was wearing a pure white jacket, blue jeans, and probably a light blue shirt as well.

      She was tall.

      She had black hair.

      Her skin tone...she looks Hispanic....

      I had a "wait a second" moment, and then realized the same girl looks like the one in waking life, Lyanne.

      She always did look at me when she thought I didn't catch her doing that in waking life, and the reason why I'm mentioning that here is that it seemed she was pretending that she wasn't seeing me, and using her friend as some kind of starting point to play the "Oh, I didn't see you there!" game with me to try and have a conversation with me.

      There are these white metal fences at the edge of each step going down towards this random path, and I had to wait for the fences to lower themselves for me to advance to the next step.

      I had to hold my bicycle at a higher angle because the fences sometimes were at chest level, and I wasn't aiming to hold the bike over my head, which made it a problem for me.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Tennis Talk (Non-lucid)


      The feelings I had later on in this dream was really a freaking laugh, I started to get all emotional for no apparent reason over people I didn't even care about in waking life.

      I'm inside a theater, and it seems the clip was going to start since the lights started to dim a little bit. I go up the stairs that had red carpet material on them, and I go all the way up to the top.

      I sit in the middle of the row, and I see a male coming up to my left, and a female coming up to my right. After a few seconds of looking, I decided it's best to just ignore them, and pay attention of the clip that would be showing eventually.

      Then the guy sits next to me, and not even one seat over to the left, he literally is close to me, and so is the female. This tempts me to ignore them even more, until the guy finally says,

      "Come on Brandon.....you know it's us."

      I had a feeling who it was, and just kept ignoring him while keeping the female in range of my peripheral vision.

      The guy looked like Adam, and the girl to my right looked like Kimmie (or is it Kimmy?) in waking life.

      Kimmy has her usual mascara, at least frrom what I remembered in High School. She's wearing a really dark gray hoodie, along with a white shirt. Then I turn back to Adam, and he's talking about something that leads me to break down emotionally in front of him.

      He asks me something related to what me, him, and Kimmie did in the tennis team in High School before.

      I don't know if this was a genuine act of me breaking down emotionally, or a pretentious act to get him to shut up, but I say something along these lines while looking at my hands and --> <-- THIS close from crying....

      "It's just......it's just that I don't have the time to do things like this anymore (tennis, mind you)...and the bond we had when played doubles (LOL LMFAO, WE HAD NO BOND, this is starting to turn weird now!!!!)......I just can't do that anymore because there are more important things for me to do now..."

      He talks some more, but by that time, I thought it would buy in to the sob moment I gave him.

      I think Kimmie just looks at me for a few seconds, and glances back to doing something on her iPhone.

      I've noticed that when I occasionally see Kimmie in my dreams, I'm always sexual towards her. I wonder if she appears once in a while to represent my repressed feelings for her.

      I've always looked her body, it was just....her rear was kind huge, but it was in the right places, and her delicate thighs were always so attractive to look at, especially when she would sweat from activities, they would always give off this shine.


      Pink Velour Pants? (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much, but I saw a female in Pink Velour pants, white shirt.....

      Reminded me of Alyzarin because of the velour pants she wears, kind of a horrible association to go by, but it's better than forgetting the dream.
      Code Lyoko Fight (Non-lucid)


      I believe William, when he was controlled by X.A.N.A., is facing Yumi and Ulrich, and they're all at the supercomputer!

      I'm presuming they were in their specter bodies Jeremy created for them to destroy other supercomputers in the real world outside of the virtual world if Lyoko.

      But at the same time, they all looked like their virtual versions inside of Lyoko...

      Anyway, I believe Yumi tries to throw her fans at William, but he dodges them and give her a good hit from his large sword, meaning she gets KOd instantly.

      Now it's just Ulrich, and William takes care of him easily, I just can't remember what he did specifically.

      Then all of a sudden, Jeremy is going into the scanner, and he looks pretty serious and mad that William was doing this to Yumi and Ulrich.

      I can't remember anything else after that.
    8. Tennis, No Graduaton Robes, Money Issue?, Laundry Issue

      by , 04-07-2012 at 05:23 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tennis, No Graduaton Robes, Money Issue?, Laundry Issue (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Tennis

      I was going to some random tennis area, and unfortunately, the group of people I wanted to play with were busy having their own separate match, singles or even doubles.

      This means my only choice would be to hang out with the other people that aren't so good. I decided to leave.

      Dream 2: No Graduation Robes

      This dream was hilarious, I love how I knew I said I'm in college, so getting graduation robes again in High School is pointless.

      In the dream, it seems it's almost close to 8AM, well 20 minutes from it when I looked at the clock. It seems my father is in my apartment with me, even my mother, which is odd, but not really paying attention, I tell them I'm going to go ahead and head to school.

      I get my bicycle and all that, and after a few seconds of walking outside with the bicycle, I find myself teleported to some random school. The whole environment was weird, it was as if it rained already.

      I believe I tried to get into the school, but the environment was changing, and eventually, I asked some little kid to move some kind of Jeep vehicle to me to a safe place. Then I realized I can't drive legally with this vehicle.

      Then I asked the kid to drag the vehicle with me to the school again, and I still was aware that my time was ticking to get to this school for graduation robes.

      I believe the kid was wearing a white dress shirt and dark shorts, along with black socks and regular brown shoes, the ones without shoelaces to tie.

      The weather was sporadic too at times, but again, it's probably because of the white noise I had playing in the background. It was raining for a while, and I found it difficult to walk for a little while.

      Suddenly, I see myself at the random school again, and then I realize I could've used my bicycle that was 10 feet away from me. Instead, I think I used a chariot instead, which was kind of funny at first, but at least it was better than walking back home.

      I was commanding a brown horse for a while, and I bumped into "chariot" traffic lol. There were like two in my way, but they weren't even riding horses on a chariot, just riding a chariot base.

      How did I not pay attention to that? LOL.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm not on the chariot commanding a horse. I start walking for a while, then I see my mother and father outside.

      Oh crap moment.

      They didn't see me though, I try to hide somewhere, but it seemed like a horrible spot to go to, but it works. I believe they are trying to call me, probably to see how I'm doing over at the school.

      I managed to go to the other side, and then come in innocently towards them.

      I'm amazed on how I lied so easily and didn't care.

      My father is holding a Blackberry phone, and puts it back in his pocket when he sees me. I lie and tell him about why I was so late. I honestly went with this lie throughout most of the dream....(now that I'm awake, I realized that I wasn't even calculated with a simple lie because I forgot about the dream plot in this dream in the first place...)

      He's sitting down now, and I think my mother is still there, surprisingly. After we talk for a few seconds about why I was late coming back home, my mother asked me what were the colors of the graduation robe.

      I lied to her and said,

      "Green and yellow."

      She responds back on why there would be yellow with green graduation robes.

      "It was different shades of green." I declared to her.

      After a few seconds of creating that lie, my father suddenly pops a question that I didn't think he would remember in this dream.

      "Where are the graduation robes?"

      I was in the "uh-oh" moment, trying to formulate another lie, but since I thought I was really talking to my father, I decided to tell him the truth.

      "I didn't go to the school," I said.

      He responds, "What?"

      "Tennis, I didn't need to go to Tennis...."
      (LOL, what a good ol' lie you're giving Link.....but I believe this dream was a continuation of the previous dream).

      It takes him a while to process what I just said. The look on his face, it was simply adorable, this man was going to go from normal to pissed off in a few seconds.
      (I say adorable because he should know his efforts are going to be in vain if he tries to be pissed).

      I let him have his luxury of finally realizing I was lying to him the whole time.

      He looks at me, slanted his face, trying to look mad at me, but I knew he couldn't have killed me for lying. He tries to suppress his anger towards me, having moments where he was trying to say something, but held it back.

      Then he finally broke, and got up to use the bathroom or something lol.

      I sit down, and I actually feel worried on what he's going to say, and my mother is still here. I tell her that I'm already in college, and why would my father be pissed that I didn't get the graduation robes....

      Then he comes back, and he gets a call from someone. Apparently, he changes him last name to where it ends with "Russian."

      LOL WHAT??!!?

      Anyway, he just talks to the person like normal, like he forgot the whole lie.

      Dream 3: Money Issue?

      My father is in my apartment again, and he's cooking inside the kitchen. (I really hate how I'm not doing RCs from this, he never did this at my apartment...)

      When I'm headed for my bedroom, he tells me,

      "Don't think I don't know what you're doing, we still have to talk about this money issue..."

      Wait....what money issue? Sigh....

      Dream 4: Laundry Issue

      I believe I'm riding my bicycle, headed for the laundry I normally go to that's around the area of my apartment. It's daytime, and my father is calling me saying that I can't use the laundry over there because I have spent too much on it.

      I hang up the phone, and I was going to head for my apartment, but I decided I should steer right instead of left, and I saw that a car from the left was going to go through.

      I forgot they had the right away, but they let me shift to the right side of the road. I remember the car looked like a Gray Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR.

      I continue to ride up a little bit, and then I find an area that looks like a laundromat area. It looks like it's brand new, or at least way better than how the other one I normally go to looked. It seems that I'm just scanning the area of this laundromat, without me having any laundry.

      I go inside, and it's pretty busy in here, but they have a bunch of dryers and washers here that I'm wondering why people aren't using those instead of making small lines to go in somewhere.

      I turn my back to the right, and I see a bunch of females putting their clothes in the dryer. I remembered one female wearing a dark gray shirt with some white letters to it.

      I turn back, and then I get my Blackberry to tell my father saying I found a new laundromat that looks like it's going to be better.

      But it seems that the call isn't picking up, so I get annoyed and hang up.

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    9. Oneironaut Zero or Blade Home Invasion??, Okay father....., Ping Pong Balls, Adult stuff on Zune...

      by , 03-30-2012 at 01:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oneironaut Zero or Blade Home Invasion?? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Oneironaut zero or Blade Home Invasion?

      The person looked a lot like O, but it could've just been my mind associating something related to him, Blade, or even Morpheus.

      Before this dream, I was listening to the Cowboy Bebop Ending Song. It's been so long since I've listened to it, it really makes me depressed, but the music (especially the full version) is so enticing to me. I guess seeing the images pan over after the other makes me think a lot about how fragile your life can really be, but that's just me, it's hard to explain.

      Just the music and the pictures really makes you feel like you're trapped doing all of these things in life, the basic things, the things that make you vulnerable....

      I don't want to think too much about why I met Spike for a few seconds in a dream I had last night, but the fact that there could be symbolism like a fading star representing someone's death, which is what was apparent at the last episode before showing a picture of Spike at the end of the series, the choir, etc., things that made it look like he was going to die.

      And the quote he says before going to the Red Dragon's lair (an organization) to kill Vicious

      "I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive."

      And when the Wikia talked about how he lives like he's in a "dream-state"

      Spike's attitude of living in a "dream-like" existence is displayed by his careless behavior and his nonchalant attitude towards dangerous or outright fatal situations....

      He also is shown to enjoy sleeping, and that may tie into his mantra of 'living a dream.'

      I wonder why Spike appeared in my dream, and then flashed away, like a fading star dying....

      I'm talking to my father about something, and then he tells me that he thinks that I'm annoying for some reason. Something along with how I'm some kind of distraction.

      After a while, I could tell he was just in rage over something else, and was just saying that to me because he was in the heat of the moment, but after he calmed down a bit, he tried to apologize to me indirectly again by trying to be nice to me.

      He asked me,

      "Can I play this game called Runescape?"

      I respond, "No."

      Then he wants to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and at first I wanted to say "No" to that as well, but I just didn't really care what he did at this point, seeing as he's making himself pathetic trying to apologize to me without using direct words.

      He disappears, which doesn't bother me at all, the dream was set for afternoon, maybe around 4-5PM where it's still bright outside.

      I go near the entertainment center of the house (the cabinet center is what I'm talking about), and I see that there's some weird looking Nintendo console in front of me.

      I fiddle around with other things surrounding it, like seeing Zelda collectables. I was pondering if my father was buying this for me to try and suck up to me for being mad at me, but I let the possibility fade away really quick.

      Surprisingly, the vividness of this dream was amazing, seeing how I slept around 3-3.5 hours. I did not do a reality check inside the house unfortunately, perfect chance for me to be lucid, since I'm at my apartment in waking like.

      I open the container that looked like some part of a DVD player eject out a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii Disc. It was exactly like the CD (almost), with the gold-ish tint, and the picture of Link holding a sword to where he has it angled towards the ground instead of upwards.

      (Just imagine the image of link on the right being on the CD with a gold-ish color)

      I put back the CD to get something to eat, and it seems I take a quick bite out of something that was probably Fish Cakes.

      It tasted like red salmon, and then I realize I didn't heat it up, because it tasted weird when it was cold. Then I forget to do that altogether since I look outside because the backyard door is opened.

      At first, I see some random DCs, I'm presuming are neighbors, walking their way to their homes as well. For some odd reason, I imagined things like,

      "What if a tiger randomly popped in from the backyard?"
      (that was probably and association where I was watching the AVG tiger toothpick commercial on YouTube....check it out )

      I let the thought fade away, and then for some reason, I immediately drop to the floor on purpose to land prone on the right side of my body extended out.

      I get my right hand out, and aim for outside, and shadowed the form of a gun with it, and then said, "Bang!" as I imitated the recoil of shooting a gun.

      (I know that motion I did just had to be my association with interpreting why Spike from Cowboy Bebop was in my dream yesterday).

      I had a little fun pretending I'm shooting a gun for a while, almost feeling like a kid for a few seconds aiming my fingers and random points outside.

      Eventually, seeing how I was alone in the house, I felt that I might as well close the door, since I didn't really feel like going outside.

      I get back up, quickly dash to the side of the door that was opened and extended to the right.

      For those few seconds, just those few seconds of the quick dash, I see someone trying to come into the house through the SAME door.

      I barely saw their visage to the right of the door window, and saw that they were wearing shades. The person had a dark skin tone, he was Black.

      He wore a gray, white, or silver vest, and it seems they were sleeveless because they were ripped out. The guy had muscular arms from what I saw in the few seconds of looking at him. He wore short pants, maybe blue or Khaki, not too sure on that.

      I almost had the feeling where I'm questioning if this person is Oneironaut Zero, or Blade, but the feelings started to fade because my main mood was to wonder what the heck am I going to do to defend myself.

      I also think I was in denial in it possibly being O or Blade because of how they tried to enter the house by crouching down instead of just coming in casually.

      To describe this mood of mine, imagine having no guns, and knowing that the person trying to come in could be armed, so now you feel so weak because of this, so you try to find anything sharp, and hope that wherever you hide wouldn't be the obvious choice for the invader to investigate.

      Basically, just making anything that's metal and sharp into a potential murder weapon.

      The person couldn't see me because there is a small transparent gray cloth I believe hanging over the window of the door.

      I slammed the door immediately, locked the two silver locks, take one more quick glance at who was outside the backyard.

      The person looks pretty serious, and I assume it's just someone trying invade the house silently, and I still think he thought the door just slammed shut because of the wind or something.

      He tries to fiddle around with the lock from the outside, and I take this time to turn around immediately, and since I'm in the kitchen, I immediately gear my attention to the knives.

      They were conveniently placed 1-2 feet away from me.

      (Another reality check I could've done because I knew in waking life, those knives where set a little bit further from the backyard door, but I guess I wasn't serious about awareness of the environment I'm in, despite me looking around seeing weird things happening).

      I quickly grabbed one knife out of fear, and then decided to get another. With one knife in each hand, I felt a little safer. I started to think about how I would kill the DC that was trying to lock-pick the door and invade the house.

      I decided that I should hide behind the pantry, but that would be stupid, because I was worried that the person would check that first because it was the first thing you could see on your left if you come through the door leading to the backyard.

      I believe I even thought of what would happened if I hid behind the pantry door as well, but at the same time, I felt I was already in the pantry door.

      I was so afraid, despite having two weapons in my hands, and I think I hear the door slightly open.

      I wake up, but my eyes did not open, I could've went into a DEILD and tried to see what happened, but in all honestly, I was afraid because I swore that person looked like Oneironaut Zero or Blade.

      And I opened my eyes, but they wanted to close back, so I opened it again.

      Did that just really happen? I do a RC to make sure it wasn't a FA when I woke up from it.

      And I could've used that fear to try out the Flying Thunder God Technique if I was lucid and was actually trying to be strategic....seeing as this would be a situation where close quarters combat is almost inevitable.

      And if I mastered the technique out of fear, the moment the person blinked their eyes to see I'm hidden in the pantry or whatever, it would already be too late because I would be right behind them.

      Too bad I didn't use my brain for once....


      Dream 2: Okay Father....

      I don't want to recall the details here, but basically, I was in a car I believe with my father and mother, that's weird.....still didn't do a reality check for that...

      I was listening to their ignorance, and it really made me pissed, I insulted my mother, and then my father tells me to apologize to her and calm down.

      "Okay father....." in my attempt to be chilled, still wanting to release rage to the both of them.

      Dream 3: Ping pong balls..

      I can't remember much about this one, except that I was playing tennis with ping pongs that eradicated when you slammed them hard enough. They burst like water balloons.

      Dream 4: Adult stuff...

      Nothing special, just looking at some adult scenes that I never seen before on my Zune HD.

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    10. Blood Tube Gagging, Chibi, Random Tennis Teammates, Fast Food, Code Lyoko & Groceries, Northgate....

      by , 02-26-2012 at 07:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I decided to sleep earlier than usual. I probably slept for like 10-12 hours. I had so many chances to become lucid, and some of the dreams felt like days.

      Dream 1: Blood Tube Gagging

      I'm watching a soap opera that looks like the The Bold and The Beautiful. Nick Marone is in tears, telling a killer why they murdered a woman. The "killer" revives the woman by getting blood from a random tube.

      Reality is Dynamic?-jack-wagner-beautiful-nick-marone.jpg

      The lady wakes up and is gagging while the tube is down her throat. I think I end up having my private parts being sucked by her to help keep the blood in her mouth. (WTF?!?!?)

      Some person tells me to hump 2 times, and I do so because I'm worried that this woman might die, and things were just too chaotic for me to rationalize this random dream. I have no clue what I did would do to the women, I just do it.

      Dream 2: Chibi cartoon

      I think I'm doing some voice acting for some flash animation or a cartoon show. I end up doing something random, all I see is a random clip of me and some other dudes as Chibi cartoons. We're rotating in a square formation in the cartoon.

      Dream 3: Computer Lab & Random Tennis Teammates

      I'm inside a computer lab, and this feels like a High School type of dream. I believe I'm with some random tennis team. The coach tells us that we should make our opponents feel welcomed, and then things get weird.

      Reality is Dynamic?-217-web.jpg

      We started to say "Howdy" to each person coming in from the other school (just another word for "Hi" at Texas A&M). We keep this up until all of them come in, and most of them responded with "Howdy" as well, but there was this one guy who just ignores us completely and heads for somewhere to sit.

      The dream shifts to where I'm with more DCs that look like tennis teammates. Some were familiar, but I didn't pay too much attention to them. I think my pants were coming off, and some people were laughing at me. I quickly pull up my shorts before more people saw my underwear.

      I knew some of them snickered, but I just look at them and they stopped giggling.

      Dream 4: Asian restaurant and Starbucks clone

      It was probably 1 AM in this dream, and I wanted to get something to eat. I go to this place that looks like it sells Asian food. Then the setting shifts to where it seems to be early morning. It's still gray and misty outside, but wasn't too bothered by this abrupt change.

      I think I met an Asian girl. She was a little chubby, but that didn't bothered me at all. I think we were talking, but I couldn't remember what, so I assumed we had small talk. Then I find myself in another retail fast food that looked like a Starbucks clone. I go up to the cash register and asked what stuff they sell.

      The person showed me the meal prices and drinks as well. I asked him what type of drink/coffee he liked (because this place was new to me), and he pointed to the one he prefers.

      I think I ordered sausage biscuit with it as well. The drink tasted minty, which kind of bothered me because I'm not really much of a mint lover, but I just bear with it because I already paid for it.

      Dream 5: Code Lyoko and Grocery Store/Supermarket

      I see Sissy from Code Lyoko going somewhere, and it seemed she was sneaking around. I get closer to her because I see a small portal near some icy spike in the Ice Sector.

      (It didn't hit me that if Sissy was in the Ice Sector with me, obviously she would've found out about the Supercomputer and Lyoko itself...I'm just oblivious throughout this part of the dream).

      I use my body to conceal the small purple portal and I see Yumi in her original Lyoko warrior outfit playing along with my plan to prevent Sissy from finding the portal (at least that's what I thought Yumi was doing). We just act quiet, and I see Yumi look up somewhere, her body was at a side angle, and I didn't pay attention to look up to where she was looking.

      The dream shifts to where I'm probably at HEB
      (grocery store/supermarket). I near the Produce section, and I still feel like I'm trying to hide something from someone. Eventually, I stop doing that and keep walking.

      I try to find some meat, and I eventually see bacon that isn't wrapped in a package. It looked like it was thawed out, and I didn't pick it up, but I just touch it to feel its smooth and wet texture.

      Then I go to the Baked Goods section, and saw these delicious pine tarts that were big and really soft and warm. I wanted a piece, but I didn't see paper holders to wrap it and buy it.

      It was so tempting, I could just imagine how it would taste if I took a small bite.

      Dream Fragment:

      I don't know where this part started, but some female was giving me a white paper to copy stuff. I believe I had a red sheet turned in, but I didn't know for what exactly.

      I just copy it down quickly, and that's all I remember for that.

      Dream 6: Abnormal change to Northgate Traditions area

      I wake up (FA), and I'm wearing a maroon polo shirt and black pants. I get out of my apartment, and I head towards a dirt road that saves some time walking since it cuts through the normal route diagonally.

      This dream was really vivid, and was almost perfect in replicating the area I live at Texas A&M University. I was walking awkwardly, trying to balance myself. I keep going up, and there was something wrong with the area in Northgate.

      It seemed the parking lot that had many levels was gone, and was replaced with another entrance to get into the rooms. I go in and find a bathroom, and apparently there's this secret entrance on the wall in the Men's bathroom.

      I think I had to duck my head a little and then press on the rotatable part of the wall to go somewhere.

      I know I had more dreams, but it's because I slept so long that made them too hazy.

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    11. In Elevator and Sedated Female, Tennis, Listening to a Door lock

      by , 02-12-2012 at 05:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: In Elevator and Sedated Female

      I'm with a group of random DCs, I go into this room first where this lady was resting on a bed or something like that. I'm not sure if we were in an elevator or anything, but apparently, this woman was sedated with something to keep her from confessing in a trial.

      I don't know why she needed to be sedated, but she was just looking blankly at the rooftop.

      Then I think me and the group of DCs get off the elevator that was carrying us up.

      One DC told the other DC to not make any kind of small intrusions that might trigger the alarm system, and the person responded with a face that said "Okay okay...I won't do anything extreme."

      We kept going forward and I forgot what we did after.

      Dream 2: Tennis

      Playing tennis, a guy joins me and some other dude who was with me. I fail a lot with my ground-strokes, I even tried going slow-mo to the ball and do a one handed backhand, but it I think it went flying away.

      Then it was time to pick up, seeing as everyone started to leave. There were so many tennis balls on the court, and I got them by pressing the balls between the holes inside the basket instead of bending down and picking it up.

      More confidence-babolat_ball_basket.jpg

      Then weird objects like a high heel shoe or something came out of nowhere, I didn't bother picking them up though.

      Dream 3: Listening to a Door lock

      I was inside of a room, and I had my back braced against a door. Some DC that looks like the father of a guy I knew who was incompetent in a few functions said that he was in there.

      I listen carefully to how the door was being locked.

      Not really interesting, I know, but it just felt kind of intense for those few seconds.

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    12. In Tennis Room, Open Statues with my Eyes, become lucid, met a guide but not a DG..................

      by , 01-16-2012 at 02:37 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tennis Locker Room, Become lucid Found a GUIDE, but they didn't say if they were my DG....


      Afternoon nap (~4pm-6:52PM) I slept while using the Mouse Plugin for the FIELD method, but I woke up with the mouse near the left side of my pillow (when resting on my head and look to my left that is) instead of being on the lower left side of my left hand).

      Dream 1:

      I was inside the Men's locker room in Cypress Lakes High School. There were a bunch of familiar DCs. I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but I was just standing there watching people do random things. They were talking about random things as well.

      I found that the Tennis Section in the locker was located on the left side rather than on the right side in waking life. I see two racquets on a bench while DCs gear up to go outside I guess. Then the racquet vanishes. Everything in the dream kind of goes into these small skips.

      After some randomness, the most noticeable thing here is I'm suddenly near some statue where I had to use Mangekyou Sharingan.

      I think I asked a random DC if the statue didn't have Itachi's eyes instead of mine (like a replica of it I mean). Or maybe it was the other way around where a DC asks me.

      Then I realize it's my own eyes because apparently some DC told me there's a little dot on the lower right and left-hand corners of the eye.

      I actually started saying "MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN" on the statue, and when I fixed my eyes and kept them opened, they kind of diluted my vision.
      (Okay.....why am I exactly doing this??? As I'm typing this, I think I had a small argument with my father in a dream fragment because I told him I couldn't do something, but he said it's okay and that we'll doing something else or something like that).

      help me to make sense of it all-mangekyousharingan1.jpg

      After a few tries, I realized I just had to keep my eyes open and the statue would match my eyes. It opens up, and I just had to make sure my eyes were open all the time just to be safe. I can see everything slowly open up, the sides of some door expand to move apart from each other, and they had spiky stony ends to them.

      Then I go in some random room where I sit down I think and listen to a DC give some slideshow presentation on an overhead. After being bored from the bull-crap they're saying,
      I just know I'm dreaming. I didn't do any reality checks, it was weird in fact, this state of mine at the time. I just went with the flow and saw the edge of the table and thought "Handgun" because I was about to shoot this DC spewing out random crap.

      A gun forms pretty quickly, I grab it and then tried to shoot it, but nothing. But I concealed that fact to the DC and saw some random female DC on the floor. She looked pretty to be honest, probably Hispanic, and maybe resembled a colleague of mine in the Biochemistry Department.

      She gets up, and I told her that she's going to show me my guide.
      (I'm not sure if I only said just my guide or DG, but whatever) She opens the door in front of us, nothing happens, just leads to another door. We walk in this small area of darkness and head for the door. Before I could even manifest the thought that my Dream Guide will be at the other side, the door already opens.

      There's this black man in a black durag, a blue hard jacket with no sleeves and underneath was some gray sweater and he had some dark jeans on who looks like the same guy who wanted a chain when Chris from "Everybody Hates Chris" prevented him from snatching one.

      (The guy on the right of the picture...LOL.)

      At first I didn't want to go "WTF is this shit going on here?"

      Then the black guy tells the girl to quickly lock the door, as if he didn't want to be found out. Then the girl says "You're that same guy!!" in a shocked tone. I think he replies "yeah yeah yeah" in a rushed tone as if he's annoyed with the girl. I think I even see a T.V. above him when I went inside, and it was showing some kind of police investigation or something like that.

      Then I move around a little bit, look back at him, and he gets up. I asked him if he's the guide (but I didn't say Dream Guide, I'm sure as hell positive that I couldn't say Dream Guide, even before the door opened). I move back as he comes forward to me.

      I thought he was going to attack me since he made a quick movement picking something up, but he was just moving something out of my way. He goes on this wild tangent and I predicted what he was going to say. He questioned to me something like, "Oh you mean the who can keeps you whole"
      (he did it while holding on to the word "whole" like how you hold on to a part of a word when speaking like "Hola" or something like that").

      Then I realize he's just spewing out things that a friend told me about finding out her life guide in a certain PM I sent to her, but I won't reveal who.

      Then he talks as if he's asking me a question again, and starts listing things like problems I have, new thoughts, etc.

      Then I started to get a little bored, or maybe just traumatic that a DC who looks like an ex-convict is talking to me about things I knew it would probably say.

      But as I listened to the guy, I pretty much had this shocked expression on my face with my mouth slightly open, and probably one eyebrow raised up as I'm questioning this guy's existence.
      Then I woke up. One thing I'm sure, and I'm sure I've made the right call saying this, I didn't not ask the DC if he was my Dream Guide.

      I just questioned it if it was THE GUIDE, so in a way, he's probably just a guide to show me where my Dream Guide is, because he answers in a question as if it's some preview to something he's going to show.

      I'm sure as hell right that I never dreamed about a black DC and asking if he was a guide, NOT a Dream Guide.

      Only way to find out is to become lucid again. And I become lucid after like over 90 minutes of sleep? Which was kind of rare for me. I guess I can start having dreams and becoming lucid for a while during NON-REM, or maybe it's Rem rebound.

      But ehhh, this just leads me with more questions in finding my dream guide. I'm not going to deny the possibility the guy may be my dream guide given the situation that he wanted to be hidden from something. But that means I'll have to question and DCs accurately rather than them acting like professional riddle tellers that will just piss me off more.

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