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    1. The Lizard Man, Come on Brandon, and the Pilgrims (SDE Day 20)

      by , 09-03-2012 at 01:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Lizard Man and No Open Toe Feet (Non-lucid)


      Just to clarify, the Lizard Man is some entity that was apparent in some form from Sivason's and Mindraker's dreams if I remember correctly. And now I happened to see someone in a form of it.

      I'm inside a building, dark blue carpet flooring, and it has dark orange lights, which makes the place a bit dull. There are people in small groups everywhere, and as I'm walking, I see one group of people that look like they're afraid, very afraid of something. My first thought that it could be someone with a gun causing threats, but I don't feel anything, and I'm wondering why these people are so scared.

      I pass through them, and for some reason, I decided I should take off my shoes and socks. A random dream character comes up to say something along the lines of,

      "No Open Toe Feet!!!!" I look up and quickly nodded, but still feeling puzzled as to why this is a big deal. I lift my feet up a bit to put on black socks, and then I look up and see someone that looks like a Lizard.....and a man....Lizard man.......

      Are you kidding me....................LOL.

      I decided to stop everything and see what this Lizard Man is up to. Some dark-skinned man in a long white shirt and light blue denim shorts asked the Lizard Man,

      "You're not trying to escape are you?"

      The Lizard Man kind of looks like Spike from My Little Pony for some reason, at least his back does.

      He responds,

      "Nah, just going to go outside and spread my wings..."

      Damn it Lizard Man, there you go again making it --------------- never mind.

      The door to the highest level of the building outside opens, and the Lizard Man disappears. I think I wanted to follow the Lizard man, but I forget what happens next.
      Come on Brandon........ (Non-lucid)


      Things start out where I'm driving a vehicle, and for some reason, it's as if I was implanted with memories of experience with driving a vehicle, but it wasn't complete because I forgot a few things. Anyway, the sensation felt weird, I didn't feel tensed up when I'm driving at all....it's a big deal because I haven't driven a car except for practice at an empty and huge parking lot one time with my father in waking life.

      I'm near a gas station I believe, and the pavement is smooth and light gray, and the skies look like it's about to rain, or maybe it was just close to sunset. I'm waiting at the exit of the gas station, and look left and right of the two lanes perpendicular to where I'm at, and it seems it'll be a while until I can get on either of them.

      I noticed my mother is to my right, and I believe we had a small conversation about something, but I forgot. Whatever it was, I asked her if she wanted to get some Asian food....

      What? Since when do I ask someone about that....

      I wait for her response, and she agrees that she doesn't mind going to order Asian food. She wants take-out, even though I preferred just eating inside the restaurant we're going to. After we're done with that small conversation, I look left and right again and find that there aren't anymore vehicles coming our way.

      I quickly go over to the lane further away from me, and noticed that once I turned to my right, there are more lanes to take. There's lanes to go left, to go straight and left, or just to go straight. I looked up the signs near the stoplight. It was a white square with small black outline border and words and symbols in black font as well.

      It made it a little hard to distinguish which one I should take, and I rather have those symbols on the ground rather than looking up and down trying to pick which one, and possibly cause more traffic. I decided to go to the lane where you could go straight or left. A vehicle in front of me has their right indicator light signal on....

      And I'm not even bothered to realize that they're supposed to be using their left indicator light if they're turning left.

      Even though I'm completely oblivious by this, this makes me realize I should go ahead and have my indicator light on as well..

      Instead of the left knob near the driving the wheel, I look at the right, and try to find the indicator light signal for the right side too. I can't identify anything from the knob, so I decide to spin the damn thing and hope for the best. I hear something ticking inside of the car, and no it wasn't a bomb, but it sure sounded like I did something right.

      Whatever, seems there was nothing for me to worry about because I didn't hear any cars honking
      ...using dream cars as an excuse for my incompetence...go Link!

      The vehicle in front of me is getting ready to move, and I don't even bother to look up to see if the stoplight would change back to red at all. In those few seconds, I speculated if I should go straight or turn to the left, and decided to just go to the left.

      By this time, my mother is probably gone by now, and as I'm trying to go up another level of what seems to be an entrance to a parking garage, I realize that the curve to drive on was too small for the vehicle I was driving. It seemed I was driving a classic van model, There were even people walking, and some glanced over at me, and I'm wondering why there are people walking past me without any kind of awareness that another vehicle could run them over.

      When I try to get closer and closer, the vehicle suddenly vanishes. I'm there standing in the middle of the walking area. I see a Unicycle appear out of nowhere in front of me, except it's the tire of a vehicle rather than a bicycle wheel.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, does my insurance cover this?

      The dream shifts to where a blonde female is following me, I can just feel it. I turn around, and notice this girl looks like Sarah, but like a relative. She's probably 16 years of age judging by her looks body structure. She was skinny like the blonde Sarah in waking life. She was wearing the same green varsity tennis outfit as well...


      She looks kind of cute, but it's not really my favor to worry about that right now. This blonde seems to be interested in me, and kept mentioning that I should come back.....

      I assumed she meant I should come back to the Varsity tennis team again because I saw one person that looked like my tennis coach at the time, and a few random people that looked like they would be on the Junior varsity tennis team.

      She had the intention of trying to persuade me to pay attention to her and hopefully agree with her. I was thinking that what she's doing is pretty silly, since I'm way past the stage of trying to bring back any memories of being on the team,
      especially since I was quiet towards everyone and just did what I needed to do in the varsity tennis team....win (but end up losing because there was always something that kept me from playing my best.....was really annoying, but I couldn't get out of the sport when I realized it didn't matter anymore....I think I'm just making excuses....

      I needed to find a way to distract the blonde from using her "Come on Brandon..." persuasion towards me, and figured that using the bathroom would be the best to get some alone time.

      I go inside, and the bathroom floor as small gray tiles, and the walls are plastered with shiny gray tiles as well. I go to my left to a small open gray stall to get ready to pee. Then I hear her voice get closer and closer.


      Oh my god...she...she's STILL talking to me, she's RIGHT there behind me.

      Looooooooooooool, this reminds me of the lucid dream I had a long time ago where I was fingering a female while she was peeing....seems I'm getting a taste of my own medicine....LOL

      I try to forget about her by focusing on the sensation of releasing the urine....nope, not working at all! She even goes to the right, and looks down at my private region. She's not really making a reaction....

      No I'm trying to pet my ego, it's like she's already seen this before. I look down, and I do have a penis! I don't really see that a lot in my dreams, anyway, it has a downward curve to it, and I still feel awkward that this blonde is looking at me without a care in the world of embarrassing me...

      She hands me a paper I believe, but I'm not paying attention to any content of it. She talks about how she has a method that usually always works...but what exactly is she talking about. While she continues explaining, I blank out and I see small clip rolling in my mind.

      There are transitions of a male and female together, one was hugging her by the waist and groping her breasts. The female was wearing a light orange tank top, regular dark blue jeans, and had a nice hourglass figure.

      She had the skin tone of an Indian woman, and had long black and slightly curvy hair. The other females in other panels that were coming up, I have no clue on what they wore and did. I come back from blanking out.

      The blonde persists that I come back, that I should be with her...in a sense...

      I can't remember what I did next though, I only remember her being kind to me. Forgot about her looking at my dream penis and feeling embarrassed altogether.

      Mindraker, Chimptertainment, and the Pilgrims (Non-lucid)


      I don't know how, but I get the feeling that the two people in front of me are Mindraker and Chimpertainment who are participating in the Shared Dreaming Experiment. I can't remember their visage in the dream, I just feel that I'm near them, very close.

      There was something about the Pilgrims....maybe I was giving them a hint...

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    2. College Appointment

      by , 08-05-2012 at 07:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      College Appointment (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a room, and it seems to be a hotel, and not my apartment. It seems my mother and father are both in here as well...looool.

      Anyway, while I'm looking through some random papers, I think it somehow reminds me of the appointment that I can set up to switch my classes before the year starts. I think I'm going inside of a room to change or something, and my father passes by, and I tell him that I have to go somewhere to find what classes I need to change.

      I thought he would say something negative, but it seems he keeps clear and just nods. I think my mother gets worried about the funding that I'll be getting for college. I get annoyed by this quickly, and I find some small random video clip that should convince her to ease her paranoia.

      The same clip involved Elie from Rave Master, and then some random female voice declaring that college funding isn't really all that bad or something like that. I tell my mother to listen to that video clip when she can, and she leaves.

      I noticed the carpet is red, and there are two beds as well, and the walls are white as well.

      This is the part below I'm confused on whether or not it belongs in this dream plot.

      It automatically changes to night time, and I'm riding my bicycle along the bicycle lane slowly. I reach an intersection, and look left and right for any cars coming, but it's clearly obvious that this place is empty of traffic.

      Even the traffic lights have shut off, but I still make sure to check. There's a few randomly generated DCs walking on the sidewalks as well, and for some I had a weird hunch would look similar to people in waking life if I paid attention to their presence.

      I turn to the left, and keep riding until I get on the street that will lead me to the Sbisa building. The dream setting suddenly gets brighter. I go into a random building, and it's a long stairway going up. I go up a few levels, and then see a girl with black hair. She's wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, she's petite, and is Hispanic.

      She looks a lot like a girl named Olivia that rode the same buses I did in Middle School and even in High School. She's chasing boys, literally, but I don't know what factors she's using to do so in the first place. I feel bad for her in a way, and I quickly went up to her, put my hand slowly on her shoulder and declared that she shouldn't put herself in a position like this.

      I know I felt bad for her, but I don't think my words matched to the situation, but either way, I smiled at her, even though she didn't look at me, and I walked away.

      After that, I can't remember anything.

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