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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Bees That Live In The Water

      by , 01-04-2016 at 05:45 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bees That Live In The Water (DILD)


      So, there's this obese female that's akin to a co-worker of mine that I'll nickname MariT. She's trying to run away from some bees via going into some water, and when she does, she comes out green, and bees come out of the water to sting her.

      She's like,

      "Help me, Brandon," in this really, really awkward declaration for help.

      Also, the graphics for the dream is akin to a side scroller game in 2D.

      Funny thing, when I met her today, she was busy eating some chocolate. But I'm wondering why I've had a few dreams about her lately. There aren't any romantic connotations, so it could just be random noises firing at random contexts, I guess.
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    2. Snapshot and Dragon, Turning up Food Volume?, Handsome and Humble

      by , 04-24-2012 at 04:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I stayed for for around 60-90 minutes last night for a WBTB, trying to relax and everything......no luck, still passed out for the WILD attempt....

      I remembered more dreams, but I forgot, probably because I woke up to set the alarm at a different time and went back to sleep again.

      Snapshot and Dragon (Non-lucid)


      I see a flashing moment of some young Asian man in the past apparently who gets his photo taken. Then the moment ends, and I believe I see a fossilized body of that same man older.

      It looks like Kim Jong Il, and it was confusing to determine if I was seeing his father at first who died after falling from a high cliff, or if it was Kim Jong Il who jumped off the cliff.

      Either way, there were two random people who wanted to see how a photograph that made this weird vortex that looked like a Hurricane around a person when it was taken by camera.

      The cause of death for the fossilized person was jumping into the water, passing out from the impact after trying to get some air. I see the same person when they were young, and it's like they were escaping from someone or a group of people.

      I see the person breathing for air, and then he started to get dizzy, like his body was paralyzed or something. Because of this, he drowns and most likely dies.

      Apparently Kim Jong Il shared the same fate? Not too sure, but the fossilized person on the ground looks A LOT like him, so it was either him in the dream dead, or his ancestor.

      The two random people analyzing this, one was measuring the length of how long the ancestor fell, and how long Kim Jong Il fell?

      The two guys had different results, and there's this bar that shows up that fluctuates at different points from the cliff, so one guy had a lot of fluctuations when he was at the lower regions of the cliff, while the other guy some some fluctuations here and there at certain points.


      Then the dream shifts to where I'm in this dark area, and I'm floating on top of water.


      This dragon in the water pops up, and it's actually after me, but it's allowing me to hit it easily for some reason. All I have to do is dodge its attacks.

      I'm surprised on how I'm managing with this, especially floating on water where I'm supposed to be slow or something
      (maybe I can swim fast as a natural ability???)

      When the dragon exposes itself, I start slashing away like crazy before it covers itself up. So I basically dodge its attacks and repeat the process until it took a fatal hit or died.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Turning up Food Volume? (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm at a restuarant, and there's a table with cloth that has red and white squares spread all over. The chairs are pretty generic, mostly brown and made of wood.

      The area is an all you can eat buffet apparently, seeing as you can pick out the food all by yourself. I go up to one the tray lines, it's empty of course, and I look at all of the food, looks very enticing indeed.

      There's this person to the right of me that looks like someone I know in waking life named Juan. He starts turning up the Food Volume in the dream, and things get loud.

      I was worried that he would get in trouble, but the people in the drema didn't care didn't care at all.

      I go up to other tray lines, but forgot what I did after.
      Handsome and Humble (Non-lucid)


      Some lady tells me I'm handsome and humble, I didn't see who it was though. I just remember getting off a school bus.
      He Makes a 97 (Non-lucid)


      Okay, so I see this guy sitting in front of me who made a 97 on his exam/test/whatever it was. I think I made a 93, but for some reason, I was jealous the other guy made a better grade than me....meh.
      Quiz, Lecture, Another Quiz (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my Sociohoritculture class, and the TA tells us that we'll be looking at lecture slides, and then have a quiz, another lecture slide and then a quiz after that.....

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    3. Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?, Random Black Girl Typing on Computer

      by , 02-19-2012 at 05:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?, Random Black Girl Typing on Computer (Non-lucid)


      I'm even more motivated in finding Kaomea now after a few events that she was able to relate to. I slept pretty late, so I couldn't get a good description of the dreams I remember, but there have been strange things going on.

      The first dream, before I slept, I tried to do a MILD by repeating that I would meet Kaomea in a lucid dream several times. I should've done it again when I did a WBTB when I set the alarm to wake me up around 3:45 AM, but I just dozed off.

      And I don't think I even had any dreams when I slept again, it was until later on in the morning at maybe 6-8 AM where I started to see the first dream I could recall.

      But now I'm more motivated in finding her, and hopefully do some things to help know that I'm looking for her. She knows I'm trying to find her, but now I'm going to get serious.

      I'm going to try to do the Astral energy thing (sounds a bit too ambitious since I've only had 2-3 OBEs or so throughtout the months of being on this forum), but I won't say specifically what I'll do with the energy with Kaomea if I meet her (false entities of myself might confuse her).

      This feels like a romantic adventure lol, maybe it might fail because....never mind, I shouldn't think that.

      Dream 1: Lady in Red on Facebook...Kaomea?

      I was on Facebook, and I see some lady's profile picture on the Homescreen post some status that said "Ake", and several people liked it. The girl was wearing a red dress, and she was smiling.

      I couldn't tell if it was similar to Kaomea's red dress on her avatar, but she was doing that pose where girls would have one hand on their hips and lean to the side, and I think she cropped the picture since the picture was taken with someone.

      Wow this is hard..-red-dress-190x300.jpg

      There was one person that I knew in real life that liked her status, and her name is Mehak. Then someone commented on her status, but I couldn't remember what she said. Then I think the Kaomea look-a-like (somewhat), said something about "divorced" or "happy divorced."

      Then I think she added another comment that her "
      Ake" status was actually a spelling error, and she typed the status as "Make*." (yes with the star at the side to)

      The next thing I did, I'm not so sure, but I look on the top left of her Facebook Wall Page, and I saw a cropped picture of a random ocean. I could see the waves and all of that.

      I think she was using the "Timeline" feature.

      I would like to think that was Kaomea, but I do admit I was on Facebook for a few minutes before going to sleep, so it was most likely a day association for that, but again, this dream happened later on in the morning, and after the WBTB, so whatever I actually dreamed was forgotten, so maybe it was a new dream created out of my intent from the Mantra.

      I even decided to listen to Hymn for the Missing by Red before I slept as well, kind of to get into the mood of what I wanted to show her. She'll know what I'm talking about, if I can get consistent dreams with her.

      Also, I'm eradicating the mentality that I have to go into her head or something, that's just too crazy, I should think of it was just as a MEETING to her subconscious, like her "house" (I got the shift in mentality from a shared dreaming thread somewhere in this forum that a person posted....makes things a lot easier now).

      I told my mind that I would meet her in the dream plane, but I think I just used that I would meet her in a lucid dream instead, I felt a little....eh nvm...too much rambling.

      Dream 2: Random Black Girl Typing on Computer

      There was this overweight black girl typing on the computer, I don't know if she was on Facebook or anything, but she was drinking a Berry drink on the right of the screen I'm watching her.

      Wow this is hard..-img_3531.jpg

      She looked like she was enjoying it and smiling, and I saw a few quick flashes of her Facebook wall, but it was just a bunch of useless information that didn't make sense to me.

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    4. Fighting Sea Monster, Solving an Equation

      by , 01-29-2012 at 04:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sea Monster, Solving an Equation


      Dream 1: Fighting a Huge Sea Monster

      The setting was like playing against the Sea Monster boss in The Legend of Zelda: The Skyword Sword. The dream was somewhat hazy, but it still had some realism to it. It was dark, raining probably, and thunder was making itself apparent constantly (but I don't believe I heard the roar of it though).

      (The visualization was more realistic and almost to Twilight Princess Graphics, at least, maybe more than that).

      I believe I only had the top of a broken crate to stand on to face against this creature. It feels like a video game simulation where I'm controlling the DC, but there are moments where I felt like I was the one with the sword or whatever item I was using to stab the creature.

      The creature had hands that were huge and could extend a little bit more than normal. I think they were actually floating, and I have to jump when they got lower and grab on to the skin to stab the eyes on the hands.

      There were moments where I was floating on top of the water and had to find a way to kill the creature while at a slight disadvantage.

      But the dream ends/fades, I can't remember how I killed the creature. OH, and the creature was light green all over.

      Dream 2: Solving an Equation

      I was in some room, probably a Science class. I was assigned to do Problem #102 I think. I don't know why, but I remember some DC pointing at me saying that I would do that.

      I look at the problem, and of course, it's an equation I have to solve. Great....

      So I try see what the problem was asking, it become clear what the answer was without having to solve it. It was weird, it was a multiple choice question that had answer choices that led to the actual answer.

      I tried calculating the problem and got a different problem than the answer I thought it was, which was 1,020.

      (I don't know if that number is just because of the Chemistry 102 course I'm taking, or if my mind is just teasing me with the extra 0).

      I couldn't remember the answer choice below "1,020," which was the first choice, but it did help me find out that it was really 1,020, it's just that I entered a number wrong before.

      That's all I remember.

      Great...I have no idea how I dreamed about a Sea Monster that had human facial features, and was trying to kill me.


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