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    1. Uknown Island, ID Taken, Invasion, Batman's Reflexes, Sexual Jimmy Neutron, Sonic, Vulturelingus????

      by , 12-21-2014 at 06:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Exploring Unknown Island in Windwaker (DILD)


      Iím Link from the Windwaker game, and Iím exploring a small island that doesnít seem to resemble any I traversed in playing the game in waking life. Though I have a feeling it could be similar to one island where thereís a merchant Goron, and a huge boulder concealing a dungeon. I look out to the sea, and gaze upon the vast sea and horizon. Itís sunset, and itís an absolutely beautiful sight as well.


      Girl Takes my ID & Killing ReDeads (DILD)


      So Iím going into a bathroom to do my business, wash my hands, and head out back to the building that looks like a store. But it seems Iím preparing myself for a party at a bar, or some kind of in-door rave. I noticed a dream character looks like an individual I knew in High school that would have spiky hair, or even a Mohawk at times.

      He glances over at me with this weird facial expression of him puckering up, but itís probably just how he naturally is. I look over, and I get a feeling that one of my neighbors thatís also a co-worker is someone Iím going with for whatever event to come very soon.

      Skipping ahead, I gave her my ID, and she puts it in her black purse. Then when I want to enter some section of a building, they requested my ID, and sheís already in there. I had to move away, and tried to do anything to call her, and tell her to give me my ID back. I go so far back that the plot of the dream becomes irrelevant, and Iím inside of a forest where Iím trying to kill creatures that look like ReDeads from Ocarina of Time.


      Someone Invades House with Dynamites (DILD)


      A little personal for me to put in here for some reason. But someone sets off a dynamite booby trap that I presume to be part of the house I feel I have a family in.


      Batman's Millisecond Reflexes (DILD)


      Batman is literally so fast that his reflexes must only take milliseconds for him to perform nearly impossible feats of escaping intense circumstances. Such as, an enemy preparing to throw a dynamite at a group of people in an enclosed space of a building that looks like a convenience store, and before the dynamite explodes in the other direction, heís already down the stairs to fend off the next group of enemies.

      The enemies seem to represent some kind of guerilla soldiers that look Hispanic.


      I'm Jimmy Neutron Charged for Potential Sexual Assault? (DILD)


      So, Iím messaging some random person on Facebook. I mistake this individual for someone else, and presumed I could be overly sexual. Iím also wondering why I have that kind of disposition in the first place in the dream, but figured since it wasnít a dream, there literally wouldnít be any consequence other than being paranoid that something back would happen.

      It was basically a ďYou show me yours, and Iíll show you mineĒ kind of thing. Then I realized this person is someone else; someone of a more innocent demeanor, and would probably be traumatized if she had to experience something like this. But it didnít seem to be the case, as sheís magically existing somewhere else in the dream. I believe Iím somewhere around a gray wired fence with the diamond shapes to it.

      I realize Iím Jimmy Neutron:

      And he has his penis out, and all I can really do is stop being this guy, and watch what will happen. I noticed Iím in a perspective as if Iím at the same level of the ground next to the same girl I mentioned above with the happy go-lucky innocent disposition. She has a baby near her, and Jimmy Neutron is literally -this- close to the baby, and the girl is so offended that she calls the police.

      Unfortunately, this makes me shift back into being aware that Iím in Jimmy Neutronís pants. I put it back inside my pants, and run for dear life. My initial reaction was to contact Jimmyís parents. After instantly arriving to the house, the mother tells me I can hide in my room, and that she and her husband can put up a barrier near the door so the cops and other authorities will have a difficult time apprehending me.

      I realized theyíre just pretending to help me while they prepare to leave the house completely, and leave me all by myself. I look through the window, and see two individuals that seem to be coming after me. One looks like someone I knew in middle school; Australian accent, curly and fluffy dirty blonde hair, and heís wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

      Iím not sure if heís carrying a weapon, and as for the other person, I canít recall how they looked like. Iím panicking for a moment, but it seems the dream characters arenít competent enough to figure out where I am. Even though I make myself apparent for looking through the window for too long, they seem to make no effort in catching me.

      I do random things like trying to sidle my way through outside the window, and onto the roof with the intention of finding another place to hide. Maybe a secret lab, or something like that.


      Two Shadows and Sonic Go Super Form (DILD)


      Thereís two Shadows; one seems to have sinister intentions, and the other probably wants to go Super form with Sonic. Sonic comes in at some point, and bonks his head by an invisible wall, or maybe heís just clumsy. They all end up going Super form, and thatís all I remember.


      Vulture Picks at a Girl's Private Parts (DILD)


      So Iím in a hallway that resembles that of some kind of spacious education facility; probably High School at best, or even a close-knit kind of college/university.

      Thereís black and white checkered floors, the building itself seems ancient, but still being able to sustain its novelty without looking ruined at all; it seems to have some kind of Renaissance-esque feel to it. I was talking to someone about how on the outside of the windows, thereís a pair of large wings resting on top of the monuments with a flat surface.

      I canít remember what he stated, but he looks where Iím pointing, and gives an expression of confusion as well, and moves on. I look down through the window, and see a group of females talking to each other. The one thatís most noticeable in this boring and dull environment of dark colors is a girl wearing a pink shirt. She looks Hispanic, puffy cheeks with makeup on along with long black hair. She seemed to have a slutty disposition for some reason, and what happens next only confirms my conjecture.

      The same set of wings I mentioned before suddenly transforms into a vulture, and this vulture flies down towards the girl. Sheís not even afraid at all, and is already in a position of bending down to do something, and Iím not sure what it was. But the vulture gets close to her ass, and literally starts pecking into the girlís vagina.

      I expected some screaming, and WTF moments to ensue, but she rams her vagina into the vultureís beak; a bird is getting more action than I ever could in a dream apparently. So while my jaw is dropping, and me being in a state of awe, sheís still having fun having a vultureís beak up her vagina. After a while, she casually pulls up her pants, and walks away as if nothing happened.

      I canít even remember how the others reacted because Iím too bothered with whatís going on right now.
    2. Sex with Spies, Windwaker, Ganondorf, Sea Monsters

      by , 05-12-2014 at 05:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Had Sex with the Totally Spies! Chicks (DILD)


      Spoiler for 18+:



      Windwaker, Ganondorf, Sea Monsters (DILD)

      Going through the sea, killing sea monsters for rupees, and encountering Ganondorf that has to use two of the triforces to face me.
    3. Makar's Request for a New Branch for His Violin & Trying to Apply for a Job Position

      by , 04-11-2014 at 04:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Makar's Request for a New Branch for His Violin (DILD)


      The feelings and sensations in dreams recently are getting so real, along with the virtual experiential reality becoming more tangible, and less of a blurry dream-like state of being.

      Makar from the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker requests that I get a new branch so that he could play his violin. Seeing how it shouldnít be too difficult to find a random branch somewhere from a tree, and cut it off, I easily accept this task.

      The dream environment was first dark, and then it lit up as if it were a sunny afternoon. I go into an area that seems to resemble a University I went to, seeing how the trees there that seem kind of dead, or just saturated from rain in general resembles some of the cherry blossom trees after their leaves fall off.

      I can hear the slight cracks, and other sounds while stepping on the dirt, grass, and small twigs on the ground. I believe I had a machete, and I finally found a tree that I could get a branch from. Apparently, Makar wanted the branch to be at least 6 feet 8 inches tall, which seems kind of odd with the size of the little guy in general. Maybe it could be so he could have multiple branches to play his violin if one goes bad, I guess.

      I take a ruler, or some tool for measuring the branches length. I measured probably around 3 feet, or a bit more, and placed my finger on the end as a reference point so I could extend, and measure the rest of the required length needed for Makar. And when I finally get close to the length needed, I prepare my machete by lifting it in the air with my left hand.

      But before I could cut the branch, Iím feeling as if things are crawling on my left hand, and arm as well. I tried to ignore it, and tried to presume these are merely psychosomatic experiences that wonít bother me if I donít fixate on them being an issue. Unfortunately, the sensations of crawling become stronger, and I look and find that small ants are crawling on me.

      Out of reflex, I try to shake them off frantically, worried if theyíll bite me, but it doesnít feel like theyíre trying to inflict pain on me, but the crawling sensations is just too creepy and weird that I had to flail my arms to get rid of them.

      I donít believe I was able to finish the task, seeing how more swarms of ants could be in that area.


      Trying to Apply for a Job Position at Competitorsí Location (DILD)


      Things start out where Iím entering the back of a supermarket, and it seems that Iím looking for a job position as well. The experiences so far made me presume that I was already working at another store thatís probably this storeís competition. Iím wearing a dark blue shirt, and probably faded black jeans while navigating through the area, looking for anyone that could be working in this place for any job positions.

      I see a man thatís directing a few individuals somewhere, and I felt as I had to join this group, seeing how it looks like a job orientation process. Thereís a man wearing a hairnet, Hispanic, looks like heís in his late 40s, curvy mustache, and parts of his visage that looks drooped down diagonally from top left to bottom right.

      I ask him if the job offer is still available, and I conflated the questioning with wondering if that even though I already had a job at their competitionís location, maybe I could still get a job at this area as well to at least fill in part time gaps. The guy shakes his head horizontally to affirm ďno,Ē and I tell ďAlright, thank you,Ē and left.

      I was wearing a watch on my right wrist, and I quickly checked the time, and it was 7:53 AM apparently. I had the presumption that I had to get to work for 8 AM, including implications that I would have a 14 minute grace period after 8 AM to still arrive on time. It seems I had my red shirt ready, and all I needed to do was go to a random restroom, or somewhere private to quickly change over.

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    4. Lawm Mowing During a Wedding, Sitting on a Chair & In Space, Fake Lunch Pin, Wizzrobes Are After Me

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lawn mowing during a Wedding (DILD)


      • Lawn mowing with huge lawn mower

      • saw a chubby female wearing violet dress down to her upper thighs

      • small orange blobs relative wants me to go over and mow

      • area is around huge green valleys


      Sitting on a Chair & In Space (DILD)


      • sitting on a chair

      • tennis members (adam, john kuzko (black haired one))

      • Shifting to space and moving gray rings

      There wasn't anything exciting here.

      Lunch & Fake Lunch Pin (DILD)


      Too lazy to recall this:

      • Cafeteria
      • Juan
      • Fake lunch pin
      • Asian female mad at me for fake lunch pin
      • Forgetting lunch pin
      • Waiting in line


      Wizzrobes Are After Me (DILD)


      It seems I'm in an environment that relates to being at a beach with large and rocky cliffs here and there. I feel like this is another dream where I'm trying to run away from something or someone.

      And who I was running away from was a small group of Wizzrobes from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

      All that mattered was for me to run away before they even made any motions with their wands.
    5. Me Vs. Ganondorf, Floating Over a Sea, Almost Lucid, Outset Island, HIstory Discussion

      by , 11-30-2012 at 11:42 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Me Vs. Ganondorf (Windwaker) (Non-lucid)


      I was controlling Link from Windwaker mentally, or maybe it really was just me in his outfit, and I see Ganondorf is preparing to run up the long and twisted castle stairs forming into the right side. There's a red carpet materials in the middle of the stairs, and it leaves about 1/4 of the width of each step from both left and right sides exposed.

      This endeavor in the dream was fairly simply, hunt down Ganondorf and face him off. Before I run up the stair to get to him, for maybe 20 seconds, I was in the area behind the start of the stairs going up. There were turquoise walls composed of stacked like bricks, but with a completely different material.

      The flooring was also turquoise, or maybe slightly grayer than the walls. I see Ganondorf is standing there with his two swords, and he's about 10 feet away from me. I quickly prepared my Light Bow, and it shot through Ganondorf like it would for any other entity of evil.

      However, it doesn't seem to affect him at all. He quickly runs up the stairs, and I get this sense of exhiliration. Going after the bad guy, hearing the "Hyrule Castle Ganon" Track from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

      As I'm getting to the apex of the stairs, I could sense something bad was going to happen. I see Ganondorf in a different form, from Ocarina of Time. I get this quick imagery of him opening his mouth and has his eyes wide open, as if to scare me.

      The dream resets, and this time, when I reached to the stairs, I believe I encountered him, but I forget what happened next.


      I'm Floating Over a Sea (DILD)


      This dream feels similar to a Winder Waker ocean envrionment. It feels like I'm in the body of Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time. I'm at least 200 feet above the sea.

      I can't believe how much I'm stabilied by floating, and I start seeing incomplete forms of several islands from the Windwaker series. They all started out as gray colors, and then began to accumulate more detail.

      However, because
      I'm lucid that I'm floating above the sea, which REALLY scares me, because I don't want to descend into it and face whatever mystery contained in there.

      My fear of this makes me descend slowly to sea level, and before I knew it, I woke up out of fear.


      Almost Becoming Lucid (Non-lucid)


      I remember walking on a side walk, and as I'm randomly talking to whoever,

      "Hello? Yeah....I......uhmm."

      Then I woke up before I could get the chance to become fully lucid.



      Outset Island (Non-lucid)


      I remember wanting to take a family member to Outset Island from Windwaker. I don't know why exactly, but I just wanted to.


      U.S. History Discussion Class (Non-lucid)


      I'm at the discussion room I usually go to for U.S. History class, and there seems to be quite a few people in a small area.

      The flooring is vanilla, the walls are the same as well, and there's more than enough white lighting inside. I was probably sitting at the back rows on the far left side that's closer to the left wall.

      The reason I'm confused is that I have another dream shift, but that will be mentioned later. I hear my discussion teacher go on in random declarations, and I don't really pay too much attention to the details until he calls my name.

      I quickly jolted upwards, like literally half a feet. I quick put on a dazed and confused facade, waiting for his question, but I can't remember what it was.

      Then the dream shifts, but I think this would've been a DEILD if I had been aware. Anyway, I'm sitting in the front or somewhere near the teacher, and I think he asks me a question that I was engaged in.

      Funny thing is about the dream, in waking life, I had a discussion meeting for History today, and when no one didn't know the answer to the teacher's question, he said he would randomly pick out someone.

      He screamed out "Brandon!"

      I was shocked, but fortunately, there's another Brandon, and he picked him instead.

      Hahahahaha.....that almost made me go crazy.
    6. Girl brags about DBZ Hentai, Mall, x+y^2 Equation, Windwaker Possessed People (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 04)

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girl watched DBZ Hentai (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who looks like someone in waking life from my Organic chemistry Lab, and she's in the ROTC or Corp Cadet as well. She's wearing a dark greed cadet uniform with some fancy badges on her chest. We're sitting at a lunch table on the opposite sides.

      She's a few seats to the right of me on the other side, and I seem to be alone, but I to distract myself, I just listen to the people on the right, and the girl. The girl is bragging how she looked at DBZ Hentai all day, and starts making fun of herself, even doing a pretentious crying reaction.

      Then the dream shifts or resets where she said that I would sit next to her?
      Mall with Parents (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a mall, and I'm walking with my father and mother, and my father asks what would be his favorite kind of food, and I make an assumption that it's Whataburger.

      He then says, "No your real father,"


      I'm a bit puzzled when he told me that, and then passed it off and said "Panda Express." I don't know why I'm saying these things, since I don't know what the hell he likes, and my mother looks at me weird when I said that fast food place, like she's surprised or something. I see some different Asian restaurant outlet when I declared it.

      As I'm following my parents, I think, I see two men to my right stilling on some rotatable stools, and the one on the right looked very familiar, at least based on the profile view I saw him in. It ends up being "Rup" (nicknaming) that I know in waking life. The other person on the left is probably a relative or friend of his, but I don't know his name.

      Father shakes hands with Rup and the other guy, and I do the same. When I get to the other guy by saying,

      "I'm Brandon," I move my ears closer to wait to hear what his name is.

      He says it, but I can't recall what he stated, and he declared that we've met before, when I used to be quiet.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmm............don't think you were around when I decided to be quiet as a child....

      The mall has a lot of contrasting colors, the most apparent being Blue and Red.
      x+ y^2 Equation (Non-lucid)


      I'm going inside of a classroom, and I see an African American male teacher who is fairly tall, about 6'6''-7 feet tall. He's wearing long sports pants, and a shirt. He seems to be doing last minute reviewing for the class before the exam starts.

      A student queries on a concept on what they would use for some random equation I can't recall too well. The teacher was in the middle of passing out something that seemed to be given in the order of colors ranging from yellow, red, and blue while the student was asking the question. The colors are probably just different exam forms.

      The teacher then shows how to do the problem requested, and there's two models where you would graph it. One is a basic line with some points on it, and the other seems to be just half circles curving downward and in a chain.

      Then the paper I'm looking at with these models changes into a sepia colored hill slopes with black ink outlining the top and at least some of both sides of each hill-like structure. I guess the black ink with the hill slopes were the answers, so I decided to memorize that before the exam begins.

      The teacher finally gets the exams handed out, and I see a yellow paper and small packet handed out to me. I presume this is my exam, and I quickly get rid of all my stuff I took of my backpack to prevent from being accused of cheating.

      Then the dream shifts where I still feel I'm taking an exam, and this time, I have a gray laptop open in front of me. It seems to have the same Acer Aspire Series background I currently have in waking life for my Acer Laptop, but I didn't notice it at the time.

      I was stumped on a question that had something like:

      (X value here) + (Y squared) = Value here

      I seem to have difficulty remembering a basic concept here, and I just stare at the laptop like an idiot. There's a person sitting next to me on the right. I didn't want to pay attention to her too much, so I kept her within my peripheral vision, so I can't recall her visage too well.

      Something about her makes me presume she must be an Asian female that I knew in waking life, so let's call her "Jen"

      I wasn't sure why Jen was looking at my laptop, considering we're still taking an exam, but it seems she doesn't care, and is looking at my laptop still for some weird reason.

      It gets irritating and makes me nervous because I had feelings that she was looking to see how I'm having trouble figuring out what would've been a simple problem if I didn't have basic logic eradicated in this dream.

      I tried entering a random equation of x+4^2 = something, but it doesn't help, even though the problem is clearly an x+y squared format....


      I started to tense up more, and to prevent myself from looking like an idiot to Jen, a DC that just happens to conform to the body composition and visage of her, I clicked a forward arrow button on the bottom right to move on to the next problem, and planned to go back to the one I stumped on later on.
      Windwaker Windfall Island Possessed??? (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be controlling Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and he's walking around in the front section of Windfall Island, and everyone's eyes look weird.

      They all have some kind of dark orange aura around their pupils, and every time I go near an NPC, they always come up with the response,

      "I remember!"

      WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE...It's LIKE A FUCKING CREEPYPASTA of Majora's mask or something, except it's just for Windwaker....holy shit......................

      Instead of using them using the typical response in white font on a black box with the green circle thing on the bottom from the actual game, it's on the blue-violet type of box that would show up if you were to get an item or it couldn't be used.

      After looking around a bit more, I feel I finally like I'm really just playing Windwaker as a game through a gaming console, and I see one person's eyes who are normal, but they quickly enter some building.

      From the quick glance I took, it was Orca from Outset Island in the game, and I quickly go into the random house/store (which seems to be the bomb shop in Windfall placed near the water instead of the hill).

      I finally see Orca to my left on the other side of a small border that's like 2 feet tall. He has no shirt on, just like in the game and concept art, and his the blue pants or whatever along with holding his long spear too.

      I try to catch up to him, but it seems he breaks some vases that concealed a portal that looked a lot like the Twilight Portal Midna uses in Twilight Princess to warp to several main areas.

      He uses it, and I don't know where the fuck that portal is headed, and I can't remember if I decided to chase him.

      What the hell is going on in this dream?!?!?!

      Seemingly possessed people with orange pupils all saying "I remember!" every time I go near them....and then Orca who just magically wants to disappear through a portal on a floor?

      UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, how the hell am I supposed to interpret this?!?!

      Bleh, N-REM bullcrap.