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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Wolf Link & Midna, Owen Wilson, Redhead Slut, Apt, Counterattack, Running..

      by , 02-04-2012 at 04:07 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Spoiler for Just a little insight for myself...:

      Dream 1: Wolf Link & Midna vs. Floor Master

      I was playing a videogame, and I'm controlling Wolf Link and Midna is riding him on top, just like in Twilight Princess. They were in this greenish cave area, kind of like the one near Lake Hylia in Twilight Princess.


      Apparently the area that they were already in, water was at a high level, so the water level decreased for a short period of time, and they had to take that chance before it rose up again to get somewhere.

      Wolf Link and Midna had to face a Floor Master, like the one from Windwaker, and it looked fatter than the original one.

      I found it ironic that Wolf Link is facing this monster because Midna's hair can form into different shapes, and it formed into a Bigger Hand than the Floor Master's when they get closer to grab it and pull it out of the small hole it came out from.

      Once they killed the Floor Master, they went inside the hole to go somewhere.

      Dream 2: Owen Wilson Bouncing Quarters & Dream Fragment of Hot Hispanic Chick

      Owen Wilson was apparently the son of another older man in the room who was considered to be the President of something. I assumed that because there were a long line of photographs hanging up on the wall, and the wall was red.

      The father was talking about something with a few DCs, I think one looked like an FBI agent. While his father is talking to the two random DCs, Owen Wilson is at the corner somewhere acting stupid.

      I immediately assumed that this guy was playing the role as the dumb son who had a father who was smart and went to Harvard, so this meant Owen Wilson would have to go to Harvard to, but he was really stupid in this dream because the things he did.

      In the corner he was at, he took out some quarters and started bouncing them on their edges by flicking then on the small table at the corner.
      (Kind of like how you play "Quarters" in beer drinking games)

      It felt like I was watching a movie, and I just had the urge to just scream at Wilson because I knew he was going to screw up something or break a vase inside of this room.

      He keeps flicking quarters on the table in front of him, and some quarters land on top of his head, and he didn't even bother to get them. The moment I saw his delayed reactions to the Quarters, I thought this DC was an incompetent.

      Then his father gets in on the action when Owen starts flicking Quarters on the other table near his father. They kept going back and forth with precision bouncing the quarters.

      I remember two important letters from this dream, "M" and "O." Apparently "M" was something related to the first letter of the names of the people person the father of Owen Wilson, and the "O" was first letter of the names of females. I swore I saw a name that was labeled Ophelia in one of the photos.

      I don't know if this part that I remember was related to the dream, probably a fragment, but I see this hot Hispanic chick near the group with the father and two random DCs. I completely forget about Owen Wilson being stupid, and just started to gaze at the Hispanic chick.

      I think she was wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. And her hair was black, and it had some shine to it, so I assumed that she used hair gel or something. She was standing awkwardly, she had the face that a girl
      (or any gender for that matter) expresses when she finds someone attractive, and can barely form a sentence.

      She looked like she was stuttering, and she was looking down on something.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Seeing Redhead Female in Slutty attire

      I'm inside this random room, and it's dark inside, but there's this window in front of me, and outside seemed like it was day time, but the setting looked as if there was going to be rain. Dark gray clouds everywhere, and I believe there was wind blowing rapidly as well.


      I go to the window that's half opened, and I see a Red-headed Caucasian female hanging around with two black males. The guys were pretty young, and the female looked like one of those ditzy girls.

      She looked like a slut, she has a black crop top that was obviously way too tight for her, and it only covered her breasts, which meant her stomach was exposed (she was fit and firm though), and she was wearing a black or blue skirt, but it was so short that it looked like she was just wearing a piece of thin cloth near her bottom region.


      (I could see why there were two males with her, they had a completely oblivious and hot slut, lucky them).

      All three of them were standing in the middle of of the two roads. When I look above that, the rest of the area was grassy. I put my attention back to the red head, and she was asking them questions.

      The two black males wanted the Redhead to move a little further away from them, and I see one had a Camera in his hands, so I assume they wanted to take a picture of her.

      She asked them in that "Like Oh Mah Gawd, No Waaaay" tone if where she stood if okay. Then I started to see maybe 2-3 more DCs in slutty attire as well.

      They were wearing short shorts and black shirts that only covered their breasts like the Red head female, and they were black females.

      Then the whole situation looked like they were advertising that they were doing a Car wash
      (when I was recalling this, it had to be for that), since the only way females would look like sluts in the middle of the road (they were standing on the long plot of grass that split two roads as well) was to entice males to get their car washed.

      One of the black female DCs told the other girls that they had to stay still and wait for something I couldn't remember.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 4: Apartment & Future Console Boxes and PC

      I think I'm in my apartment again, I'm pouring out some Orange Juice, and I fill it half-way, but I filled it again some more. Then I drank it with some Vitamins. It was a Men's One-A-Day pill and like two Omega Fish Oil pills I drank.

      Then I realize there were two DCs behind me that looked like my parents, and we were heading out somewhere.

      I transition to a different dream environment, and it looked just like the area near the Sbisa Dining Hall within my University. I completely forget about my parents following me at this point, so I just assumed they vanished, but I didn't really care.

      I saw that there were boxes of Future Consoles for Playstation 4, Xbox 720, and for Nintendo as well. For the one relate to Nintendo, it looked like it only said "Nintendo Revolution" for the console name.

      (I thought that was one of the first names Nintendo was choosing before they picked the Wii...oh well)

      I see people going down stairs with the boxes of these Future Consoles near the seats outside the Underground Food Court that's linked with the Sbisa Dining hall.

      Then I turn to my left and I see some person with some Alienware PC that that could go up to 90+ Ghz. It took a while to load, and I thought it could only got to 3.4 Ghz, but it rose rapidly in a few seconds.

      The person was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PC, and they were using a controller that looked like some rip-off of the Black Wii Remote. They were aiming the gun with it, and doing random things inside of the game.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 5: Counterattack

      This dream was so random, some DC I was probably playing as and a group of DCs where rushing to go somewhere. A random DC wanted a "Counterattack" move given to them or something, and I had some weird looking paper with certain moves on it, and took out the "Counterattack" through some small crease.

      Then when the random DC was done, I think I asked for it to give me back the "Counterattack" slip of paper, and I get it back and slide it back into whatever I was holding.

      Dream 6: Running from Alien

      I can't recall a lot from this dream, but I was in a room, and things were getting pretty tense. I was behind a sofa, trying to run from a weird looking alien monster. I can't remember it's figure because as I was typing, I had two altering images going back and forth every few seconds trying to remember it.

      But it was waiting for me to make the next move. I could see on my left with peripheral vision that there was a door. So I wait until the alien got distracted somehow, jumped out of the back of the couch, and quickly opened the door.

      Then there's another door in front of me to open, so I quickly open the door, and turn my back as it closes and see the alien was THIS close from getting me.

      I woke up after that.

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