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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. A Matter of Circumstance

      by , 06-29-2014 at 05:11 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Vengeance (Non-lucid)


      My aunt has, for some reason, invited Cheyenne's insane parents into my mom's house while I am house-sitting. "My mom is going to be *furious* when she finds out about this," I growl to my aunt, wondering what could have possessed her to make such an awful decision. I go inside to investigate. Much to my horror, the couple are standing in the middle of the kitchen having sex. Disgusted, I run back outside.

      "We're going to have to make them leave," I tell my aunt. Things get a bit more disturbing before I'm finally able to talk to Bob to ask him to leave. "It's time for you to go home now," I tell him firmly. He glares at me.

      "Not until I speak to my daughter," he says.

      "If you don't leave, I'm calling the cops."

      He begins cursing at me, demanding to see his daughter. He accidentally calls me Cheyenne--- I assume from the familiarity of talking to her in this way. Now I'm pissed. "I'm not your f***ing daughter!" I growl furiously.

      He grabs me by my throat and starts to strangle me. I hear my aunt protesting, but she does nothing to help. Completely infuriated, I punch the man in the throat--- when he lets go of me, leaning forward and spluttering, I send an elbow down into his back, knee him in the face, then shove him to the floor where I proceed to stomp---hard--- onto his junk seven or eight times before stomping on his head and knocking him unconscious.

      My aunt and Cheyenne's mom stand there staring at me, stunned. I glare at them. "Is anyone going to call the police, or do I have to do that, too?"

      The Devil and The Ring (DILD)


      After much nonsense that I'm not going to copy over, I end up in a house with my two young cousins. They want me to go dancing with them at some party, but I dislike such situations. Still, they beg me to go. I look in the mirror and notice that my hair has changed color and style--- it is a bit shaggier, colored black in the front and blonde in the back and lower layers. I look like a rocker chick. Maybe with this cool hairstyle, I'll feel better about going dancing. I reluctantly agree to go with my cousins to what ever party they're going on about.

      On the way there, they start questioning me about my jewelry. I think they're referring to my pentacle, which I show them. I accidentally refer to it as a ring instead of a necklace. "THAT'S the ring you brought with you?" they ask. They sound almost angry for some reason.

      "Oh, no. I meant this is my necklace. These are my rings," I hold up my hands to show them my high school and college rings. The girls instantly try to take them from me--- I close my hands into fists to stop them. "Not even the Devil can have my ring," I joke (referring to an old dream where the Devil insistantly tried to steal my high school ring for it's magical properties. I say this often in real life as a kind of inside joke with myself.) However, as I notice the sinister smiles appear on my "cousin's" faces, I
      suddenly realize that they are indeed demons in disguise, after my rings. I'm in a low-level stage of lucidity at this point.

      Knowing that I'm onto them, the two girls suddenly transform into succubi, joined by a third succubus who had been watching from afar. They are planning to take me somewhere, where their master awaits my rings. However, I use their own tactics against them and manage to make them forget all about my rings....

      I "wake up" in the middle of the street. My brother and grandmother are standing over me, chastizing me about things I was apparently doing in my sleep. Their ranting is interrupted when a vicious growl rips through the air. I turn to see a dog--- or what was once a dog. It looks as though it has stepped directly out from Silent Hill. The rest of the dream is a confused blur of running from and fighting these dog creatures.

    2. Getting Back to the Action

      by , 06-26-2014 at 07:23 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      After a long hiatus, I can finally focus on dreaming again.

      Giant Slayers (DILD)


      I seem to once again be in high school, riding the bus back home. The driver gives all the students some kind of trivia assignment to be completed before leaving the bus. I have a book of facts with me that I'm using to complete the assignment. I briefly wake up as I complain (out loud) about how unfair it is to have homework on the bus.

      I re-enter the dream. Now I'm hanging out at my mom's house with one of the girls from the bus. She has a tattoo on her cheek. I look in the mirror, noticing that my hair is long again. When I touch it, however, it still feels short. "Why does the mirror say my hair is long when it's not?" I ask the girl, confused. She tells me that it IS long. This is when I take note of my stupidity and realize that
      I must be dreaming.

      "Oh, I get it," I tell her. "I'm dreaming." The girl gives me a doubtful look. "This is all just a dream. I can prove it to you. What should I do to prove it?"

      She points to a guitar behind me. "Can you play?"

      I look at the guitar skeptically, thinking of how musically illiterate I am. "No," I answer, "I doubt I can even play that in a dream."

      "Try it. I'l only believe you if you can play it.

      I pick up the guitar and surprisingly begin playing a really wicked tune. The girl grins, joining me with some sort of electronic instrument that she possesses. We have a really powerful jam session that has both of us really pumped up by the end. We laugh and cheer at our success.

      "I guess this really is a dream," the girl relents.

      "I guess that means you only exist in my mind," I tell her. "Or maybe we're having the same shared dream. Try to remember this later and let me know on the bus tomorrow if we're really in the same dream." (Clearly since I'm in college now, and I've never actually ever seen this girl, I have no way of knowing for sure.)

      We go outside, still discussing the nature of shared dreaming. I lazily levitate down the street. "Where are we going?" my companion asks me.

      "Who knows? But where ever we end up, it'll be an adventure," I promise.

      Somewhere along the line, we join with two friends, a guy and a girl. I do not know them IRL, but I seem to in the dream. We come upon a beautiful swamp-land area where we decide to explore. I marvel at how real the place is, combined with an undeniable dream haze. "It feels good to travel with a group again," I tell my friends. "Ironic, since I'm called the Loner."

      The forest thickens, aand we notice a huge mansion ahead. We walk onto the porch, intending to explore, when a Giant bursts from the woods. She's taller than the house--- the ground shakes with her every step.

      She hasn't noticed us yet. There are several large crates on the porch--- I indicate to my friends that we should hide behind them. Before we get a chance, the Giantess looks directly at us, leaning over the bannister to peer down at us with a mighty roar.

      "Take cover under the house!" I yell, taking my own advice. The giant crouches down, trying to grab at me from my hiding place. While her face is so low to the ground, I use the opportunity to slash at her. She manages to get away before I do much damage. I yell my plan to the others. Together, with much effort, we manage to get the Giant down on her back. I run towards her with my knife, but she has one of her own. When I hesitate to attack, she impales one of the girls I'm with. I cry out furiously, grabbing the knife from her and stabbing her face over and over again. Her face is a wreck; no longer can I even consider it a face. Blood is everywhere. It smells awful, like this sickly sweet organic matter... It's all over my hands, thick and slippery. I smirk, wondering what the Queen would think of me now.

      The Giantess, meanwhile, is still alive. With the help of my friends, I drag her to the nearby river to drown her. All it does is heal her face. >_<
      I wake up, heart pounding, the smell of her blood burned into my nostrils.

      Yet Another Fight with a Snake Goddess (Non-lucid)


      This seems to be a recurring theme with me for some reason.

      I am in an outdoors setting with my two roomates: Alex and Ninja. A large blue and black feathered snake slithers through the branches above my head, then comes to rest in a coil just in front of me. It regards me maliciously. I can tell it means to strike at any moment, so I scurry back to avoid its (likely venomous) fangs. For some reason, it seems necessary to kill this snake at all costs.

      I pull out my large black knife. Alex and I take turns distracting the snake while the other attacks. After we inflict a certain amout of damage, the snake transforms into a dragon/spinx-like goddess. As the goddes has wings, we must now resort to ranged weapons. We throw miniature spears at her, which serves more to fuel her temper than to actually do any damage.

      The angered goddess pulls out a dart gun and procedes to fire venomous darts at my companions and I. The darts take out Alex and Ninja, but I fight the effects. "Don't you know I'm the Queen of dreams!?" I shout at her. "Your darts have little effect on me!" I grab some unused darts from her, which are now more like syringes, and inject her with her own venom. Now that she's paralyzed, I somehow manage to weild an axe and chop her to pieces.
    3. A New End

      by , 11-23-2012 at 03:36 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      A New End (DILD)


      Realizing that I don't have the project I'm supposed to be working on, I remember that I had handed it to Alex after lunch for her to take back to the room. Upon asking her, she admits that she accidentally left it in her last class. She agrees to go get it if I walk with her. "What building is it in?" I ask. She says some weird name that I've never heard of. I figure it must be something specifically for music students.

      As we are walking from our dorm, I notice some people eating and I become extremely hungry. I also have a horrible feeling that today somehow marks the end of the world. I tell Alex that I want to eat some really good food since it might just be our last meal. She wants to know what I mean, so I tell her about my feeling. "Why would the world randomly end today?" she asks.

      "I don't know... But still, it's close to dinner time and I want food."

      We make it to her class and she gives me back my project. She points to a sign on the far end of the warehouse-like building that says something along the lines of "Suzie's Corner."

      "That's a good place to eat," she tells me. I am amazed that there is a restaurant in here that I've never heard of before. Weird...

      When we go over there to get food, there are a lot of men in construction get-up walking around working. Something feels really off all of a sudden. The restraunt is near the opening of the building, and it becomes apparent that all is not well outside. In fact, there appears to be a growing congregation of zombies.

      "Are those... zombies?" I ask, not sure whether to believe my eyes.

      "Um... looks like it," Alex answers incredulously.

      As we search the zombie infested campus for our friends, it becomes clear that these are not normal zombies. They are fast moving when they want to be, and they have limited speech capabilites (mainly to assure their victims that they won't bite them). They also seem to have no desire to eat human flesh, only to infect. It later becomes apparent that they are extremely interested in candy, so I refer to them as Adventure Time zombies.

      Along the way, we find several of our friends who are alive and well. But each one of them soon falls prey to the zombies, one by one. At one point, I am holding a girl I know as she cries--- her best friend had just become a zombie and I barely stopped her from turning the girl into one.

      Soon, I feel as though I'm the only human left. Alex is still alive, no doubt, but we have become separated and it would be foolish to stay here. So I manage to escape campus (despite the blockade attempt made by the zombies), and begin walking through a stretch of woods towards the city.

      It is not long before I'm attacked by a possibly infected weasle. I stomp on the thing several times, clearly crushing it's back, but it keeps coming at me! Finally I hold it down with one foot and grind my other foot into its head until it dies.

      I am somewhat disturbed by my brutality towards this animal,
      which causes me to abruptly become lucid. Yes! I fly toward the city, currently content with just exploring. But I become briefly distracted by a scene that I will not describe here.

      I leave the distraction behind, somewhat annoyed at myself, and head further into the city. Alex suddenly catches up with me and asks what I'm doing. "I'm dreaming," I tell her, "so I guess I'm going to look for something fun to do." She asks if she can come with me and I agree.

      The dream deteriorates when I run into my mom, and her pushiness makes me lose lucidity.

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