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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Return from the Dead

      by , 09-25-2017 at 02:17 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I really want to get back into actively practicing lucid dreaming. I miss being on here and discussing dreams with you people! What follows are a few of the most interesting dreams I've had lately.

      Lonliness (Non-lucid)


      Something has occurred that causes Cheyenne and Jake to forget about me. It's something like a spell or an alternate timeline where we never met and became friends. All I really recall is a rainy night, incomprehensible lonliness, and finally speaking to Cheyenne again even though she does not remember me.

      Foolishness (DILD)


      Note: This was basically expected. I took one 4mg tablet of Galantamine before bed and another during WBTB at 3 am. That is always a recipe for intense sleep paralysis, which was my goal. I'm trying to use it as a gateway for astral projection, or at least a good lucid.

      I'm lucid, walking down the street where I grew up at night. Still affected by my previous dream, I summon Cheyenne to keep me company. I call out her name--- my usual method of summoning. A voice calls back from the darkness, but it's distorted and wrong. "YOU'RE not Cheyenne," I accuse the voice.

      "Yes I am." The voice is normal now. Cheyenne approaches me from a dark path out of the trees by the edge of the road. Foolishly, I assume the original distortion must have been an effect of the sound bouncing off the almost tunnel like grove of trees. I am too desperate for companionship after my previous dream to question it further. I figure, this is a dream, so it's not REALLY her anyway.

      Cheyenne walks with me back to my childhood home, where I lay down on a hammock around the side of the house. I am laying with my back to her, but it seems for a moment as though she has disappeared, much to my disappointment. If only that were the case...

      Because suddenly I hear a demonic voice shriek from behind me, "FOOLED YOU!!!!" as a creature latches onto my back, cackling madly, its arm coming around to dig its long claws painfully into my chest. It falls with me into the dark void of sleep paralysis, mocking me with its shrill, shrieking laughter all the while.

      My first thought is that I definitely had this coming to me. Despite my fear and pain, I remember telling myself NOT to try to wake up if I have SP tonight. I hold out for as long as I can, but eventually I give in to the fear and force myself awake.

      Final Destination (Non-lucid)


      The early part of the dream is a bit vague. I'm helping someone with computer stuff. There's also a girl I like with pretty blonde hair.

      It's as I'm leaving this place that things start to go downhill. My boss has gotten himself mixed up in some Deep Web murder club with an invamous serial killer/hacker named "Sabine." He's going to one of their meetings right now (apparently they meet in a physical place?) and I make the mistake of walking with him to his truck, which is parked outside the convention hall. He asks if I want to come with him and I almost do, but change my mind.

      Unfortunately, during this brief span of time, I've drawn the interest of Sabine. I have the option to join or die, and I refuse to do either. But Sabine is seemingly everywhere, with eyes in all forms of technology. I have no idea how to stay constantly vigilant agains a club of murderers who are determined to stalk and kill me. There is also a paranormal aspect to what is happening, but I fear the Murder Club humans much more.

      There is a person I'm trying to protect who is also being targeted. I think it's the pretty blonde girl from before. I remember holding her hand, and we might have kissed. Can't really remember this part too clearly. She is involved with the paranormal part of this--- she is a Star who has fallen to earth and needs to find her way home. She is missing a lot of her memory, though. In turn, I have "memories" of these events happening before, in alternate timelines.

      I have a conversation with who I think is one of the murderers about what's going on as he mocks me and prepares to kill me. I realize that he's not actually one of the human members of the club; instead, he is a Reaper. I laugh at him, saying I'm not afraid to die at the hands of a Reaper and that he can just go ahead and kill me. He swings his scythe at me mut it hits an invisible barrier. I laugh again. "Looks like you can't do it." I know I am protected against the likes of him, because I know how to use my spiritual energy to defend myself. He wonders out loud what could have caused this. To throw him off his game, I say something about "the Frenchman," apparently referring to the fallen angel Asher.
      (Asher was a character of mine back in high school. An annoying French angel. In the dream, however, we knew each other from one of the alternate timelines.)

      I end up in a bar with my Star friend. Asher bursts in the door, but he looks different than how I remember him. His famous blonde hair is dyed black. He also does not yet remember me from the other timelines, but I know that he will.

      I'm now with Asher outside my current residence. Evil vines come from the woods and try to strangle him, but I set them on fire. They scream like banshees as they burn.
    2. Worst Family Reunion Ever

      by , 11-15-2013 at 03:02 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Worst Family Reunion Ever (Non-lucid)


      It it snowing, and there is word that the largest blizzard ever is about to pass through our area. My dad and I rush out to get groceries. Unfortunately, he passes the grocery store and says he has to get his car washed first. I figure we should get food as quickly as possible and get off the road before things get even worse, but I hold my tongue.

      Along the way, we meet up with some old family friends (who don't exist IRL). One of them is telling me that her daughter is dying to hang out with me, even though we've only met one time many years ago. Somehow, my deceased Aunt Linda is with this group. She is smoking in a very ostentatious manner, blowing the smoke in my face as she talks. She accuses me of thinking that she is some kind of hobo.

      My dad and I leave, but instead of going to the grocery store, he ends up in some kind of insane work-out cult. He tells me to wait for him while he exercises with the trainer. I wait for an extremely long time until he finally comes back outside. He now looks like a freakish body-builder, and has shaved his hair except for a big greasy mohawk. He tells me that he has to continue working out here and that I need to wait for him. I get really mad and tell him that I'm leaving. He refuses to give me the keys to the car, so I decide to walk.

      For some reason, I decide to walk to my grandmother's house instead of my own. Big mistake. My Aunt Linda is there, along with one of my cousins and several rough-looking partying types. They're all drinking, and there seems to be a small orgy beginning. Completely disgusted, I decide to sneak around to the other side of the house so they won't notice me. I fly over their heads ((I'm not lucid, but I know about my dream powers somehow)) but Aunt Linda notices me. She says my dad has called with instructions to keep me here. They lock me in the house.

      A boy who lives nearby has seen my plight and is waiting in the house for me. He's supposed to be working with my captors, but he likes me and wants to help set me free. We both jump through a window and he keeps them away from me before joining me in the grand escape. We make it to my house, where I give him a huge hug for helping me. It is a really nice, warm hug--- better than any I've experienced IRL. Unfortunately, my feelings for him are only platonic while he seems to have fallen in love with me.
      Tags: cult, escape
    3. Dillon The Weird

      by , 03-07-2013 at 03:52 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Dillon the Weird (DILD)


      I am in a dark room that isn't entirely part of our normal dimension. A few other people are there with me, including a creepy kid named Dillon who I've apparently had some issues with in the past.

      I am leafing through a small notebook that I've stolen from Dillion. He is trying to take it back from me, so I'm distracted as I am both holding him back and reading the notebook. There is a strange globular thing on one of the pages that is similar to a small heart. I squeeze the little heart a few times to see if anything happens. At the bottom of the page, red writing appears that says "5 New Deaths."

      Dillon laughs at me. "You just killed five people!" he says.

      "What!?" I shriek. Another person in the room explains to me that this is Dillon's notebook of death. I decide to keep it away from him so that he can't kill anymore people with it.

      Later, I am back in the normal plane of existence, walking through a parking lot with my dad. I suddenly get the feeling that Dillon is nearby. "Better be on the look out," I tell my dad. "This creepy kid is going to try to attack me."

      I pull the notebook from my back pocket and try to put it in my jacket pocket. It gets caught on the material, though, and Dillon shows up just as I'm struggling with it. "Give me back my notebook!" he yells at me, lunging forward.

      My dad grabs him and begins shaking him violently around. Dillon goes invisible and manages to run off.

      "You should send more of your dream characters after me!" my dad laughs. "I'll kick their asses, no problem."

      I think that he wouldn't be so cocky if he ran into my dream guide. It would take a lot more than shaking him about to defeat *him.*

      Random lucid moment behind me, I continue into the store. I'm supposed to be looking for specific items that represent certain people that I know who are part of some kind of creepy cult conspiracy. On the highest shelf in the store, I see some My Little Pony cloaks (of all things.) I know that this is the item that is supposed to represent Bryan, leader of the cult and a hugy brony.

      I gracefully jump onto the shelf and sit there, examining the cloaks. Though I wouldn't call myself a brony, I have watched MLP as a kind of guilty pleasure. I absentmindedly sing the theme as I'm looking at the cloaks. Suddenly, I notice someone is singing along with me. It's Dillon.

      "You watch My Little Pony?" I ask him, surprised.

      "Yeah," he admits.

      This sparks a conversation, and I learn that he is not as evil as I had thought. He is actually really sweet and sensitive.
      Tags: cult
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Cult of Campus

      by , 11-23-2012 at 01:51 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      With this, I'm finally caught up.

      Night of 11/21/12

      I have stumbled upon a dark secret at school: several students are missing, and I suspect they are dead at the hands of a sinister cult that practices on campus. In my search for answers (as I vow to solve this mystery and expose the cult), I come across a student named Mary. She basically confirms my suspicions: "You'll become one of the bodies before you ever find them!" she taunts me.

      Angered, I manage to escape her before she kills me. I find my friend Jessica and tell her that I am closer than ever to finding out the cult's secret. "Have you heard of a girl called Mary?" I ask.

      "N-no. Why?" She seems kind of anxious and fidgety, asking if I'll go on a walk with her. I agree, until she starts to lead me into the forest. I suddenly become suspicious that she is going to kill me. I refuse to go any farther and head back alone, but I intend to secretly follow her to find out what she's up to. I am now almost certain that she is part of the cult.

      I stalk her further down the path to the forest, but she suddenly cuts back and heads to the graveyard instead. There is no good cover, so I head off to report my suspicions to Alex (my roommate).

      "I might just be really paranoid," I say, once back in our room, "but I'm pretty sure Jessica is part of the cult. And now they're all out to kill me."

      "That does sound pretty crazy," Alex agrees calmly, eating her Ramen. I pace the room, trying to think of a solution.

      Soon afterward, Mary sends us on a treacherous train ride (a strange train that is powered by a crank) in the hopes that we'll die along the way. Now Alex is more accepting of my "crazy" theories and tries to help me.

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