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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Of Death and Babies

      by , 07-03-2014 at 05:23 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Wandering Vagabond (Non-lucid)


      I am going through what seems to be a repeat of my dad's death, with different events. Somehow, this results in no longer being able to stay at my aunt's house for the summer. In the meantime, I've gathered my things to crash at my mom's.

      I have a different phone that seems a lot older and more basic than the one I have now, which is saying something. Someone calls and I can't figure out how to answer it, so it goes to voicemail. The voicemail plays live through the speakers of the phone, but I cannot interact with the caller. It sounds like my dad! "Lola! This is important. I'm calling to tell you----" In my frantic effort to answer the phone to speak to him, I accidentally drop his call. I desperately try to call him back, but the number is odd and it goes straight to some person named Jana.

      Later, I am outside my mom's house contemplating things when a little baby walks into the yard and starts playing. There is no one else around who the baby could belong to, and I'm concerned for his safety--- especially when he trips and nearly falls face forward into a ditch. I dive towards the baby and stop him from going into the ditch. When I pick him up, he is a lot tinier than before. At first, he was toddler sized. Now he is smaller than even a newborn baby should be, while still exhibiting the characteristics of a much older baby. Since he seems to be all alone, I take him inside and hand him off to my mom. It was really hot outside, so I tell her that he's probably thirsty. I walk away for a few minutes. When I come back, my mom is bathing the baby in a little pool of cold tea. I have no idea what purpose this is supposed to serve.

      I am trying to figure out where I'm supposed to stay for the remainder of the summer. I refuse to live at my mom's house again. The only other relative I really know well enough to stay with is my grandmother, but the thought of living with her isn't that pleasing, either. I sigh. I really look forward to the day when I can live alone in my own house and stop bouncing from place to place between the school year. I decide to call my grandmother, having such few options. Since my phone refuses to pull up contacts, I dial what I assume to be her house number. Instead, a rather deep-voiced woman answers that is definitely not my grandma. "Umm, I have the wrong number," I tell her apologetically.

      "Awh, that's alright. I'm just about to go have a lovely meal at [restaurant I've never heard of]. Hope you have a wonderful day!"

      I wish her a good meal, then hang up.
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    2. Sea Monsters and the Yule Lord

      by , 02-20-2014 at 04:13 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been pretty busy with school work lately, but I've still been recording some dreams. Finally have a bit of time to post.


      Mind Over Matter (Non-lucid)


      The hood of my special jacket allows me to breathe under water. I go deep under the ocean with my dad to search for a buried treasure that is very important to us. I know that as soon as I begin digging, this infamous sea monster will begin attacking me. The water will make it difficult for me to fight back, so I'm thinking of a proper strategy of defense beforehand. My dad suggests using my telekinesis to kill the creature.

      Previously, we had run into trouble because my brother used telekinesis to kill things, which caused dark forces to stir and pursue us. I've never used tk for this purpose and am wary of bringing too much darkness upon myself. Plus, I'm not strong enough to kill the sea monster anyway since I've never used my power in this way before.

      My dad instructs me to practice so that I CAN kill it. He throws a black widow spider on me, which I swat off onto the ocean floor before it can bite me. I love spiders, but this one is venomous and is actively attacking me. Left with little choice, I use my telekinesis against the spider. It writhes in pain--- though it takes three tries to kill it. Now I should at least be able to do a bit of damage to the sea monster.

      Krampus (Non-lucid)


      I am wandering the streets of Mexico dressed as Krampus, the Yule Lord. Everyone is afraid and trying to kill me. They succeed multiple times. Every time I die, I must respawn at the start of the street and try again. Finally, despite a tense moment where I make a little boy cry, I win the trust of his older sister and the people no longer see me as a threat. They give me a necklace of skull beads as a peace offering.

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    3. Not So Great Recall

      by , 02-06-2014 at 06:40 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Sooner than Later (Non-lucid)


      I receive some kind of precognition that an airplane is going to kill me. I'm standing outside on a dark hill, when I see an airplane about to crash from the sky above me.

      I run, barely escaping the impact. Then, another falls and I barely dodge this one as well. I realize it does not matter how many times I try to escape-- death will come for me in the end. I decide it is best to let it happen now.

      As I stand still, waiting for the next plane to strike... Nothing happens. It seems that my acceptance of fate has caused me to circumvent the accident.

      More Bullies (Non-lucid)


      Alternate Universe. I seem to be a 7 or 8 year old boy, sitting at a table in a classroom. There are two larger boys sitting across from me who always like to bully me. I'm reading a book out of a large stack I have, trying to ignore them.

      Out of the corner of my eye, I see them steal several of my books. I've decided that I'm tired of their crap, so I set my book down slowly and give them a dangerous look. "Give those back," I growl.

      They laugh mockingly. "What're you gonna do about it?"

      "I'm going to count to 5," I tell them. "If you don't put my books back on the table by then, I'm going to stab you." They seem unsettled by my sudden change in demeanor. I pretend to continue reading my book nonchalantly as I count. "1.... 2..... THREE....." The boys hurry to put the books back on the table. The largest boy gets up and walks off to sit at a different table.

      The boy who's left picks up another of my books and begins to flip through it. He reads a bit of it out loud, then sets it back down. "Um, that's pretty cool," he says.

      "I'm surprised you were able to read that much of it," I scoff, not quite ready to forgive his misdeeds against me.

      "Me too!" he says happily. He doesn't even realize I was making fun of him...
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    4. A Night of Bullies and a Dead Princess

      by , 02-05-2014 at 07:32 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I listened to a subliminal mp3 to help with my recall last night. It seemed to work pretty well!

      Intimidation (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be in a high school gym class with Alex and other random students. We are about to begin a swim lesson. Oddly, we have on regular clothes and are standing at the steps of an empty pool.

      While we're waiting on the teacher, a gang of older boys approaches us. They begin aggressively insulting us, to the point that I'm afraid it will get violent. I decide to step in with my own unique intimidation tactic. I take a step toward the guys and begin barking like a rabid dog, setting a crazed look in my eyes. My friends giggle nervously, but the guys take a step back. I continue my crazed barking, practically foaming at the mouth and spewing spit in the leader's face with each angry snarl. The fear in his eyes is perfect.

      "Man, we don't want anything to do with you freaks, anyway." The leader scoffs, calling off his gang. As they walk away, I can't resist making one final jab at them.

      "Oh, sorry. You guys are so ugly that I must have mistaken you for dogs!"

      The boys turn around slowly, dangerously. "Oh, you're gonna pay for that," the leader fumes. He comes at us again, this time brandishing what appears to be a prison shank. Alex and I use our martial arts skills to wrest the shank from him, just as our teacher arrives to send the gang away.

      Land Sharks (Non-lucid)


      I am at my mom's house with Cheyenne, though no one else is around. We're trying to figure out where everybody is when we hear a huge commotion outside. Looking out, I see two huge construction vehicles completely demolishing the front yard. When I go out to confront them, the vehicles burrow underground and attempt to come up underneath my feet to kill me. I am forced to fly in order to avoid death.

      Lost (Non-lucid)


      I've already missed my first class of the day because I can't find my way out of the college's main building. I'm getting desperate since it's not much longer until my second class is supposed to start.

      While wandering, I come upon a party being held in one of the upstairs rooms. I had forgotten that there were supposed to be several parties up here today. This one looks extremely high-class and fancy--- aside from the strippers pole dancing at the corners of the room! My boss and coworker are running the sound system for this party. They seem to be focusing more on the strippers than on their job.

      I'm not supposed to be here, so I try to leave without drawing attention to myself. I go out a door, thinking I've finally found the exit. Instead, I come out on the roof. It is a very nice view, but now I am beyond frustrated. "WHY!?" I scream. "Why am I on the roof!?" I hear a girl laughing behind me.

      I turn around to see a girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty. She is one of the staff of another party that the school is hosting, which involves fairy tale princesses. "Took a wrong turn?" she asks.

      I grin sheepishly. "Yeah. I'm kinda lost."

      "Want me to show you the way?"

      I think about it, but I'm pretty embarrassed about the situation already. "Nah, I'll find my way out eventually. I should really know my way around my now anyway, since it's my second year here."

      She giggles. "Yeah, you really should."

      I go back inside and wander into a room that appears to be an occultist bookstore. I never knew this was here! I am about to look around, when I hear the Sleeping Beauty girl behind me. "You're going entirely the wrong way," she teases. "You should go to the north-west wing."

      I admit that I have an atrocious sense of direction and have no idea which way northwest is from where we are. "Just follow me!" she insists. I relent, following her though the door that FINALLY takes me outside. We seem to be on the street rather than on campus, however.

      Sleeping Beauty is very enthusiastic as we walk, bursting into song and twirling around the sidewalk. I smile, unable to help being smitten by her liveliness.

      Suddenly, the scene changes as the dream begins to deteriorate. Sleeping Beauty is narrating a story from her childhood, in which she wants to catch a phoenix to bring an end to the harsh winter. I am shown flashes of a phoenix, then the terrible scene of the girl's frozen corpse nailed to a wooden stake, alone in a blizzard. The last image before I awaken is the face of an evil dragon, mocking the girl's death.
    5. A Night of Wolves and Death

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:43 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      To Be A Wolf (Non-lucid)


      I am sitting in the floor beside my roommate's bed. We have both performed some sort of ritual to transform ourselves into otherworldly creatures. Alex is about to become some sort of undead dark lord, while I am going to be a werewolf. We know that the process will be very painful, but we are prepared.

      Her transformation begins first. She clutches her arm and screams in agony as a green-gray bruise-like sheen begins to overtake her skin. I sit in the floor and awkwardly watch, knowing that people in the hallway are going to think she's being murdered. After a few minutes, her screams stop and the transformation is complete. "Look!" she says excitedly. "I've completely transformed."

      She notices that my canine teeth are beginning to protrude much farther than normal. "Oh, your transformation is starting now, too." I go to the mirror and watch in fascination as my teeth grow sharper and more wolf-like. However, my interest is cut short when the pain in my gut begins. It feels like someone is grabbing my organs and squeezing hard. I fall to the floor, convulsing, shrieking with each stab of pain in my stomach. After what feels like an eternity, the pain fades and I black out.

      *time lapse*

      A month has passed. It is the full moon once more, and I am excited to experience being the Wolf for the first time, since I was unconscious for the duration of the last full moon. It will be much easier for me the second time around, I know. The only problem is, people know a werewolf is living nearby and they have formed a mob to kill it. I will have to be extremely careful not to get caught.

      Unfortunately for me, it is summer, which means that the moon's power hits me early in the evening. I'm attending an outdoor dinner party with my mother when the feeling begins. I know I will turn soon. "I'm going to step out in the woods for a minute," I tell my mother. She doesn't know that I'm the werewolf everyone is concerned about.

      "I'll go with you," she says.

      "No. I'm going alone." I tell her firmly.

      "Then you're not going at all!" she snaps.

      I'm beginning to grow angry and a bit desperate. "I'm 20 years old. You can't run my life anymore!" I storm out into the woods before she can stop me. I take my wolf form almost as soon as I'm out of sight from the party. It feels wonderful! A sense of power and freedom so powerful is coursing through my veins, that I throw my head back and howl. The sound echoes eerily through the forest, sounding more dangerous than any wolf. Damn. I'd forgotten about the mob.

      Someone comes crashing through the woods towards me--- it was my mother. She has a shotgun, pointed directly at me. I desperately try to signal for her to not shoot, but she can't understand me! It is too late. She fires the gun.

      The bullet pierces through my stomach, knocking me to the ground. I'm too weak to feel the pain. As I begin to involuntarily shift back to my human form, my mother's look of realization and scream of horror at what she's done are the last things I experience before everything goes black.

      To Be The Prey (DILD)


      My brother and I are standing in our back yard when we notice a chicken and a rooster down the hill. "Let's chase them!" I say excitedly. He agrees, so we take off after the birds. Using what little flying ability they have, the birds easily flutter out of our reach. Suddenly becoming lucid, I fly off after them. Flying, it's much easier to keep up with the chickens, but we still manage to lose them after a while. I also lose lucidity.

      My mother has read a task in her scouting handbook that requires the participant to mark their favorite pages in a book and then leave the book outside to show the dogs. I think this is completely stupid and want no part in it. However, my mother is trying to make me complete this task. She is SO annoying that I finally concede, but when I walk outside with the book it occurs to me that the dogs will just chew it up rather than try to read the pages I've marked.

      Irritated, I walk to the back of the yard where my dad and brother are sitting. I'm complaining to them about how irritating my mom is being when suddenly coyotes begin howling nearby. The dogs go crazy, and I decide to stir them up even more by howling along with the coyotes.

      However, just before I start howling I notice that the "coyotes" are walking directly into our yard. "Woah, are you sure those are coyotes?" I ask my dad. They look more like large wolves.

      There are two of them, and they both lay eyes on me at the same moment. They drop to a hunting crouch, growling furiously and stalking closer to me. One of them lunges. I manage to jump at the same instant, kicking the beast so hard in the head that he falls limp to the ground. My timing isn't so great with the other one. He barrels into me, knocking me over. However, I still have my grip on the book, which happens to be a pretty heavy hard back. I begin beating the wolf over the head with my book. It is a long a bloody process with such a terrible weapon, but I somehow manage to beat him to death. My book is now sticky with his blood.

      I am irrationally furious that my book has been ruined despite not following through with my mom's asinine task, so I stomp off toward the hill to bury it. But as I approach the edge of the forest, I am at first horrified to see more wolves. However, it seems they are impressed with my fighting skills. They have come to make me an honorary member of their Pack.

      The biggest, toughest wolf does not agree with this decision. He attacks me without warning, intending to kill me. His attack knocks me off balance, but I use the momentum to roll on top of him. There are no real weapons nearby. I somehow manage to get a hold of a deer's leg bone, which I promptly shove into the wolf's mouth when he tries to bite me. I shove the bone deep into his throat until he chokes to death. Upon dying, he finally accepts me as an equal.
    6. Of Cat-girls, death, and new lives

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:45 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)

      Animal Planet (Non-lucid)


      I have entered an alternate timeline in which animals rule the world and consider people a lower form of life. In the city, I see busses with writing such as "PETA Daycare." I find this very amusing. My mom and I are attempting to return to our hometown, but when we come across some temples and holy statues sacred to the animals, I break away to explore. In the process of exploring, this human-looking girl who claims to be half animal begins chasing me. Humans are not allowed to wander around alone, so I am deemed a fugitive and a rogue. (Apparently animal-human hybrids such as the girl chasing me are raised as animals).

      I run away but the animal girl always finds me. I still have a bottle of alcohol from a previous dream, which ignites a plan within me. The bottle has different settings of strength and flavor, so I turn it to the highest strength and trick my pursuer into drinking it. Now that she's drunk, I figure that escaping her will be twenty times easier.

      Unfortunately for us both, I am wrong. The girl follows me to a strange area where a set of monkey bars reaches over a span of incredible height. I am carefully making my way across when she tries to pull me down. I tell her to cut it out or she'll get us both killed, but she is drunk and not in her right state of mind, so she keeps trying.

      She almost falls herself, but I manage to catch her and help her down to solid ground. I gently lay her down; she is no longer as drunk, but she's bretty shaken up from the scare of almost falling to her death. She mumbles out an embarassed "thank you."

      In response, I unexpectedly lean over and kiss her. At first she is startled, then she kisses me back. Sadly, a group of pure-blood animals have come upon us while we were distracted. They are furious, screaming that a relationship between humans and animals are forbidden. We are forced to flee. She is very angry with me for making her an outcast, but we have no choice but to stick together to evade capture. I find the whole situation very amusing.

      Guardian Spirit (Non-lucid)


      I have died and I think I've been born again. A bit of time passes until my brain has the capacity to think. I am a bit disconcerted when thinking about my new appearance. "I... have blue eyes...?" I ask out loud, more to myself than anyone else. I remember having green eyes. Why are they blue? My mom says I have blue eyes just like my father's. I soon realize that I am not actually the child--- my spirit is simply connected to hers. She is actually my brother's daughter; my niece.

      I am somewhat sad to be dead, but I decide I will make my death worthwhile and watch after my niece as her guardian spirit. I will not let any harm come to her. The child sees me as her imaginary friend. Now one suspects that my spirit is still lingering. My parents are raising the child as their own--- I have no idea what has happed to my brother, but I suspect he may be dead as well.

      Second Life (Non-lucid)


      I have my personality, but I am a different Person in another life, apparently in high school again. My best friends and I have a strange inside joke about our group’s “rulebook,” which contains arbitrary rules about our friendship. We are in the cafeteria getting lunch. Friend #1 walks away to get tea. While she’s preoccupied, I strike up a conversation with Regina, our school’s bitchy head cheerleader. She is talking about hair with her friend, and I mention that I’ve given up caring about my own hair. She makes some snide comment about it and says something about me being a nerd. I tell her I am proud to be a nerd. The entire exchange seems to be more out of routine than actually malicious. I am enamored with Regina and enjoy these little encounters. I’m beginning to suspect that she does as well.

      When I return to my table, I obviously have a stupid grin on my face. Friend #1 asks me what happened.

      Me: *still smiling* Nothing.

      Friend 1: Nothing my butt. Did you meet someone? Did you have a romantic encounter?

      Me: No. I just had an amusing conversation with… someone.

      Friend 1: *sudden realization* Oh god, tell me you weren’t flirting with Regina again! I can understand if you like the cheery types but seriously? Regina?

      Me: Hey, it’s not---

      Before I can defend myself, Friend #2 sits with us. She notices that Friend #1 is once again carrying an empty pocket book with her (an apparent weird habit of hers). “New rule,” she says. “No carrying empty pocket books.

      Friend 1: What? Why not?

      Friend 2: Because, it looks dumb and I’m embarrassed to be seen with you.

      Friend 1: It does not.

      Me: Actually, it makes sense. What if the apocalypse suddenly happened? Yoou’d need a bag to carry important items you find, like in Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

      Friend 1: *stares at me like I’m crazy, then turns to Friend #2* Okay, you’re right. It’s stupid.
    7. Zombie Cataclypse

      by , 03-04-2013 at 05:06 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Not sure what's with all these perverse dreams I've been having. I never used to have any at all. But oh well, can't complain.

      Zombie Cataclypse (Lucid)


      I accidentally set off Wal-Mart's alarm system as I'm examining some RuneScape merchandice. All of my friends run away, leaving me as security shows up. "No big deal," I think. "Not like I stole anything." They search me and obviously don't find any stolen merchandice. However, they say they're going to have to hold me overnight. "You can't do that!" I exclaim. They tell me that they can.

      When they're distracted, I take off running and leave the store. They follow after me and actually start shooting at me! Alarmed, I make my way to the back of the property where their delivery trucks are. As I'm running, I notice that my mom is tied up in the back of one of the trucks. She tells me that she got busted for shoplifting.

      I free her and we run away.

      *time lapse*

      Some strange things have happened that I don't remember. I am now trapped in a creepy mansion with two people I've been travelling with. I'm sitting at a table with one of them, a girl who is crying to me that the guy we're with has cheated on her. She says she still wants to be with him, but she can't just let him get away with cheating. "Well, why don't you cheat on him? Then it'll be even," I tell her.

      "I can't just sleep with some random person to get back at him," she cries.

      "It doesn't have to be a random person," I say with a smirk. "I mean, I'm always available." She looks as though she's considering it, so I slide closer and kiss her. We then stand up and I lead her into a back room. Sadly, some people in the mansion burst in and interrupt us, so we're once again on the run.

      I spontaneously become lucid and decide that I am bored with the dream. I don't want to be in this mansion anymore. So I phase through the nearest window and somehow end up in my grandma's neighborhood.

      After rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream, I begin to walk happily down the street, singing to myself and just goofing off, enjoying being lucid under normal circumstances after so long. As I continue down the road, I notice that the doors to each house are open, and I can see the families inside. One little girl notices me singing and dancing. She laughs and walks out of her house towards me.

      The whole neighborhood soon follows suit. Families flock out of their houses and follow me down the road. They are all smiling, laughing, and sharing in my happiness. I am in excellent spirits.... until I turn around and find out that all of the people have suddenly become zombies!

      I stop for a moment, stunned at the abrupt change in mood. Of course, this would happen. When do I ever have non-threatening DC's in my lucids?

      Since I had not been suspicious of the initial crowd of people, they are already too close for me to simply run away. Three of them are already trying to grab a hold of me, and I've fallen to the ground! I kick them as hard as I can in the head; they fall, but are still coming after me. I manage to get to my feet and start to run.

      The zombies are still really close to me. One zombie girl reaches out to me... I suddenly realize that she is a normal human, pretending to be a zombie so that they won't get her. She grabs my arm and pulls me away from the hoarde.

      We run together into the woods, quickly putting distance between us and the undead. "I have a gun if things get really bad," she tells me.

      "What's your name?" I ask her.

      "I'm Torrie," she says. "Or Annie."

      "Wait, is it Torrie or Annie?" I ask, confused.


      I pause. "Um, okay. I'm Lola."

      We end up on a very narrow path in the woods that has a fence on either side. We stop running. Everything has gone completely silent. "I don't like the looks of this," I whisper. "Maybe you should get out your gun."

      Suddenly, a creepy voice rings through the air. "You have enroached too far into the hunting ground."

      Torrie or Annie looks at me, clearly scared. Suddenly all manner of undead animals are quickly coming down the path toward us. "We have to go over the fence!" she cries out.

      "Alright, you first." I help her over the fence. In the few seconds it takes to get her over, the animals are already at my feet. "Help me! Shoot them or something!" But Torrie or Annie is in shock or something and isn't moving. I stomp the animals' heads into the ground and quickly climb over. "Why didn't you help me?" I demand.

      Then I see the state she is in. She's curled into a little ball, crying uncontrollably. Alarmed, I pull her into a hug. "Hey, don't cry. It's gonna be okay. Don't worry, I'll get us out of here." Since she is completely unresponsive, I pick her up and carry her. We end up in a small abandoned building, where I sit down and try to calm her.

      I have a false awakening and am no longer lucid. Now I am outside of my old house with my dad and brother. The ground is frozen, and I am barefoot.

      We walk to the back road; it is still apparent that we are under threat of zombies. On the road, there are weird tree and stick sculptures in the shape of people scattered about. Suddenly, we hear a weird sound. I realize it's coming from a huge metal tower in the middle of the briar patch to the right. In a booming voice from the tower, someone begins reciting the Lord's Prayer.

      All of the sculptures come to life and begin reciting the prayer as well. The stick sculptures are carrying some kind of pamphlet and start jabbing me with them. I tell my dad and brother to run.

      I manage to evade the creepy sculptures, but we have become separated. It is hard to walk properly, because I keep sliding on patches of ice. Eventually, I come to a place that looks like where I'd been before my false awakening. "Torrie!" I shout, hoping to find her again. "Annie?"

      I walk into a nearby building and find her standing there. "L-Lola. It's you," she cries in relief. I run up to her and hug her close to me.

      "Thank god I found you," I whisper, holding her against me. "I was worried that something might have happened." All I want to do is to sit there and hold her, but I hear some suspicious noises outside.

      When I look out, two men are holding my dad and brother at gun point. One of them, who has a huge rifle. Walks up to us. "Well, well, well," he says creepily. "I think I'm gonna take you two young ladies as my wives." I give him an evil look, but he puts the gun to my back and marches us forward.

      "I'll never let you take us," I growl at him.

      "Oh really? And what are you going to do about it?" He turns and shoots my dad in the head. He falls to the ground, dead.

      Enraged, I manage to get Torrie's gun from her bag and I shoot both men. One goes down instantly, but the man with the rifle laughs at me, even though he has clearly been shot in the head. "Well, you clearly have good gun skills, but can you---" I shoot him again. He is still alive, and laughing. I give the gun to Torrie, thinking she might have better luck. He just won't die!

      I wake up shortly afterwards.

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    8. Double Death Tragedy

      by , 12-20-2012 at 04:38 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Double Death Tragedy (Non-lucid)


      Alex has come down with some horrible illness after we've locked ourselves in one of the buildings on campus. Her grandfather and (nonexistent) brother are with us. We can hear people in the hallway who aren't supposed to be there, but they don't come to bother us.

      Alex is having very violent spasms, yet she assures us that she'll be fine. Her grandfather pulls me aside and tells me that Alex is definitely going to die. I am shocked. In the short time I've known my roommate, she has become like a sister to me. I can't believe she is going to die.

      But she does. She dies right in front of me.

      I briefly wake up. I am relieved that it was only a dream. However, I have not moved or opened my eyes, and by the time I try to I am already stuck in sleep paralysis and then pulled back into the dream.

      I leave the room that we were in, thinking that Alex is still alive. I am going with her brother to investigate why people have been trying to break in. As soon as we walk into a large common room, a bee stings me on the neck, temporarily paralyzing and blinding me. When I am able to move again, her brother informs me that a ninja girl had broken in and done something. We are not sure what, but we know that she was working for our enemy.

      We split up to investigate. I come upon my mother, who is sitting with a large group of people. "Have you come for the final visitation?" she asks me in an eerie voice.

      I am thinking, "Visitation...? But... Alex didn't really die. That was just a dream. Right?" Confused, I go back to the room where she was to check on her. A horrifying sight greets me: Cheyenne is lying there, dead.

      I run from the room, crying, trying to find out what happened. Everyone present is too weird and crazy to answer my questions. An old man with horrible, blistering red flesh is dragging himself around the room, ranting crazily. His fingers and toes are all melded together, making his hands and feet look like flippers. He crawls in front of me and says I am too polite, just like my mother. (wtf?)

      I go find my mom again. She says I don't have to be here if I don't want to be, but I don't even know what is happening and I am so distraught that I can barely think straight. All I know is that my heart feels like it is torn to shreds and I can't believe I will never see her again.

      Finally I wake up, because my dream crying is making me breathe oddly in real life.

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