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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Determination and Nostalgia

      by , 01-31-2014 at 04:02 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been reading over all of my old dream journals, which has me feeling quite nostalgic about LDing. It's hard to believe I first stumbled upon this site nearly 7 whole years ago! A lot has changed since then, but my love for dreaming hasn't. Which is why I'm more motivated than ever to be active on here and to make more of an effort to keep up with my dream journal.

      So, here are a few of the dreams I managed to log during my extremely stressful last semester.

      Wolf Rider, Vampire Slayer (Non-lucid)


      I am taking shelter in an old colonial-style town with a girl named Rachel and a few other friends from college. Rachel and I are spending a lot of time flirting with each other, though it is a bit awkward.

      One morning, I'm talking to the town council about supplying food if we have to stay here over the winter. I suggest we use the corn field, but they tell me it is infested with squirrels. "It can't be that bad," I scoff. they take me to the corn field where THOUSANDS of squirrels are feasting on what's left of the corn. "Okay," I relent, "I see what you mean."

      While we stand here pondering what to do, wolves and giant deer emerge from the forest and into the field. The wolves seem to mean no harm, but the deer are a different story. One of them is angry with me and tries to trample me. A large wolf comes to my rescue. He lets me ride on his back, taking me safely back to town.

      In town, I'm trying to figure out the location of a Vampire nest that has been plaguing the area. The blueprint of the town shows me that the large church at the edge of town includes a system of underground tunnels--- this must be the nest! I remember that the whole town is supposed to meet in this church later. I have to warn everybody!

      I go to Rachel first, but as I'm explaining my discovery, the Vamps decide to strike. They quickly surround us, herding us to the church. I hold Rachel's hand, doing my best to protect her, keeping myself between her and the vampires as we walk.

      At the church, we are led to a back room where we're supposed to wait. I become separated from Rachel, but come across my brother. He is back from the Army, where he served as an expert Vampire slayer. He tells me that we should fight them and escape to save the town.

      I find a large colored pencil nearby (as this seems to be a Sunday school room for children), which I realize would amke a lovely stake. I brutally stab the first Vamp I come across--- right through the heart--- three times. I find more colored pencils on a table. I use them to gouge out a female Vamp's eyes as she lunges at me. She screeches terribly.

      Drink and be Merry (Non-lucid)


      I am semi-lucid, with a HUGE bottle of delicious wine. My German professor is giving a lecture outside on a hill. I am attending this lecture with my bottle hidden behind my back. Every time the professor looks away, I take a drink. The wine is REALLY good and little sips just aren't enough. I slip away so I can enjoy the drink more thoroughly.

      I somehow end of in the house of a woman who seems to be in her mid 30's. We drink the entire bottle together, becoming very drunk and giggly. I'm so drunk that my face is tingling. We make out in her bed for a few minutes, then completely pass out.
    2. Freddy Krueger + Demons

      by , 03-17-2013 at 01:05 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Fun night, despite not sleeping much.

      Krueger Propaganda (DILD)


      I spontaneously become lucid in the middle of a somewhat hectic situation that I can no longer remember. I decide to fly away.

      I start from my house and fly over the trees, the back road, and the forest. All along the way, there are Freddy Krueger posters EVERYWHERE with strange and violent quotations on them. "Hmm, I wonder what he's up to," I murmur to myself. I fully expect him to show up and try to cause trouble. He'd better stay away if he knows what's good for him. ((It is a running joke among my friends that I was married to Krueger and am now divorced.))

      I am flying Peter Pan style, and it is quite an exhilerating feeling. I pass by a lot of beautiful scenery. At one point I stop to talk to some people,
      but my recall is really hazy and I don't remember what happened next. Sadly, I know there was a lot that happened afterward, I just can't grasp it at the moment.

      Demon Opression (Non-lucid)


      My campus has been overrun by demons who are under the guise of Indian women. I am standing in the lobby of my dorm, preparing to leave. A little girl, around 11, is trying to get in the elevator. I know that once on the elevator, it will draw people in to the demon's dimension, making escape almost impossible. But the girl is convinced that she has to get upstairs to find her sister. I get on the elevator with her, determined to protect her.

      We get upstairs and the demon women spot us as soon as we step off the elevator. I grab the little girl and haul her down the hallway, keeping her away from the demons. We never find her sister, but we somehow make it back outside.

      Later I am riding to California with my friends to start anew. The world is somewhat post-apocalyptic now; dark and dangerous. As we are leaving, I see my German professor chopping firewood in a temporary camp near the school. I am surprised that he now has a lot of intricate tattoos going down his body.
    3. Fearsome Fun

      by , 01-13-2013 at 07:16 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Fearsome Fun (DILD)


      Looking in the mirror, I notice that my teeth have become grotesquely crooked. I push on them, hoping to force them back into place. Instead, I succeed in accidentally dislodging my two front teeth. Desperately trying to stick them back into my gum, I decide that this must be a dream.

      A reality check proves me correct.

      Upon becoming lucid, the atmosphere changes. A dark red and black haze takes over my vision as my reflection turns twisted and evil. My eyes are empty black pits, and my mouth appears horrid and full of decay. After a moment of initial startlement, I decide to have some fun with this.

      I make horrifying faces at myself in the mirror, laughing evilly at how terrifying I am. No horror movie villian has ever looked as gruesome and wicked as I do. This will be fun, indeed.

      I stalk out of the bathroom through the rest of the house, making more scary faces and wailing like a hideous wraith at each person I come across. They all scream in terror, eyes wide and frozen in place with fear.
      Tags: fun, teeth
    4. Shark Eye

      by , 12-01-2012 at 05:53 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

      Shark Eye (Non-lucid)


      I arrive late to gym class, where everyone is playing an odd-looking game called Shark Eye.

      Across the floor is a large mat divided in half by a thick line, with different sized circles on either side of the line. The team on offense stands at the side of the mat labeled "START LINE," while the team on defense stands on the opposite end of the room, as well as having a line of players stationed behind the team on offense. When the whistle blows, the offensive line (called Heroes), must take a running start and slide across the mat on their stomachs to touch one of the circles. The farther back the circle, the more points a person gets for their team. At the same time, the line of defense behind the Heroes will each throw a ball to their teammate across the mat. If the Catcher catches the ball, he has a chance to touch a circle and therefore block a Hero from getting points (but he must reach the circle before the Hero does).

      I am watching all of this from the bleachers, extremely confused about this strange game. There is a guy sitting beside me playing on his cell phone; one of those people who always refuses to participate in class. I don't wan't to be lumped in with his sort, so I decide to try to play even if I have no clue what's going on.

      I join the team who is currently on offense and take my place on the START LINE. When the whistle blows, I run and slide across the mat to touch a circle. To avoid the Catchers, I slide across the line in the middle to touch a circle on the other side of the mat. The captain of my team says I'm not allowed to cross the line, so my points don't count.

      On the next round, I slide all the way to the farthest circle, barely touching it before a Catcher does. Unfortunately the teacher, who is the judge of all our points, has left the room, so we have to just lay there and hold our positions.

      Sadly, the Catcher I am stuck beside is known for picking on people. She grins at me evilly, knowing that I have to endure her teasing until the teacher gets back if I want to keep my points. So she spends the entire time tickling me, touching me inappropriately, and kissing me. I am torn between being annoyed and somewhat turned on. I also desperately hope that Sebastian doesn't see this happening.

      Sebastian is a white-haired cat boy who is head over heels in love with me. While I do not return his affections, he is still my friend and I know he would flip out if he witnessed this. As if on cue, Sebastian appears just as the Catcher is snuggling against me with her arms wrapped around me. "Umm, hi..." I say awkwardly, inwardly cursing at the annoying creep clinging to me. How embarrassing...

      "What's this!?" Sebastian exclaims in his "drama queen" tone of voice. "Oh, I see how it is. I'M not good enough for you, but this slut is!?"

      "Come on, it's obviously not like that. I don't----"

      "No, it's fine. Be with whoever you want to be. My feelings don't matter." He stalks off. It's clear that he's being overly dramatic on purpose, but I know that he's still hurt.

      "Sebastian..." I roll my eyes and extract myself from the girl's grasp, running after him. "Don't be an idiot, you know I care about you."

      Later, we are going to go explore one of the older, creepier buildings on campus which is said to be haunted. I am somewhat surprised to see a rather heated game of Shark Eye going on nearby. The game has taken on an almost cult following around campus. If this were an anime, it would have the same significance as Pokemon battles or Duel Monsters. Some students are shouting loudly that they have a secret weapon to defeat all other teams, which lives in the building that Sebastian and I are about to go explore.

      We sneak inside the building and walk down the spiral staircase to the basement. Sebastian is visibly terrified, and I'm light-heartedly making fun of him. Suddenly two eerie voices start calling out Sebastian's name. He yells and runs away as fast as he can. I roll my eyes. "Who's there?" I call out.

      Two demon boys with bright red hair appear. They say they are the Lords of Shark Eye. They're the secret weapon those students were going on about, I realize. "Hmph, well you nearly gave Sebastian a heart attack. How do you even know his name?" They laugh and refuse to answer.

      I wake up shortly afterwards.
    5. Fly, Flee, Fight

      by , 12-01-2012 at 05:51 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

      Fly, Flee, Fight (DILD)


      Looking in the mirror, I am horrified to realize that one of my front teeth has been chipped. The more I look at it, the worse it gets. "This HAS to be a dream," I think, though I'm convinced that it is reality. Even so, I do a reality check and am relieved (and surprised) to find that I am, in fact, dreaming.

      I head to the living room and run into my brother. "I'm dreaming," I tell him. He suddenly morphs into a rather girlish looking boy with long black hair. "Cool," he says. "What are you going to do?"

      "I just want to go out and explore." I say. "A kind of vacation from the stress of earlier in the dream." My feet are cold and I am looking for socks and shoes to put on, then I wonder why I'm bothering with such silly details. Shoes will automatically appear on my feet if I walk outside.

      Sure enough, they do.

      The boy who was previously my brother steps outside with me. "I know of a cool place we could go," he tells me excitedly. "Follow me!" He proceeds to fly off in a southward direction. Wanting to add new places to my dream map, I hurriedly follow, though I have always had problems flying at the fast pace that he is keeping. Suddenly, I realize EXACTLY how to do it and I am flying faster than ever before to keep up with him.
      ((I'm clearly not paying attention to where we're going, however, because though I KNOW we were originally going south, we end up in the northern woods of my dream world.))

      We land in a small area in the woods that appears to be a village of Fairies. The Fairies are human sized with bright, colorful wings. We spend a lot of time talking to them, and they give us some sort of Honorary Fairy status.

      We decide to have a race with some of the Fairies that will end at my house. There are many colorful floating checkpoints in the air that mark the route we are supposed to take. We have to fly as close to the markers as we can to get points and to make sure we're not taking any shortcuts.

      We take off and I easily follow the trail of checkpoints, even when it shoots way up into the air and then does complicated spirals and loops downward. It's amazingly fun!

      The race is interrupted, however, when some kind of strange force crash lands us into a cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin is a large square patch of ice, kind of like a skating rink that isn't round. We are playing around with this when suddenly a door opens in the back and the same force sucks the two Fairies with us into a back room. A sinister feeling suddenly overwhelms us,
      and I temporarily lose lucidity as the boy and I run from the cabin in terror, some unseen evil chasing quickly after us.

      Suddenly I stop, becoming lucid again and realizing that I'm being cowardly. I force the boy to stop, too. "We can't just leave our friends back there!" I yell at him.

      "But we don't have anything to fight with," he stammers, afraid.

      "This is a dream, MAKE a weapon. Like this!" I act as though I'm drawing a sword from a sheath at my side. I can feel the sword in my hand, but it seems to be invisible.

      "There's nothing there!" He yells.

      "Hey, an invisible sword works just as well as a visible one," I defend. At this time, an evil woman and her scary looking cat-creature approach us. The cat lunges at me, but I decapitate it with my invisible sword. I grin, pleased that this actually worked.

      The woman then criticizes my fighting skills, saying that my stance is off and that I'm holding my sword wrong. She says she'll have to teach me. We end up having a mock sword fight with plastic zip ties. She seems rather bored, so I perform a sneak attack with my zip tie to prove that I'm a competent fighter. I barely touch her arm, and if you've ever seen a zip tie it's obviously not sharp in the slightest and extremely flimsy, so I am shocked when it cuts her nearly clean in half!!! She falls to the ground in a pool of blood, a surprised look on her face.

      I wake up shortly afterwards.

    6. The Battle For Your Heart

      by , 11-28-2012 at 08:54 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      One of the most amazing lucids I've had in ages!

      The Battle for Your Heart (DILD)


      Arcadia, a beautiful woman with long white hair (who seems to be some sort of deity) whom I falsely remember dreaming about before, announces to me and the team of people I am with that we must travel to a different part of the dream to eliminate a certain threat. She says it's nothing major, just something that needs to be done. I also falsely remember having this particular dream before, and I want a different ending than the supposed "other" time.

      We arrive at the house of a rather crazy but seemingly benign family who is supposed to transport us to where we need to go. Their refrigerator is actually something similar to a Tardis in disguise, so they immediately go about cramming me and my team into the small shelf spaces. I am instinctively aware that the family is evil and is going to turn on us soon, but we are too vulnerable to cause a conflict at the moment. I don't want to be attacked while trapped in the tight confines of this refrigerator.

      Soon, it doesn't matter what I want. The family (who is apparently some type of gang) attacks, but I manage to quickly get myself out and under cover before they can shoot me. A long battle ensues. Much of it involves a deadly back and forth shooting between my team and the crazy gang-family. It isn't long before I run out of ammo. I act as though my gun is still loaded in order to keep the enemy at bay as I search for a new weapon, hoping to do so before they realize that I'm basically unarmed. I'm somewhat surprised that the guns are working in the first place, as they usually malfunction in my dreams. I'm also worried about forgetting parts of what is happening when I wake up, because the battle has been going on for a long time and I know I'm bound to lose parts of it. (Sadly true.)

      In my search for a new weapon, I happen upon a high tech grenade that, in addition to a fiery explosion, shoots out spinning projectiles that will slice anything nearby to bits. I activate the grenade, shout a warning to my team, then throw it and run out of the house as fast as my legs will carry me. We barely make it out the door before the whole house goes up in flames.

      The battle against the remaining enemies takes me into the trees, where I am sniping down gang members who get too close. Out of nowhere, mutant zombies similar to lickers from Resident Evil begin scaling the trees toward me. One of the mutations splits it's head open, revealing rows of disgusting teeth along each side of its interior. Adrenaline kicks in and I manage to shoot them all in the head and kill them before they can get to me.

      With the enemies pretty much gone or sent running, Arcadia appears. "This problem runs much deeper than I originally thought," she tells me anxiously.

      "You mean because of the zombies?" I ask.

      "No, even deeper than that."

      As we walk back to Arcadia's control room, I slip my arm around her waist. She stops and removes it promptly. "Keep your hands to yourself," she reprimands me.

      "Well excuse me," I scoff with a little laugh, both surprised and somewhat amused at being rejected by a dream character. Grinning mischievously, I walk unnecessarily close to her so that our arms are pressed together. I expect her to tell me to back off again, but she doesn't.

      Back in the control room, we are suddenly ambushed by members affiliated with the gang. We take cover behind a pillar, taking turns stepping out to shoot. Arcadia is now Alice from Resident Evil. When she steps out to shoot, the enemy shoots first and manages to land a hit right in her chest. She kills most of them from the floor, then I step out and take care of the rest before kneeling down beside her. I see that the wound is very bad. She is moaning in pain.

      "No, shh, it'll be okay, I'll get you help," I tell her. (I'm pretty much only semi-lucid at this point and don't realize I could just heal her myself.) She tells me that the people in the building next door know her and will know what to do. Leaning down, I kiss her gently: a promise that I won't let her die. She looks surprised.

      I pick her up as carefully as I can manage, but she still cries out in pain from being moved. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I keep saying as I carry her to the aforementioned building. The man and woman who live there are deeply concerned, but before they can do anything, Alice dies. At her death, her shape disentigrates to a tiny stone figure with a bullet hole in the center.

      I am shocked. How could she be dead in a dream when I've been willing for her to live? NO, I refuse to let her stay dead! In a weird stroke of dream intuition, I literally breathe life into her through the wound until she is finally herself again, alive and well.

      Triumphant, I kiss her again. This time, to my surprise, she kisses me back. When I look at her inquisitively, she says I deserve it after saving her life. I smile happily, relieved that she is okay. The dream ends shortly afterwards.

    7. A New End

      by , 11-23-2012 at 03:36 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      A New End (DILD)


      Realizing that I don't have the project I'm supposed to be working on, I remember that I had handed it to Alex after lunch for her to take back to the room. Upon asking her, she admits that she accidentally left it in her last class. She agrees to go get it if I walk with her. "What building is it in?" I ask. She says some weird name that I've never heard of. I figure it must be something specifically for music students.

      As we are walking from our dorm, I notice some people eating and I become extremely hungry. I also have a horrible feeling that today somehow marks the end of the world. I tell Alex that I want to eat some really good food since it might just be our last meal. She wants to know what I mean, so I tell her about my feeling. "Why would the world randomly end today?" she asks.

      "I don't know... But still, it's close to dinner time and I want food."

      We make it to her class and she gives me back my project. She points to a sign on the far end of the warehouse-like building that says something along the lines of "Suzie's Corner."

      "That's a good place to eat," she tells me. I am amazed that there is a restaurant in here that I've never heard of before. Weird...

      When we go over there to get food, there are a lot of men in construction get-up walking around working. Something feels really off all of a sudden. The restraunt is near the opening of the building, and it becomes apparent that all is not well outside. In fact, there appears to be a growing congregation of zombies.

      "Are those... zombies?" I ask, not sure whether to believe my eyes.

      "Um... looks like it," Alex answers incredulously.

      As we search the zombie infested campus for our friends, it becomes clear that these are not normal zombies. They are fast moving when they want to be, and they have limited speech capabilites (mainly to assure their victims that they won't bite them). They also seem to have no desire to eat human flesh, only to infect. It later becomes apparent that they are extremely interested in candy, so I refer to them as Adventure Time zombies.

      Along the way, we find several of our friends who are alive and well. But each one of them soon falls prey to the zombies, one by one. At one point, I am holding a girl I know as she cries--- her best friend had just become a zombie and I barely stopped her from turning the girl into one.

      Soon, I feel as though I'm the only human left. Alex is still alive, no doubt, but we have become separated and it would be foolish to stay here. So I manage to escape campus (despite the blockade attempt made by the zombies), and begin walking through a stretch of woods towards the city.

      It is not long before I'm attacked by a possibly infected weasle. I stomp on the thing several times, clearly crushing it's back, but it keeps coming at me! Finally I hold it down with one foot and grind my other foot into its head until it dies.

      I am somewhat disturbed by my brutality towards this animal,
      which causes me to abruptly become lucid. Yes! I fly toward the city, currently content with just exploring. But I become briefly distracted by a scene that I will not describe here.

      I leave the distraction behind, somewhat annoyed at myself, and head further into the city. Alex suddenly catches up with me and asks what I'm doing. "I'm dreaming," I tell her, "so I guess I'm going to look for something fun to do." She asks if she can come with me and I agree.

      The dream deteriorates when I run into my mom, and her pushiness makes me lose lucidity.

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    8. Lucid Exploration

      by , 11-22-2012 at 04:27 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Night of 11/17/12

      I am wandering around the dream world, just exploring and playing around with my dream powers. At one point, I am giving some DCs a tour of my dream map.

      As I am walking, I look up in the sky and notice several missiles headed straight for us. I immediately flee from their path in great leaping bounds. After they've been detonated, one of my "crew members" tells me they were set off by a traitor.

      I instantly call out the traitor and he begins chasing me and my informant. I run, thrilled to have some excitement. We are on the roof of a building; my informant tells me she cannot jump to the next roof. "It's too far!" she cries.

      "No it's not," I tell her. "Just jump! You'll make it." I grab her hand and drag her along with me as I jump to the next building, making sure she lands safely on her feet.

      Looking over my shoulder, I note that the traitor is in hot persuit. Okay, running time is over. "Stand back," I tell my companion as I draw a sword from thin air.

      The traitor quickly approaches with a sword of his own. He is an excellent fighter, but I can see every move he is going to make and easily parry his attacks. Finally, I kick him off balance and hold him to the ground, keeping him in place as the rest of my crew comes to take him away.

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