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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Of Shapeshifting and Invisibility

      by , 11-17-2013 at 05:39 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Not so great recall last night, and what I do remember is a bit vague.

      Transformation (Non-lucid)


      I am on a secret mission that somehow involves stealing a particular item from this girl's bedroom. To accomplish this, I knock on her door and proceed to transform into an adorable black bunny. She comes to the door, squeals in delight, and carries me up to her room. I notice that it feels kind of nice being held while in this form.

      In her room, I change shape again. This time, I'm a black cat. A talking black cat. I talk to her and trick her into helping me out with my mission.

      Ghost Hunters (Non-lucid)


      I am with a friend in the lower rooms of an old, creepy building. My friend is hunting a ghost, but I happen to really like the ghost she's trying to get rid of. I turn invisible and screw up my friend's hunt while trying to help the ghost girl get to safety. There is also an evil spirit there that we're all avoiding. The ghost girl is terrified--- she holds my hand the entire time.
    2. Crow Monsters, High Schoolers, and a Little Pig

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:51 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)

      Rebecca Rostrid (DILD)


      After an annoying library incident, I am hiding on the front lawn with my dad as giant crow creatures circle over head. They want nothing more than to tear us limb from limb and devour our corpses. We bury ourselves under piles of mown grass--- unfortunately, they spot my dad and drag him away.

      I lie there for a long time before
      realizing that I'm dreaming. Now itching for a fight, I conjure up a machete and teleport inside my house. I intend to run out the front door to fight them, where I'll be in a better position for battle. Unfortunately, my brother stops me before I make it out. He claims the machete is his, and I end up fighting him for it.

      Physical attacks do no damage. Instead, I somehow "grab" his energy and threaten to crush his existence. Terrified, he surrenders.

      I go back outside with the knife, more than ready for my battle with the crow creatures. I look to the sky where one is flying. It bursts into flames and falls at my feet, where it becomes a crow-shaped medallion with the name "Rebecca Rostrid" engraved into it with firey letters. I wake up with the name burned into my mind.

      Finding Rebecca Rostrid (DILD)


      I am jogging down the road in the neighborhood outside my college. My legs are not working properly and I keep nearly falling. A friend who is with me finds this hilarious and intentionally pushes me over. I angrily think that this is like something that would happen in a dream. The thought triggers me to RC, and I become lucid.

      I immediately remember that I want to find out who Rebecca Rostrid is. the setting has changed to that of a typical high school. I ask my friend if she knows Rebecca, but she is no help. I shout her name--- it reverberates throughout the whole school.

      Nearby, there is a group of guys leaning agains the lockers. They tell me they know who Rebecca is, and we have a brief conversation about her. They mention something about her apparently pleasing appearance and, to fit in, I make a rather inappropriate joke involving her. They all laugh about it until I realize that Rebecca is standing right behind me. She doesn't look pleased with what I've said. "Um, that was just a joke," I mumble awkwardly.

      She is somewhat short, with curly/frizzy red hair tied back in a pony tail. We have a short conversation that I no longer remember.

      Little Pig (Non-lucid)


      I become best friends with a little pig who is so eaten up with fleas that the entire left half of her body is deteriorated to the point that you can see her internal organs--- or what's left of them. she is sad because everyone thinks she's ugly.
    3. Of Cat-girls, death, and new lives

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:45 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)

      Animal Planet (Non-lucid)


      I have entered an alternate timeline in which animals rule the world and consider people a lower form of life. In the city, I see busses with writing such as "PETA Daycare." I find this very amusing. My mom and I are attempting to return to our hometown, but when we come across some temples and holy statues sacred to the animals, I break away to explore. In the process of exploring, this human-looking girl who claims to be half animal begins chasing me. Humans are not allowed to wander around alone, so I am deemed a fugitive and a rogue. (Apparently animal-human hybrids such as the girl chasing me are raised as animals).

      I run away but the animal girl always finds me. I still have a bottle of alcohol from a previous dream, which ignites a plan within me. The bottle has different settings of strength and flavor, so I turn it to the highest strength and trick my pursuer into drinking it. Now that she's drunk, I figure that escaping her will be twenty times easier.

      Unfortunately for us both, I am wrong. The girl follows me to a strange area where a set of monkey bars reaches over a span of incredible height. I am carefully making my way across when she tries to pull me down. I tell her to cut it out or she'll get us both killed, but she is drunk and not in her right state of mind, so she keeps trying.

      She almost falls herself, but I manage to catch her and help her down to solid ground. I gently lay her down; she is no longer as drunk, but she's bretty shaken up from the scare of almost falling to her death. She mumbles out an embarassed "thank you."

      In response, I unexpectedly lean over and kiss her. At first she is startled, then she kisses me back. Sadly, a group of pure-blood animals have come upon us while we were distracted. They are furious, screaming that a relationship between humans and animals are forbidden. We are forced to flee. She is very angry with me for making her an outcast, but we have no choice but to stick together to evade capture. I find the whole situation very amusing.

      Guardian Spirit (Non-lucid)


      I have died and I think I've been born again. A bit of time passes until my brain has the capacity to think. I am a bit disconcerted when thinking about my new appearance. "I... have blue eyes...?" I ask out loud, more to myself than anyone else. I remember having green eyes. Why are they blue? My mom says I have blue eyes just like my father's. I soon realize that I am not actually the child--- my spirit is simply connected to hers. She is actually my brother's daughter; my niece.

      I am somewhat sad to be dead, but I decide I will make my death worthwhile and watch after my niece as her guardian spirit. I will not let any harm come to her. The child sees me as her imaginary friend. Now one suspects that my spirit is still lingering. My parents are raising the child as their own--- I have no idea what has happed to my brother, but I suspect he may be dead as well.

      Second Life (Non-lucid)


      I have my personality, but I am a different Person in another life, apparently in high school again. My best friends and I have a strange inside joke about our group’s “rulebook,” which contains arbitrary rules about our friendship. We are in the cafeteria getting lunch. Friend #1 walks away to get tea. While she’s preoccupied, I strike up a conversation with Regina, our school’s bitchy head cheerleader. She is talking about hair with her friend, and I mention that I’ve given up caring about my own hair. She makes some snide comment about it and says something about me being a nerd. I tell her I am proud to be a nerd. The entire exchange seems to be more out of routine than actually malicious. I am enamored with Regina and enjoy these little encounters. I’m beginning to suspect that she does as well.

      When I return to my table, I obviously have a stupid grin on my face. Friend #1 asks me what happened.

      Me: *still smiling* Nothing.

      Friend 1: Nothing my butt. Did you meet someone? Did you have a romantic encounter?

      Me: No. I just had an amusing conversation with… someone.

      Friend 1: *sudden realization* Oh god, tell me you weren’t flirting with Regina again! I can understand if you like the cheery types but seriously? Regina?

      Me: Hey, it’s not---

      Before I can defend myself, Friend #2 sits with us. She notices that Friend #1 is once again carrying an empty pocket book with her (an apparent weird habit of hers). “New rule,” she says. “No carrying empty pocket books.

      Friend 1: What? Why not?

      Friend 2: Because, it looks dumb and I’m embarrassed to be seen with you.

      Friend 1: It does not.

      Me: Actually, it makes sense. What if the apocalypse suddenly happened? Yoou’d need a bag to carry important items you find, like in Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

      Friend 1: *stares at me like I’m crazy, then turns to Friend #2* Okay, you’re right. It’s stupid.
    4. Hunted

      by , 12-01-2012 at 05:48 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

      Hunted (Non-lucid)


      An evil woman is dead set on killing me. I have foiled her plans numerous times and have run to far away places, but she always manages to find me. I am afraid to even sleep, because I'd be left open to attack.

      My escape takes me to a cliff by a vast ocean. I believe I have just drowned the woman and that all of my troubles are over. As I am walking towards the forest across from the cliff, a huge form flies towards me. It is a vampire with enormous bat wings who has skin the color of red rocks. He is wearing nothing but a kind of loin cloth. "Look out!" he shouts at me, and I duck as he swoops over my head and attacks the woman who is somehow still alive.

      When he is satisfied that she is dead, he picks me up and flies with me into the woods. It is an amazing experience, and I want to just keep flying around with him for as long as I can. However, all too soon we hear an eerie noise behind us. "How can this be?" the vampire asks, alarmed. "She's alive?" Suddenly realization strikes us both: the woman has turned into a vampire!!!

      He sets me down and tells me to run; he'll hold her off for me while I get away. I do what he says, but it isn't long before the vampire lady is once again right at my heels. I hope the other vampire is alright...

      I slide down a steep slope to get more ground between us, when I come across a small black dog. "We've got to run!" I tell the dog.

      "No," she says. "I'll take care of her." I wonder how a dog her size is going to help in this situation at ALL, but to my surprise the woman seems terrified of her. She will not come near me while I'm standing behind the dog. Weird...

      I look around and notice a camouflaged army truck parked nearby. "We can get away in that," I tell the dog. She agrees and we run to the truck. She sits beside me in the passenger seat and says I should look for money in the glove compartment. "I don't have time for that," I tell her, "and besides, I don't want to steal from soldiers, I just want to get out of here."

      The good vampire shows up at this point and offers to drive. As we are speeding out of the forest, he asks how I got away from the woman. "This little black dog helped me," I say.

      "Little black dog!?" the dog screetches, apparently offended at the term.

      "Um, sorry?"