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    The Erratic dreams of StaySharp

    1. The Bloodthirst

      by , 04-27-2013 at 09:13 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This dream is really old, I don't even know how old (5-8 years I guess). I just found my notes I made on paper back then, so now I will put it up here.

      I was in some kind of subway-station and I was intercepting an invasion armada of some kind, and I also know that in that subway I got the first kill that's been made in that conflict. Everything was really dark and dirty and there seemed to be a little fog around. I've been fighting normal humans, even though my dream told me they were Diclonii (which was definitely wrong).

      The special thing about this dream was what I felt, it was some absolutely insane bloodthirst. It wasn't unreasonable bloodthirst, so I was able to distinguish what to attack and what not, but apart from that the feeling was so intense it made out most of the dream actually. I never felt anything as intense in waking life, compared to that dream waking life emotions just seem really flat alltogether.
    2. Fragment Collection 19

      by , 05-26-2012 at 10:03 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Depleted Coins:
      I was walking together with a few other people through a small pavilion like building, and the floor was separated into a few wood walkways and the rest was water. Someone I never got to see in the dream started to throw colorful coins at us (mostly blue and green) but suddenly I remembered something like I already was in this situation some time ago, and I knew the coins were made of some depleted radiating material. We went into some kind of building which partially looked like the changing area of a swimming bath. There I've nearly seen the person who was throwing these coins at us but he was too far away in a dark corner.

      Weird ice cage games:
      I was in some kind of cage area and there was very slippery ice on the floor, the areas were separated by metal fences. There were a lot of people around and most of them seemed somewhat hostile to me. My mind tells me the dream played in the nazi era for whatever unknown reasons. The people start throwing frozen wine bottles and glowing coal at each other, but primarily at me. However I could move better on the ice than anyone else and evaded every single attack skillfully. Even one of the wine bottles which bounced off of the ground further in my direction.

      Land of Trainstations:
      Me and my girlfriend were playing around on a railroad, close to a hill. We managed to get a long and really stable cable entangled in a fast passing train and since we had no clue what was going to happen but figured nothing too good if we stayed there we went away. Suddenly we were walking on railroads again and these were built on all kinds of different but mostly soft and slightly humid earth, during that journey we also came across a few trainstations which looked really unique.
    3. Fragment Collection 17

      by , 04-30-2012 at 06:11 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Sky bridge:
      I was assigned onto some kind of journey, and for some reason wasn't happy about it at first. I had to go up a long bridge-like structure, it was going up the entire time just to end in a dead end, some 50m above the ground. Before I arived there I went through some rural way with fences on both sides, leading straight to the bridge. The construction allowed to look outside but it would've taken dedication to jump out. The ground and the stairs were soft with some cables and other complexions all around the place.
      It seems I only needed to get to that bridge, not the top of it but decided along the way could go up anyway. When I arived at the top I took a look at the end and then slid down the entire way which took me way to short and even made me a tiny bit suspicious.

      Space bite and the strange complex:
      I was watching a story about a captain (he looked a bit like Dilan[Andromeda]) of a ship. The ship looked like it was from star trek. He started with a story of a sentient space life form biting half of his former ship off, nearly killing him in the process. Later when he had an ship (either looking like the Andromeda, or the Andromeda itself) I got to see it from the inside and he showed something to a woman. It looked really weird from the inside, everything was very dark and there were a bunch of Jeffrey tubes, which suddenly started to light up in red.

      Power enhancement with "Problems"
      I am watching some dude and a girl in a room, everything has an pretty ambient brown-orange light and they are sitting on a couch. I'm not actually present, only observing what's going on.
      They are talking about some kind of power enhancement the girl should perform on the dude, and like she suddenly remembered something slightly scary and very embarassing she asked him something like:
      Spoiler for Explicit Sexual Language:
      "After that you will have violent sex with me again and there will be semen everywhere, right?"

      to which he just nodded along with a supporting "hm" sound (apparently because he'll lose some control), then he picked her up and made things more comfortable for her by putting her on a blanket on the ground.

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    4. Strange journey

      by , 04-30-2012 at 12:39 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was on a boat (not very big but formed like a really big ship) on a trip to several catastrophe location, one of them being the titanic (funny enough I didn't see anything about the titanic IRL at all yet).
      On the edge of the deck was a small cute girl, I think she was around 14-16 years and she had bright blue hair which I think she could use like tentacles; she was wearing a white dress and had an anime like appearance if I recall right. She showed a small badge to me with 2 Japanese kanji signs (which were translating roughly into "sank") and she wanted to put it on the titanic being somewhat upset no one else was remotely willing to dive down there. I myself knew she was the only one who could dive down there without equipment.

      We were arriving at a shallow area and since I knew the ride was going to get bumpy I grabbed her hand, and she seemed to approve. Then a long scene of watching the ride followed with me wondering how the ride was going so smooth even though we now seemed to be in a creek with a boat. Then it went down some water rapids so I grabbed her hand a bit more tightly, after the rapids we went up and then we arrived on a gravel street thus ending our boat ride. Some time later I was busy using strange 2 strange railroads in an odd manner (had to bend and extend one of them) to get down a hill to what seemed to be my final target location, some house in a forsaken snowy place.
    5. Fragment Collection 11

      by , 02-07-2012 at 03:18 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Ghost trains:
      I was walking outside at night together with 2 other people on a railroad, it looked pretty deserted and I didn't see anything except for the rails, the night sky and the stones on the ground.
      There were ghost trains driving, after avoiding one which came from behind one of the dudes balancing on the rail got "hit" by another ghost train approaching is from the front, while the train went through him we told him to go off the rail but he kept on walking without reaction and empty eyes until the train passed.

      City escape:
      I remember being on a street with lots of people around, I think I was coming out of a building behind me, 3 persons in particular tried to kill me with Gatlingís but I managed to close in on one of them and to force them to lay their Gatlingís down, and after ensuring having enough space I made run for it, the 3 dudes following me with wrenches. I was running through an unknown city so I randomly guessed the best way to escape, and right as I approached a dead end I got support from my friends-in-mission (something like that), and later I remember somehow talking to them in a car.

      Spoiler for Random Naughtiness (Mild Sexual Content):
      I was together with a girl in a room on a bed and for some reason I asked her whether we'd have fun, and she told me that the game would decide (it was a random moving bar in my HUD). At some point the bar stopped changing and the result was apparently yes so she started to get rid of some clothes (as did I but we both still had underwear). She already seemed to be in the right mood but I got closer to her and pushed myself against her, stroking and prodding her a bit, which made her give me a really horny look. No fun though as the dream ended at that point.
    6. Fragment Collection 8

      by , 01-29-2012 at 04:38 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Another world:
      I was in a totally different world from here and remember going through a lot of places, everything was a lot more advanced then here, with me starting in some sort of huge highway and then going through a city of sorts. I was with some people and the biggest thing I remember was an conversation with someone what was being controlled by a psychopath. We managed to capture and restrict him and while I was about 3 meter away from him I said I was absolutely going to kill him if I saw him one more time like that. After no significant response I came closer and asked in a threatening way if he would rather lose his life now. At that point I saw he had a flashing headband which was the thing that partially controlled him. He answered with an obvious "no". I repeated myself and said something like: "Do you want to die being controlled by a psychopath or do you want to try living?", on which he again responded he wanted to live so we helped him get rid of that headband.

      TF2, way of the scout:
      In a dream I was thinking about which team a scout would go with an BLU mother and an RED father, and a short story emerged. The scout went to the RED team first following his father but since he didn't really like his father and BLU always lost he decided to join BLU to prove that RED won't always win the payload races.

      Some Harry Potter stuff:
      Harry and some other people were in a huge building, chased by something strange flying which they couldn't hit at all. Se he decided to mix a potion which would create a weapon which couldn't be heared (or probably sensed otherwise) and got some admiration for his mixing skills.
    7. Railroad complex

      by , 10-25-2011 at 03:56 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a ridiculously huge sized complex (easily city-size) on some railroads together with my girlfriend. We jumped onto one of the slow going trains and I even had some sort of seat with me, and we stayed a while driving around the complex. The biggest part we got to see was looking like some concrete desert, with nothing interesting around. After some while we came across the more complex parts and I saw crossing railroads, people and strange rooms. At some point we got down because we didnít wanted to be seen, but somehow my girlfriend was gone for the moment. I went to one of the rooms, which was sort of like a big open bathroom, with a glass door and walls and individually closed cabins. For any very odd reasons I had the keys for the doors and was doing some senseless stuff around there, locking and unlocking the door a few times in the process. Some of the dudes (a lot bigger than me) seemed to be pissed about the possibility of being locked in there. After some short but actually harmless fight I decided to cancel this shit and killed him with fire, he was pretty much exploding. There was some woman behind me, saying something and the scene was changing a lot, looking back the complex was gone and instead I locked straight into a city in bright daylight. I think some water came rushing in from the left, were the street was going down into the main city I think. The dream didnít stop there but my recall became pretty hazy.

      Judging by the city my recall resumed later:
      I was in a bus or tram sitting on a seat besides the window on the left of the vehicle. There was a girl sitting on the handrail in front of me and my girlfriend right of her. She told me to switch to the free seat on my right, so I did and she leaned back onto me. We both chilled there for a while till the dream faded.
    8. Fragment Collection 2

      by , 10-24-2011 at 04:05 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Twins of the maze:
      I was in some sort of huge empty building, and the lights were pretty dim. There were two girls, looking exactly like each other. They always tried to lead me to some place but when I lost sight of them just for a moment they would immediatly vanish in the silence. I would then always be able to find them at the place I first saw them. However it felt like everytime I lost sight of them something valuable was destroyed.

      On the Railroad:
      I was travelling somewhere ON a train, and was enjoying the stars of a clear night. At the next station I met my father, we walked through a forest, where my railroads where (probably trams though). Some annoying small dog attacked us, we fought back but neither was the dog dangerous nor took it any damage, so I turned it into a stick and broke it.

      Strange artifact:
      I was meeting a girl in a dream to get a artifact from here. This girl was someone really special, she didn't look normal and had a strange but pleasant aura. She gave me some sort of medallion in hex shape with 2 jags. I was completely even on the bottom and there were runes on the top. The top also had a different color for all the 6 segments the medallion was made of.