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    The Erratic dreams of StaySharp

    1. Dream street signs

      by , 10-29-2016 at 06:54 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I woke up after another dream and quickly drifted into this dream, I assume it was a DEILD but I can't quite explain how I got into this dream, I suddenly just was in it.

      It was pretty short and I don't remember very much either. I was walking on a street, outside, it was nice weather. The most notable thing was me looking at some street signs. I have a very rough image of them left but... I could hit my past self for not immediately noting down what was on them. There was some kind of explanation for something.

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    2. Nuclear blasts, a floating city, and I successfully overcame a false awakening

      by , 04-23-2016 at 04:18 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a house, it likely seemed like one of my earlier homes, the house my family used to own. There was someone else with me but I don't know who it was. I looked out of the window, and the scenery was a lot different, I saw mountains and plenty of green out there.
      The sun was about to rise and we saw it, but we also saw light of... nuclear explosions, 3 or 4 in total.
      (I think it was around here where I got lucid but oddly enough I'm not sure, maybe I already was lucid)
      I pointed out the explosions to my companion, expecting some sort of shockwave to hit us, but it never did.
      After that a scene in some kind of floating city came, there were many fragments floating around, some with buildings and/or plants. For the life of me I can't remember the transition from the house to that city, even though I think it was only 1 or 2 minutes in the dream. This floating city had mostly dark gray elements and some orange, and I know that orange was the most prominent color all around us, partially from the sunrise, maybe partially from the blasts. It looked a bit medieval and fantasy-like, probably inspired by some game. I moved upwards with strong jumps, like in a platformer. On a slightly larger island, where 2 or so buildings and some plants were, there was a group of people in dark clothes. I went to them and talked about something, I don't remember everything. What I do remember is that I explained the game Sonic Riders to them, and how I would love to have a pair of those floating shoes and how I liked the idea of them more than hoverboards.

      Then everything went black and I felt the dream fading, and as usual I struggled against it. It seems I was out of the dream for a short moment but this time I managed to hold on to my consciousness without completely waking up. I'm pretty sure this would've become a FA if I hadn't manage to hold on to my consciousness by a thread.
      After some time of focusing and struggling I saw light, and quickly noticed that it was kind of like the light you'd see coming from under and around a door when it's bright outside and you're in a dark room. I reached for the door and opened it, just to see the same thing again. Then another door, and another one. Then, after I think I opened 4 or 5 doors I actually got outside and had full visual input from the dream again. It was cloudy but bright outside, and I was in some kind of village with broad streets and little to nothing happening. I tried to fly, but was only able to float. The last thing I did was changing the sky into a clear night scenery with tons of stars, which looked and felt beautiful, but alas then I woke up for real.
    3. Bluescreen, double smartphone and taking a stroll through the snow in underwear

      by , 03-16-2016 at 12:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in my current home, mostly correctly rebuild in my dream as well. One of the most notable differences was the fact my apartment was on the wrong side of the house. In the beginning my wife and my best friend were there, we were in the staircase I think. We talked about something I guess but I don't remember well.
      The point from which I remember the dream well was when I was lying on my bed, looking at the screen of my PC across the room. It suddenly had a blue screen and then a really weird boot screen, like it would be possible and even reasonable for a boot screen to look like that, but I know none that actually does.
      I kind of had a sync of the blue screen on my smartphone too, there I saw something that didn't fit in there. Oddly enough I can't seem to chronologically order these events correctly either.
      Also I suddenly had a perfect copy of my smartphone, on in each hand. I swiped in my complicated unlock pattern, but I didn't copy it correctly, rather I mirrored it. Both phones unlocked.

      At this point I had a smile as the fact I was dreaming had undeniably dawned on me. A nose-pinch RC confirmed that.
      I didn't pay any attention to the fact I was apparently only wearing underwear and went outside (that whole getting lucid in a dream and going outside thing seems to become a thing in my dreams nowadays), it snowed and it was pretty cold. I, walking around with hardly any clothes, felt that cold in a somewhat realistic, however not unpleasant manner. After some time I got used to it and didn't really feel any cold anymore either.
      I spent most of the time walking around my neighborhood, which also was mostly correctly, all the while looking at my hands and turning them into lizard type hands, scales and stuff. It worked out pretty well too. The last thing I remember that sometime in between I shouted something out into the dream which seemed to help stabilize it.

      Eventually I woke up, or rather I had a false awakening. It seemed like I was in the same home that this dream had build, or mostly similar anyway, and my wife was beside me too.
      I shouted the same thing and startled her, and stupidly didn't realize I was still dreaming. Had I realized it I probably could've gone on a bit, but alas I woke up shortly after.

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    4. Driving from the backseat

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:08 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So... in this dream I was driving a car from the backseat as if it was normal. Then the police stopped me and I freaked out a little, realizing that this was probably illegal. The whole weirdness of the situation made me do a nose pinch reality check, and the policemen (there were 2 but I only properly saw the face of 1) gave me a strange look. I didn't believe this was not a dream so I did another nose-pinch reality check, this time it worked and I knew I was dreaming. Now the policemen gave me an oddly satisfied look and then the scene switched, and I was suddenly in some kind of artificial cavern underground, though natural light came in through places in the ceiling. I spent the rest of the dream really taking in the details touching and manipulating the sand on the ground, appreciating how real everything felt.
    5. Nonsensical missile, flying and a mountain panorama

      by , 06-06-2014 at 11:07 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      My last lucid was already weeks or months ago, and my last lucid with good control and details was defnitely months ago.

      It began with some kind of event, it was night and there were many people in something like a stadium. There was some kind of woman with a deo-spray goblet (WTF...) on a pedestal, closely surrounded by people. During this part of the dream I was not yet existent and only observed. The woman flew away with a missile and some dude clung to her missile with a rope. He wanted to get up to her, there was some dialog I could remember, but honestly it was pretty nonsensical stuff, like comments from the dude about the age of the woman. He eventually stopped on a clocktower or something, held the missile and let it rotate around the tower so it would speed up and he could get up to the woman. The physics here we're pretty broken.

      Eventually one of them, the dude I think, dropped down from the missile into the city. I then assumed his position, searching for the woman, but there was no one anywhere in the city. I came around a corner, it was day again, the street was empty, and there were boring buildings to both sides of the street. My mind suddenly became a lot more clear, I wanted to do a reality check, but considering the events that previously happened
      I knew that I was dreaming and no RC was necessary. Instead I focussed on stabilizing, imagined wings, flapped my arms and started to fly, immediately it was like the gravity was largely negated for me. I couldn't properly imagine the wings but kept on trying to train myself a little. When I flew up I got to see an absolutely astonishing panorama of nature with mountains and greenery, the closest mountain had a sharp stone peak at the top, but none of the mountains were covered with snow or something like that. I could see at least as good as in reality, maybe even a little better. I kept flying for many minutes until my mind got clouded a tiny little bit again. I flew into a building, probably a school, and there I met a particular weird monster with a magic wand (both from UT2k4, the so called magic wand is a different version of the shock rifle). It fired at someone and I planned to rob the weapon from it, but then I lost my focus on the dream for a moment and woke up. It somehow was similar to dropping something out of carelessness, I might've been able to continue the dream otherwise I guess.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember any of the things I wanted to do in my lucids, and so only flew around.
    6. Search for the maintenance shaft (First DEILD)

      by , 08-26-2013 at 01:12 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      The dream started with me sitting in a bus, it was an unusually big one, and it was driving uphill in a small city. Apparently I overslept my target stop, but I was too far to just get out and walk back so I was sure to be too late, wherever I was going. I was considering what to do when I met S from my old school in B. He gave me a different thought perspective, and without changing my mindset much I became lucid and decided to just trust him.
      (The part where we went out of the bus was missing somehow, though I'm sure it was right the next stop)
      Then I was in a building, it was some minutes after 12 (maybe 12:03), he gave me something and ordered me to go upstairs to find some maintenance shaft, it was the second floor, top of the building. The staircase was like a 5m x 5m excision of an 8m x 8m square corridor, there were doors to other rooms all around, the doors were all open and it was rather dark inside the rooms. I searched but I didn't find anything, and at around 12:36 people where coming back and I had to hide.
      Eventually the dream faded as my alarm woke me up, I snoozed it and went back to sleep for 20 minutes.
      Surprisingly though I only lost my consciousness for a really small amount of time, and then perfectly resumed the dream, I had my first complete DEILD, without really trying.
      I snuck back to S who was bending over something, he then told me that I needed to find an engine up there to put a micromodule in it, then some indefinable stuff happened and I found a maintenance shaft, it opened up for me and looked futuristic, a policeman was attacking me for some reason but the shaft closed behind me, stopping him from chasing me. I went into a morph ball mode and bombed some smaller Dominator devices away, now I was on a rail outside, it was day.
      (The part with the Dominators and the engine with the micromodule came from the game Space Rangers 2, the morph ball from Metroid. Those things only started to influence the dream after the DEILD, so that might have something to do with it)
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    7. Lavender sky

      by , 09-11-2012 at 05:08 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      After a really long dry spell of lucids with some quality I had this dream, which is in many ways a good step forward for me.

      I was walking around in the town I lived in before, it was slightly dark and it felt really empty, but it was a pleasant atmosphere. The general color scheme was very bluish, and the sky had a light lavender with darker blue clouds. I turned around a corner to the school I was in before (BKB) and for some reason I suddenly knew I was dreaming. I was pretty offline though, as though I was sleeping inside of the dream, but the routines I trained over the past month kicked in and I remembered I should stabilize myself in the dream when I get lucid. I did so and pulled together all my focus, then I started to walk towards the school, shouting out for my dream guide. I didn't have a lot of power in my voice and there was no response, so I walked a bit further and it became quite dark. I used Lumos one time to light up the place but it didn't last long so I somehow got the idea to summon a "Battle Mag-Lite", a 2m long version of a normal Mag-Lite. I saw some weird person with a futuristic looking armor behind a force field. Then I woke up at once and couldn't get back in.

      By the way, if you happen to read my dream journal, this is the first entry I made after moving. So when I say hometown now, it has a different meaning than it had before this entry. If I happen to dream about one of the old towns I will specifically say so.

      Spoiler for Improvement Notes:

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    8. First WILD experience

      by , 02-23-2012 at 12:46 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was lying in bed and lost awareness, a loud high-pitched sound made me snap back into awareness right before falling asleep, so I went with it and had my first WILD experience. As I suddenly woke up I was looking down from a red motorcycle (thoughts of awareness and lucidity unfortunately gone already), there was a car parked right beside me and in the rearview mirror I could see a camera team coming out of a van walking in the direction of a empty piece of land to my right, after the car. As I went over there I saw 2 cats, one which is actually the cat I have in my secondary home. She was being slowly tailgated by another cat which wasn't happy about my cat being in her territory but she immediatly turned around after my cat got picked up by me (which my real cat actually doesn't like). With her on my arms I walked a bit to the left where a block of houses began of which the first one looked like my secondary home, after I let my cat down the dream faded.
    9. Fragment Collection 11

      by , 02-07-2012 at 03:18 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Ghost trains:
      I was walking outside at night together with 2 other people on a railroad, it looked pretty deserted and I didn't see anything except for the rails, the night sky and the stones on the ground.
      There were ghost trains driving, after avoiding one which came from behind one of the dudes balancing on the rail got "hit" by another ghost train approaching is from the front, while the train went through him we told him to go off the rail but he kept on walking without reaction and empty eyes until the train passed.

      City escape:
      I remember being on a street with lots of people around, I think I was coming out of a building behind me, 3 persons in particular tried to kill me with Gatling’s but I managed to close in on one of them and to force them to lay their Gatling’s down, and after ensuring having enough space I made run for it, the 3 dudes following me with wrenches. I was running through an unknown city so I randomly guessed the best way to escape, and right as I approached a dead end I got support from my friends-in-mission (something like that), and later I remember somehow talking to them in a car.

      Spoiler for Random Naughtiness (Mild Sexual Content):
    10. Jungle Deathtrap, extinguishing fire and blacklight from the sky

      by , 02-03-2012 at 05:06 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was being pretty much thrown into a small part of an jungle, where a few deathtraps resided. As I was flying into that section of the jungle I barely flew over a big tree chunk, hanging in mid-air, the first deathtrap was right in front of me, some sort of cable hanging there which I shouldn't touch, I managed to twist mid-air and avoided it. As I landed there I was looking around for an moment and noticed there was no way out as the vegetation has been reshaped into an prison. There was an possible exit to my left however, again equiped with some sort of deathtrap. I managed to escape however, and told a group in some way about the traitor who was responsible for that. At some later I point I was in a bright burning house, which would've been cool if it wouldn't actually belong to me. I used some sort of power, weaving with my hands, to extinguish the flames and experimented how this application was most effective. After the fire was extinguished I went around a wall and down some street, while I noticed there was blacklight coming from the sky, it was night and I saw the stars for a short moment. Some parts of me and my clothing started to fluoresces, apparently confusing and amusing the daughter of some passing by mother. I at some point also got to see a list in my personal HUD (meaning it just appeared in my field of vision) with the molecules responsible for the effect and the according colors.
    11. Fragment Collection 6

      by , 11-15-2011 at 10:10 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Odd Entertainment:
      I was in an entertainment park, there were more people than in my average dreams but still less than in a real park. I was having fun on a stationary ride much like a wave swinger but going a lot higher, when the ride was over I just occasionally jumped the 40m down, someone apparently had a problem with me leaving the ride like that, but I told him to go se someone about it and wether anyone cares, so he just left me alone. In another part of that dream I was ridiculously hungry and I remember some unknown girl (maybe I was there with a group like a class etc.) buying some burgers for me but not finding me though I was always less than 20 meters around. She ended up throwing them away, turning around, seeing me and then running away crying. I was pretty annoyed at my potential free food and food wasted generally as well, not to mention I had no clue what was going on either. And went into one of the restauraints and tried to relax but some other people (probably out of this group) were making a ruckes and one of them poked me and got a threatening reaction from me. They gently left me alone for a moment and as I started to relax in the dream I woke up.

      Bazillion years old:
      I was outside, it was very cloudy and slightly dark already. Everything looked a bit blue due to the light. I had no clue were I was heading, the place looked remotely like my original town of birth but it was to much off, effectively leaving me not knowing were I was, just knowing I had some sort of target. Out of the grass this dude started to attack me, but I repelled him every single time, potentially injuring him all the time but while he couldn't do anything to me he wasn't eager to give up as well. He eventually told me how ridiculously old he was, something between 10^30 and 10^40 I think, the phrase alone was darn long. But I just tried to go on and kept on fending him off until the dream faded.

      Devil Cat:
      I was on some sort of huge wall, made out of stone and I could pretty much look down into the land. On the wall was a tower where I went up I think. The main part was about this cat, it was frustrated and told me that people were declaring it as some sort of devil (obviously meant in a negative way). I remember stroking the cat sometime afterwards, she was white with big black dots, and the black dots were a lot warmer than the white.
    12. Just until dawn

      by , 10-25-2011 at 03:53 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was on the street of a completely unknown city, it was a pretty rural place and nature didn’t seem to be impaled much to build that city. It was night and the sky was clear, as I looked up I saw several flying objects, up closer than normal planes. I saw a few space shuttles, and talked to some of the DC’s around about that. Then I saw something completely strange and began to follow it as good as I could. Apparently one of the houses there seemed familiar to me after the trees on the right side of the street cleared up, it was standing on a small hill. I went inside searching for some binoculars. The house was constructed in a strange way but it was pretty cool. I talked with some voice inside of the house, it probably told me something about that I should continue my WILD attempts or something like that. But I opened one of the doors and looked outside (it was early dawn, it looked very beautiful and realistic), and I said something like “Instead I should make use of this dream first”, and I immediately remembered what I wanted to do upon becoming lucid, I tried to apply the lucidity visor but my vision turned black. I had barely enough time to be annoyed that my lucid faded right the moment I was going to make use of it but I didn’t have any time for stabilizing.

      It was pretty odd but interesting to become lucid through saying it like that myself even though I had no prior knowledge of dreaming.

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