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    International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal

    This is the Official IOSDP Shared Dream Journal!

    The Rules for posting entries are the following:

    1. Only post dreams on the dates of the shared dreaming attempts. Please do not post your dreams you have on non-attempt days unless they have to do with the location or you believe they are significant in some way (if so describe why you believe they are significant). On the attempt days please post all of your dreams.

    2. Title the entry like this: # Shared Dreaming Attempt-(name's) Dream
    For example: 8th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Atras's Dream
    For non-attempt days, title them like this: Shared Dreaming Attempt-Name's Dream

    Title the Experiment entries like this: # Shared Dreaming Experiment-(name's) Dream
    For example: 1st Shared Dreaming Experiment-Katsuno's Dream

    3. On the first line in the place where you write your dream please put this: (Name's Dream) in bold and point 5 font and any color you want. If you have any confusion with this, just look at the entries I have put in for an example of how to head it.

    4. Do not provide a link to your entry, make sure that the actual entry is written down here.

    5. Do not post random things that aren't related. If you do this I will disable your access to the dream journal .

    The Link to the Results Thread is here:


    1. 21St Shared Dreaming Attempt - Aeolar's Dream

      by , 08-21-2011 at 09:46 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Aeolar's Dream

      I am in this building, with a bunch of other people. A woman walks out of a door with a cute little baby. She has a loving look on her face. She sets the baby down in a carriage out in the hall, and walks away to take care of something else. A scientist then comes up and kills the baby by smashing it with a heavy object. I watched as this took place, horrified. I began to cry, and a lot of other people do as well. I swear revenge against these cruel people. I gather up as many people I can who believe in what is right. I tell them that we should be known as the "All-Americans" and paint ourselves blue.

      We all go out onto the battlefield. We see the bad guys. They are on horses, and instead of wielding shields, they have bronze statues of General Custer, which blocks some of the bullets we are shooting at them. There are about 100 of us, and there are thousands of them. There are just too many enemies. 2 women ride up to our front lines, not wanting to fight. A blonde haired woman, and a brown haired woman.

      Earlier in this dream, this blonde haired girl was on the internet, saying how she wanted to free someone, but didn't know that the man was now 60 years old. An old woman was there as well.
      I remember being with another guy, and then going to a white van in a parking lot. I opened the door, and saw a man in there. I think I knew him as Shrader, but he could have been someone else. He showed me something on a computer terminal that is really hard to explain. It was like a birds eye view of this area and we were searching for something. It was reminiscent of the Matrix. I look up at the room around me, and it looks like a sanctuary or something, maybe a secret lair. But the 3 of us were the only people there.
      I am a special soldier in the army. I think that I am comparable to a Spartan in Halo. We get deployed in the craziest way. We all (about 5 of us) have to get on top of an SR-71 Blackbird, attached by grappling hooks, and then get launched into space. Now, while we're in space, the craziest thing happened. The world was literally in a bottle, and we had to pull out the cork in order to re enter orbit. We did, and began hurtling toward our target. We actually survived the fall and began walking to this house. There was a balloon that had a "Word of the Day" on it, which I read but don't remember what it was.

      When we got to the house, I looked in the distance and saw a pack of wolves rather close to me. Immediately I ran to the other side of the building. It seemed as though the others in my group were oblivious to the wolves, and the wolves were oblivious to them. I think that's why the wolves started to chase me. We played Cat and Mouse, more like Dog and Human, but they eventually caught up to me. 2 wolves latched onto either thumb, and it felt kind of strange. I yelled for the other soldiers to shoot them, and they seemed confused at first, but they did shoot them. I watched to my amazement as my mangled ground beef thumbs regenerated back to normal, with barely a scar.
      I am standing on this rock ledge, overlooking a feast taking place. This group of all women made an all fruit dinner for a very large group of people. I made my way down there, and checked out the event. There were paper plated to eat from, but they were soaked with pineapple juice. Dream skip. I am talking to this important old lady. She says she lost something, and I go out and try to find it in this store/hostel place. This lady supposedly runs the group of all females. No more recall.
    2. 16th Shared Dreaming Attempt - NonConformist's Attempt

      by , 08-08-2011 at 04:06 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Shared Dreaming Attempt - NonConformist's Dream

      I am with my friend Will, and he's showing me where his family always goes out to eat. It's an ice cream parlour, but before we could get any ice cream, Will's mom said we had to leave because there were dragons. Will and I left nonchalantly, and started walking to their minivan. We turned left around the corner, and began walking. I started looking for the dragon, and I saw one shape that seemed more defined and bony than a bird should be. I told Will to look, and as we stared at the flying creature, it swooped around and began flying towards us. It's skin was the color of gray stone, and it's wings were brown. On it's spine were small jagged spikes, enough for a person to sit comfortably near the neck. It's aura was forest green. As I was inspecting the dragon, I knew that this one was my companion. I had created this dragon as a baby with my own energy, and it had grown up very quick. As we watched it fly away, we walked to the car. I told Will's family that they need not worry about the dragon, it's no threat to us.