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    1. Underwater Temple, over 10 years ago

      by , 07-21-2011 at 01:31 AM
      Found myself out on a temple like dock a few feet above beautiful almost tropical water. Below the surface I could see shimmery golden sand. I dove in and took a look around. Underneath the temple were support pillars that stretched out for quite some distance. I decided to explore and swam underneath the temple. Swimming was exhilarating. I eventually reached a point where the there were walls around me instead of pillars.

      Underneath the temple the environment was even more beautiful than before. Everything was luminescent and waves of light moved along the stone sides and ceiling of the paths I took. I continued to swim as I figured that I would find something priceless somewhere beneath the temple. I rounded corners and swam through tunnels sifting through the golden sand as I went.

      I eventually found a something as my hand pushed its way through the soft sand and hit something roundish in shape. Pulling it closer as the sand drifted away, a beautiful gem about the size of a softball revealed itself. (If I remember correctly it was a darkish blue and and cut into a shape like that of a diamond to be set in a ring. ) I swam back out to the surface and pulled myself up on the dock. I wanted to show someone the gem. I was about to go back under to see if I could find more but the dream faded.
    2. Cold Watter Termite 01/10/11

      by , 07-10-2011 at 11:34 PM
      Fragment 1
      Saw an almost paper thin yet several inch wide termite creature. I used air bubbles to insulate its underwater nests. Somehow these bubbles are also like portal tunnels for the termite to crawl through. In order to eat the termites will freeze wood making it dry out and easier to chew up.

      Fragment 2
      Jumping scene to scene of trying to find my through a mountain path / 3D puzzle maze. Girl friends graduation plans and such things in my life come to mind.