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    Oneiric Mirror

    There will be several categories...

    Dateless dreams: Dreams that occurred between the age of 12 and 18.

    Lucid dream: This goes without saying

    experiences: strange things go in here, hypnagogic hallucinations, paralysis....every sort of strange stuff

    Premonitions: dreams that "came true"

    Read the comments at the end of every entry to see itīs category.

    1. Lulullu (between July 29 2011 and July 30 2011)

      by , 10-29-2011 at 12:40 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in my room on the 5th floor. The room has a light blue light.

      I am at the entrance of the room looking. To my right I have my bed, and to my left thereīs a sofa, the sofa is like a kind of bed.
      There lays three or four people, including A.

      The other person is a woman who does not have more than 18 years old. It has medium brown skin and long black hair.

      She has a nice body.

      I start flirting with her and A laughs in approval.

      I read a book that appears next to me, and on the book thereīs the word "Lulullu" and I know that this is her name.
      I begin to kiss her and I touch her lips with the tip of my tongue, she loves that and gives me a french kiss...

      Suddenly she takes the blanket off her and decides to come to bed. A smiles and leaves the room.

      Lulullu is in bed with me, sheīs reading a purple paper, and she tells me in russian: "We may as well stay here until 2 in the morning doing nothing, or we can see the effects of an explosive sexual penetration ..." and he laughs mischievously for me.
    2. The Disco (Between 1st of August 2011 and 2nd of August 2011)

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:29 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a nightclub. I walk closer to the front desk of the DJ.
      On top of it see a Propellerheads, itīs the decksanddrumsandrockandroll album.
      The album is under a average-sized dj headphones.
      I recognize the cd because of the cover, which has flames of fire, like in an explosion, and the silhouette of two men.
      I think I have a glass of something in my hand, most of the disco lights are green, although there are purple ones too.
    3. Nomads (Between 7th December 2010 and 8 th December 2010) ---- Second Dream

      by , 10-16-2011 at 05:26 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I was at school.

      I was walking around the school, had a light-brown raincoat and a sweater that had long sleeves (partially covering the hands) the shirt was pale brown. I had the feeling of belonging to a faction that fought another...

      Someone came to me and began walking beside me, a boy ... He started to explain the "order" of things in school as well as describing some of the nearby places and locations ...

      From time to time a girl passed near me, she has 23/24 years, all dressed in black, she wears a discreet spike collar around the neck, and a black trench coat. She had long, straight black hair, and black rimmel around her eyes, she had a pale skin... she looked at me and I looked back to her, surreptitiously ... the sexual tension was obvious.
      This guy took me to a place he called ______ and said it belonged to "our" the faction of the Nomads (I was still not 100 percent willing to join them).

      Both factions wanted me because I had special abilities (I also knew I had them, but I did not realize what they were).

      As we were walking, two women (their 22/23 years passed in a hurry ... the clothes were the of the colors of mine...one of them had a top and had a horizontal strip that covered the area of the chest, also covered the shoulders... leaving only a small decorative hole in the upper bone of the sternum. The pants were tight,both women wore black boots.

      Both women had black hair short hair.
      It felt that they were chasing that girl in black.
      However we continue to walk towards the _____ that looked like a convent. As we were walking, the boy who accompanied me start running towards the convent, towards a fight that was happening, I continued to walk normally going in the direction of the convent.

      I walked down a ramp, and passed near a coffe shop that had a clan of vampires, they where having coffee.

      They were all in normal clothes. The esplanade where the vampires were was covered with ivy on the surrounding walls of the esplanade. There esplanade had tables and railings, made of Victorian green iron, the railings also had ivy.
      As I leave the esplanade behind,this young, blond vampire appeared, already in full transformation. She asks me if I do not want to be like her and points to the fangs, saying that it would only take a bite ...

      I just wanted to be immortal and live forever young, but just thought it, i didnīt told her.

      I told her no, because from the first moment that she would bite me she would not control her hunger and she would suck all the blood that i had and I would die. She said it was just a bite... she approached my neck, she smelled my skin and my veins, she then erotically smiled and said "my God, that smell ..." Being afraid of her lost of control, i refused to continue and went away.

      I joined the battle in the courtyard of the convent, i was fighting a figure dressed in a purple suit , seemed a mix of a zombie and a vampire ... he pointed at me with one of his hands and several of his fingernails were projected like bullets. I tried to dodge but one hit me in the right shoulder.

      Then I grabbed a square metal shield, instantly more beings like him started to appear i started beating them with the shield in their skulls... then the whole scene changed into cartoons, in which a cartoon character called Mr. Happy, a blue toon, went to jump in the middle of the pool of brains, and brain tissue,and blood that were on the ground...all that brain mess was the result of my massacre against those zombie-vampires.

      Comments: This was the first dream in which Essence appears. Essence is that Gothic Girls all dressed in black that i wrote abound in my dream.

      Later i found that sheīs my anima