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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. North Korea

      , 08-08-2013 at 04:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 8/8/13

      Last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      As I was falling asleep, I thought I'll try to have a DILD that night. So I was looking at back of my eyelids while saying "I'm dreaming".
      I thought I got lucid 2 times last night in a DILD. But there was no excitement and I'm leaning towards these being false lucids.

      DR 1 - I'm on a street car/trolley, going up slight hill. I sit on the driver's side, by the window. I'm marveling at the architecture of tall buildings with red tile roofs in typical Korean/Japanese style. I'm thinking how cool it would be if it was North Korea, but I know it could also be South Korea. That's when I realize I forgot my camera again (this is becoming a recurring issue for 20 years now).

      I hear the tram's bell ringing and we switch to going backwards. I'm not worried, thinking trains do that sometimes. But then I see the guy in front of me looking back with worry and lady on my right is kinda screaming.

      I look back and as we are rolling backwards, a truck that's all silver chrome is coming up the hill. It is just a few feet away and I cradle my head to brace for impact. I'm trying to think how else to protect myself and I move my leg a little to different position. At the same time I know we are gonna hit, but we will be ok.

      We end up not colliding after all. But we start rolling again, I look back, and there is an elefant coming up tha hill, just a few feet from the back of the trolley. Some light purple liguid is squirting from his feet to the ground, as a street sweeper truck. Again, people scream, I brace, but we don't crash.

      DR 2 - I'm sitting at the table with two man. Son and father. They are dressed in black. I'm still in North Korea. They cooked a feast for me and I feel so bad, because I know they have very little and don't want them to give it to me. There is a boiled/grilled chicken quarterd up on a tray, and something that looks unapetizing, like soft brains or something. One of the man lifts from the chair and in broken english tells me that that dish or recipe is from his grandfater. I'm telling him not to give me a lot, but he says "eh, no, here is another scoop" and puts another spoonful of goop on my plate. I start eating the chicken but I know I have to eat the other thing too as not to offend them.

      One of the man walks by with an IV bag for his son.

      That's when I say "hey, you guys, this is a dream, I'm in a lucid dream. That's when you realize in your dream that you are dreaming". With these words I'm already standing at the window, one leg out the window and a smile on my face. I fly off.

      I cross the street and enter a buildng. I'm fying through some corridors and large rooms of what looks like an underground warehouse. I'm still in North Korea and I thing police is after me now. I'm flying between and over some large stacks of pallets, looking for a corner for me to hide in.

      But nobody is rushing after me so I decide to get out of there. I'm stopping at crossroads and looking around, then turning to direction where the most light is coming from.

      I'm out of the warehouse, flying up some short stairs, ending up in a large marbled hallway with deli shops. I thinking if this is still North Korea and I feel bad for all people there who are not privileged enough to shop and eat there.

      I'm sitting someplace when I say "oh, this is still a dream". not sure what I did after. I feel like I was fighting to retain lucidity.
    2. Early bed time nightmare

      , 07-22-2013 at 08:17 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday 7/22/13

      I went to bed at 8pm. Was just so tired from last 2 days not getting enough sleep. Had a bunch of dreams. Then finaly woke up from a nightmare.

      Started out not so bad. Cops were chasing me and two others. Normally, this is fun, but tonight, I was scared and uncomfortable. i think I have done something really bad. So I'm running away up the sidestreet, while cops are on the main street. I'm hoping the will drive by and not notice us. I can barely walk, like walking in a tar. So i turn and walk backwards. This has usually helped and I'm making some progress.

      Then we re running through some corridors. Now I know I have done something bad. A geman shepherd walks in front of me and flashlight he has attached to him illuminates the corridor with weak yellow light. I prod him with my assault rifle and even before i do it, I feel bad about it. But can't stop myself.

      Then a booming voice echoes from the end we are running from. Something about "they are coming for us". I start to yell in panic and others come back for me, because I can barely walk again.

      I watched tv for about an hour before going back to bed. Decided to say my mantra "next time I'm dreaming I realize I'm dreaming". And I also decided to add "when I see blue star, I realize I'm dreaming". There is something about visualizing blue star on the Yoga Nidra cd I practice. So I thought I add it as something new. Perhaps my mind will pay attention to it because it's new.

      So as I'm reciting these two mantras, suddenly I hear mysef saying: "Next time Karl is not there I realize I'm dreaming". LOL I had to get up and write it down. Where it came from, I have no idea. I don't know any Karl.

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    3. Beach; escape from hospital; old lady wants a ride

      , 05-10-2013 at 07:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 5/10/13

      Last night bed 1:40am - 10:15am Watching The Galaxy Quest

      DR1 - I'm with a friend of mine in a beach hotel. it's already second day, and I realize I have not gone to the beach yet. I look out the door and ocean on the left is in distance. The sandy beach between us is very wide. Some people are sunbathing nearby.

      Something happened to my shorts, so I'm looking for new pair in a drower. There is a green pair and salmon colored one.

      DR2 - I'm in a long, one story building. Feels like a hospital or clinic. I'm getting away. I make it past the main door and outside in a park I'm hiding from a nurse that's following me. She runs towards me and I can't run fast.

      There are some gorillas at the front door. They are friendly and I pet one of them as I walk by.

      Back inside some building. There is a guy in upstairs room and some guys friends of mine. I ask him if he is running from police. I wanna help him.

      Police and FBI are taking positions outside. All you can see from bushes are shiny barrels of sniper rifles. And big, shiny badges and medals. I unwrap an old piece of cloth on the table next to this guy to take a weapon to help him defend himself. To my disappointment, there is about 5 samurai swords, only 2 shotguns. I take one of them and I'm checking out how it works.

      Police chief walkes in to negotiate. I think the guy is doing to surrender.

      DR3 - I'm at the wheel of an riksha type of a vehicle. 3 wheels, one place at the front. But in the back is a bed with comforters. I think a child is there with me, maybe my younger brother. We are in town K, where my gramma lives.

      We are about to take off, when this old, skinny lady lifts up a tarp that serves as sides of the vehicle and gets in. She wants me to take her to the cemetary. I don't have a heart to tell her I'm not a taxi, which I think she has me confused with. But I also have a feeling, she exactly knew who I was. I feel like she as another agenda.

      I tell her to sit down or lay down. She lays down and I cover her with a comforter. She gets up and fidgets. I'm worried she falls out through the tarp side. I see she is cold, I tell her to lay down again and I'll give her another comforter.

      I tell her in hungarian, that I don't really know how to get to the cemetary. She says she will navigate. I tell her in my broken hungarian, that she needs to tell me couple streets before we need to make a turn, what street we need to make that turn at and if to the left or right.

      I'm also asking my brother to navigate. He sais he never been there. I tell him sure you were. Then I'm trying to remember when, and I tell him we were there for our godfather. I'm thinking hard who else, then I remember my godmother.
    4. Pink comet

      , 04-23-2013 at 03:21 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday, 4/23/13

      Last night, bed at 12:45am - 6:50am

      DR: Long and detailed

      I'm with group of fighters. We are attacking or escaping from a glass, lit up corporate building. Running through corridors, at one point I go around to top of some rocks to see if the velaciraptor is waiting for us behind the corner.

      As we come to the end, standing in a big hallway, next to glass exit doors, a guy in distant control room tells us, that someone needs to shut the blast doors somewhere halfway from start to finish. I have a feeling that my characted will volunteer and I kinda watch her from outside make decision. But then the guy said that he did it remotely.

      So we are walking away, safe, no need to run. Walking by some glass display cases on left. In one of them is something that looks like 3 pieces of pink flower. Like the ones in Avatar, when you touch them, they detract themselfs. But they are not flowers, but a 3-piece comet hurtling through space. It was a live image of it.

      NAP: 8;15 - 11:20am

      - My dad is into foot fetish and I worry for the teenagers having a party in neighbors apartment, while he is out of town.
      - I get upset at my mom and storm away from backyard carrying something.
      - I'm leaving my hotel room. I'm not happy with the door in saloon style, because it gives no privacy. I'm locking it with lock and chain.

      I'm attempting to land inside the dreamlet to be lucid. As I'm flying over some pleasant rolling hills, I see a house on the hill, which gets more sinister the closer I get to it. I say "I am there" but I know I don't mean it, so i don't transfer into LD. I change direction and land next to the tennis field. I ask some boys if they want me to throw their tennis balls over back to them.

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    5. Police chase - nonLD; WILD+2 LDs nap

      , 04-20-2013 at 04:19 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 4/20/13

      last night bed 1:30am - 8am

      Had a few dreams about being chased by police. There ia about 4 of us. We are trying to escape from a house, where we did some bad things. We are going up and down the ladder. Then outside, it's late evening, dark. I'm crouching and walking to a corner to hide in a dark shaddow. As we go by a window, I hear a dog from inside of the house. A little puppy comes to where I'm hiding, but doesn't start barking. Police are walking nearby, looking for us. (Was watching manhunt for the Boston marathon bomber all day yesterday IWL)

      This wasn't a fun chase dream I normally get. There was something sinister about me. I did something bad.

      NAP: around 8:45am -12pm

      Started getting vibrations while on back, got up to turn of sound on laptop and layed down on left side.

      WILD: Suddenly I'm looking at my laptop screen and I see there is a new registered member. I can read everything very well. I think, that this is a great time to prove that I was seeing through my closed eyelids. So I wanna open my eyes and look at the screen to prove, that what I saw was real in WL. But I can't open my eyes. I realize, I'm sleeping and dreaming. I think to myself, well, if I'm dreaming, I may as well get up, because then I'm lucid. (IWL, I have been watching new registrations pretty closely. If you reading this venn99, it's becasue of you. Thank you for getting me lucid)

      I get out of the window and start walking through the backyard in my parents house. There is a toll column made out of concrete bricks with two openings. I keep telling myself "I'm dreaming" and I'm confident I can keep my awareness, but I lose it suddenly.

      LD1: Probably a DEILD. I get a headrush and hear someone dusting bedsheets few feet away, which turns into a chain saw soound right next to my head. I keep telling myself "I'm not scared, no matter what you do". And I really am not scared. Again, I'm getting out some window, this time it has consistency of liquid glass, but I still get out. I jump out of the kitchen balcony on first floor. As I'm falling fastand enjoing this awesome roller coaster feeling in my stomach, I'm determined to hit the ground and see what happens. But just before I hit, I get the smallest thought not to, although I still want to, but I switch direction and few inches above ground start flying paralel to the ground.

      LD2: Not sure what type of LD this was. Wow, I even forgot, what it was about. I didn't get up after, just replayed it im my mind with words and went back to sleep hoping for moar. Oh, I just remembered. I was trying to summon Linkzelda. But someone else walked in through the door at fast pace.

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    6. Regular - Haunted House and Fight in a long corridor.

      , 11-01-2011 at 11:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Oct.31, 2011. No nap. Bed at 11pm. I had some heavy dinner and I believe it showed in my nightmares.

      2.50am - woke up, don't remember any dreams
      3.20am - woke up f/bad dream BTB at 3.40am
      I was in a room. I was trying lots of light switches, but the light would not switch on. Light fixtures were moving and I realized the place is haunted (I dream about haunted places a lot). So I got fed up, packed my clothes and left.
      5.48 - woke up f/same bad dream, only now I watched the scene of the haunting on a tape. A friend of mine taped me for some school project. At the end of the tape, there was a footage from that haunted room with some bad entity being really nasty to some girl - I don't think it was me.

      7.20am - woke up f/dream
      we were running from some bad things through twisting and winding corridors, that had some rooms every now and then. I was one of the fighters protecting others from things that were chasing us. Sometimes we stopped in one of the rooms thinking it's safe, but things were coming to life and kept chasing us. Like there was paper, that got animated and we had to fight it. Then there was a stampede of horses and cows. Didn't have a bad feeling, I kinda enjoyed the fighting and protecting and being chased.

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    7. Day 3

      , 10-05-2011 at 07:04 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This is my third day of trying to get a LD. On day 1, I had MILD/DILD, but woke up just seconds after realizing I'm dreaming. Nothing on day2, can't recall even a regular dream.

      So I did my mantras - "Next time I dream I RC and realize I'm dreaming" and did couple of RCs - Nose Plug and Finger through Palm, also looking at my hand while asking "Am I dreaming", since this had worked for me the first time.

      So on day 3 I can recall 3 regular dreams.

      Dream #1. Something is chasing me. Looks big, like a Mech/robot. It is outside, I'm inside a one story, semi-circular building, quite bright, looks like an old fortress, running from room to room, ducking by windows so he can't see me. Not really scared, it's more like a game to me, although I know it's not a game. I know he can't get me. Building was clean, no dark shadows, smooth very light grey bricks, I kinda liked it. Outside was nice grass.

      [I just remembered, that I added to my mantra "My dream will be bright and clear" . Until now, most of my dreams were kinda in a soup of brown, grey, more on the dark side]

      Dream #2 I was in a large building, very bright, lots of windows and artificial lighting. Rooms were big, with hospital beds, and there was lots of people, but didn't feel like hospital, maybe like a mental institution? But everybody looked normal to me I was walking down this large room with big and bright windows on the left and I was trying to escape from there. When I got maybe 5 feet from the open glass door/window, alarm sounded and the doors closed. There were two nurses right by the window trying to repair a wall-mounted radio, so I helped them out and fixed it. Immediately there was a song on a radio - female voice. After this I was able to talk one of the nurses (black male)to open the door for me and he buzzed me out. Suddenly there was a bunch of people after me, I somehow thicked them into a large kitchen and closed the door after them. later I looked in and they were all eating from the fridge.

      Dream #3. I'm in a hospital room with 2-3 of my friends, but we are just renting this room. We are on school trip where we go from town to town and it's time to pack and go to the bus to continue on our trip. Room was very bright, lots of light, white colors. Some of my friends have already packed and took their suitcases, but I'm still trying to figure out, what time we are leaving. Nobody is telling me. They show me a yellow phone and tell me to call #10, they will tell me. I pick up the receiver of an old, rotary phone but for some reason I don't want to call.
      [In waking life, i don't really like telephones]. Then two nurses show up, they look kind of old-fashioned. Purses hanging from their arms, sweater around shoulders, and one of them tells me that they can figure out what time we are leaving, because that's the time their shift will start (since we were just renting the room to sleep over and didn't need the nurses, they would come back to work when we leave.] They were laughing and everybody was relaxed.

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