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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Brazilian hairy worm

      , 08-15-2016 at 02:15 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This at night.

      I'm sitting in a small room in one room apartment with a woman and a man. Man walks to the door and he says "oh man, look at this worm". I'm like "how it got there?" He replies that maybe from some potted house plants.

      I'm thinking it's gotta be big, since all those exotic worms are. It starts coming closer to me when he tries to chase it out. I say to him not to chase it towards me. I get a good look at it. It's maybe a foot long (30 cm), shape of a question mark with his head raised. He has a tuft of hair on his head and large eye. He is moving like a slithering sea horse. I grab a piece of cardboard and shoo him away. I can feel him impact it and I can tell he is heavy.

      He hides in some bushes and the girl with me sticks her hand in there to look for him. I'm like "you gotta be crazy sticking your hand where you can't see".

      This dream from few days ago.
      I'm sitting on a low metal roof. I prop myself up with my hands to jump down. What I didn't notice was some flat metal sticking out vertically. It cut both my palm. I go to a guy who is a doctor to ask him if that needs stiches. It's not even bleeding and only thin red line suggests that I have a cut. But he bends my palms and as they separate you can tell they are cut almost all the way through. He probes the wound with his thumb and it gets all messy and bloody. i wonder why, when it's clear it's a big wound.
      (few days ago we talked about thumb/palm rc and how I can't do that anymore because it became so real and bloody and painful)
      Tags: brazil, travel
    2. Lencois Sand dune lakes in Brasil

      , 02-01-2016 at 07:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night shift from 5-10pm

      Slept from 2am-9am

      [Yesterday I read a book about Just Paying attention. So I was doing it most of the day, trying to keep my attention on what I was doing. For ex. I was carrying a box, so I would say: I'm looking at my hands, I have black gloves on, I have a box, I'm walking, looking around, there are people, are these DCs, HI DC!, ... and just basically noticing things around me and acknowledging them.]

      Woke up with memory of a DILD.

      I am with some people when I realize I should be dreaming and lucid. I count my fingers but I decide I'm not dreaming. Immediately after that I KNOW I am ALWAYS dreaming and lucid so I recount.

      I count one by one, all the way to 12 on my left hand, to make a show for those people. I'm amazed, because every one of my fingers is dressed in pyjamas. Light blue with some toys and teddies like a baby's soft flanel pyjama. When I come to 12, people are also amazed.

      I walk to the window and tell them "Now I'm gonna do what I always do when lucid. I'm going for a flight". And I jump out the window.

      I'm flying superman style (I normally fly in standing up position, kinda like a hummingbird) over some sand. I realize I wanted to see the Lencois Sand Dunes in Brazil.

      So I bank left and there they are.

      One lake is more beautiful than the other. All different colors and shapes.

      Turqoise, green, blue. I can hear myself go "uuuuuu" and "aaaah" and I'm surprised and amazed at such beauty.

      Little further down, also in sand dunes are some low, elongated openings to the underground. It seem to me that those are the ends of lava tubes where lava was coming out from. Not sure why, because they don't look like it. (I have been to a real one on the Big Island of Hawaii).

      After all this I write down the 12 fingers, the lakes and I feel especially important part is how I realized that I am ALWAYS DREAMING. I knew I'm writing this down in a dream but I was hoping it will help me remember after I wake up. (This is second time I done this)