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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. car chase

      , 09-29-2018 at 03:21 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Was dreaming all night. Sleeping about 8 hrs almost every day now, so exhausted from work.

      Had a dream with one family I would rather forget about.

      Awesome car chase at the end of another dream. It was a chevy, pretty powerful, fast. Insane car chase, we are driving (i'm in a front passenger seat) all over the place. On the steep bank of some kind of body of water. Coming down, rolling, catching on fire. That's when I switch to 3.person view. Our car is all flat with roof pushed in and on fire. But I know we are ok. My view gets back in a car and we continue.

      I was also in foreign country. I want to say Israel, but it's just a feeling.
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    2. Car crash

      , 09-09-2016 at 06:39 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8pm - 3:30am

      I recalled this dream as soon as I sat in my car on my way home from work and was about to buckle my seat belt.

      I'm sitting in a luxury sedan. All white interior, everything leather. Looks brand new, shiny, beautiful. I see the driver stepping on the breaks frantically, but they dont work. I look down and I'm not buckled. He says we are about to crash. The force of innertia is making it hard for me to move, and everything is in slow motion, as I race time to reach for a belt and buckle up if even just a second before we hit the wall. Not sure if I made it on time.
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    3. couple of days, 1 DILD RC-levitate, 1 WILD car

      , 01-16-2012 at 09:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday Jan.11/2012

      Woke up at 4:31 am and remember getting images and going into LD, but donít remember, if there was an LD.

      DR: Iím on a top floor of college dormitory/hotel. I need to remodel some thing in the rooms, to get them ready. I feel like studentís are coming the next day.

      Iím repairing small picture frames by putting painters tape on frames and painting. I go from room to room. When Iím done, I go to check, but they are not good. When I pull the tape off, some tape is stuck. I go to rooms to collect them and redo by next morning. Kids and teachers are already there.

      1 teacher S is already in the last room on top floor. She is heating up something on a small electric heater for her daughter. I see sparks flying. It smokes and sets of the fire alarm. I can hear itís beeps. People start moving downstairs, I know, I canít use the elevator. I come upon the infirmary with patients in blue sitting on benches alongside the walls, waiting to be evacuated. There is a girl with two crutches. I ask her if she needs help getting down, but she says no. I ask the nurse if I can help anybody get downstairs, she also says no.

      Thursday Jan.12/2012
      DR at 4:25

      I have a nosebleed, someone is helping me.
      We have returned from a trip, Iím going to lay down.

      Friday Jan.13/2012
      B-complex 100 at 2:50pm
      DR 3:24am
      I sit on a ski lift alone
      going down to the gold mine

      Our class is on a trip. We are in a small airplane. The entertainment on the plane were magic tricks by a magician. We are told it is expensive. We made a stop. People are getting off, Iím looking for my camera. I unload my backpack, everybody is leaving stuff on a plane, we just going to get some souvenirs and continue on a trip. Someone tells me he is going to get me same big gift as he is getting for someone else already, because I saved his life. Prior to this we flew very low under some electrical cables and I was worried we are gonna hit them. Then this person stands up and reaches up to see if we are too close. We were not, but he got electrocuted. As he is laying on the floor I check his pulse and breathing. He comes to and he thanks me.

      Then we are in mountains. Not much green, more dusty and dry looking. We are crossing a natural bridge. On the other side is a castle. Inside we are finding treasures - I find couple of tiaras in shelves, bunch of jewelry, rings and such. There are also photographs from my previous trips with class. I want to borrow them to make copies. I ask husband of the teacher (they live here) if I can borrow the yellow envelope full of pictures, that I will return it to the teacher when she goes to work, school is just two streets from my house.

      WBTB 7:18am-8:10am GM 4mg+Choline300mg at 8am
      woke up f/WILD at 11:35am

      HH- Iím looking at a moving landscape underneath me. Sunny fields. I Imagine seeing myself on the ground. The view is coming closer and I see something flying in the skies. When it lands, I realize its me. As my view is coming closer to the ground, I wish and I merge with myself on the ground. My view changes and Iím in the dream standing on the ground in middle of fields.

      There are a few houses nearby. Three cars are parked in front. Yellow, maybe red and closest to me is a beautiful, shiny black dodge charger. I have never drove a car in my dream before, so I decide to go for a ride. Then I notice beautiful orange flowers in grass in the lawn right next to the car. I squat down to take a closer look. These are my favorite orange flowers, that are so common in parks in SoCal. They are so pretty. I see the grass too. Very clear, sharp, I see every blade of green grass. I inhale the air, donít smell anything though. I look at my hands. They look completely normal, only 6 fingers per hand.

      I get up, open the car door and get in. Its beautiful inside. Black leather, black steering wheel, gages and dials accented with red, windows are small and sleek and tinted. I realize I donít have the key but I know I just need to put my hand to key hole and I will have the key. So I do that, turn the key and car start up. I step on gas and off we go. The road in front of me is turning left in front of some houses. I come to the corner and wake up.

      Saturday, Jan. 14/2012
      I have two roommates. One is M, we are in US. We want to go to the beach, but she says she cant, she is ill, had some tests done.
      Then we are in front of my home in NZ and Iím telling her about possibility of healing in LDs and I explain to her all types of LDs.

      Sunday, Jan.15/2012
      We just got back home from somewhere. Iím in NZ. Before going upstairs to the apartment, I check the mail. There is a ton of mail. I look for ours and find a ton of magazines, envelopes. Itís exciting.

      WBTB 5:37am-6:20am
      DILD around 10am

      I woke up in this house. For some reason I go to the roof. I see the roofs of other houses, itís a residential area with moderns SoCal. houses in terracotta colors. I say to myself, if this was a dream, I could fly. So I levitate up and I realize Iím dreaming. Iím dressed in underpants and undershirt. I look around and there is a car approaching. Behind it is a cop car. I decide to better get of the roof, Iím sure the cop had seen me and comes after me thinking Iím breaking in. I loose lucidity around here. Iím back inside of the house. There is more people here now. I wake up.
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    4. Short regular

      , 10-25-2011 at 10:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Oct.22, Sunday, no nap, some beer, bed at 11pm, woke up from a dream at 5.30am.

      I was with some friends looking for a new place with help of a realtor;

      Then I'm giving a ride to some girls, but one of them is driving, because we were going down some steep hill and I didn't want to drive that way. We arrive to town and I drop them of in front of store called Target. But they forget to give me my keys, so I follow them through some security checkpoint, which is no longer to the store, but to the cruise ship. To my surprise, I get through without any problem.

      Another dream at 7.48am - again with some unpleasant people from my past.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment