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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. DILD, WILD; Video Game; Earthquake

      , 10-03-2018 at 04:43 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Still sleeping about 8 hrs almost every night.

      Had a short DILD 2-3 days ago. Just counted my fingers and realized. That's it, lol.

      A WILD, I took 3x300 Alpha GPC at 2 am, woke up at 4:30 from a WILD. I saw myself walking between 2 parked trucks, or maybe tight store aisles. I realized I'm dreaming and I'm suddenly there. Later, I'm telling someone that I had a lucid.

      Last night:


      Like a video game. We have to get someplace. There are couple of possible paths we can take. All over water and some islands, and coral near the surface, so we could walk on it. Tropical waters in some places, cold, muddy, with ice on them in other. Was interesting.


      Female leaves with her daughter to a new house. I stay behind with a man to finish packing. I leave in a truck, an 2 houses away from the old house, I feel the car shaking. First it's a long gentle wavy motion, getting stronger, then weaker and stronger again. It ends with 2 sharp jolts. I see a map of so cal in my mind, and I know this was the big one. 7.5. The woman returned and so did I.

      Interesting dreams, kinda liked them.
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    2. Future; Earthquake

      , 03-20-2018 at 11:31 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This was few days ago.

      I remember being happy in this dream. Like YEAH, so cool, I'm in the future, something awesome is happening!
      So, I'm looking up at some flying objects. I have a feeling I'm a visitor. I wish to go up and I feel myself flying straight up through the air. I end up sitting in a small, bubble like flying vehicle. It's blue and gray with lots of windows. As the side of it closes after I get in, I'm excited. I say "let's go on a tour of the city" , because I want to see where have I ended up. I see another bubble in front of me with someone inside.

      DREAM 2
      I'm walking on the wet sandy part of the beach. I hear a voice announcing an earthquake happening in a short period of time. They say exactly when, but I don't remember it. It was just a few minutes, less than 5.

      I think with surprise and satisfaction, that earthquake prediction is finally a real thing. I start running alongside the water, looking for a right spot to start running to the left and climbing up higher on the hillside.
    3. Earthquake is coming

      , 03-25-2016 at 02:23 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Took a nap after coming home from early shift.

      Somehow I notice some signs that the big earthqake is coming withing minutes or hours. I start preparing, packing some water, opening garage doors so we can get out fast, wanting to pull a car out so I can get to my car that looks just like the one I have IWL.
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    4. Italy, Liguria, again.

      , 05-17-2014 at 01:18 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed before 10, but couldnt fall asleep - 4:50am

      I'm Italy, Liguria. One Italian tells me this, while I'm looking at postcards to buy. The cards are nothing special. Some rocky shore, some dry chaparall mountains. I'm asking something from a guy at a train station. He starts laughing and replies to me in Italian, something like he is Tony... and Italian and why do I think he knows what I'm asking or speaks the language. To my surprise I speak Italian a bit too, or maybe more like just some international words and we communicate a bit, laughing.

      I'm at this train station at the end of the dream. It's the end of a trip for me and I'm meeting up with others to leave. There are 2 small, maybe 7-9 year old kids trailing me. We are some friends, or have some deeper connection. They don't want me to leave.

      Even before that, I'm telling someone that while we were in Mexico? (Italy), there was a big earthquake, not like a 6 something, but 5 something.

      Before that was something, about mountains or hills. It was a long dream, I woke up from it, said "great, a dream" and went back to bed. Have to by me that pen with light I saw on amazon for the gift money I still got there, so I can write them as they happen.
    5. Visiting a friend, earthqake; Fruit

      , 02-10-2014 at 06:22 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.10.14 Monday

      Last night, bed 11:45pm - 8:45am

      DR 5:37am

      I'm sitting on a chair, behind a table, in Ophelia's kitchen. Danny is standing there. Op walks in in white bathrobe. She says she wanted to go potty, but... [I don't understand what she is saying here].

      Suddenly there is a huge earthquake jolt, that moves my upper body forward. No sound, no nothing. Just one big jolt. I start explaining, why jolts are a scary shit, unlike the rolling kinds, that give you at least some kind of a warning by starting small.

      I get by the wall and we look at each other, knowing that it was fate, quake happening when I was not home. I get a mental piture of a nearby river and I expect it to overflow or break from it's banks. Either from that jolt, or from the aftershocks, that we are bracing for. Aftershock comes minutes later, and we know it's a bad sign. Feel of doom, that had to happen, it was unavoidable.

      I'm cutting fruit. Lots of fruit. Strawberry juices all over the table.

      Lots of people, most dressed in black. They are going for a funeral. Something about not having enough flowers. I think I left my shoes behind someplace. I'm sitting on a chair and my late godfather is flirting with me, he wants me to go with him so he can bone me. Tsk tsk.

      Something about large grocery store, checkout lanes, bad guys, ...

      Yeey, 4 dream recall. Thank you

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    6. Preparing for huge earthquake; Sx in post-apocalyptic prison

      , 08-16-2013 at 08:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday, 8/16/13

      Last night bed 10:45pm - 3:30am; 5:10am - 9:23am

      I thank those who insipred this awesome night (ophelia with her dream from last night and sparta with chat talk). And thank you brain, for getting the hints and obliging.

      This was one of the longest dreams that I remember.

      DR - part 1
      I'm in a building with lots of people. We know a huge earthquake is coming, in fact, it's iminent. At first, we were gonna just run outside. But then I realize, we need to collect as much stuff as we can, because after the quake, that's all we gonna have.

      So I tell my mom and dad. They are sceptical. But I start bringing items into a shopping cart. I look at the stack of neatly folded burgundy color towels. I know they are older and they have been used to dry the dogs after their bath, but they are clean now and I put them in the cart. I find water bottles, and different items. I know that even if we don't need some of it, we can barter with them. I find a pile of my old things. I look through them and I flip through pages of my bright blue book of stamp collection. (I wish I had it here with me IWL, because I think I saw it exactly as they were, although I have not seen them in years). I know I can't take them with me.

      I find two comforters. I get an idea of making them water proof. I tell an old classmate of mine from elementary school to cut open some large black trashbags and saw them onto the comforters. So when we have to sleep outdoors and ground is wet, they will insuate us.

      I know we are on borrowed time and quake can happen at any second. I hear a sound and I look at my watch. I just received an alarm, an early warning, that quake has already happened and we have 12 or 7 seconds till the shock wave arrives. I yell at everybody to get out. I start pushing the cart and my mom is trying to keep up, but complaining of her legs. I lift her into the cart and keep pushing.

      We get to the exit from the building. Large glass doors are chained shut. 2 guards at the desk are not willing to open them, eventhough crowds are gathering, wanting to get out. Nobody wants to stay inside, where glass and stuff would be raining down on us.

      Suddently we are outside, at night, pushing the rattling shopping cart with our items and my mom.

      Then it feels like it's all over. It's day time and I'm back at the entrance to the building. People are milling around. I walk around with someone around a lake that's just outside the building/ The walkway starts to separate and now I'm standing on something that looks like a small raft made of reeds. The person with me is also standing on one. It's dipping under water and now I'm more swimming that walking. The water is nice and warm and although it's scary, I don't mind that much.

      Part 2
      Me and another person are going back inside the building. This seems to be years after the apocalypse. There are some thugs sitting by the entry and lots of debree everywhere. Broken furniture, pieces of concrete... The glass door is now jammed opened.

      The other person tells me to stay there and wait for him. He was looking for something. I'm in a large tiled corridor, even walls are tiles. There are no lights, but it's not dark inside. He walks in the opening in the wall to the right. I walk little further down this corridor and hang left.

      I'm looking for restrooms. There are some stalls with dark red metal walls, that could use a fresh coat of paint. They don't have doors, but they are normal toilets. (Which is very unusual. normally I find a restroom, but there is always something wrong with it and I can't use it). Some are separated by semi-transparant plastic hanging from the ceiling. I find one, no door, but nobody is around and I use it.

      I keep walking and see lots of males in the hallway. Someone who seems to be in authority is telling them it's time to go in their cells. I ask if this is a prison and I'm told yes, it is. It's kinda lax, almost voluntary.

      I know what I want and I ask a handsom black guy, leaning against a wall, how big is his pen0r. He says "like a hot-dog". I say, if I'm gonna have a black guy, he is not gonna have a hot-dog. The warden steps in and askes me a few questions. His questions are leadig me to believe, that despite the size, he is the best.

      So I walk off with the hot dog. I keep asking him where wuld be a good place, untill we get to some side corridor with some construction material.

      We are about to start, when 2 huge guys walk in. And rest is on need to know basis only.
    7. Earthquake

      , 07-11-2013 at 07:07 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 7/11/13

      Last night bed 1am - 8:45am

      Last dream:

      I'm on pebbly shore of a shallow lake. Water is clean, see-through. A house I live in is nearby. Someone throws something towards me and it lands in the lake. I see large and small pieces of plastic debree in the water. Walk in there to pull it out. Some of it is in little deeper, like knee high. I don't want to get completely wet, so I walk to the shed and look for a rake. I see all kinds of tools, and find a rake with long handle.

      I'm in some kind of control room. We have an earthquake. I put on my laptop to look for news, but screen is black and no internet, because of the quake. We put on the TV. Find some obscure channel in hopes for the news. Major stations are off-line. Then I hear them saying the quake was on San ?? fault line, where San Andreas is. But at the sametime, we see a map of England on the screen. I'm shocked, that the earthqake fas so close to me in SoCal, and that it was the dangerous San Andreas.