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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. war in croatia

      , 10-04-2018 at 03:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm walking through some small stores. I kneel down to a box with old coins and start picking them up to take a closer look. My vision is a bit foggy, but i can tell these are not really coins, no matter how much I want them to be. just some medallions or commemorative tokens. An older lady starts going through it as well and crowds me out. I tell her piece of my mind.

      I start feeling tension in the air as I'm walking towards the corner of a near building. People running. I know the occupation is starting. I think it's nazis, but the armored vehicle I see doesn't look german from WW2. I see the uniforms as I'm ducking in a doorway to get away through some back doors I'm hoping to find.

      I see some civilian man walking inside. One is quite large. I know those are local collaborators, but to my surprise, they are quite gentle, as the big man pushes a woman towards the door with what I think it's croatian hajde.
    2. Lucid HH; Alien invasion

      , 04-08-2018 at 01:32 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Went to sleep at 6pm, exhausted from work. Woke up at midnight and as falling back to sleep, got HH. I thought, next one I get, I'll should enter it. Waited for a few seconds and a next crystal clear image appeared. I think I got up and walked into it, then lost awareness.


      We got invaded by bad aliens. So someone made a costume which will make us look like them. We put it on a escaped from some building, into another one. We took it off and then I realized, it was also changing our voices into alien voice.

      We learned about another species of aliens that also came to fight us. There were green humanoids. Now we didn't know, which costume to put on to sneak by them. But first, I had to change my shoes to tennis shoes, so I can do some running.

      We were sneaking by these new aliens when we heard that they realized we are also good guys, so they were not going to fight us. They were raising their arms in surrender, and kneeling in front of us to let us know.
      Tags: invasion, lucid
    3. Post-apocalyptic world

      , 02-17-2018 at 04:12 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had a great dream last night, but by later in the morning I forgot everything, except that it was in post-apocalyptic world.

      I remembered it all much later in the afternoon, while watching TV and seeing a dog brought back recall, even though there was no dog in the dream that I can remember.

      ...I grab something from invading soldiers, run to the cliff over the ocean and want to throw it in the water to neutralize the threat. But the water is too far from there, so I run alongside the cliff until I feel like I have to throw it, because they are catching up to me. I throw it and it would have fallen in the water, but there are some sand banks and it falls on one of those. I believe though that it's far enough and they won't find it.

      One soldier chases me across the sand dunes with some grass on them. I see a hole in the side of the dune,bit smaller than the size of a laying person. I squeeze into it and I'm watching the soldier and his shadow as he is looking for me. He stands right next to my hiding place and I just hope he won't find me.

      Before all that, someone threw a revolver into a huge pile of sand. I'm looking for it, because in this lawless world weapons are valuable. Before that, there was something about a wooden walkway in the large body of water.

      I wish I remembered more.
    4. Home invasion

      , 05-20-2017 at 11:18 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15 pm

      Dream just before waking up at 3 am

      Home invasion

      We are inside, at someone else's house. Preparing to be attacked, because we have something they want. Looking through the curtains if they are coming.

      Now I'm with the invaders. Unwrapping tools, then a bomb. I'm intentionally reckless, trying to see if I can make the bomb blow up by hacking close to the fuse wires. It would kill me, but better than killing those others. Nobody is stopping me, so I start hacking off the ends of wires with some recepticles, to make them unusable. Now they notice, but they don't get too upset. I manage to damage one more.

      Back again inside. I'm asking the homeowner if he has more than one gun and to give me one when they attack.

      We see them in the yard, wiggling boards off of a wooden fence. I walk in a room and they are already inside. There is a mean looking chick and I don't wait for her to attack me. I advance at her with an old wooden chair, deflecting her blows and trying to hit her with it.
      Tags: invasion, weapons
    5. Beer tasting; Alien invasion; Walking dead

      , 12-13-2016 at 03:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 9:45 - 3:40am

      Took a 2hr nap or so in the afternoon.

      3 cool dreams.

      DR 1:
      I'am in a big house. Large floor plan, lots of windows, carpets. Nobody lives there now, we are hiding there. I'm looking into the next room that sits lower than where I am, at huge amount of boxes with supplies and I wish there was some beer. I look closer, and of course, lots of boxes with beer. Someobody calls me over to taste some of it. It's expensive and rare, so we sip it from whiskey glasses.

      Now I am outside, in a new neighborhood. I tell the cabbie to turn by the Walmart. As I look at the distant hills, someone yelles out "they are coming". The alien worms are invading. I see a cloud that resembles the poison gas cloud in Hunger Games. I don't see any worms but I'm not gonna wait and find out. They are coming to kill us.

      I start walking by a tunnel, trying to remember how to get back. I need to find a guy in a hospital. After long thinking, I figure out his name is Dr.Green. He is suppose to be a partner of character named Vic from a video game GTA. I'm looking closely at people passing by. I see them in great details, their faces, clothes. But since I don't know this guy, I am asking them "are you Dr. Green?". When danger comes closer, I follow few people that enter their living spaces after punching in the code in a keypad. I walk in and apologise for the intrusion. They tell me not to worry and just stay safe there.

      DR 2:

      I'm somewhere outside near some major road. There is a turn to the left and road turns into wooden lanes, almost like at the bowling alley. The lanes are separated by walls. Signs above the lanes say which place it leads from and where it's going. They are bicycle lanes. One sign says "from china to rest of the world". I'm joiking with someone when I say, "haha, I wanna see someone in China to go visit their gramma in Korea on a bike".

      I get on one of the lanes and ride a bike.

      DR 3:

      I'm in an artificial lake with concrete sides. It's rather small, maybe a size of 2 rooms. Someone else is there with me. I look in the water and we are standing on a small boat that sunk. I realize we are in the lake at Universal Studios. I look up at the huge board which is right above me to confirm location. Someone from the shore tells the guy he is not swimming right, he should be more in the water. I look in the water and see the dark shadow of the boat and how dirty the water is with debris. The actor next to me puts his face in the water. I push off and start swiming to the side. A fin swims by me and that confirms I'm at the studios. It's an animatronic shark from Jaws, programmed to swim in circles on the edge of the pool.
    6. Invasion; Chile

      , 06-11-2016 at 01:38 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I was just thinking yesterday why am I not having cool dreams like I used to.

      Last night:
      I was in South Amerika, I think Chile. We are looking at some monitor that's showing different beaches in Chile. We are picking a beach for a vacation. Someone says that when there is a heatwave in Mexico, it's also hot down in Chile.

      Few days before:
      It's night. We are running through some landscapa that is just dirt with occasional bush. It looks like lots of people went there, dirt is all roughed up. Someone is attacking in the distance from above. I see a hole in the ground. We go in. A huge rock blocks the entrance after we get in. We walk through some tunnels dug in the soil, it's pretty well lit with yellow light from unknown source. I have a feeling it's headqarters of resistance against alien invasion.
    7. Epic recall and dreams

      , 02-06-2014 at 06:04 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.06.14 Thursday

      Last night bed 11pm - 8am

      The magic hour 11pm came through huge, with some best recall in ages and epic dreams. Also, meditated second time in a day 1 of Anapana Sati (breathing awareness), for 15 min, 10:45-11pm, just before bed.

      DR 1:
      I'm on top of a not so gently sloping hill, covered in grass. Sun is setting. We were doing something, now, people are walking/running down the hill and I want to shock them with me flying down head first. I look at them sideways if they can see me.

      DR 2: 3:30am
      I going with my mom to the hospital where she used to work. She is going to ask, if they need her help. I'm sitting in the waiting room, but she is not coming out. There are other patients in beds nearby. A man comes out playing harmonica. I figure he is a doctor.

      I'm sitting on right side of a blood drawing tray. Another doctor in lab coat is asking me my name. I tell him I'm Kate's daugter. They know me, since I used to visit my mom ther while she worked there (IWL as well).

      I get a funny feeling and I ask a nurse about my mom. She says they took her.

      Me and two others steal long knives, and hide them in sleves. We are walking down a long escalator, towards a security station on the bottom. I don't know how, but we get through without beeping. A female security guard comes out after us and now we know, we have an ally in there. She drops a button on the ground and I pick it up. It's a microfilm evidence how the hospital "took" secretary of "something", same as my mom, and many others.

      DR 3: 6am
      I'm back at the same place from dream before. Only now I'm not alone. There is bunch of people with me and we are storming the place, to liberate all the patients that are held there against their will.

      I'm throwing vases and ashtrays at people in the waiting room so they leave, because there is gonna be a firefight and I didn't want them to get hurt. A young black boy throws down from this balcony 3 bracelets. I go down, pick them up and put 2 of them on. He wants them back, but I'm just laughing.

      I'm running with a girl in a tow, holding her hand. I peek out from behind a corner and see a shadow of a guy with heat seeking missile. I wait for it, then we ran opposit direction, hiding behind the corner. He shoots one more time, but we make it to safety.

      I'm hiding in a small alcove in a wall. One of the bad guy's leaders slides into my view on his knees. I take aim and shoot. I hear my machine gun turn on empty twice. I'm out of ammo. Another bad guy comes from behind the corner and I'm taken captive.

      Now I'm laying on the floor, face down, my elbows tucked under me. This rooms seems to be after the fight, where we all gathered to regroup and recoup. Doctor is kneeling next to me. Pulling right arm out to check on it. It's ok. Now the left arm, but this one is not moving. I say maybe the muscles had locked. So he gives me 2 shots in my right shoulder. Somebody comes to talk to me and I realize I'm their leader. Doc treats some wounds I have on left shoulder.

      DR4: 8am
      I'm waiting for a bus with kate and her kids. Bus comes, she gets on, the door closes, and I'm struggling to open the door with 2 bags in my hand. So I get pissed at her not holding the door open and i stay behind. Then I look at the bags and they are both hers. Crap. Now I have to take the bags to her. I check if her phone is there, but it's not. Good, so I can call her to tell her when I'm bringing her bags.

      Now for good 10 min, I'm trying to punch in her numbers. This is crazy and so frustrating. In order to get to each individual right numeral, I need to scroll through what seems like dozens of characters. I'm going out of my mind. I'm sitting inside, then I move outside, but there is a busy street with tour buses going by and bunch of people talking, including a group of foreigners sitting at a large table.

      I see a small white fluffy dog wondering around. Seems like his leash is broken, but when I get closer, I see that he is on a very long leash that winds all over the place. So i let him be.

      I just walked to the top of a tall, rocky mountain. Like in Himalayas. Sharp peak, all snowy. We are inside of a glass lookout place. I look out, and there is a walkway around the mountain, with a simple guard rail. The wind is howling, we can hear it all the way inside. The snow is coming down like crazy, being whipped by strong winds. It's -110 degrees.

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    8. NY in winter; Home invasion; Organising cabinets

      , 09-18-2013 at 09:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday, 9/18/13

      Last night, bed 11:30 - 9:15

      DR 1
      I'm in NY. Staying at a hotel. I'm walking the quiet streets with older houses in residential area. Looks like it's starting to snow. I walk into the alley, or some passageway between buildings. There is a door to something I think may be a church. But it doesn't look like it. In front of it is a small fountain like structure. not much water, only some smooth rocks on the bottom. I see some coins there and more I look more coins I see. I figure people leave it there in hopes of having their wishes fulfilled by gods.

      Now I'm inside of a room, that could be a restaurant. People are feeding their dogs, by throwing them balls of ground meat. So I start throwing some dogs that are in the middle of the room some raw ground beef. When they don't eat it, I go and pick it up and I realize, some people were giving them cooked meat.

      I see some dogs on the street when I open the glass door and I think about feeding them too.

      DR 2
      I'm on my balcony, in house I grew up. I'm backing away from the door, because 3 people invaded my house. One of them, he looks like actor from movie I watched yesterday (and I even acknowledget it while in a dream) just walked out to the balcony and is approaching me. I started screaming from top of my lungs. I trully felt like I'm screaming very loud. (no idea, how I didn't wake up neighbors, thank god, I was not saying it out loud IWL).

      I see a guy in house opposite to ours, on the corner. I scream "call 911", then when realize im not in US "call 155". "help". But he is playing some instrument, a guitar. He can't hear me. There is a thin black lady working in my auntie's garden. I yell at her. I know she sould hear me, but she doesn't. A young black boy is in another neighbors yard. I yell at him, knowing he is gonna hear me. But he doesn't.

      The guy on the balcony is coming closer, with sinister smile on his face, scissors in his hand. Now I'm fighiting him, but I don't remember the fight. The fight is over, I have won. I'm tired and hurt, but I feel at peace and happy.

      DR 3
      I'm in a large house. There are a few walk in closets. Full of things. Clothes hanging neatly on hangers, other things. But mostly clothes. Someone is throwing some folded up pullovers to the top of the 2 story high closet, but it falls out the other door. My job is to organize it all. later in the day, someone comes back and I realize I got preocupied with other chores and didn't organize the closets. I know it's gonna be a monumental job.
    9. Pool; Truck; Invasion

      , 09-08-2013 at 05:09 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday 9/8/13

      Last night bed 11pm - 8:17am

      DR 3:30
      DV; running up the hill;
      Going downstairs to get a meal from cafeteria with different stations. I pick thai food. I'm thinking of taking a pinapple and eating it in my room. There is also someone else.

      DR 8:17am
      I'm in a city swimming pool. (This time is acctually filled with nice, swimmingpooly water. Normally in my dreams it's not so.) There is a small boy with me. I know from being there before, that attendant can bring you a small semi-submersible furnace and a pile of wood we can burn and make hot water. So I pay the guy to bring the furnace. This little boy gets out of the water, standing there all shivering, wanting to go outside to collect fire wood. I tell him he must be crazy, he will catch a cold or something. So I pay the attendant for wood. He shows us how to pour water in one opening and how how water will come through other opening. (As I was waking up, I noticed I'm cold, but I kicked my sheet of my bed few month ago whe it got so hot at night. So now I was a bit cold, hence the hot water dream, which is common for me) Another family came to the pool, but I only see the woman. We hit it off right away and we joke about something.

      DR - also remembered when I woke up
      I'm walking down a street in my home town. I'm crossing the street to where the old grocery store used to be. Streets are empty. As I cross the street, not sure if I stumble, but I stay standing just a step from the curb, still on the street. Suddenly a huge construction equipment comes barreling down the street from direction I came from. It's dark yellow/orange color. The trailer is low, with some construction machinery. He is going straigh for the spot I'm at. At the last moment he turns the truck, I move my legs painfully slow and the trucks trailer misses me by width of a hair. I'm petrified. Then I watch him how he turned to the street on the left.

      I walk into a tiny grocery store, that used to be there IWL. I walk around and look for candy I used to go there to buy as a child. I ask the lady at the cashiers, but they don't have it.

      I'm going on a sidewald up a slight hill, to the righ of the store. Suddenly I'm in some kind of an armed conflict and concrete pieces of nearby tall building start to come down all around me. I may get hit by one of them.

      Now I'm at the place, where my class had gathered. I lay down to rest, because I think I got hurt by that debree. I'm looking down through the hole in the ground into the classroom. I'm thinking my roomteacher is not there yet so I'm ok, but then someone whispers to me that she was there already all along. But she is ok with me laying down.

      Now I'm with group of people. We are refugees from a war. Walking on the side of a building, looking for a way inside. I'm talking with someone, when I see the skies ahead of us turned orange in 2 spots. I start running and the person I was talking with thinks I'm being rude. I come to the railing and I see that the orange glow was from detonation of some large ordinance.

      I'm thinking those were chaff bombs, and small, orbs of light start flying towards us and envelope us. I'm trying to make it to the door, but too late.

      Now we are all inside. It's an abandoned residential highrise building. We settle in and try to make the best of our situation. Then another group of people approches and their leaders walk inside to talk to us, if they can take refuge there as well. I know there is probably enough space, but I'm worried about resources. So I stop their leader and tell him not to proceed, we need to discuss it first. But he is pushy and that makes me worried.
    10. In before noisy neighbors WILD+2 DEILDs

      , 05-02-2013 at 08:55 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 5/2/13

      last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      DR: Lots of dreams in the morning. Didn't get up to write them down, just replayed with words. All I remember is that there was an Earth Invasion with some bots. (Watched the Iron man yesterday, scene where huge robots are shooting at crowds)

      Nap 8am - 10:15am
      So happy, because 15 min after I woke up, cleaners came to neighbors apartment to clean the carpet.

      WILD+2 DEILDs

      As soon as I felt it, I pushed my head back and got some intense falling sensation that ended in LD. I did this twice. One entry - as I'm laying, I think about looking at my hands, so I raise my dream hands and they are so cool. Black swirling, shiny fog. Then I decide I can get up now.

      I pet one of my cats, it was MM. I could tell from the way she looked - just like in WL, and her coat felt exactly the same. I was gonna take it easy and stabilize by looking at the wall in my brothers bedroom. As I'm zooming in on details, I start floating backwards to the window, but I stop it, because want to look at the wall some more.

      They were short, just 20 sec each.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Home invasion

      , 04-26-2013 at 05:18 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday, 4/26/13

      last night bed 12;30 - 8am

      DR: I'm in a large house. Some people are harrasing us and coming to the house, trying to get in. I'm in a yard when a guy in red t-shirt riding on a horse breaks through and gets in. Somehow we get them to leave and I'm looking for a 4x4 or baseball bat to have some weapon for next time.
      Tags: invasion
    12. India, baloon, spy insect

      , 04-22-2013 at 06:17 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday 4/22/13

      Last night bed around 12:30am - 5:20am

      DR: I'm floating in a hot air baloon over the barren fields near NZ. I ask the guy which way he thinks wind will take us. I see some sacks with what I think is chopped up meat on the fields, but they turn out to be onions. We land next to my parents house. I take a few onions with me. (Watched episode of Futurama, where they leave the sewers with hot air baloon.)

      DR: I'm hiding in a house where people are walking around. I think they see me but I don't mind and they don't mind either. I have a small insect that is bioluminiscent bright green. I hold it in my hand, otherwise it would be flying infront of me. I think it's half bio, half mechanical. Like a little spy insect. (Watched Avatar, where little insect when disturbed jumped in the air and flew like a helicopter.)

      Nap 8:30am - 9:50am
      I'm in India. (Watched documentary about cotton farmers in India.) I'm in a huge house with tons of people. I'm suppose to be one of the babysitters. They show me some rooms, I introduce myself to gramma, other people introduce themself to me. I'm having hard time understanding because of their very thick accent. I lay under cover with one of the uncles. Apparently, it's a custom. The call me closer and I see they gonna sing happy birthday to someone.

      Then they gonna show me my room. I come to to small house outside of the big one. There are two entry doors. Between them is a lot of old spiderwebs on dirty, whitewashed walls. I realize nothing will stop snakes and other things from crawling to my room. They open the door to the left for a boy who is suppose to live there. The room is barely two steps deep. He complains about it. Room is empty, just a concrete bench on the back wall, like in a jail.

      My room is still under construction. Lots of concrete debree on the floor, dust, white paint, tools, buckets... Room is huge and now I notice light coming in there from right side. There are some chairs and sofas and people are sitting there from other parts of the house to watch tv, that's on the oppoiste wall on some cabinets filled with books and other stuff.

      DR: I'm walking along the road at night in Kom. I don't ahve money so I ask some people and I think I can ask the bus driver to take me for free, because he knows my mom. I would pay him later, of course.

      I'm walking in different part of that place. I hear a siren. It means some kind of a danger. I have no idea what kind, but alien invasion crosses my mind. I get off the road and start walking in some dusty ditch.

      Before this, I'm crossing a river on some kind of a rope suspended between shores. No clue what I'm doing there, but to escape something I drop down. (Watched the axe man and their trouble with skyline cable suspended in air that draggs the timber.)
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    13. Home invasion

      , 02-17-2013 at 03:26 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday, 2/15/13 Bed 12:15am - 8:20am

      DR 8:20am
      I'm at home with 2 kids. A guy walks in, when I thought doors were locked. I find him snooping in the kitchen. He turns to me and stabs me twice in my right shoulder. It looks like a needle, not a knife. I call at kids to call 911, but they don't react. I think he may have poisoned them too. I fight him.

      I'm hiding in the neghbours building. I see a lady, that I know it's that guy, walking by. She changes direction and walks to the front door. I'm watching through courtains in the side room. Only kids are at home and I just know they will open the door for her.

      Different room again, stack of money and a pistol is on the table. I think I'm safe, but something is up. Neighbours woman comes over, she starts talking and everybody is talking, I have to yell at them to shut up, we have some important thing to talk about. I call 156 (equivalent of 911), I can hear the operator, but someone else is on the line and he is helping them, don't think he can hear me.