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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Space ship; Bugs, Shirts

      , 12-17-2016 at 11:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:30pm - 3:30am

      Remembered 3 dreams from last night

      DR 1:
      This one was a bit abstract. But I was above some water with deep sandy sides, like a quarry filled with water. I was bout to get into my spaceship, but first I had to do something. I threw some small shining ball made of energy down, it was suppose to do something spectacular. Someone with me said it's doing it, but I didn't really see it.

      Somebody, maybe aliens are releasing these tiny tiny bugs. They are suppose to come ot of the vents soon.

      I'm in a store and the sales person brought some shirts for me to try. I tell my mom, that they are all male and looks like she just grabbed the first ones she saw on the rack. I went and picked some that looked better.
      Tags: lake, spaceship, water
    2. Beer tasting; Alien invasion; Walking dead

      , 12-13-2016 at 03:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 9:45 - 3:40am

      Took a 2hr nap or so in the afternoon.

      3 cool dreams.

      DR 1:
      I'am in a big house. Large floor plan, lots of windows, carpets. Nobody lives there now, we are hiding there. I'm looking into the next room that sits lower than where I am, at huge amount of boxes with supplies and I wish there was some beer. I look closer, and of course, lots of boxes with beer. Someobody calls me over to taste some of it. It's expensive and rare, so we sip it from whiskey glasses.

      Now I am outside, in a new neighborhood. I tell the cabbie to turn by the Walmart. As I look at the distant hills, someone yelles out "they are coming". The alien worms are invading. I see a cloud that resembles the poison gas cloud in Hunger Games. I don't see any worms but I'm not gonna wait and find out. They are coming to kill us.

      I start walking by a tunnel, trying to remember how to get back. I need to find a guy in a hospital. After long thinking, I figure out his name is Dr.Green. He is suppose to be a partner of character named Vic from a video game GTA. I'm looking closely at people passing by. I see them in great details, their faces, clothes. But since I don't know this guy, I am asking them "are you Dr. Green?". When danger comes closer, I follow few people that enter their living spaces after punching in the code in a keypad. I walk in and apologise for the intrusion. They tell me not to worry and just stay safe there.

      DR 2:

      I'm somewhere outside near some major road. There is a turn to the left and road turns into wooden lanes, almost like at the bowling alley. The lanes are separated by walls. Signs above the lanes say which place it leads from and where it's going. They are bicycle lanes. One sign says "from china to rest of the world". I'm joiking with someone when I say, "haha, I wanna see someone in China to go visit their gramma in Korea on a bike".

      I get on one of the lanes and ride a bike.

      DR 3:

      I'm in an artificial lake with concrete sides. It's rather small, maybe a size of 2 rooms. Someone else is there with me. I look in the water and we are standing on a small boat that sunk. I realize we are in the lake at Universal Studios. I look up at the huge board which is right above me to confirm location. Someone from the shore tells the guy he is not swimming right, he should be more in the water. I look in the water and see the dark shadow of the boat and how dirty the water is with debris. The actor next to me puts his face in the water. I push off and start swiming to the side. A fin swims by me and that confirms I'm at the studios. It's an animatronic shark from Jaws, programmed to swim in circles on the edge of the pool.
    3. Lencois Sand dune lakes in Brasil

      , 02-01-2016 at 07:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night shift from 5-10pm

      Slept from 2am-9am

      [Yesterday I read a book about Just Paying attention. So I was doing it most of the day, trying to keep my attention on what I was doing. For ex. I was carrying a box, so I would say: I'm looking at my hands, I have black gloves on, I have a box, I'm walking, looking around, there are people, are these DCs, HI DC!, ... and just basically noticing things around me and acknowledging them.]

      Woke up with memory of a DILD.

      I am with some people when I realize I should be dreaming and lucid. I count my fingers but I decide I'm not dreaming. Immediately after that I KNOW I am ALWAYS dreaming and lucid so I recount.

      I count one by one, all the way to 12 on my left hand, to make a show for those people. I'm amazed, because every one of my fingers is dressed in pyjamas. Light blue with some toys and teddies like a baby's soft flanel pyjama. When I come to 12, people are also amazed.

      I walk to the window and tell them "Now I'm gonna do what I always do when lucid. I'm going for a flight". And I jump out the window.

      I'm flying superman style (I normally fly in standing up position, kinda like a hummingbird) over some sand. I realize I wanted to see the Lencois Sand Dunes in Brazil.

      So I bank left and there they are.

      One lake is more beautiful than the other. All different colors and shapes.

      Turqoise, green, blue. I can hear myself go "uuuuuu" and "aaaah" and I'm surprised and amazed at such beauty.

      Little further down, also in sand dunes are some low, elongated openings to the underground. It seem to me that those are the ends of lava tubes where lava was coming out from. Not sure why, because they don't look like it. (I have been to a real one on the Big Island of Hawaii).

      After all this I write down the 12 fingers, the lakes and I feel especially important part is how I realized that I am ALWAYS DREAMING. I knew I'm writing this down in a dream but I was hoping it will help me remember after I wake up. (This is second time I done this)
    4. Pool; Lake

      , 01-11-2015 at 02:19 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday Jan 11, 2015

      Last night bed around 9pm.

      I have been having dreams last few nights, what seems like all night. But waking up every time just a bit too late to remember anything that can be put into words.


      I'm in a house, when we notice there is a fire in the next room. Flames are shooting out from some opening in the wall. I'm looking for an extinguisher, but all I find is some water. I start throving it on the fire through this small hole and it's working.

      I'm outside, sitting on some benches or chairs, by some small stores. Suddenly there is a black smoke coming out of one of them. I think store is empty, but a bunch of us run up there to help people get out and to stop the fire.

      Last night:
      We are living in a single story house by a huge lake. Water comes up all the way to the house. The surface is very calm, like a mirror. Somebody who lives there wants to do something with the lake and I say yes. So she put a thin seethrough plastic layer on top of the water. So it looks like a lake, but you can walk on it. I walk on it, where water is only few inches deep, just barely enough to cover up some rocks that have green moss all over them.

      There is some large party and I tell someone to go walk on water and surprise the guests.

      We are standing outside, admiring some birds sitting in a tree with flowers. I want to take a picture but they all fly away and with tons of other birds alrady in the air start circling above. I know what's coming as I hear soft thuds all over the place. We are getting bombarded by bird poop. I look at my left arm and it has dozens of tiny white-grey lines of poop on it. I'll walk inside to shower.

      Now there is 3 of us, walking someplace. I ask where, and we are going to visit friend K's mom V. I realize I'm still covered in poop and i say I can't go. I turn back, and when they want to turn back with me, I tell them to keep going.

      I'm standing someplace on a higher ground, looking down at some "wading" pools. In one with beatuful turquoise color, water only ankle deep. Another pool adjacent to that one is knee deep.

      Lots of dreams, happy.
      Tags: lake, pool, water
    5. Preparing for huge earthquake; Sx in post-apocalyptic prison

      , 08-16-2013 at 08:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday, 8/16/13

      Last night bed 10:45pm - 3:30am; 5:10am - 9:23am

      I thank those who insipred this awesome night (ophelia with her dream from last night and sparta with chat talk). And thank you brain, for getting the hints and obliging.

      This was one of the longest dreams that I remember.

      DR - part 1
      I'm in a building with lots of people. We know a huge earthquake is coming, in fact, it's iminent. At first, we were gonna just run outside. But then I realize, we need to collect as much stuff as we can, because after the quake, that's all we gonna have.

      So I tell my mom and dad. They are sceptical. But I start bringing items into a shopping cart. I look at the stack of neatly folded burgundy color towels. I know they are older and they have been used to dry the dogs after their bath, but they are clean now and I put them in the cart. I find water bottles, and different items. I know that even if we don't need some of it, we can barter with them. I find a pile of my old things. I look through them and I flip through pages of my bright blue book of stamp collection. (I wish I had it here with me IWL, because I think I saw it exactly as they were, although I have not seen them in years). I know I can't take them with me.

      I find two comforters. I get an idea of making them water proof. I tell an old classmate of mine from elementary school to cut open some large black trashbags and saw them onto the comforters. So when we have to sleep outdoors and ground is wet, they will insuate us.

      I know we are on borrowed time and quake can happen at any second. I hear a sound and I look at my watch. I just received an alarm, an early warning, that quake has already happened and we have 12 or 7 seconds till the shock wave arrives. I yell at everybody to get out. I start pushing the cart and my mom is trying to keep up, but complaining of her legs. I lift her into the cart and keep pushing.

      We get to the exit from the building. Large glass doors are chained shut. 2 guards at the desk are not willing to open them, eventhough crowds are gathering, wanting to get out. Nobody wants to stay inside, where glass and stuff would be raining down on us.

      Suddently we are outside, at night, pushing the rattling shopping cart with our items and my mom.

      Then it feels like it's all over. It's day time and I'm back at the entrance to the building. People are milling around. I walk around with someone around a lake that's just outside the building/ The walkway starts to separate and now I'm standing on something that looks like a small raft made of reeds. The person with me is also standing on one. It's dipping under water and now I'm more swimming that walking. The water is nice and warm and although it's scary, I don't mind that much.

      Part 2
      Me and another person are going back inside the building. This seems to be years after the apocalypse. There are some thugs sitting by the entry and lots of debree everywhere. Broken furniture, pieces of concrete... The glass door is now jammed opened.

      The other person tells me to stay there and wait for him. He was looking for something. I'm in a large tiled corridor, even walls are tiles. There are no lights, but it's not dark inside. He walks in the opening in the wall to the right. I walk little further down this corridor and hang left.

      I'm looking for restrooms. There are some stalls with dark red metal walls, that could use a fresh coat of paint. They don't have doors, but they are normal toilets. (Which is very unusual. normally I find a restroom, but there is always something wrong with it and I can't use it). Some are separated by semi-transparant plastic hanging from the ceiling. I find one, no door, but nobody is around and I use it.

      I keep walking and see lots of males in the hallway. Someone who seems to be in authority is telling them it's time to go in their cells. I ask if this is a prison and I'm told yes, it is. It's kinda lax, almost voluntary.

      I know what I want and I ask a handsom black guy, leaning against a wall, how big is his pen0r. He says "like a hot-dog". I say, if I'm gonna have a black guy, he is not gonna have a hot-dog. The warden steps in and askes me a few questions. His questions are leadig me to believe, that despite the size, he is the best.

      So I walk off with the hot dog. I keep asking him where wuld be a good place, untill we get to some side corridor with some construction material.

      We are about to start, when 2 huge guys walk in. And rest is on need to know basis only.
    6. Airplane; taking pics; homeless guy;

      , 08-09-2013 at 06:00 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 8/9/13

      Last night bed 12:30 - 9am

      DR 1 - I'm in a sleek airplane. Just like the one on Hawaii 5-0 last night.

      DR 2 - I'm looking at something pretty in a distance, trying to figure out, what it is. I realize it's a small island with it's reflection in calm urban lake surrounding it. Trees on the island are of fall colors. Deep orange, yellow. I'm taking a picture of it with my camera and as I zoom in, I see incredible details. Ground with no grass, fallen branches. I need to zoom out a little to see the island.

      DR 3 - I'm standing in front of my aunties door with a homeless guy. He puts piece of plastic in my shopping bag I'm holding and a piece of broken hockey stick. Those two pieces are of same shape. He asks me to buy him another piece of plastic like that for his foot, coz that one broke.

      He is also drug addict. Person living in there is his mentor. I'm going inside to look for him, but a guy tells me, he is in the hospital for a rehab. He tells me to eavesdrop by my aunties bedroom door. I lean over, but don't like doing it so I leave.

      DR 4 - I'm in a large one story house. Hear some noise, but don't see anything. Few minutes later a young guy comes to my view by the sliding door. he just climed up the dirt hill to the house. He is all bloody, His elbows and knees have dried up blood and some deep scrapes. i bet he took a tumble while hiking. Then two guys are holding up someone between them. He is also battered, I'm thinking they all had some hiking accident. I let them in.

      (I think this was the first dream of the night and there was a lot more after this happening in the house.)

      I'm glad my recall is back up. I'm also going to bed sooner than I used to and that could be a reason as well. Tried the looking at eyelids and saying I'm dreaming like last night, but didn't have any results from that.
    7. And animals came one by one

      , 08-02-2013 at 08:14 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      8/2/13 Friday

      Last night bed 2am (working) - 6:47

      DR 6:47 - I'm in a large, one story house, with some people I know from my past IWL. Lots of rooms, lots of doors to the outside. Every time I walk outside, I see animals.

      There is a cute, brown bunny with big eyes, sitting on some wood pieces. I don't want to scare him away, but I want to see him up close. A lake or rather a pond is less than 10 feet away. There is a small ibis type of a bird. Never saw anything like that before. He is so cute. A pair of regular, brown ducks come closer to the shore, and another pair of fancy ducks, with some kind of a hat with hanging brim, like mother goose? They are hurrying to come closer, flapping their wings and splashing the water.

      I go inside to look for my camera. There are cameras everywhere. I pick one up, turn it on, only to realize, it's a digital Polaroid camera for instant pictures. It's not mine. I keep looking. All kinds of cameras there. I finaly find one I think it's my Canon. I take it outside and try taking pictures of animals. I snap a few, then I notice some grinding sound. After closer inspection I see, that the objective is crooked and out as when zooming, and screen is cracked. I get mad, that someone must have knocked it off the table.

      I open the door to the outside again, and see some larger animals. Size of a wild pig, but they look alien. Then I decide it's a family of warthogs. I let the kids look, but then I close the door, so they don't attack us.

      The strangest animal I found in one of the empty rooms. It looked like a very large beaver, with flat tail. But his body was shiny as a slug, and it played with colors, like you see on water with some gasoline on top of it. Or a soap bubble.

      I normally don't see animals in my dreams, other than my cats. So this was very unusual. And most of the animals were in pair, or in family group.

      Back in the house. I'm chicking someones homework. There is a bunch of papers around and homework gets mixed up. I spen rest of the dream sifting through papers trying to find that homework.

      Very detailed and colorfull dreams. Thank you.
      Tags: animals, lake, water
    8. Earthquake

      , 07-11-2013 at 07:07 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 7/11/13

      Last night bed 1am - 8:45am

      Last dream:

      I'm on pebbly shore of a shallow lake. Water is clean, see-through. A house I live in is nearby. Someone throws something towards me and it lands in the lake. I see large and small pieces of plastic debree in the water. Walk in there to pull it out. Some of it is in little deeper, like knee high. I don't want to get completely wet, so I walk to the shed and look for a rake. I see all kinds of tools, and find a rake with long handle.

      I'm in some kind of control room. We have an earthquake. I put on my laptop to look for news, but screen is black and no internet, because of the quake. We put on the TV. Find some obscure channel in hopes for the news. Major stations are off-line. Then I hear them saying the quake was on San ?? fault line, where San Andreas is. But at the sametime, we see a map of England on the screen. I'm shocked, that the earthqake fas so close to me in SoCal, and that it was the dangerous San Andreas.
    9. Wanting too much left me without a chair

      , 05-08-2013 at 10:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday, 5/8/13

      Last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      DR: With my best friend M on a train. Arriving to the bus depo and going from there. Bying some newspaper and checking out books. (I do love newspaper and books in WL.)

      Something about being with a group in mountains.

      Didn't want to take a nap today. Last few days couldn't pull of a WILD, perhaps because I'm so used to morning naps, it's just like another normal sleep time.

      So I read some OBE articles and got so excited, that I decided to take a nap afterall. I go on sofa at 12pm. Got some weightless sensations very soon. Did some rhyming mantra and breathing. Started to feel as if rotating on axes, but couldn't make it stronger. So I tried to get the falling feeling, in which a succeeded little later on.

      Got some gorgious HH images. A huge, colorful wasp on light burgundy background and two other images of two more insects. But I had my heart set on OBE.

      I got some vibrations and tried to open my real eyes to see if I can see any hallucinations in my room. I managed to open left eye and I saw myself laying on sofa, same position as I knew I was. I had same pants on I did in WL. I noted my hand was in strange position, but I knew that's how I had it IWL. I couldn't move my head, so I had limited view to my right, where the window is. Room was fully lit, as I knew it was. Tried to pry open my right eye and succeeded for a moment, but almost immediatelly lost sight in both eyes. (So, it wasn't my WL eyes, but my dream eyes I had opened.)

      Before I lost sight, I tried to get up and I felt myself getting up and it was the strangest feeling, because at the same time I saw my body not moving. It was almost as if I was saying to my body "I'm going, are you staying?" I got up and ended up in my aunties bathroom. I was still trying to have OBE, so this experience ended, because I was not trying to keep it alive.

      I'm back on sofa, saying "up, up". But I realized I'm getting too needy and I shouldn't. Can't help it, I really want it. I have to prepare myself better next time.
      Tags: bus, lake, obe, travel, wild
    10. DILD long

      , 04-12-2013 at 08:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday, 4/12/13

      I woke up at 6:30 am and went back for a nap at 8am.

      I was going to WILD, but for some reason, I didn't get any indication of it.

      Turned to my left side and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was sure I had a DILD, but didn't get uo, went back to sleep. Next time I woke up, I wasn't so sure about DILD anymore. Until I started to write down snippets. I was trying to recall, if I got any surprise or happiness when I realized I'm lucid, but I didn't remember any. Until now. Now I clearly remember telling someone "ok, I'll count my fingers, but it's pointless, I'm not dreaming". Then I counted 6-7 fingers on my left hand. I was completely surprised. I counted again and again, in awe, showing someone how many fingers I have. So DILD is confirmed.

      Snippets for DILD and non-lucids mixed in my memory:

      - I walked into my parents house. My dad had my mom's haircut and he was blond. With thin wire glasses. (just now I realized, he resembled the russian spy from The Americans show in his blond wig). My room looked the same way I had it when I was a child. I discovered, that my closet is haunted.

      - My brother with his wife and child are visiting. I want to know when they leave, so I can go out and come back before they leave.

      - I'm flying in controlled flight. Happy.

      - I'm taking a cab home. 2 other passengers. We go by my house and I want to get out, but cabbie says it has to be in order we got in. So we go to two other places first. I decide not to give him a tip.

      - I walk into a room and it's an interrogation room. A guy is behind a desk. (I was watching the show Revolution before bed)

      - I'm escaping through the roof, but each time I break through a layer, there is another, different one behind it.

      - I'm diving into a lake, wanting to swim in tropical sea. Water is dark and dirty, like a polluted river. I'm trying to make it brighter and it's getting brighter and I'm starting to see gravel on the bottom.

      I suspect there was more, but don't remember it.
    11. Regular dream - partial control

      , 10-13-2011 at 07:09 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Oct.13, 2011.


      I slept from 9.50 pm till 3 am, woke up for an hour for a WBTB. I almost got a LD, but my dad was walking around the house and every time I was about to fall asleep, it woke me up. So I had this dream, where in the last part I had some control and summoned a lake (as I was falling asleep, i wanted to dream about swimming in a tropical sea and breathe under water). Remember thinking in the dream, if there was water, I would go lucid, because I can breathe under water in my dreams.

      Regular dreams, fragments.

      Large building with lots of rooms, I'm running with my guinea pig and two cats. Don't know who is chasing me. Get out through window.

      Huge sleeping hall full of people. Modern day refugees?

      Group of people outside school, they are mad at the principal and one of them gets into principals car and he is crashing it to things and trying to get me. I know we are in trouble and trying to get away on a shore of a small, muddy river with deep banks. Kinda wading in the shallow shore, in the distance I already see teachers waiting - I got caught.
      Somehow I get away.

      I keep thinking, if there was water where I can breathe under water, I would go lucid. So there was a lake with clear water, and I was breathing under water, but didn't go lucid.

      Group of people (I had a feeling that they are the DCs from LD I had yesterday) was trying to save me from principal. I could swear that the nun from yesterdays LD was there too, although yesterday I thought she is a negative DC. They wanted to save me by putting me on their bus. I sat in the seat and next to me was this homeless man who sneezed at me. I had a feeling, he may just pretend to be homeless, for my benefit.

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      Tags: bus, cats, lake, river, school, water
    12. My first LD

      , 10-03-2011 at 08:38 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      [MILD induced DILD]
      It was late evening, dark. I was with another person (male) and 2 kids on a shore of a long lake, with small lit-up houses/shops on the right. (In the morning I realized it reminded me of a shoreline of Avalon on Catalina Island in California, where ocean is to your left, there is a walkway with simple guardrail and shops/houses right across the street on the right side).

      We were all dressed in pants, t-shirts and windbreakers. We decided to go to an evening outdoor concert. I realized that it's colder than we thought and I had to go to get some more clothes. So I started walking by the handrail towards the houses on the other side of the lake, when I decided to fly there. I hopped up on the guardrail and jumped up and flew quite fast over the lake, with arms spread out, like a Superman.

      (Now, I did fly in my dreams quite often, but always with trouble, never been able to fly high, mostly just climb on a tree and flap my arms really hard, or jump in the air couple times while flapping my arms like a madman and take a flight, but only few feet of the ground).

      In a middle of the lake I thought to myself "This would be great time to have a dream". Two things happened at the same time. I got a very strong feeling emanating from my abdomen area, something like great joy and I KNEW that Lucid Dream is coming, and my right hand lifted in front of me. It was all distorted, fingers like waves, flat, kinda like geckos toes, and seemed to be more of them than five. This view of my hand freaked me out a little bit.

      I asked myself if I'm dreaming and with grin from ear to ear I answered yes. I forgot all about getting clothes and thought about what to do now that I'm lucid. I figured let's fly someplace.
      (I love flying dreams.) Started flying around but everything was dark. Got kinda disappointed and woke up.

      [Went to bed around 12.45am, woke up from a dream at 2.53am.
      Before bed, I read for couple hours about LD, practiced nose pinch and finger through palm RC and saying that "Next time I dream, I will RC and realize I'm dreaming".

      Didn't really practice the looking at the hand and counting fingers RC, just a few times, much less than other RCs. But when in bed, I did my mantra and looked at my hand and asked myself if I'm dreaming as I was falling asleep for about 15 minutes. And yet, the hand RC showed up and got me lucid.]

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