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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Lava; Telescope; Puerto Rico

      , 08-03-2018 at 03:33 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day before yesterday DREAM

      This was very cool, very long, detailed and it had a beginning, middle and the end.

      I'm in a low flying airplane. Coming in for a landing. Pilot finds a dirt road out in the hills and lands on it. We are rolling on the ground, up the slight hill, hoping to come to a stop without hitting anything. Then we turn left, parallel to the hill and I think we are going to turn down hill now and roll down and crash. But no, we come to a stop. I'm thinking pilot turned the plane like that so we can take off easier.

      We walk on the grassy hill to a restaurant. Look around and we decide to have lunch, then go back to the plane and continue. I know we are somewhere far, but have no idea where. I look for signs, anything that would say the name of the place. Someone says Puerto Rico. I'm happy.

      My best friend M from childhood decide to skip lunch and go look around. We are in Puerto Rico and we want to see the ocean. I look to the left, and from the top of the hill I see blue of the ocean. I say "aaaand there it is". We head down on a winding dirt path and end up by a bay. She wants to go in the hotel to look around. So we walk through the hotel, but I keep telling her that we are gonna get caught, because we are not guests there. She eats from a buffet and she wants to use the pool. But I urge her not to and we just walk around. It's a huge hotel, with pools, hallways, place outside that's in a shade, beach is rocky with clear ocean water.

      I keep telling her we should head back, so we don't miss the plane leaving. Suddenly there is a voice on a PA system about intruders. We gotta run. We are dodging security guys through doors. As we are leaving the complex, I see another bay. It's possible to walk-skip on large rocks mostly hidden under the water, only the tops are showing. So you can go like that deep into the ocean. My perspective changes and now I'm looking at the bay from the ocean, not from the beach. Someone is showing a map and explaining, how the ocean bottom suddenly drops into great depth just where the skipping rocks end.

      DREAMS last night

      Someone is showing me and my dad a new type of a telescope. It's small, but it should be really good. Looking at all the controls.

      On the shore of a lava pool. Lava is all white. People are watching how some people are dipping in the lava. Some kind of a ritual, or just display of machismo. Guy comes out, all covered in white lava, and as it cools, he kinda just rolls it off of him. There is a girl and they dip her back in a lake. I tell someone to stand back, because it can splash on us, and that's when I feel lava on me. It's really hot. I don't understand how those people don't die from it. They pull this girl out and she is in bad shape. I don't understand why are they doing this.
    2. Lava imminent; TOTM attempt

      , 03-30-2017 at 06:21 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Cool dream last night. Long and detailed, some convos with DCs.

      We get to a building with my school class. I know that lave eruption and flow is imminent, and as we enter some room where we suppose to do something and spend some time, I see orange glow from underneath the floor. The floor has wooden pieces and in the gaps between them I can see lava, and the floor is partially translucent like some milky glass. I tell them if we stay, we will die. We need to leave. NOW. It's gonna happen withing seconds.

      Someone left on a train and I'm looking down in a valley, in a distance, how the train has made a u-turn and it's coming back. I'm not sure the person I'm waiting for will make it back on time for us to escape. But I'll wait.

      TOTM attempt monday night.
      I did my usual.
      3:20am GPC, 1 hour of sleep,
      then WBTB at 4:25
      GM at 4:50 am

      When I heard the chime at 6 am, I figured I'm about 20 min into a lucid, and it went for 20 more min.

      It was weird. I was not able to get away from my body. I woke up and for a few seconds if not minutes I was trying to figure out where I am, and I came up with answer that I don't know. If childhood house or current place, or somewhere else, I didn't know. I just was not able to sense, like you are able to sense the position of your bed and it's relation to your room and house in the morning just after you wake up.

      I assumed I'm in my parents bedroom, after they are no more, so in the future. Had hard time getting up from bed and into a dream.

      Still managed to do some jumping, bicycle and squash. Whatever that mean, coz I don't remember anymore.
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