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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Huge store, toilet theft; Ophelia

      , 11-05-2017 at 08:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Miles long store

      I'm working in a store of a size of a small city. There is thousands of workers, separate departments, shelves incredibly high, conveyor belts transporting goods and people.

      We have 2 toilets and sleeping quarters near our department, so we don't even need to leave. Someone took our second toilet out and put shelves there. I don't like it and I set off to look for it. I walk for what seems like hours. I go so far, that I kinda get lost and I come to some kind of a border, where you need passports to get back into a store. I'm like I just left to find our toilet, didn't take my passport with me. But luckily I'm in my uniform and they let the bus with me and other people in uniform through.

      Someone shows me a map of where I am and how to get back to my department. They make a mark with invisible ink which slowly starts to turn yellow. I gather that I need to follow yellow marks on the floor to get back.

      I hop on a huge conveyor belt and then on another one. Map shows that I'm an 839 miles away from my department. I ask a guy how the hell did I walk that far?

      I'm walking through a storage area. Look up and there are palets stacked 10 high and a bit leaning, leaving just a very narrow and winding passage through there. I hope an earthquake won't hit at that time.

      I get to talk some girls and I find out they work in the thin mints isles. I'm like whoa, this place is huge, if 5-6 people stack just one item and it has so much shelf space. We make a plan to get together later.

      I remembered this when I got up, all I remember now is what I wrote down.

      work watter
      I leave
      it's you
    2. Preparing for after war

      , 08-10-2017 at 12:36 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      On a street with a group. People dressed as police start shooting at us. We fight back, I get a shotgun from one of the terrorists and aim at another one. A guy is targeted by a laser sight, I follow it to find the shooter, but it's a sniper high in the air, obscured by clouds, on something that looks like a helicopter.

      We win the fight, I look back if we collected all their weapons and we get away. Now we are in a building and I remotely see a part of it that's all white. It has all kinds of emergency items stacked against a wall. Plastic sheets, things that you use to protect yourself from radiation or chemical agents.

      As my view is leaving that area, white door is closing and I'm thinking that that's where we would be confined if we get attacked, and that it looks pretty safe, but isolated. A sign above door says FOG, and I know that's an acronym for that safety place. And I say in english, that it sure is not Free Online Games.

      We are sitting, laying all huddled and talking. I look at my phone and there are 4 messages. One is from Ophelia and I'm surprised but happy.
      Tags: opheliablue, war
    3. Head split; Boat; airport...

      , 06-26-2017 at 05:41 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Whoa, long gap : (

      Not great recall, coz short sleep. But had some fragments few days ago and today.

      1. Somebody splits someones head with a sword. Right down the middle to the neck. Person is still alive, talking, and we are trying to match the halves by veins and other markers. I'm wondering how come this is so easy and how come it works. I have a feeling it shouldn't.

      2. On a river boat. River is artificial canal, not too wide. And not deep at all, as I find out when a kid falls in the water and I jump after him. I come out all wet and I'm kinda surprised.

      3. This was long. Now all I recall is me being at the airport. Walking with some group.

      4. OP PMed me, she wants to come back.
      Tags: opheliablue
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Ophelia; waking life memory; jump-floating

      , 05-06-2017 at 02:02 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night
      bed 10:15 pm
      GPC 3 am
      WBTB 4am - 4:55 am
      GM - 4:55 am
      Estimated length 40 min

      I decided not to do any TOTMs this time. But I had the phone and glasses TOTM as a backup plan.

      1. Ophelia
      I think I answered my mobil, and picture of young ophelia, sleeping and smiling showed up. And one more image of her. We spoke a bit, but both of us hard time coming up with the right words. (ok yeah, I was thinking about this when falling asleep for a WILD)

      2. Jump-floating
      I was jumping up fast and just as I was about to start falling down, I continued up, hovering. Was pretty cool.

      3. Waking life memory
      I wanted to see if I can recall my full name, where my sleeping body is, and which city I live in. And I was able to do that easily. I recited it a couple of times, which helped me keep my awareness longer. Made me feel good that I can do it.

      Next time, I want to recall more.
      Where I grew up
      Friends names

      4. Transitions
      I started to try and feel a side by side rocking motion, and also from feet to head, as soon as I started to WILD. I knew when that happens, I will know I'm dreaming. It happened exactly like that, and then at least once more during a transition in the middle of the event.

      I didn't have very good vision. At one point, I only saw from my right eye. As if there was a door closed over my left one. I briefly wondered how I can fix it, but wasn't bothered enough to dwell on it.

      I was also disappointed at some point, that nothing cool happened, like the smoke monsters in my last one. But I was happy about the WL memory thing.

      I don't recall any sex this time 0_0
    5. Ophie at my place

      , 01-30-2017 at 12:55 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 7pm Ė still sick since tuesday when I got back from europe

      DR 9pm
      Ophelia came to visit me. I wanted to ask her why she came and why she left us and didnít talk, but I decided to just let her take the lead and do and say or not do and not say whatever she wants.

      She started talking, not mentioning the past. Almost as if nothing happened. But I knew that it was on her mind and she is not sure how I will react.

      Rest is gonna be in my personal DJ.
      Tags: opheliablue
    6. Short dream

      , 01-27-2017 at 01:15 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Have been having lots of dreams last few weeks, but really bad recall. They are just on the edge, I know I had some and I almost feel what it was about, but no enough to get any details out of it.

      Remembered this one before 2am. Bed was 8:30pm last night.

      I live in same town as Ophelia. I want to go there and leave her a note, but I'm not sure. Even more I just want to hug her to let her know everything is ok, without saying anything. But I know it's most likely never gonna happen.
      Tags: opheliablue
    7. December TOTM - Lift and carry a car - success

      , 12-22-2016 at 11:56 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 10 pm.

      1am - 2x300 mgs Alpha GPC
      3am - WBTB
      3:17am - 2x4 mgs Galantamine and sofa
      5am? waking up from lucids (forgot to note the exact time)

      Started out on my back with my cat across my legs. Noticed some stomach ache and I realized I didn't eat any bread with choline or galantamine as I used to.

      Turned to my left side and got lucid almost immediately after.

      Non-lucids remembered at 3 am:

      Me and Ophelia are coworkers. We are together in some town that's not hers or mine. She needs to drive back and it's getting late, so I offer her to sleep over.

      As we are walking, she mentions that she got a new job, teaching in Canada. I'm shocked. She says she starts ( I expect to hear "next year"), but she says "next week". I'm so surprised and hurt, I can't even say anything. I suggest that we could both get jobs babysitting in US instead.

      Still Ophelia, this time at my house. Same scenario, she is leaving, I offer her to stay...

      1. - Dildo market
      I'm walking through some indoor market place. I stop at a stall that displays dildos. Beautiful, dark wood, shiny, glass... All kinds, shapes and sizes. I say I want one, and gorgeous young black dudes lounging near start to giggle. I keep browsing but I don't see what I like. I ask them to show me more. One young, blond beauty says ok, walks to the back with me and starts to undo his pants. I say I would like to test drive some and the black dudes keep giggling. When I'm sitll not seeing what I would like, the offer to make me one and start bringing all kinds of materials. I ask what for and they say "for a display case". Black dudes are now roaring when I reply "NO, I only want the THING".

      2. - I'm flying through some futuristic city, high among the sky scrapers. It's at night and cloudy. I see a huge billboard with some scary, cloudy skies. I decide I want to go there and see if i can find some intense place. As I come closer, it changes into an image of some huge factory hall. I decide I don't want to go there and I pull myself out of the image.

      3. - Same city, over some highways and freeways partially suspended in the air. I'm watching cars pass by when I remember the TOTM - lift a car and carry it somewhere.

      I stop a yellow car with my hand up and I pick it up with my hands. It turns into a radio, so I put it on my shoulder and listen to the music while I go and pick up some more cars. I lift one up and put it on a tractor trailer that's near by, so it still goes somewhere after I stopped it, haha. The driver looking at me is Tom Cruise.
      I pick up few more cars, same way by standing in front of them and lifting them with my hands. They are weightless. I move them around a bit and put them down. Just as I practiced during day, haha.
      4. I look at the dark stormy cloudy skies and decide to fly there for some action. I am noticing that I'm looking for some intense and normally scary things to do in this lucid.

      5. I think this was a first one. I look up at the skies and see something. I don't remember what it was but I straighten up and take of flying there. It is something blue with red.

      Oh, before the lucids, I had lots of sex. No happy ending though.

      Non lucid.
      I'm at work, doing markdowns. A man and a woman come up, showing me a list of floral deliver and they want me to sign for it. Dude swears it's all in there. I tell him we are not allowed to sign, they need to find some kind of a manager. Almost identical to what happened just day before. Amazing.

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    8. December TOTM II

      , 12-13-2016 at 06:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:50pm.
      1:50am - 2x300 alpha GPC and back to sleep
      3am - WBTB
      3:25am - 2x4 galantamine tablets by relentless improvement
      3:50 - sofa
      5:03 - woke myself up to record my lucids after maybe 30 min long one

      I didn't turn to the side before the lucids. And my cat didn't lay on me as usually. But half of the lucid she was in my arms and we were flying together.

      As soon as I got lucid I started working on my TOTMs. I remembered them all, except the "burn a house" because I didn't want to do that one and "buffet" because I already did it.

      Advanced TOTM - Spin around and teleport yourself to a random location. - fail - I don't remember where I ended up.
      I'm laying on a bed on top of a hillside at night. There is a high dropoff on my left with ocean glittering from moonshine. My cat is laying on me as he is usually when I WILD.

      I remembered first TOTM and started to spin. My cat in my outstreched arms, kinda like 2 ice skaters, haha. I was giggling so hard. At first I was just spinning in one spot and I lost my vision. Then I felt familiar sensation in my head and I was lifted up and carried up to the right. I'm pretty sure I landed somewhere but I don't remember.

      I think I ended up flying over this huge river that looked like it's in Africa. Lot's of water flowing over some huge boulders making white froth. Lot's of people in and around the water, having fun. There is a huge animal and whoa, it's a Brontosaurus. People are bathing their huge elephant just few feet from there. Looks like they are all coexisting in peace and harmony, like a future advanced or alternate society.

      We fly some more and I wish the river to turn to ocean and it gets wider until we are over an ocean at night.

      I'm walking down a street at night and remember the
      Advanced TOTM - Lift a car with super strength and carry it somewhere. - fail. I forgot to carry it somewhere.
      Streets are empty, but a huge red fire truck just turns a corner out of my view. I want to go after, thinking "really, you had to pick this huge car?" it when a huge green garbage truck turns to my street and is heading towards me. I'm thinking I'm gonna get so run over if this doesn't work.

      I read Ophelia's DJ during the WBTB and she teleported people. So I outstrech my arm and will the truck to float up. I'm not even surprised when it does. It wobbles a bit about 5-10 feet above ground. I want to do more, so I turn it upside down then let it drop. It's all crumbled and I see some movement in the cabin. I walk up to it and say "oh yeah, and the driver si fine, he is ok".

      Now I'm looking for a Moon and I find it and start flying towards it. Everytime I want to fly faster or higher, I actually slow down. So I give up on that.

      I'm in some city between building. I remember the
      BONUS TASK! - Go into a room and close the door. Tell yourself that while you were in the room, time stopped for you, but continued to advance outside of the room and it's now 100 years into the future. Describe what the future is like! - success

      I look into a window of couple of houses but they look scary. I find one that's ok and I tell myself "this is my house". I walk in and remember I need to go in a room, so I walk through an empty room to another room and close the door.

      I was preparing for this as I was falling asleep. I planned on finding a lever on a wall which I would pull and a counter would show numbers go up to the future.

      So I put my hand on a wall looking for a lever. It's not there. I say "I turn back and there will be a lever". I turn and nothing. I look again and there is a metal ring hanging on a chain that's coming out of a hole in a wall above my head. I say "ok this will do". I pull on a chain, it turns some flywheel and I hear it turn fast then slow down and stop. Before it stops, I pull the chain again and I do this 5 times, because 5 times 20 years is 100, right?

      I walk out the door and now that room has some people in it, sitting on chairs. I say "oh, hi" and I rush to the main door to see outside. It looks even older than before and the houses are all different. Now there is a roof over the whole street. I'm thinking maybe this is a museum and I take another door to get out to the "real world". But it leads me to same place. I get frustrated and start to think that this is how the future will look like and I'm not liking it.

      After this I woke myself up to write it down. As soon as I sit up, I'm like uhm, which tasks did I do? Did I just dream doing them, haha. Fuuuu. Then I recalled the last one, then the previoius one and then the first one.

      Went to sleep after this since this was all just aboout 30 min long. Had a very long non-lucid with Ophelia. She was mad at me and asking me for some money for a trip we took together. I was like OK, but I thought were were pretty even. Her BF was there too during the whole dream. They wanted me to leave so I did. Then they stopped me at the door and somehow we ended up in a futuristic, or just very modern city in Asia. I even new the name. Going up and down the escalators and sitting in rooms in highrise buildings. OP told me she wants me to have a sex change, haha. I was like from what to what, haha. It didn't make much sense. I remembered her gender-bender dreams and I just couldn't figure out what is she now and what am I and how would that all work, lol.

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    9. fish; Ophelia; portal

      , 09-16-2016 at 03:38 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:30pm - 7am (day off)

      DR 1:
      Some kind of a indoor canal. I'm standing on the banks made of gray stone and mortar. Walls are vertical. Looking in the water at the fish. They are smaller and some bigger. Cant see them very clear because water is kinda wavey. I point at one saying it's big, but someone says it's just an illusion, it's not so big.

      Pull off a cover from a low barge, Ophelia standing next to me. We see a green, slim snake get into some crevice between boxes on the ship. I say how good we saw it, instead of finding it later as a surprise.

      DR 2:
      I'm on top of the very tall hill. It's all sandy and sand stones. I'm climbing even higher on a large rock formation on the top. I'm trying to find holes to put my feet in and grab on. Then I realize what I'm doing and question it, realizing it will be hard climbing down the other side, because of steep and unstable.

      A large boulder gets lose and it's rolling down the hill. I look down at the town street with people walking by and I yell at them to watch out.

      Now I'm on the street, in front of the store near the church in the square of my hometown. I feel wind picking up. A younger guy in white shirt that's blowing in the wind, yells something that ends with ... bitch. As in "that's how it's done, bitch".

      He askes me if I feel the portal wind getting stronger. I feel it and it's blowing me away. I grab and stand into a near doorway while feeling a very strong, almost magnetic force pushing me away. We both wonder out loud who is coming through the portal on the top of the hill.
    10. Air raid; Ophelia; FBI

      , 08-31-2016 at 11:45 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:30pm - 3:20am

      1. Around 11:50pm
      I'm walking down the street towards home. My elementary school is on the other side. Someone says that it's danegour outside because helicopters are attacking.

      I listen and I see a russian attack helicopter in the distance. I tell the kid who is there to run up to the doorway and lay down so they don't see him.

      2. Same time
      I walk out to Ophelia's porch. It's kinda wrap around few sides of the house, at first story hight. It's made of dark red/brownish wood with large gaps between rails. I notice huge holes in the railings. They are cut out in round and oval shapes. As if a cannon ball demolished it and they cut it to make it safe and looking better. A huge bird carved out of wood or tree is sitting on the tree, looking at me. I look up and there is a camouflage net between the roof and the railing, over the barbeque. The are being attacked by some projectiles. One gap in the railing is really big and even when she told me how bad the last one was, I just then realize how dangerous it is and how close she came to harm.

      3. 3 am
      I'm new at the FBI. We are all sitting at the meeting. I am suppose to collect DNA samples from saliva from everybody and they are suppose to fill out their info. It's for later to see how closely the lab matches them, just for fun.

      We are gathering our things to go on a team excercise. Getting on a bus, someone is fetching our bags of FBI clothes because that's the only thing we are suppose to take with us.

      We get to a house. Something has happened and reporters pull up. Everybody walks out to talk to them, I stay behind and when they ask, I tell them I'm not going out, this is me time.
      Tags: fbi, opheliablue
    11. OB's house

      , 05-13-2016 at 11:59 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      bed around 9:30-10pm.

      2am dream:
      I am at ophelia's house. It's sitting on top of a hill surrounded by fields and gardens. There is a few large wooden buildings that look like barns. I am in one of them. When I dig into the ground, I see that in the middle, there are tight rows of corn ears standing up in the ground, as if they were growing out. On the perimeter of the corn, in the vegetable bed, carrots are growing.

      Next, we are returning from outside. It looks like where I used to live. There are some huge pipes we have to walk through. Inside they kinda turn into underground walkways, tunnels. I finally see ophelia's face. She is smiling and I think to myself that I finally see her and recognize her from her pictures.
      Tags: opheliablue
    12. Friends

      , 01-26-2016 at 12:26 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Yesterday work 6pm-11pm
      Bed 1:38pm - 7:20am


      1. WBTB 7:20 - 9:12 Slept till 11am
      2. WBTB 12:55 - 1:20

      I knew my night sleep was a bit too short, but I tried a WILD anyway.


      I'm with a friend who is to my left. I think it's Ophelia. I'm telling her that I just had a lucd with a friend of mine. I name M, A, some others, but can't think of the name I'm looking for. Then It comes to me: Ophelia.

      We do bunch of stuff I forgot. Then we go take a bus and it costs 3 dollars. I look in my wallet and pull out 2 $1 bills. Other bill is $5. Then they start to morpf into $6, $12, and now I have a few hundreds.

      We get to the bus going to the beach, but she can't decide where we should go. So we are between busses on the the bus station, not knowing where to go.
      Tags: opheliablue
    13. TOTM - meet someone

      , 01-24-2016 at 08:38 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night slept from around 12am-8am.

      WBTB 9am
      (no breakfast, just DV, reading ophelias DJ to get me primed for the TOTM - Advanced Task i - Meet someone in person who you only know online in waking life.

      This was about 50+ min event, chain of about 8 DEILDs.

      I get nice and relaxed very fast as usualy. My cat is pretending to sleep while I'm settling in on the sofa, then when I'm relaxed, he comes and lays on me. I have a new blanky that he loves and he is kneeding my stomach. I'm ok with that, I can WILD like that no problem. He is my lucky charm. But this time he is not settling down, so I continue after he hops off of me.

      I keep saying my mantra "I am dreaming" and keep thinking of Ophelia because I want to meet her for a totm.

      I remember only few of them, but the transitions are all pretty much the same. I'm doing something when I realize I'm still lucid.

      In some, while interacting with DCs, I initiate a WILD by pushing my head back to get the falling feeling. Or I'm just talking with someone or doing something in a LD when I feel the falling sensation and I realize I'm going into another LD.

      At one point I was thinking if I should wake up and write things down, but decided to go on, since I remembered the TOTM one and rest were insignificant.

      I'm pulling my red towel to cover something up, but it's stuck. I look back why is it stuck when I realize "oh, I'm lucid".

      Bunch of short ones here just me walking around in some rooms trying to get out.

      I again realize I'm still lucid, I sit up on the bed and tell Ophelia who is to my left that I just had 4 DEILD. But she can't hear me. She is busy with 2 kids (I read her DJ entry before attempt where she dad 2 kids).

      We are standing face to face and I panic not knowing how to "meet her" so the TOTM is valid. I ask if I can hug her and we hug. She is taller than I am and when I look at her face second time, she is morphing into Michael Landon. I say "oh, hi Michael" thinking this is weird because he is dead. So we start to french kiss. Nice and wet and hot. I feel every detail of his tongue. I was hoping he didn't mind when it occured to me, that even ded need some fun.

      I'm in a room with a woman I think it's Ophelia and 2 kids. Kids are watching TV. The room is 3D and so it the TV. I'm trying to figure it out how come.

      At least 3 LDs were in same building, but different rooms. Feeling of being in older tall building, small rooms, not well lit.

      I remember my other goal and I deliberately slow down and look around (lol I practiced looking around just before the attempt).

      I'm disappointed it's the same place, I walk to the window and walk out to the darkness. I'm falling down fast and the feeling in my stomach is ncredibly fun. Like a dip on a roller coaster that lasts for 5 seconds. I'm so giddy. Nearly blew my mind, it was so incredible awesome.

      I land on the ground in black and white street. I look to my right and there is my mom's house. I say "oh, it's my moms place, awesome". I walk around a bit to get a different view.

      Then I look up at the skies and see all kinds of stars. My eyes get huge when I spot a spaceship. I call my mom to show her. By then there is a UFO, a spaceship, bunch of planets, Milky Way, and a beautiful blue comet.

      LOL I just remembered another one with Ophelia.
      We are in a room and our boss walks in. He angrily points at a poster on the wall and asks who put it there. I quickly say it's motivational and it's ok. I don't wanna get her in trouble because she hang it there. It's kinda askew, one corner is hanging down, and poster is kinda not nice, degrading. Red in color with one image on it.

      Another recall - was looking for an occasion to get laid. Duh.

      2 hrs later, my thighs are still so relaxed and they tickle. Like when you take muscle relaxants.

      EDIT: 1.25.16
      Just remembered while reading future totm suggestions, that in one DEILD yesterday, I got sick of being in same place in all of them and tried teleport out by spinning. I had my doubts but I knew it will not wake me up..

      Another recall:
      HH - I'm sitting in a car thats going somewhere. I think why don't I take control of this HH. I think it may not work but at the same time I know it will, because everything always works. All I need to do is wish it.

      So I wish myself driving the car and I'm surprised when my view transfers to be behind the wheel, my field of vision widens to full view and I'm driving a car in LD.

      Love my subC.

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    14. Just one

      , 01-17-2016 at 06:03 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      1.17.16 work at 6pm

      Last night, bed at 11 ish - 7:40 am

      Breakfast at 8:30 and 3x300 mgs of Alpha-GPC at 8:45.

      Had a bunch of dreams last night. Don't remember them now, only this one I memoriez when i woke up earlier.

      I'm in a restroom. A female friend is in the next one. Suddenly I see Ophelia coming throuh the hallway and she walks into the restroom. She is all happy and smiling and laughing. She says she came to us so we can see her in her wedding gown. The bottom is a classic white gown, and the top is black with thick collar that is sticking away from body. Like you would see on a winter coat with big collar that is raised up to protect from wind.
      Tags: opheliablue
    15. Attacked; Ophelia visiting

      , 10-29-2015 at 06:44 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Still on nightshifts since my coworker is on vacation.


      Ophelia is visiting. We are in my mom's house. I'm telling her about my new dutch oven and she askes if it's certain brand. She is distant and not very interested. Other people that are with her are more important to her, but she is not really with them either. I ask her if I can take them out for dinner, but someone in her group shows me their itinerary with restaurant already included, and I'm not invited. I hear her on the phone later, something about protective custody or restraining order and I get an image of her son.


      1. We are visiting an outdoor place where they reenact medieval events. Somebody is getting a mock hanging by lady on a bridge over a dry creek putting a rope around guys neck, then running with it. I don't think the guy likes it anymore.

      2. My female friend leaves to pick up her kid from school. It's :39. I go potty and through a small glass window on the door I see 2 people walk by. This shouldn't happen because we are inside her house. I get a bad feeling about it.

      Few more people walk by and stop by the door. They want me. Their leader, young, skinny tall guy tells me to get out. I ask him to give me pls few seconds to finish my business and I'll open the door, no problem. I get a sence of impending doom, like something you never thought would happen is happening to you and that's it, you are done.

      I open the door and we discuss the difference between like and love. They start putting white rope around me but suddenly I fight back. I keep taking the rope off, wiggling away from it, cutting it off while they keep trying to put more and more loops around me. I say NOPE, I keep taking it off, then I punch the guy. I look at him close and now he is a huge guy and I'm thinking it's not gonna be as easy as I sometimes imagine it to be.

      3. I have a new smart phone and I'm taking pictures with it. I just remembered (reading reviews of enamel dutch ovens cracking) that as I tapped the screen, a huge crack opened on it from top to bottom and there was a separation of 1/4 inch of so. I looked at it in disbelief. how the heck did it crack, I was reasonably gentle.

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