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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Zombies

      , 08-05-2018 at 02:18 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Former classmate says she is going for a stroll with another person. I ask if I can go with them, because all I have been doing last few days is just watching TV and being mad at myself for not going outside.

      So we go and I'm standing on a bank of a river in my hometown. It's really muddy, carrying lots of downed trees and branches and going super fast. I comment on it and watch it for a while. My friend decides to go for a swim and with a few backstrokes, she gets close to the middle where the current is very fast. I yell that to her, but too late, she is getting swept.

      Next thing I see, is two bodies bobbing up next to her, biting her and dragging her down. She comes up few more times with more bodies around her. Finally she gets to the shore, I grab her hand and pull her out.

      We start running and a zombie is chasing us. We get to the house and I'm about to slam the door in zombies face, when I realize she is closer than I thought and she bites me in my left shoulder.

      We get to the main room. Everybody is calm, and more zombies are coming in, but they are all acting human. We have an option to clean the wounds by burning them or something else. I chose burning, so I grab matches, light them and I touch them to the wounds on this main zombie. He is showing me all the tiny scratches. Someone is burning my wounds.

      DREAM 2
      Some candy has gone missing at my workplace which doesn't look like my real world work. Trying to find out who did it, then it turns out it was one of the guys.
      Tags: river, water, zombies
    2. December TOTM II

      , 12-13-2016 at 06:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:50pm.
      1:50am - 2x300 alpha GPC and back to sleep
      3am - WBTB
      3:25am - 2x4 galantamine tablets by relentless improvement
      3:50 - sofa
      5:03 - woke myself up to record my lucids after maybe 30 min long one

      I didn't turn to the side before the lucids. And my cat didn't lay on me as usually. But half of the lucid she was in my arms and we were flying together.

      As soon as I got lucid I started working on my TOTMs. I remembered them all, except the "burn a house" because I didn't want to do that one and "buffet" because I already did it.

      Advanced TOTM - Spin around and teleport yourself to a random location. - fail - I don't remember where I ended up.
      I'm laying on a bed on top of a hillside at night. There is a high dropoff on my left with ocean glittering from moonshine. My cat is laying on me as he is usually when I WILD.

      I remembered first TOTM and started to spin. My cat in my outstreched arms, kinda like 2 ice skaters, haha. I was giggling so hard. At first I was just spinning in one spot and I lost my vision. Then I felt familiar sensation in my head and I was lifted up and carried up to the right. I'm pretty sure I landed somewhere but I don't remember.

      I think I ended up flying over this huge river that looked like it's in Africa. Lot's of water flowing over some huge boulders making white froth. Lot's of people in and around the water, having fun. There is a huge animal and whoa, it's a Brontosaurus. People are bathing their huge elephant just few feet from there. Looks like they are all coexisting in peace and harmony, like a future advanced or alternate society.

      We fly some more and I wish the river to turn to ocean and it gets wider until we are over an ocean at night.

      I'm walking down a street at night and remember the
      Advanced TOTM - Lift a car with super strength and carry it somewhere. - fail. I forgot to carry it somewhere.
      Streets are empty, but a huge red fire truck just turns a corner out of my view. I want to go after, thinking "really, you had to pick this huge car?" it when a huge green garbage truck turns to my street and is heading towards me. I'm thinking I'm gonna get so run over if this doesn't work.

      I read Ophelia's DJ during the WBTB and she teleported people. So I outstrech my arm and will the truck to float up. I'm not even surprised when it does. It wobbles a bit about 5-10 feet above ground. I want to do more, so I turn it upside down then let it drop. It's all crumbled and I see some movement in the cabin. I walk up to it and say "oh yeah, and the driver si fine, he is ok".

      Now I'm looking for a Moon and I find it and start flying towards it. Everytime I want to fly faster or higher, I actually slow down. So I give up on that.

      I'm in some city between building. I remember the
      BONUS TASK! - Go into a room and close the door. Tell yourself that while you were in the room, time stopped for you, but continued to advance outside of the room and it's now 100 years into the future. Describe what the future is like! - success

      I look into a window of couple of houses but they look scary. I find one that's ok and I tell myself "this is my house". I walk in and remember I need to go in a room, so I walk through an empty room to another room and close the door.

      I was preparing for this as I was falling asleep. I planned on finding a lever on a wall which I would pull and a counter would show numbers go up to the future.

      So I put my hand on a wall looking for a lever. It's not there. I say "I turn back and there will be a lever". I turn and nothing. I look again and there is a metal ring hanging on a chain that's coming out of a hole in a wall above my head. I say "ok this will do". I pull on a chain, it turns some flywheel and I hear it turn fast then slow down and stop. Before it stops, I pull the chain again and I do this 5 times, because 5 times 20 years is 100, right?

      I walk out the door and now that room has some people in it, sitting on chairs. I say "oh, hi" and I rush to the main door to see outside. It looks even older than before and the houses are all different. Now there is a roof over the whole street. I'm thinking maybe this is a museum and I take another door to get out to the "real world". But it leads me to same place. I get frustrated and start to think that this is how the future will look like and I'm not liking it.

      After this I woke myself up to write it down. As soon as I sit up, I'm like uhm, which tasks did I do? Did I just dream doing them, haha. Fuuuu. Then I recalled the last one, then the previoius one and then the first one.

      Went to sleep after this since this was all just aboout 30 min long. Had a very long non-lucid with Ophelia. She was mad at me and asking me for some money for a trip we took together. I was like OK, but I thought were were pretty even. Her BF was there too during the whole dream. They wanted me to leave so I did. Then they stopped me at the door and somehow we ended up in a futuristic, or just very modern city in Asia. I even new the name. Going up and down the escalators and sitting in rooms in highrise buildings. OP told me she wants me to have a sex change, haha. I was like from what to what, haha. It didn't make much sense. I remembered her gender-bender dreams and I just couldn't figure out what is she now and what am I and how would that all work, lol.

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    3. Animals

      , 08-15-2015 at 08:41 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Yesterday during my 2pm - sleep

      I'm looking out my parents bedroom window. Its at night but the moon and I think snow on the ground makes it almost bright outside. I'm looking at the young forest just across the narrow street. There are short 5-7 ft tall evergreens (in reality they are not evergreens). I imagine that with that strong moonlight and trees being not too close to each other I could see anything walking between them.

      And ofc I start to see some animals. They are large, walking from right to the left, they keep appearing and disappearing between the trees. I think they are deer and they start jumping like african gazelle. It's all happening in total quietness, just a moonlight and the animals. It's eerie. Then the animals turn and start slowly walking towards me and to the right. Now I think they are tall and hairy lamas. And wooly mamuth are following them. I don't think those are elephants because of the fur. I'm kinda surprised.

      Mow I'm on the bank of the river where I used to play as a child. I watch some animals in the water. They are goat. They get out on the other bank and some of the bank is sheer rockface. One of the goats is trying to walk on it and I see every detail of their body, hooves, the wet footsteps the goat is making and details of the rockface. The goat starts to slide down but all is ok, they are used to that.
      Tags: animals, river, water
    4. Bangkok; San Francisco

      , 12-29-2014 at 09:00 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 10ish - 8:30ish

      Woke up few times last night, recalling dreams, and retelling them each time so I imprint them on waking life memory.


      I'm traveling in a tour bus on a busy street in Bangkok. Side streets are rather narrow, full of small shops and people. Another large bus drives up along our and comes very close. It's red and I'm thinking that it will sideswipe us. In a few seconds it sure does. Comes even closer and sideswipes us.

      Now I get a 3. person view from behind and above. I see the other bus pushing ours to the left and onto another sidestreet. I'm thinking "I hope that's not the one with river in the middle of it" and I have a feeling I have walked those streets before, that's how I know. And yes, as I see the bus being pushed to the sidestreet, now I have persepective both from the bus and from 3.person view, I see the river in concrete banks and my bus is on the sidewalk next to the river, still traveling.

      I'm telling people to get ready for emergency exit, in case we get into the water. I see an axe type of a tool hanging above the left window and I look to the right if I see another one there, and I do. I point them out to others to use them to break the windows if we need to.

      Now we have stopped. Someone is pushing the emergency door to open in the back of the bus - like on school busses. It doesn't budge so I kick it open. We get out.


      I'm with others out in the fields. We can see a city in the distance. It's San Franciso. I tell someone to go for a jog with me to the city. My eyes zoom in and follow a dirt path along the field and a river to the bridge and to the city.
      Tags: river, travel, water
    5. Scary river; Past; Italy; OpheliaBlue

      , 08-02-2014 at 06:16 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed past 11 - 8:30am?

      This was very intense. I'm on a shore of a wide river. Think Danube in northern Hungary. The water is very muddy. Some parts seem to be calm, but others have churning waves, small whirlpools and even tall waves going in direction from the shore. It's very fast flowing. Someone tells me that my brother is going to swim across, just because he wants to go to the other side. No serious reason. That makes me mad. Why would he risk his life for something like that.

      So I'm running on the shore, yelling his name out. He can't hear me. I think I see him in the water. Somehow I am now on the other side, waiting for him to emerge. You can't really see him in the water, because of turbulent water.

      I am really worried. Then I see him walking out of the river. He has some kind of a full body neoprene suit, including the hood, and something else over it.

      Now I'm in some kind of a catle, or ruins rebuilt for turists, walking down a hallway built from large light - gray stones and I'm walking on sand.

      I'm walking with more adults and kids on some path in the outdoors. On a hill, no trees. We decide to split into 2 groups and I'm leading one group of kids into some summer camp.

      I'm standing on the city square in my hometown. It's in the past, maybe 50's. Communists rule the country. Everybody is dressed in period clothes and also eqipment is from that era. Some kind of commie action is going on. Parade or speech.

      I look up and some confetti and propaganda flyers are raining down on us. My mom starts climbing on top of a bus or a van that's right behind us. There is a TV crew with camera on top, filming the event. My mom wants to look at the TV screen they have upthere.

      I'm with my best WL friend. In the dream, I can't remember her name, and after waking up it took me a while to recall it.

      I'm giving her a single rose as a thank you. I gave some potted bluish plant to some other people, also as a thank you. She gets mad at me for giving it to her. I'm telling her that it's from some people that appreciate her's and mine work, and I'm just relaying the message from them to her.

      Then I learn that she changed her name to Ophelia93. And I'm like "whoa, so you are Ophelia, and how about the other Ophelia, and is this just one person, or what is going oooooon?"

      I'm watching a canal in Venice from some higher vantage point, like a window maybe. I see a gondola with one gondolier. There is a large fish approaching his boat. It's like a giant goober. It's so big and fat and colorful.
    6. Visiting a friend, earthqake; Fruit

      , 02-10-2014 at 06:22 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.10.14 Monday

      Last night, bed 11:45pm - 8:45am

      DR 5:37am

      I'm sitting on a chair, behind a table, in Ophelia's kitchen. Danny is standing there. Op walks in in white bathrobe. She says she wanted to go potty, but... [I don't understand what she is saying here].

      Suddenly there is a huge earthquake jolt, that moves my upper body forward. No sound, no nothing. Just one big jolt. I start explaining, why jolts are a scary shit, unlike the rolling kinds, that give you at least some kind of a warning by starting small.

      I get by the wall and we look at each other, knowing that it was fate, quake happening when I was not home. I get a mental piture of a nearby river and I expect it to overflow or break from it's banks. Either from that jolt, or from the aftershocks, that we are bracing for. Aftershock comes minutes later, and we know it's a bad sign. Feel of doom, that had to happen, it was unavoidable.

      I'm cutting fruit. Lots of fruit. Strawberry juices all over the table.

      Lots of people, most dressed in black. They are going for a funeral. Something about not having enough flowers. I think I left my shoes behind someplace. I'm sitting on a chair and my late godfather is flirting with me, he wants me to go with him so he can bone me. Tsk tsk.

      Something about large grocery store, checkout lanes, bad guys, ...

      Yeey, 4 dream recall. Thank you

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    7. Bridge over Danube

      , 12-05-2013 at 06:23 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed around 1am. Want to wake up early, like yesterday, and WILD again, like yesterday.

      I'm walking through a pedestrian bridge over Danube, on the Slovak/Hungarian border. This bridge is not there in WL. The railing is metal bars, and it looks like the walkway is metal too, with some gaps and holes, as if from lack of maintanace.

      Lots of people walking on it. I see this very old a frail woman, holding onto the bars from the outside of the bridge, thrying to cross it that way. Old man is doing the same thing, right next to her. I sense, they are somehow different, than others on the bridge.

      I ask her why, and she says "so when I lose grip, wind will blow me against the bridge and I won't fall". I grab both her wrists and pull her to the walkway, before she has a chance to fall or realize, what I'm doing. I'm surprised, how light she is. I start to explain to her in fluent Hungarian, that if she loses her grip ooutside of the walkway, where is she gonna fall? She says "water". And I ask: "and if you lose your grip while on the walkway? Where will you fall then?" She says "to the walkway". I'm happy that she gets it and she is no longer in danger. I'm also surprised a bit, how long of time did I spend on talking to her and explaining to her in a way, so she would understand.

      I'm on a sidewalk in my hometown. There is something about a broken part on some machine. So I go the another machine and take some part from it and try to make it fit to make repairs. I think I succeed.
    8. Huge fish in river

      , 08-13-2013 at 07:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday, 8/13/13

      Last night bed around 1am

      DR 5:20am

      I'm in a tall building, seems like maybe 5th floor. The building is right on the edge of an urban river. River seems to be flowing in a manmade channel. It's wide and deep.

      I notice that the water is more turbulent than it should be. Suddently I see inside the water. There is a lots of fish in a tight group. They are huge and moving around within this group slowly. One fish on top looks like sturgeon. I say it out loud to a person in the room.

      I also say, that's why the water is so turbulent, bacause of the giant fish. Then I observe the surface of the river from one bank to another to see the water churning, but not violently.

      I also think to myself, that maybe the fish wasn't that huge, I only saw it that way, because I had some different vision, like binocular vision.

      As I look at the river, I notice, that except that group of fish, there are no other fish as far as I can see. I deduct, that they may tavel in groups like that.

      I'm standing on the bank of a different river. It seems like a campground. I'm talking to a former classmate about going or doing something.


      There was something else, a long dream about something, maybe I'm in a long house.
    9. India, baloon, spy insect

      , 04-22-2013 at 06:17 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday 4/22/13

      Last night bed around 12:30am - 5:20am

      DR: I'm floating in a hot air baloon over the barren fields near NZ. I ask the guy which way he thinks wind will take us. I see some sacks with what I think is chopped up meat on the fields, but they turn out to be onions. We land next to my parents house. I take a few onions with me. (Watched episode of Futurama, where they leave the sewers with hot air baloon.)

      DR: I'm hiding in a house where people are walking around. I think they see me but I don't mind and they don't mind either. I have a small insect that is bioluminiscent bright green. I hold it in my hand, otherwise it would be flying infront of me. I think it's half bio, half mechanical. Like a little spy insect. (Watched Avatar, where little insect when disturbed jumped in the air and flew like a helicopter.)

      Nap 8:30am - 9:50am
      I'm in India. (Watched documentary about cotton farmers in India.) I'm in a huge house with tons of people. I'm suppose to be one of the babysitters. They show me some rooms, I introduce myself to gramma, other people introduce themself to me. I'm having hard time understanding because of their very thick accent. I lay under cover with one of the uncles. Apparently, it's a custom. The call me closer and I see they gonna sing happy birthday to someone.

      Then they gonna show me my room. I come to to small house outside of the big one. There are two entry doors. Between them is a lot of old spiderwebs on dirty, whitewashed walls. I realize nothing will stop snakes and other things from crawling to my room. They open the door to the left for a boy who is suppose to live there. The room is barely two steps deep. He complains about it. Room is empty, just a concrete bench on the back wall, like in a jail.

      My room is still under construction. Lots of concrete debree on the floor, dust, white paint, tools, buckets... Room is huge and now I notice light coming in there from right side. There are some chairs and sofas and people are sitting there from other parts of the house to watch tv, that's on the oppoiste wall on some cabinets filled with books and other stuff.

      DR: I'm walking along the road at night in Kom. I don't ahve money so I ask some people and I think I can ask the bus driver to take me for free, because he knows my mom. I would pay him later, of course.

      I'm walking in different part of that place. I hear a siren. It means some kind of a danger. I have no idea what kind, but alien invasion crosses my mind. I get off the road and start walking in some dusty ditch.

      Before this, I'm crossing a river on some kind of a rope suspended between shores. No clue what I'm doing there, but to escape something I drop down. (Watched the axe man and their trouble with skyline cable suspended in air that draggs the timber.)
      Tags: bus, india, invasion, river
    10. Fragments plus Main

      , 10-23-2011 at 07:58 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      All non-lucid.
      Reoccurring dream signs - water, weapons

      Took a nap till 6pm. Back to bed at 10.15pm

      2.44 - wake up - no dream
      4.30 - This was a version of real life events that happened to me.
      6.30 - Bad clown was attacking, he was walking towards us by the riverfront [dreamsign] we wanted to hide in a haunted house, but they would not let us hide there; took a ride on subway, that looked like a people mover on the airport, you sat down on a metal mat; there was some kind of a resistance against some entity;
      I was shopping in a grocery store.
      6.50 - somebody's pant sleeve changed color according to yes or no

      MAIN Dream at 8.20
      We were running through a bridge, when a helicopter started to fire at us from a distance. Suddenly a friendly helicopter/airplane came from behind us, fired two shots and shut down the bad guys. Since we were in the Resistance, decided to go and salvage the weapons from the helicopter.

      As we approached, the whole landscape was under water. So I dove into maybe 4 meters deep, clear water and started to search amongst the debris on a sandy bottom with nice pebbles for weapons. There were some grass like plants, it all looked like a nicely arranged aquarium. I was finding all kinds of rifles, machine guns, sniper rifle, a shotgun - I put these on my back, and I hang the pistols on my belt. I was aware of the weight holding me under water, but I actually liked it and was still able to go to surface to breathe.

      Then an enemy submarine was coming closer, so we decided to leave. Emerged out of the water in the swimming pool of some resort. They claimed I can't bring weapons there, so I asked them to put them in a safe. Then I joined other people sitting on a chairs by the pool and put on a bathing suite to blend in. Then the submarine surfaced and about 10, all black dressed people got out and started to examine all of us in order to identify me. They lay their hands on my chest and probed internal organs to find out, if I'm different from the others. But I guess I wasn't, although I had a feeling, that I surfaced into different time/land/planet.

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    11. Regular dream - partial control

      , 10-13-2011 at 07:09 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Oct.13, 2011.


      I slept from 9.50 pm till 3 am, woke up for an hour for a WBTB. I almost got a LD, but my dad was walking around the house and every time I was about to fall asleep, it woke me up. So I had this dream, where in the last part I had some control and summoned a lake (as I was falling asleep, i wanted to dream about swimming in a tropical sea and breathe under water). Remember thinking in the dream, if there was water, I would go lucid, because I can breathe under water in my dreams.

      Regular dreams, fragments.

      Large building with lots of rooms, I'm running with my guinea pig and two cats. Don't know who is chasing me. Get out through window.

      Huge sleeping hall full of people. Modern day refugees?

      Group of people outside school, they are mad at the principal and one of them gets into principals car and he is crashing it to things and trying to get me. I know we are in trouble and trying to get away on a shore of a small, muddy river with deep banks. Kinda wading in the shallow shore, in the distance I already see teachers waiting - I got caught.
      Somehow I get away.

      I keep thinking, if there was water where I can breathe under water, I would go lucid. So there was a lake with clear water, and I was breathing under water, but didn't go lucid.

      Group of people (I had a feeling that they are the DCs from LD I had yesterday) was trying to save me from principal. I could swear that the nun from yesterdays LD was there too, although yesterday I thought she is a negative DC. They wanted to save me by putting me on their bus. I sat in the seat and next to me was this homeless man who sneezed at me. I had a feeling, he may just pretend to be homeless, for my benefit.

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      Tags: bus, cats, lake, river, school, water