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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. war in croatia

      , 10-04-2018 at 03:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm walking through some small stores. I kneel down to a box with old coins and start picking them up to take a closer look. My vision is a bit foggy, but i can tell these are not really coins, no matter how much I want them to be. just some medallions or commemorative tokens. An older lady starts going through it as well and crowds me out. I tell her piece of my mind.

      I start feeling tension in the air as I'm walking towards the corner of a near building. People running. I know the occupation is starting. I think it's nazis, but the armored vehicle I see doesn't look german from WW2. I see the uniforms as I'm ducking in a doorway to get away through some back doors I'm hoping to find.

      I see some civilian man walking inside. One is quite large. I know those are local collaborators, but to my surprise, they are quite gentle, as the big man pushes a woman towards the door with what I think it's croatian hajde.
    2. Straight outa Benghazi

      , 07-22-2018 at 01:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, FINALLY a cool dream and I remember it! Thank you so much. Lately, I'm just so tired, not getting enough quality sleep. Even when I get a glimpse of a dream I just woke up from, it fades before I can remember it fully.

      It almost happened to this one as well. I woke up at night, not remembering any dreams, then it just came back to me, so I retold it to myself while falling back asleep.

      I'm in a commercial airliner with others. There is some malfunction or we got shot at. It feels military. We are crash landing, trying to assess the area and I feel it's hostile.

      I end up with others in rooms from red bricks, that looks like a war zone. We are watching a doorway which has no doors, no paint on walls, only some crumbling walls. I can sense the enemy combatants gathering outside. Some of them are peeking inside. We have no weapons, so I know I have to grab one of them to get his weapons. I go closer and drag one of them inside by his throat. He is no longer moving. I throw his side arm to another person and I grab his Kalashnikov. I'm thrilled.

      (I often get weapons in my dreams, but getting them is always hard. They are never where I know they should be, or they are not working, or there are no bullets, or they are not shooting, or when they shoot, bullet travels 5 feet then falls down, or it has no punch at all.)

      When another bad guy looks through the opening in the wall, I aim at his head and pull the trigger. His head, very satisfyingly, explodes. Yeeey, my gun is shooting and it does what it's supposed to. I know we have only that one magazine, and one more, which I also took off the first enemy combatant, so I aim for the head and squeeze of single rounds instead of automatic mode (this situation reminds me of the movie 13 hours - story of attack on us compound in Benghazi, Libya. Such an intense movie, I really liked it and I was thinking how it would be to fight like that.)

      This way we get another AK and then more. They keep coming and we keep taking their weapons away.

      I like being able to protect myself.
    3. Post-apocalyptic world

      , 02-17-2018 at 04:12 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had a great dream last night, but by later in the morning I forgot everything, except that it was in post-apocalyptic world.

      I remembered it all much later in the afternoon, while watching TV and seeing a dog brought back recall, even though there was no dog in the dream that I can remember.

      ...I grab something from invading soldiers, run to the cliff over the ocean and want to throw it in the water to neutralize the threat. But the water is too far from there, so I run alongside the cliff until I feel like I have to throw it, because they are catching up to me. I throw it and it would have fallen in the water, but there are some sand banks and it falls on one of those. I believe though that it's far enough and they won't find it.

      One soldier chases me across the sand dunes with some grass on them. I see a hole in the side of the dune,bit smaller than the size of a laying person. I squeeze into it and I'm watching the soldier and his shadow as he is looking for me. He stands right next to my hiding place and I just hope he won't find me.

      Before all that, someone threw a revolver into a huge pile of sand. I'm looking for it, because in this lawless world weapons are valuable. Before that, there was something about a wooden walkway in the large body of water.

      I wish I remembered more.
    4. Escape

      , 09-08-2016 at 03:34 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 12am

      Bad dream
      I walk into a room to see if a person is still sleeping. The ceiling fan is going really fast, faster than it should. The room is dark, just a bit of light coming through closed blinds. I flip the switch to shut it off, but it goes even faster. I can feel the air on my face. I know some entity is doing it and there is no way I'm gonna go into the room to check on this person.

      Later on
      Latin America. Drug lord is caught and his people are lined up at the wall. I am one of them but I'm also shooting them with an assault rifle. There are old people and women in there and I figure that government soldiers are trying to wipe the slate clean. Now I am the druglord, I walk out with my hands up, holding some paper and somehting else in my hand and they are about to shoot me.

      Some kind of a theater, stadium seating. We are getting away from there. Me an 3-4 others are escaping through a city. Dodging police, busting holes in the wall to get through, creating distractions, looking at the faces in the crowds to be vigilant of those that want to stop us.

      After we get to where we were going, we need to get back. This was getting tireing.
    5. Hazmat; Church

      , 04-30-2016 at 04:01 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Bed 9:45pm - 7:20am

      Woke up at 2 from first recalled dream, but didn't write it down, instead I retold it to myself every time I woke up.

      DR 2:15am

      I am with lots of others in some place we are trying to escape from. We all have to go through some kind of a obstacle course that looks like child's playground. It's going slow because only 2 lanes of people are formed and only 2 people are able to cross an obstacle at the same time. Some don't know how to since some are quite elaborate and others in the line behind them are trying to tell them how to cross it.

      It's my turn and I am on some elevated platform with steps going up and I have to align something so I can squeeze through a hole. I make it with my partner and on the other side we approach large white wall with large medium dark brown, shiny door. We enter and it's wery dark. All i can see is that we are upstairs and going down on wide and tall stairway. Walls are white. I ask others who are escaping with us what is that place and I'm told it's a church. I feel trapped again and going through some low, winding, round ceiling white corridors I'm telling my partner we need to find an exit quick and I know he he anxcious to get out of there as well. There is a door with red EXIT on top and we quickly, but not too quick as not to raise suspicion walk to it and get out. There was some church staff inside just watching us with mild smile, so we didn't want them to stop us.

      It's nighttime outside. I'm walking alone. I suddenly feel lot smaller as if I was walking crouched so I'm not seen by others. Some soldiers start walking by, military vehicles full of soldiers. Everybody is dressed in hazmat suits. Even their armored personel carriers and trucks are wrapped in military greens and khaki, and even their wheels look like wrapped in paper. I get scared but I'm hoping that they are going to be filming a movie. It's interesting that I sense that most of the sodiers are females.

      I think I better return to the "safety" of the church and I turn around. As I'm walking I know I made a good choice because I see civilian cars stopping other civilians and taking their wallets and even pushing some of them inside the cars and taking them away.

      DR towards the morning
      Long and detailed, but don't remember it as much.

      Something about my friend scheduled to be there at 2 but she thought she is scheduled at 2:30 and her friend was already waiting for her to have a date in a bar. So I called her up to tell her but someone else took the phone from me and she talked to her instead.
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