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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Happy in Iceland

      , 12-13-2018 at 04:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I just arrived to Iceland airport. On the global map, I feel like I'm between Europe and Greenland.

      I have a bit of time before my plane leaves, so I ask around, how to get outside. I have seen some beautiful nature pictures on some brochures and I want to see that. I see people walking with luggage, so I follow them, while keep asking about getting outside. Suddenly we are out, when it turns out that the path to another airport gate leads through outdoors. I say "see, exactly like this outside". As I look around at fresh show on the ground. Everything is white and beautiful, as we walk on a path in show, with trees lining the pathway. It's sunny and beautiful.

      I come to a wooden path over a small brook forming a small lake. I look at it and I'm overcome with joy. So incredibly happy, that I see beautiful nature just like in the brochure. Almost as happy as when I realize in a dream that I'm dreaming or flying.

      Somewhere there I also find a gift shop.
    2. Sweden; Thailand; New phone camera

      , 09-16-2016 at 12:01 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:30pm - 3:36am

      DR 1 at 1am
      I'm walking up a hill in Sweden. It's very green, lots of grass, trees and flowers. I'm taking tons of pictures with my new phone. I look back and there is a huge rock arch through which yu can see the ocean way below us. It's so beautiful.

      DR 2 at 1am
      Some kind of rocky tunnels, or old stone ruins, high up. I'm running from there. Come to the edge, they almost got me, but I jump off hoping I will fly. And I do.

      DR 3 at 1am
      We are flying above a coastline in Thailand. They are taking us to a resort. It's all undeveloped area. No other hotels or towns. I look along the shore and I tell them that another beach is nice and there is town, so thy should take us there. We want to see places besides the resort, like stores, towns, other people.

      Flying over the ocean coast for a long time. Taking lots of pictures with my phone.

      At the resort, I take a lots of pictures of their pictures on the wall. There are some unsent letters from previous guests. I'm reading the envelopes if I find any clues what happend to them, because I'm starting to thing something happened. The resort is not what it seems.
    3. Snowy Canada

      , 06-22-2016 at 04:07 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8pm-2:30am

      I'm sitting in some kind of a vehicle, that resembles the trams that transport people at Disney, from parking lot to the park. Only it doesn't have any roof, sits only 2 in a cart and it's lover to the ground.

      We are traveling on some kind of a path taking us through the wilderness. It's a beautiful day. Blue skies, lots of snow on the ground and sun is shining and reflecting off the snow. Making a wide left turn over a frozen creek between some gentle hills. I see an animal that is a cross between a guinea pig and a hedgehog, golden white and absolutely adorable. Next comes a wolf and as the animals are coming into view, I'm calling out their names.

      I know the reason why we are there and why it's different than it seems. This, btw is a feeling I have in many of my dreams. Even when I am in danger, I always know it's "just a game".

      DR few days ago:
      I'm at a friends apartment. They are going for vacation, so I will be taking care of her guinea pig. It's adorable, small, all chocolate brown with a white zigzag line around his shoulders. I'm taking him with me to my place to take care of him. First time I leave but have to turn back because I forgot to take his food.

      Holding him in my arms, somehow he gets away and people on the wooden boardwalk help me find him and catch him. This dream was not so pleasant.
    4. Iran; Vertical House; Defending; Morphing

      , 12-05-2015 at 07:59 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night had night off. Slept till 3am. Then was up and slept from 1pm-9:30pm.

      I talked to my subC while falling asleep, thanking for my dreams and asking for more. I got 3 very detailed dreams.

      1. This was the first one so don't recall much.

      I just got to the top of some tall hill with bunch of other people. It's at night and we are sitting down to rest. I pick a spot near a low stone wall on the edge of the mountain.

      I see a garage door. The top part has small decorative "windows". They turn one by one and I see some very old carved heads of some missiles. By old I mean from 9th century or so. Red lights on some electronic panel underneath each missile is starting to blink and change as the missiles are charging, ready to be fired. I'm impressed, but not surprised. Also glad that it will help us defend that location.

      2. I am by the shoreline. Not the ocean, but more like some cove with high rough, volcanic looking walls. There is a house in the corner. It looks like a vertical tube made out of glass. It has glass walls and ceilings. The owner had to make it this way, because not enough horizontal space, only vertical. He is showing me each story. One is a swimming pool. Another is an aquarium. One has a bedroom. 2-3 are just a pool with maybe a fountain in the middle. Everything is glass and water, so if you look down from your bedroom, you see all the pools and aqarium underneath. The sign on the house says it's on the market for 50 million.

      3. I am in Iran. By myself. Walking on a beach, under some natural bridge in the sandstone. It's shady there and I realize that's why locals like that spot. Not too hot. But I want to collect some sea shells so I walk on. There is lots of women in black burquas and bare feet. I don't see any seashell there. I know that place gets lots of foot traffic so they were proly already all picked up.

      I decide to pull out my camera and take pictures of everything. I'm kinda worried if they will catch me and delete all my pictures. Maybe I should put a new memory card in, so if they do, I don't lose all previous pictures.

      I look at the camera and it has a sticker on the objective. As I look through the view finder, I see the view blocked off, but there is still a small ring on the edges of it and I think it would be interesting to be taking pictures like that.

      I see something in the water that's not an ocean. It's more like a small river heading for the ocean just a few yards away. The thing looks like much brighter water that is tropical blue while rest of the water is dark. I aim my camera to take a picture.

      Now I am on some kind of a boat. As I come closer, I see that the thing in the water is a body of a man turning with the currents. His arms are tied in front of him with dark blue cloth. As the boat continues, there is bodies everywhere. I count at least 20. All have hands tied and I realize they were executed by the government. People on the shore are spitting at them. I'm waiting for a loogie to land on me too, but they have a good aim.

      Going on a open top cart. Some girls on it I think will be unfriendly to me, but one of them tells me I should have some kind of a tour guide book with me, so the police will believe me that's why I'm there. I see they all have a few books and leaflets in front of them. One girl gives me one of her books and I start looking at it when a female police officer comes to us. I know how strict police in Iran can be and I expect to be interrogated, but as I say good morning to her in english, she just lets us drive by. It's also important that we have someone who can translate from english for them, so I agreed I will do that for the group.

      The female police officer turns to us and shouts something to one of the girls. Something about her name Anna-Marie, if it is in the dokuments as well.

      Change of scenery and now I'm at some historic site. Inside of something like a cave that was unearthed. Bunch of stone artifacts are on display tables. Curators or guides are there to show us. We can touch the artifacts. Most common are some small shiny, brown and black pebbles. Mostly elongated pieces, smaller than one inch. I'm finding them on the tables, floors...

      I'm going in some hallway. On the left are jail cells with metal bars and no doors. It's suppose to be a museum, but I think they have prisoners there. I get to one cell and I collect some of those stones from the floor. They are suppose to be important and help with something.

      As we get back, I'm looking at more stones on the exhibit tables. There is a box of broken crystal. One visitor takes 2 pieces and puts them together. They fit. Then he adds 2 more fragments and now the crystal ball is complete. It's not see through and not round. More of a square and carved like crystal bowls or similar.

      I look inside and there are people walking around in there and having a life. I look deeper and it's like a whole universe in there.

      after mrpriority mentioned in chat that he never been anything but human, I rememebered another dream:

      [17:19] <@gab> I morphed into an animal last night
      [17:19] <@gab> first time ever
      [17:19] <@gab> ginsan will be proud
      [17:19] <@gab> proud pappa
      [17:20] <@Mismagius^^> Oh nice!
      [17:20] <@gab> bald eagle
      [17:20] <@Mismagius^^> Oooh, good choice
      [17:20] <@gab> was cool
      [17:20] <@Mismagius^^> You fly?
      [17:21] <@gab> yeah, we were talking with ginsan the other night
      [17:21] <@gab> and he mentioned he loves birds
      [17:21] <@gab> especially predators, and showed me some videos of bald eagles
      [17:21] <@gab> I guess I wasn't watching alone
      [17:21] <@gab> yeah I flew
      [17:21] <@Mismagius^^> Awesome~
      [17:22] <@gab> I remember leaning forward and my arms morphing into wings
      [17:23] <@gab> and this wasn't even lucid, or I don't think it was, but I was thinking that I should try morphing, picked a bald eagle and after I thought I gotta tell ginsan

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    5. NY trip; old preschool

      , 07-02-2015 at 03:54 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm on a trip someplace. Leaving from there with others. Sitting in the front seet of some kind of a speed boat. I wonder if out boxes we carry will topple from the wild ride, when i see them slide. Then I realize it's a Disney ride. But someone comes to me in a hurry and start piling some boxes in my lap to hold them.

      One is open top box. It has some water in it and it's full of creatures. I say to the person "daum, there are venomous brown recluse spiders in there, some worm, a venomous caterpillar - and you putting that in my lap on this wild ride"?

      I'm holding the box and watch the water slosh all over in waves, as the boat moves, and each time it touches my hand so do bunch of critters.

      I'm watching the caterpillar crawl out and on my hand and I'm waiting to be bitten.

      I'm visiting my old preschool I attended in age of 5. I look into drawers and they are full of nicely organized towels, pyjamas, clothes for kids. I'm talking to old teachers there. When leaving, I learn we were allowed to take our tiny chairs with us, as long as they had 2 or more names carved into them. I feel bad for not taking mine, if I had one.
    6. Starship and icecream

      , 10-30-2014 at 05:28 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed around 11pm -5 am 5 min wbtb, then up at 8

      I'm in a rather large room. It's a bottom level of a generational space ship. We are traveling to colonize another world. We have kids with us, because travel will take that long, that only kids and their kids will meke it there alive.

      Stairs go up from our level to the one above. From there, there is an elevator to the top and to all levels in between. The space ship is shaped like a skyscraper. For some reason we are occupying only bottom two levels. The other levels are dark and I feel safer down with others.

      The interior is decorated bright, almost like a cruise ship.

      For some reason we just realized that we have lots of food with us, so everybody grabs something. It's still organized, not like we are going to waste food.

      I ask for icecream. I'm given a small container, like icecream normally comes in. Paper cup is beige color with some nice, delicate drawing of flowers on it.

      Flavors are cocnut - white, peach and one other flavor. I don't like peach, but I'm resolved to eat it as not to waste food. I start with coconut and it tastes aweful. I wonder why. After I eat half of it I look at the container and it says "Dairy free icecream" in nice cursive. I'm like "oooohhhhh, that's why" . Tofu icecream, lol.
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    7. Peru and Costa Rica, Cooking

      , 10-22-2014 at 05:42 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 11 - 8:30

      DRs at 4:58am

      I'm in Peru. Going through a museum, looking at exhibits. Looking to buy a new necklace, because my old Ohm charm on a single black string just broke. (I have it in WL, looks the same, only it didnt break. But in the dream I rationalized how it broke, and it makes sense even now - moving the bead on it up and down too much made the string schaff and weaken).

      I want some meaningfull necklace, like the Ohm charm I have now. I'm realizing I will probably not find one that I will like as much as this one.

      We are walking in the town and there is a huge old ship on the city square. It's like a turist attraction, or a restaurant. We walk inside and to the top deck. I realize how windy is it there and much cooler. I walk up to the side and lean my elbows to the handrail. I see ocean in the distance and I can barely make out some islands in the distance, hiding almost like in the fog. They are jagged, tall, skinny, and all leaning to the left side. Covered in green. Someone says it's Canada. I'm like "we are in costa rica, you can't see canada from here"
      And I mentally show them a map, which turns out to be correct map and show them distance between costa rica and canada and US and other countries between us before canada.

      I'm explaining to K how to make hungarian dish, but can't remember the name of it, untill I do later.