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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Straight outa Benghazi

      , 07-22-2018 at 01:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, FINALLY a cool dream and I remember it! Thank you so much. Lately, I'm just so tired, not getting enough quality sleep. Even when I get a glimpse of a dream I just woke up from, it fades before I can remember it fully.

      It almost happened to this one as well. I woke up at night, not remembering any dreams, then it just came back to me, so I retold it to myself while falling back asleep.

      I'm in a commercial airliner with others. There is some malfunction or we got shot at. It feels military. We are crash landing, trying to assess the area and I feel it's hostile.

      I end up with others in rooms from red bricks, that looks like a war zone. We are watching a doorway which has no doors, no paint on walls, only some crumbling walls. I can sense the enemy combatants gathering outside. Some of them are peeking inside. We have no weapons, so I know I have to grab one of them to get his weapons. I go closer and drag one of them inside by his throat. He is no longer moving. I throw his side arm to another person and I grab his Kalashnikov. I'm thrilled.

      (I often get weapons in my dreams, but getting them is always hard. They are never where I know they should be, or they are not working, or there are no bullets, or they are not shooting, or when they shoot, bullet travels 5 feet then falls down, or it has no punch at all.)

      When another bad guy looks through the opening in the wall, I aim at his head and pull the trigger. His head, very satisfyingly, explodes. Yeeey, my gun is shooting and it does what it's supposed to. I know we have only that one magazine, and one more, which I also took off the first enemy combatant, so I aim for the head and squeeze of single rounds instead of automatic mode (this situation reminds me of the movie 13 hours - story of attack on us compound in Benghazi, Libya. Such an intense movie, I really liked it and I was thinking how it would be to fight like that.)

      This way we get another AK and then more. They keep coming and we keep taking their weapons away.

      I like being able to protect myself.
    2. Preparing for after war

      , 08-10-2017 at 12:36 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      On a street with a group. People dressed as police start shooting at us. We fight back, I get a shotgun from one of the terrorists and aim at another one. A guy is targeted by a laser sight, I follow it to find the shooter, but it's a sniper high in the air, obscured by clouds, on something that looks like a helicopter.

      We win the fight, I look back if we collected all their weapons and we get away. Now we are in a building and I remotely see a part of it that's all white. It has all kinds of emergency items stacked against a wall. Plastic sheets, things that you use to protect yourself from radiation or chemical agents.

      As my view is leaving that area, white door is closing and I'm thinking that that's where we would be confined if we get attacked, and that it looks pretty safe, but isolated. A sign above door says FOG, and I know that's an acronym for that safety place. And I say in english, that it sure is not Free Online Games.

      We are sitting, laying all huddled and talking. I look at my phone and there are 4 messages. One is from Ophelia and I'm surprised but happy.
      Tags: opheliablue, war
    3. Hell Nah; Divergent, or I love you, my subC!

      , 11-29-2016 at 03:50 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had 2 awesome dreams. LOVE YOU my most awesome subC!

      Dream day before yesterday:

      Before 2:26 am. Bed around 8-9 pm.

      I am in a highrise building, in someones apartment. 2 kids are laying down at the window. Bottom part of the window is the type when you pull on the handles in upper corners with both hands, the top of the window tilts inward.

      Nothing is happening until I think that it could be dangerous. That's when the girl kinda partially rolls out the window. Another female in the room rushes to her and as she slides down on the floor to her, she body slams her and pushes her even more out. Now I'm holding the girl only by her hair when her hands lose grip on the window edge and I watch her fall for what seems like 100 stories to the ground.

      Normally I get a gut wrenching feeling when someone or I get too close to the window and I think they may fall. But this time I felt bed, but not overwhelmingly. I had the feeling that this is more of a "letting go of a bad idea, or a current situation" rather than someone being in danger.

      Dream remembered at 2:26 am
      I am slowly walking with the crowds through some attraction park, like a brewery. We get to a point with signs pointing to being an audience in a Talk Show in the left and right for the tour. I walk to the right.

      Someone ahead of me is shooting people. We all start to rush in another direction. Cops are blocking our way, questioning if the shooting we report is for real. I turn different way and I'm making my way through other people in this corridor that's outside, with concrete walls on two sides. I come to a narrow doorway. I see another shooter pointing his shotgun at me. I yell "shooter"and I lay down by the left wall, trying to cover myself out of the view.

      But another guy holding the torch walk slowly towards me and lights my shirt on fire. I play dead hoping he leaves before I get seriously hurt. But he moves the torch to my head and lights my hair on fire. I start to feel the pain. When he moves the torch to my torso again, I grab his stick and his arm and I beat him to the ground.

      People around me get upset that I beat him. But after I wake up I'm feeling great for protecting myself and not letting this a-hole hurt me. I know my subC is awesome and it had helped me out of the pickle many times in non-lucids and lucids alike. And this time was no different. Thank you!!!

      Dream last night. Divergent, slave, spoil of war.

      I'm in a tall house, looking out the windows. We are under attack by some mysterious creatures. When we get outside, they attack us. They look like guinea pigs : ) We pick them up, they roll up and we roll them away from us. So adorable.

      Same large group of us is now walking away. A woman comes to me and whispers in my ear, that she is taking me as her bed mate and companion. I'm shocked but go along with it, thinking how is this even a thing? But I had a feeling from the beginning that I belong to someone or some group, like in Divergent. (finally a Divergent inspired dream. Somehow that movie really really made an impression on me and I'm fascinated by it)

      We are walking towards their place of hiding. Among some ruins, we have to cross a sinking floor. So we are filling it with rocks and spreading some sheets on the ground to make it stop from sinking like quick sand.

      As we first entered the complex, everybody was cautious and quiet. Something was coming but I didn't know what. They told me monkeys will attack us if we don't stay calm. Everybody got a piece of fried chicken to calm the monkeys down with it. I take a bit out of mine and I tell a monkey that's starting to look at me menacingly to "stop". And it does. I feel powerful. But as a slave or captured person. This woman comes to me and again whispers to me that I am hers for a bed and for life.

      Walking through some old stone steps, old walls and doors. Come to a row of doors, ours is #28. I read the numbers but they stop at #26. Not sure where to go.

      Then we go to mingle with others, like a party after some action. Matt Damon walks in and everybody knows him He is part of our group. I think I remember using my phone camera.
      Tags: subc, war
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Returning home after war has ended

      , 02-22-2014 at 04:12 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      12.22.14 Saturday

      Last night, bed at 11:30 - 6:10am Didn't fall asleep till after midnight.

      DR sometimes before 6am
      I'm sitting in some kind of a vehicle. We are sitting by the wall, facing sideways, not forward. My mom is by my left side. I see a crew member by my moms left side. He is lighting something in his hand. Then he throws it into the opening on the bench by my moms left hand. It starts the engines and big flames shoot out from the hole. My mom screams in terror. The crewmember says maybe he should have warned us. I say, yeah, he shouldhave.

      DR at 6:10am

      I'm walking on a very wide street. Lots of people are walking with me, slowly. There is some rubble on both sides of the street. As I look ahead, I see some bombed out tall buildings, with smoke rising from them. People are carrying small suitcases and small bundless of possessions.

      I feel like we are in the neighboring country, walking home to our country, after war has ended. But not everybody is walking back. I see a musician on some kind of a raised platform, tinkering with his black and silver electric guitar. I find it strange, but I think they are preparing to celebrate the end of the war.

      On my right side, there is a river with slow moving, dirt colored water. Like rivers are in winter. it feels like it's fall or winter. There are some people on the barge, also musicians. And 2 technicians are looking at two floodlights on a tiny platform on the water. They are trying to figure out how to make it all work again after the war, or just making sure it will work properly for the celebrations.
      Tags: war
    5. Hiding from invasion

      , 09-03-2013 at 07:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday, 9/1/13

      Last night, bed 11:37 - 9am

      DR 1 -
      I get into a court yard through an opened gate. There is some sense of urgency. Some houses on the street look like they went through some battle.

      From the cement courtyard, I climb inside through a small opening in the wall, that looks like it was made by some explosion. There is a lots of debree. I bend down and climb under it. I think I'm either dragging or encouraging someone to follow me.

      The streets are quiet, but I know it's just a quiet before storm. We expect either some invasion, or it's already happening and we have just minutes to hide.

      I see boots approaching. Looks like some soldier, maybe like from Hellghast. He is looking around. But I know, we are safe, so I'm worried.

      DR 2 -
      I'm moving some boxes. One box is bigger that the door frame. We have to open it and disassemble what's inside, before we can take it through the door.

      DR 3 -
      I'm in lavish house or apartment. Some kind of danger is approaching. Maybe a wildfire. So me and a woman who lives there are looking for a hotel to stay at, that would also take cats.
      Tags: cats, hiding, war