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    1. Straight outa Benghazi

      , 07-22-2018 at 01:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, FINALLY a cool dream and I remember it! Thank you so much. Lately, I'm just so tired, not getting enough quality sleep. Even when I get a glimpse of a dream I just woke up from, it fades before I can remember it fully.

      It almost happened to this one as well. I woke up at night, not remembering any dreams, then it just came back to me, so I retold it to myself while falling back asleep.

      I'm in a commercial airliner with others. There is some malfunction or we got shot at. It feels military. We are crash landing, trying to assess the area and I feel it's hostile.

      I end up with others in rooms from red bricks, that looks like a war zone. We are watching a doorway which has no doors, no paint on walls, only some crumbling walls. I can sense the enemy combatants gathering outside. Some of them are peeking inside. We have no weapons, so I know I have to grab one of them to get his weapons. I go closer and drag one of them inside by his throat. He is no longer moving. I throw his side arm to another person and I grab his Kalashnikov. I'm thrilled.

      (I often get weapons in my dreams, but getting them is always hard. They are never where I know they should be, or they are not working, or there are no bullets, or they are not shooting, or when they shoot, bullet travels 5 feet then falls down, or it has no punch at all.)

      When another bad guy looks through the opening in the wall, I aim at his head and pull the trigger. His head, very satisfyingly, explodes. Yeeey, my gun is shooting and it does what it's supposed to. I know we have only that one magazine, and one more, which I also took off the first enemy combatant, so I aim for the head and squeeze of single rounds instead of automatic mode (this situation reminds me of the movie 13 hours - story of attack on us compound in Benghazi, Libya. Such an intense movie, I really liked it and I was thinking how it would be to fight like that.)

      This way we get another AK and then more. They keep coming and we keep taking their weapons away.

      I like being able to protect myself.
    2. Post-apocalyptic world

      , 02-17-2018 at 04:12 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had a great dream last night, but by later in the morning I forgot everything, except that it was in post-apocalyptic world.

      I remembered it all much later in the afternoon, while watching TV and seeing a dog brought back recall, even though there was no dog in the dream that I can remember.

      ...I grab something from invading soldiers, run to the cliff over the ocean and want to throw it in the water to neutralize the threat. But the water is too far from there, so I run alongside the cliff until I feel like I have to throw it, because they are catching up to me. I throw it and it would have fallen in the water, but there are some sand banks and it falls on one of those. I believe though that it's far enough and they won't find it.

      One soldier chases me across the sand dunes with some grass on them. I see a hole in the side of the dune,bit smaller than the size of a laying person. I squeeze into it and I'm watching the soldier and his shadow as he is looking for me. He stands right next to my hiding place and I just hope he won't find me.

      Before all that, someone threw a revolver into a huge pile of sand. I'm looking for it, because in this lawless world weapons are valuable. Before that, there was something about a wooden walkway in the large body of water.

      I wish I remembered more.
    3. Shark; Water; Bad guys

      , 11-14-2017 at 07:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Two days ago I was standing on a wooden platform just inches above water. I was watching a huge fish swim below me. The more I looked, more I saw it and it turned out to be a great white shark. Mostly I only see big black fish with white spots, like behind a dirty glass. We were going to swim and play in the water, so we watched for it to stay away and we picked a spot where we thought it wont go to.

      Standing on a low seawall. Looking at a clear water with pebbles on the bottom. Only a few inches deep, getting a bit deeper a few steps further in. Someone jumps in and I realize the water is cold, But I love water and it looks so inviting. Plus the pebbles and sea shells are intriguing and with great pleasure, I jump in feet first. We are all fully dressed and I know I will be wet up to my knees, but I don't mind one bit. I keep looking into water for sea shells and I'm happy.

      [I have noticed something interesting about my dreams, but mostly about lucid dreams. Sometimes I can't see far. (Sometimes yes, with binocular vision, or without it). But it can happen, that I only see my immediate surroundings. Rest is like black walls. As if I was on the set and that's the only place. Behind it is just walls and something else, but not the dream scene.]

      Last night:
      I was walking up the street in my home town, from direction of my high school. As I got to the intersection, it was blocked off with some kind of a checkpoint with ropes blocking the way. Bad guys were standing there. I was with others and we were not gonna have it. I got an automatic rifle, went behind the bad guys and started killing them.
    4. Aerial fight in Israel

      , 08-13-2017 at 03:39 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm in a room, looking at the window. Bad guy is there, aiming at me. I aim at him with my long rifle, get him in the scope and blow his head off. I'm pleasantly surprised that the gun actually worked.

      I'm in Israel. Visiting in some kind of official capacity. Walking through a town, going up a path. Light streaks appear high in the skies. I realize they are missiles. I ask a military pilot, if it's some kind of an exercise. By then I clear some brushes and I see some alien looking flying objects attacking, and getting hit by the missiles.
    5. energy weapons

      , 05-31-2017 at 05:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Few days ago:


      I'm running around outside. Shooting at someone with my bow, that's shooting blue energy arrows. I hit the other person a couple of times and see bloody spots on his body. I get hit a few times too. It's like some kind of games, or real fight, maybe war.


      We are going out. Everybody is dressed up and waiting for me to do the same. I'm like how did I get myself into this? Stockings and a smart business dress.
      Tags: chased, weapons
    6. Home invasion

      , 05-20-2017 at 11:18 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15 pm

      Dream just before waking up at 3 am

      Home invasion

      We are inside, at someone else's house. Preparing to be attacked, because we have something they want. Looking through the curtains if they are coming.

      Now I'm with the invaders. Unwrapping tools, then a bomb. I'm intentionally reckless, trying to see if I can make the bomb blow up by hacking close to the fuse wires. It would kill me, but better than killing those others. Nobody is stopping me, so I start hacking off the ends of wires with some recepticles, to make them unusable. Now they notice, but they don't get too upset. I manage to damage one more.

      Back again inside. I'm asking the homeowner if he has more than one gun and to give me one when they attack.

      We see them in the yard, wiggling boards off of a wooden fence. I walk in a room and they are already inside. There is a mean looking chick and I don't wait for her to attack me. I advance at her with an old wooden chair, deflecting her blows and trying to hit her with it.
      Tags: invasion, weapons
    7. Another language; Scavenging and alien attack; First real gun

      , 11-18-2016 at 04:53 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day before yesterday.

      Very detailed and aware dream.

      I'm in another country. But then I realize it's not another country, just a place I used to go to visit my gramma, and they speak another language there more than the official lang. of the state.

      I followed my boss from my WL client company to his house for some paperwork or discussion. Something about a missing paragraph. We walk through his house and I see everything in such a clear detail. This whole dream is very clear, detailed, logical. Not foggy at all.

      I left my bicycle in his yard and when I remember that, I return. Looking at the house I can't remember which door leads to his place. I look at several doors then I knock on one and they let me in, it was the right one.

      But I don't take the bike afterall. I remember now that I only know half of the way home from this small town to my town. I can't remember the names of some other cities I need to go through. (This happens fairly frequently. Me trying to get back home from this place on a bicycle, only realizing that I don't remember the exact way. When IWL I do and I made that trip many times.)

      I walk out and start looking for a cab to take me to the bus station. I ask 2 people where the bus to my town goes from (and I tell them the correct WL name). They don't know. Then I help a young mom with something she carries so she can take her stroller down the stairs and she tells me where my bus #16 goes from and at what time. I get to the station, #16 just pulls up, I jump on and driver confirms he is going to my town. I pull out a $500 bill, then $100 and I realize it was still too much.

      I spoke through the whole dream my other language they speak at my grammas place. Mixed with some of my first language and some english I think.

      Dream last night:
      We are in some old, industial type building with lots of glass and metal. Looking or more scavenging for usefull items. Screwdrivers, paintbrushes, all kinds of tools and stuff. I think we are post war or something like that.

      Somebody tries to attack us and I sling my machine gun from my shoulder, aim at him but it doesn't fire. I'm thinking it's out of ammo so I look closer and squeeze the trigger while I'm aiming at the ceiling. It fires a powerful, fast, metal round. It makes a hole in it.
      (This is first time that my rifle actually shoots real ammo that's metal and heavy and it does damage.)

      Outside in a huge, hangar type room, aliens are coming. A small blob of alien lifeform that I feel is dangerous and sinister shows up near by. I try to shoot it and stomp on it.

      We have to get away from there. Someone wants to go to top floor and escape from there. I say that is the bank floor, heavily armed, shatter proof windows and such. To prove my point, a missile is heading our way, hits the window but nothing happens. Window holds. So we decide to leave another way.
    8. Escape

      , 09-08-2016 at 03:34 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 12am

      Bad dream
      I walk into a room to see if a person is still sleeping. The ceiling fan is going really fast, faster than it should. The room is dark, just a bit of light coming through closed blinds. I flip the switch to shut it off, but it goes even faster. I can feel the air on my face. I know some entity is doing it and there is no way I'm gonna go into the room to check on this person.

      Later on
      Latin America. Drug lord is caught and his people are lined up at the wall. I am one of them but I'm also shooting them with an assault rifle. There are old people and women in there and I figure that government soldiers are trying to wipe the slate clean. Now I am the druglord, I walk out with my hands up, holding some paper and somehting else in my hand and they are about to shoot me.

      Some kind of a theater, stadium seating. We are getting away from there. Me an 3-4 others are escaping through a city. Dodging police, busting holes in the wall to get through, creating distractions, looking at the faces in the crowds to be vigilant of those that want to stop us.

      After we get to where we were going, we need to get back. This was getting tireing.
    9. Aliens hacking

      , 06-14-2016 at 08:25 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Took a long, 5 hr nap after work, then bedtime around 2am.

      Really long and detailed, with some thinking in it. Wrote some keywords and now that's pretty much all I remember.

      We are in some large, castle like building with big stairs and rooms. I was hacking with my huge machete at some solid matter, that was left from an alien who transformed into that. It wasn't easy, an pieces were flying off of it. It was similar to a wooden brick.

      The aliens just beat us and they are leaving. We are waiting patiently for them to leave through the door, while we lay on the ground or hide. One of them turns back, looks at the person laying at the bottom of the stairs and says to the other alien, that he is dead or not dangerous anymore. I realize that it's me, even though I'm looking at it from 3.person view. Apparently I have just shed my true appearance and I don't appear to the aliens as a thread.

      After they leave, we run down the hill at night and try to stop a car on the road, but we are also careful not to flag down enemies. Then the notice POLICE on the car and wave at them. They pass us, then they stop and 2 man have FBI on their windbreakers. We ar releaved that they will help us.

      We tell them we need to go to hardware store to get more machetes, axes and big knives, because the ones we have are more like movie props. And we show them some swords that are made of shiny bendy plastic like thing.
    10. UFOs; Snow; Gypsies

      , 02-05-2016 at 07:52 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last nigt work 5pm-11pm.

      Bed 2am - 9:55am


      I'm walking outside in the ankle deep snow. It's at night and strong wind is blowing falling snow in all dirrections. I'm holding something small in my arms. Maybe it's a creature or a small child that is not really a child by age. I want to provide comfort so I hide him under my long coat. It's happy.

      I look back and I can't see anything. The lights of a large farm house have disappeared in the distance. It's a blizzard and we are joking about getting lost. Joking-because I know the way. I look under my feet and there is a barely visible but very clear path back to the house.

      I turn again away from the house and come to picket fence. I see some lights in the distance, growing biger. I hear 2 people from neighbors farm yelling at me something, warning me about approaching lights. I can recognize it as a fast approaching car. I know they have no chance of seeing me so I walk towards it and step left so I'm behind the fence. I let the car pass by me.

      (The snowfall was beautiful and providing comfort was comforting to me as well)


      I'm in my mom's kitchen. Somebody is talking loud just under the first story window in foreign language. I aonly recognize the word "Romania". 3 males are walking away and as they look back, I see they are typical Gypsies.

      I look outside to see what the noise is and there is a bunch of them standing outside the fence to our uncle's and our garden. Some of them are climbing on it and trying to break in.

      Here the story splits into 2 scenarios.

      1 - I walk outside and confront them. Their leader is threatening me and says I better keep the doors locked because he is coming back after my family.

      2 - Now that I know that ^^, at first sign of commotion outside, I grab my big handgun, walk outside and shoot the leader in the head. He drops dead and I ask "anybody else?"

      I know I should keep shooting and I either do or just imagine that scenario, as the cleanest and safest way to protect me and my family.

      There was a also a small handbag left by the leader on my table. It's moving just a tiny bit and I wonder what "mafia" message he left me in it. As I'm taking it outside, I'm thinking somebody's finger. But I see through the zipper, it's a nonvenomous snake.

      Next thing I know I see my dad outside and I'm asking him if he seen the snake. He says which one, and that he was rather big and he is joking, because he has him around his neck like a pet.

      My mom walks up and she pets the snake which is weird because she doesn't like them.

      They are coming closer, I pull out my gun and I tell them to stay back, because I'm gonna drop somebody. I'm thinking if the snake dies fast if I shoot him in the spine.


      I'm sitting by large windows in a rather large room. I look up at the skies (was practicing for TOTM in WL) and I see some flat clouds. They look like UFO clouds and I'm jokingly saying to someone about UFOs in the skies.

      I look to the left and there are some huge alien spaceships. They are all different, colors are muted by distance and slight fog. But they are very pretty grey and blue gray.

      There was some kind of aerial fight and some very tall structure looking like a street ligt, but reaching all the way to the clouds took a hit and started toppling over. The wery tip of it hit the window near me and fell on the pillow I had my head on just seconds later. My phone got damaged and it's screen got cracked. It still worked but all images were shrunk to the middle of the screen.

      A utility truck comes by fast. It's all burned up and metal is all twisted. I't going fast, dodging the holes on the street caused my explosions and falling debree.

      Now I'm standing on the corner of the street and another utility wehicle comes by fast and it's leaving brand new asphalt pavement. We are amazed how fast the city fixes itself after distruction.

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    11. Enemy?

      , 01-30-2016 at 12:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed at 11:30pm - 3:30am. Had a day off but working my second job.

      I am with another person in a long room on the second story. I'm looking down at a structure to my left.

      It's a structure with 3 buildings that is built into the side of a mountain. Mountain on the top is flat and it's an airport and these 3 buildings are hotels. They are build very crudely, just bare huge building blocks. They each have a name on the top.

      I am thinking if the airport is secure from attacs and if it is, if these hotels are vulnerable. If someone would attack the airport, they would probably start at these hotels.

      Across the place where I am at, I'm looking at a column of people coming from left. They are all man, dressed in drab, with some kind of a military type of a rain poncho on them. They all have weapons and a mask on their face. I'm looking at this huge muscular black dude and his facemask is makeshift piece of military green cardboard covering his mouth and nose, leaving his eyes free.

      They are walking slowly and nonthreteningly, but they seem manacing to me. They just don't want to panick us.

      Two of them come up to the room. Me and my friends are laying down away from the window, our automatic weapons next to us. I'm thinking we made a mistake and shoud have hid them. They are not saying anything, but I know we are in danger. I mouth to my friend to look at the banner they put up. It has swastika on it and some writing. Now I know for sure they are not on our side.

      We find a box with some old weapon and my friend wants to toss it. I look at it and the sniper rifle in it is kinda of warped for being old, but I say we keep it. Caliber is etched in the weapon. It reads .38.
      Tags: fighter, weapons
    12. Movie set; Ophelia; Dude from work

      , 09-20-2015 at 07:51 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      This was last night:

      1. I'm on a set of a TV show. It seems like I won it as a prize. The show is not being taped anymore, but actors got together to give me that experience.

      Lots of thing are happening. One thing is - we are all sitting on something like a log ride and we are going down the stairs. The actors are singing the theme song "I'll be there for you" and when we reach certain point, D Messing shows up as a surprise.

      2. I'm listening to radio and singing to the songs, but when country song comes on, Ophelia changes it, saying nope.

      I'm showing some guy how to kiss by kissing him. I keep opening my mouth and Ophelia laughs saying that's not how you do it. Then I say ok, you could also add tongue and again I show it to the guy eactly how.

      3. I'm running away from doing my duties at work. I hide in an abandoned building, sit down, read a book and pet 2 cats. I look out through hole in the wall and the guy from work is peeking his head out, spying on me.

      This today:

      1. I'm suppose to be working somewhere outside. I'll ask someone where did the others went and he tells me. I start walking there but I forgot my shoes and other things. So this guys gives me a ride in his beatup old red sportscar. It stars to snow and at the crossroad, we crash by going straight, not turning.

      I turn around and see a huge explosion. I tell everybody to look. Now there are airplains in the air, helicopters. I see that it was a missile that detonated. I see bombs being dropped at that town in distance. Another missile starts to fall down, but then it's engins engage and it flies over us to the distance. Troop helicopters are dropping troops.

      We go to higher ground and see that enemy troops took up positions everywhere. We try to hide and get away, but they are stationed everywhere now, with field tents, trucks, armor...
    13. Florida beaches

      , 10-22-2014 at 01:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed around 8:30pm - 1 am

      Night shift 3am - 8:30am

      nap 9:45am - 4:15pm

      Last night lots of dreams, mostly work related.

      Nap DR:

      I'm riding a bus. We are approaching Florida. Coming down a very long hill. To the left, nice vista opens. There is a valley with some jagged mountains running through the middle of the valley, parallel to the road. They are getting smaller as we travel. They are just dry rocks, like california or nevada desert.

      As we go on, I start to see some lakes. Some water is tropical blue, and I'm thinking it's actually ocean already, not a lake. Like a bay, or something. Then I see a shorline behind the mountain range.

      I scramble for my camera, and I think I have the exact same one as IWL. The waters are so blue and drop dead gorgeous. I'm getting all emotional, so happy to see it. (I was looking at pictures of cancun and Isla Mujeres yesterday IWL.)

      We get out of the bus and bus drives away. Looks like we have some time to explore, even if this is not our destination. So we start walking. Now it's dark, no street lights, just a dirt road to the beach. There are some houses, it looks like an abandoned village. I remember I wanted some icecream. We walk into the shop. They are closing. The icecram is already out of the bins and it looks bad. As when you have old icecream in the freezer. It's covered with plastic. Every kind has strawberries in it, they are just cut up differently. I say I'll pass, but a friend of mine tells me I could just get a chocolate one. At first I don't wannu, but then the desire for icecream comes back and I get one.

      We continue to walk towards the shore in pitch dark. I hear some guys ahead, and also on the sides of the road. I shine a huge flashlight at them and the 4 guys standing on top of a rusty car with AK47s suddenly act all shy, as if caught doing something. I tell them to relax, they don't have to be scared of me, lol.
    14. World falling apart; Gataway; Supply run

      , 02-21-2014 at 02:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.21.14 Friday

      Last night, bed 11:30 -4:47am

      All 3 dreams remembered in the morning, with some of them memorized maybe an hor before awakening last time.

      DR 1: World falling apart
      I'm walking with a friend of mine on a walkway, that looks like one from "Thor" movie. The one that leads to the teleportation machine. It's made of energy tiles, that have all different colors, and they change as you walk on them.

      The world is falling apart, and this walkway has became available to few. Someone points to the right and says: "Look, New York is already torn away". I look and chunk of earth with NY on it is halfay up to the skies.

      We are thinking that the walkway will fall apart and not let us finish going to the next world, that will be safe. It's falling apart in front of us, and it's coming towards us. But it stops just before us. In fact, it becomes more solid. I realize that I don't have to walk, just hold on to, and it will pull me. I just have to brace and my feet will slide forward by themselves.

      DR 2: Gateway
      I'm a soldier. We are in a sandy area. Looking towards a black hole of 3 feet in diameter, that is in a sand hill. Inside of a hole is pitch black. Sometimes we can see lights and we realize those are cities and cars at night. I think we can use it to get there from this place. It's like a teleportation device.

      We also expect enemy from there. But not from the cities with cars. So a friend of mine lays down in a way, so he can see the opening, in case enemy comes through. And here they come. I walk fast among fallen soldiers on my side to look for ammo or functioning weapon. I see many fallen soldiers and a few live ones. There are handguns, revolvers, and one Maxim machine gun. But I think we are all out of amm. I bring a flashlight back and shine it into the opening from time to time, so they can't sneak up on us.

      DR 3: Supply run
      I'm in frozen world. It's so cold, that it can kill you. We can go out only when it warms us. We are all dressed up as in arctic environment. There is a small hut we go to to get supplies. We ahve no idea how soon will the freeze start again, but then I see large numbers sitting in the snow, that are counting down from 177. I tell my friend, that we have 177 seconds before the freeze. So we hurry and fill the sled with food supplies, so we have enough before we can go on another food run again.

      Wow, 3 alien world feeling dreams in one night. What did I do to deserve it? makes no sence. I was quite upset last night. Anyway, thank you.
    15. Resistance fighter

      , 02-18-2014 at 07:07 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.18.14 Tuesday

      Last night, bed shortly after 11pm - 9:45am

      11pm seems to be my magic hour for good recall.

      DR 9:45am

      I'm with a large group of people. Something is going on. Revolution or something similar. I'm looking for some ammo. I'm finding lego pieces, but no ammo. I know I have some BB pelets somewhere, and right now, I would be happy with them, if no real ammo.

      I'm walking on a street, side by side with another person, and crowds are walking behind us. There is a guy coming towards us. He doesn't look threatening, bu we just don't know. Just to be sure, I raise my pistol so he knows that I'm vigilant and he better don't pull any crap.

      I'm in a small room. Old men is on the bed. This other person I came with is talking to him, and I scoot closer as well. He seems to be the old leader of the group that we are leaders of now. He seems to be very nice, kind and benevolent.
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