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      My guess is that if you really came to believe in a false memory that entailed believing the dream world to be real in the same sense as the waking world, then lucidity would be lost and one would be ordinarily dreaming. How vivid the dream environment is has nothing to do with how lucid the dreamer is because people can have vivid non-lucid dreams and they can also have lucid dreams that require intensification of the senses and overall clarity.

      With this experiment I was more curious to see what would happen if I tried to believe in a false memory, i.e., that I wasn't having a WILD but instead had been brought into the bedroom by something from the previous dream. The result was that lucidity was retained and I felt more like the protagonist in The Truman Show, where he already knows the world around him is fake but he goes along with the illusion to see where it takes him.
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      Willfully inducing false memories... interesting! What would distinguish it from a regular non-lucid, if you managed to convince yourself? The vividness? Or are you just trying to induce a specific storyline?
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      F**k me! It's them! ^^
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      Heh. When you mentioned those cartoon soldiers in the last dream, I immediately thought of these guys:

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      Bedtime: 2am
      Awakening: 7am
      Return to sleep: 7am
      Awakening: 12.15pm
      Recall: sequential
      Lucid Dreamer app: no cues used; too much alcohol consumed prior to bedtime

      PRIOR: I'm working with Patrick Swayze in a movie as an extra. He is slightly obese and at the set of the musical, he gets tired quickly as he is required to dance for long periods of time. I give him confidence as a great fan and remind him I'm the 'kid' he waved at outside the Empire cinema, in London, about 25 years ago. We embrace and It's quite emotional. We go to a celebrity restaurant together and security tries to kick me out but I tell them I'm with Swayze, which he confirms. (The actor is deceased but memory of this was absent.)

      RECENT: I'm racing people on a super-fast motorbike. It's so much fun. Then we decide to go paintballing. But someone is maliciously using real bullets. A man gets hit by one of these bullets and then starts shooting others using a laser gun. An individual hit by a laser seems to turn into a cyborg and shoots lasers from his eyes. I get curious as to how this is possible. I can see, in detail, the man's brain internally producing an electrical singularity which turns into a luminous bullet kept in place just behind his eye to be hit with great force
      by a tiny 'hammer' made of neurons. (I'm oblivious to the absurdity of having X-ray vision.)

      Need to review the following in order to look out for dreamsigns:

      INNER AWARENESS: thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions.
      ACTION: ego action, character action and object action.
      FORM: ego form, character form, setting form, object form.
      CONTEXT: ego role, character role, character place, object place, setting place, setting time, situation.
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      Cue delay time: 240 minutes
      Bedtime: 3.05am
      Awakening: 7am (antacids needed)
      Cue delay time: 60 minutes
      Return to bed: 7.15am
      Return to sleep after cue-induced awakening: 8.15am
      Awakening: 10.56am
      Recall: in reverse

      Recent: Trying to fix the front door latch and get it bolted shut as I fear that the Asian delinquent who might have robbed my house (previous dream) is still at large. The police is in the house giving me advice; one of them resembles the actor Reginald VelJohnson, who famously played Sergeant Al Powell in Die Hard. (Tradionally, I watch Die Hard around Christmas.) The Chief Constable, who resembles actor James Caan (watched Elf recently, too), is staying with me, and says the Veljohnson lookalike is one of the best, a real 'brave soul', after the officer leaves. Me and the Chief walk together upstairs as we converse. I feel he's too old to protect the house, too slow to keep up with outside threats and only staying with me as a witness in case something happens. Suddenly, I hear loud knocking on the door. 'The police are on their way!' I scream this bluff from the top of the stairs, in my old house, as I see a silhouette of a man outside wielding a gun and waiting for someone to step in front of the doorway; the front door has apparently been pried wide open. My bluff failed to scare the nefarious stranger away and I know we still need to call for backup. No phones in sight. I follow the useless Chief Constable into the bathroom as he hides in darkness. I leave the bathroom door ajar. My plan is to jump the assailant when he checks the other rooms. The situation feels desperate. I wake up at 10.56am.

      Prior: I'm reading a newspaper article about Michael Jackson. He is still alive and being criticised for his crazy and gory concerts. He looks like a character from A Nightmare Before Christmas, performing weird stunts and somersaulting to land flat on his face. MJ clearly hurts himself but seems to try to hide the pain from his audience. He has also maimed his face and body with nails. (I watched a scene from Rob Cohen's The Wiz, which stars MJ, on a recent countdown programme.)

      Prior: Out in public. Covid-19 has been spreading quickly amongst the population. Me and family unit are trying to stay away from people not wearing masks; a crowd near a bus stop. We stand on grassy knolls and tell someone who insists on following us to stay away due to pandemic rules. (Redolent of Bad Santa 2, which I watched before bedtime, where the character Sherman Merman stalks protagonist Willie Soke played by Billy Bob Thornton.)

      Prior: I'm with my family and we have guests at home (similar to old house). An old lady belonging to this group of people flirts with me. The kitchen window is wide open. An Asian guy is peeking in. His behaviour is erratic and he looks high. He snorts cocaine from the palm of his hand. Suddenly he jumps inside through the window. He is topless and a giggling mess as he cracks jokes. I put my hands around his bare torso and start escorting him out. He sneakily escapes my grip and runs around the house into other rooms. Me and guests manage to oust him. I see him through the kitchen window, smirking at me like he's managed to dupe me. He is now wearing a lumberjacket and appears to be trying to conceal some things he might have stolen from the house. One of them appears to be my dream journal! 'Stop him!' He disappears by the time we get outside. I fear he has stolen the house keys.
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