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    1. Huffing Gasoline, DH's Shenanigans, Unusual Druggie Group

      by , 05-15-2012 at 04:07 PM
      First, a couple fragments from yesterday.

      Dream Fragment - "At a bookstore, attempting to find a small book that's apparently given to girls starting college that rarely contains a Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode) Yu-Gi-Oh! card. I was unsuccessful, basically just wandering through a large crowd of DCs the whole time."

      Dream Fragment - "Talking about American Dad!, thinking about speed, and watching some star stuff song video but with women talking about speed and alcohol."

      And now for last night.

      Dream Fragment - "Smoking weed and browsing DV = bloated."

      #1 - Huffing Gasoline [DILD]

      I was at some building/junkyard or something with my dad, and I had the strangest feeling that I was a little kid again, even though I still felt like I was in my normal-sized body. I started to think that my life had completely started over and I was living it as a kid again. My dad distracted me with something about some jug of gasoline or something that a woman he was talking to was holding, and without really thinking about it I took a big whiff of it. My head immediately went very fuzzy and I stood up, but was very disoriented. I started getting some intense Alice in Wonderland syndrome, everything around me shrunk to at least less than half of its original size, generally more, except for my dad who was still at his normal height relative to me. Around this time I became mildly lucid, but not enough to really appreciate it, I just sort of knew this wasn't really happening. I wandered off into another room and opened up a file cabinet, and I don't really remember what happened next. My memory is clearest again when I became fully lucid, but I could tell the dream was ending anyway so I didn't really try to save it.

      #2 - DH's Shenanigans [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a huge mall parking lot or something somewhere with DH and a few other people, as well as several other people hanging out in cars around us. I was standing behind my own car while DH and the others were sitting in the back. Suddenly the car started backing up all on its own and almost rammed us into the car behind us. Thankfully it stopped though, and the other people were a bit freaked out and left. DH climbed into the driver's seat and I went up to the passenger seat and asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to go drift in the empty part of the parking lot where there was a lot of rain, in my SUV. I told him he was just going to get us killed or something, but he laughed and did it anyway. It was fun, I must say. >w< Somehow this transitioned to me being in a classroom with lots of kids I knew in school, particularly high school. I was sitting at a computer up against a wall next to lots of other people, but I can't really remember what I was trying to do. This girl SS (the friend of the other SS who we smoked with, for my own self-reference so I know who the hell I'm talking about) comes up to me and grabs my legs and holds them up in the air between her own legs. She's being friendly but I can't remember what she was saying, and then this guy CW walks up to me and starts talking about how DH really likes some rehab center that I went to (that I never actually went to) because you still get to do drugs there. Suddenly I think to start looking through my phone for DH's phone number, partially to text him and partially to look busy to get rid of SS and CW, but they just stick around. CW starts smashing his face into mine and on to the keyboard, which in addition to the legs thing with SS made this all a very awkward situation. In the end I finally found his number, but they still wouldn't leave me alone. That's about where it ended.

      #3 - Unusual Druggie Group [Non-Lucid]

      I was hanging out with my cousins P and G and some random little girl and older guy. We were in a hotel room of some kind I believe, and G and the little girl were both tripping on something while I was on ecstasy. I had little more than a pleasant body high, and P seemed concerned that I wasn't really feeling much. He tried to convince me to take another tab that he had, but I pointed out that it was different than the one I had taken and told him that I don't mix tabs. Apparently my cousin K had also been there but left and G couldn't understand why, and the older guy was telling him that he was just oblivious to her emotions and she was clearly upset about something, and he said what that was but I can't remember it now. I told P we should smoke some weed if he wants me to be more fucked up, so he got up and loaded a joint but didn't roll it yet. When he walked away, some other guy that we were apparently hanging out with now stole just a tiny amount of weed out of the joint and I called him on it. We got into an argument and suddenly the dream fell apart and got sort of confusing, and I fell on my back and felt paralyzed, but wasn't overly concerned about it. The little girl ran up to me and as she did she turned into a dog, and I was afraid that she was going to lick my armpit and it'd be insanely ticklish while I'd just be stuck there not being able to move or do anything about it. However shortly afterward everything I was seeing melted into my room, and I was fully awake.
    2. Pokémon Tracking, Rolling At The Theater

      by , 04-14-2012 at 09:54 PM
      #1 - Pokémon Tracking [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a bay area of some unknown location and I was testing the migration patterns of various Pokémon. There was also a small Phantasy Star Online-like mini-map displayed in my vision like it is normally on the screen. I was using the orange dots that display different creatures in the area to watch the Pokémon moving around and I was trying to capture a Pelipper. My parents and my aunt were also there just in the background talking about something, and I remember thinking that I was trying drugs that had various receptor affinities in combination, with one being 5-HT2A/D2 agonist and the other being a CB1/D2 agonist.

      #2 - Rolling At The Theater [Non-Lucid]

      I went to a movie with my family and D. D and I abandoned my family and found our own seats. I could tell he was really fucked up, so first I asked if he was drunk and he said no, so I asked him if he was rolling next (on ecstasy). He had a huge grin plastered on his face and shook his head yes. I asked him if he bought the tabs there at the theater and he just looked around and pulled out a HUGE pill, like 500+ mg at least. My jaw dropped, and then I took it with some water but it never kicked in before I woke up. It also made me notice my mouth was full of strange gummy candies that were sticking to my teeth for some reason.... I think the movie we were watching had something to do with Hogwarts (though it looked much more normal, like a campus but still fancy) and taking some special "Blu Ray" transportation line to get there. But that's about all I can remember.
    3. Fragments And Sensing Energy

      by , 03-19-2012 at 07:20 PM
      Dream Fragment - I was at a Target-like store with D and my European History AP teacher from high school, and we were locked in some battle over who would get some random girl DC as their wife, "based on some doubles/singles Ed, Edd n Eddy setup", I have no idea what that last note means. Don't remember much else, it was pretty weird....

      Dream Fragment - This one there was definitely more to, but I didn't wake up all the way from it and it was hazy even when I did, so it's pretty much lost. But what I do remember is that the whole time there was a very emotional feel to it, and I spent a lot of the dream talking to a girl, in whom I could clearly sense Linkzelda41's energy.

      Dream Fragment - "Hanging out with M and N, shopping on ecstasy and sort of freaking out."

      False Awakening - I woke up and walked to the window and looked outside and was super excited to see the ground covered in snow. Somehow, I had a feeling it would be, too, even though the weather in waking life is nothing like that.
    4. Creating A Troublemaker, The Wall And The Robot, The Car Thief

      by , 02-17-2012 at 06:33 PM
      Nothing too insane tonight, though I suppose maybe a little wacky. I smoked some weed yesterday so I guess that's to be expected. I know I had one dream before any of these, but my phone battery was really low and it's acting kind of odd right now, so I wanted to just let it keep charging and never wrote down any notes, so I forgot it.

      #1 - Creating A Troublemaker [Non-Lucid]

      I'm in high school and I inadvertently get some guy I don't know as well as this girl S who was in my Chinese class to take ecstasy with me. (I'm not sure what I meant by inadvertently, that part of the dream is hard to remember now, that's just what I have written in my notes. ) We're in a class being taught by my old European History AP teacher. Afterwards the guy and I end up sticking around until everyone's gone and I ask him how he's feeling, he's starting to get a nice strong roll going so we leave and I'm getting him all set up to have a good experience. He wanted to drink a tiny cup (like one of those things you can get for ketchup and mustard at most fast food restaurants) of warm pee, and I was trying to tell him he didn't need to do that as long as he made sure he had lots of water. I got him to try smoking weed too to increase the psychedelic edge to his roll and he started taking massive hits from a joint, like so big that the entire hallway we were in was suddenly filled with a haze of smoke. I had a joint too but I never started taking hits from it. :T Anyway, so this guy is showing off his incomprehensibly iron lungs in the middle of a school hallway, and I'm just saying "Uh, dude.... >.>" (not that I wasn't holding my joint out in the open as well, but at least I wasn't smoking it ) but he keeps walking further and further ahead of me and I get separated from him through the crowd of people walking around. I could tell that all the stoners around were mad that he was smoking weed so openly and blatantly at school, so they decided to go beat the crap out of him. (Not a stonerly plan at all!) So the dream ended with my watching that from the distance without being able to stop it.

      #2 - The Wall And The Robot [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a new college class on the first day and hoping for some friends to have the same class as me, but in the end they didn't. There was a girl, M, and a guy, J, who I both knew though. I had been wanting to sit at one of the long tables with a friend but since none of them showed up I wasn't sure where to sit, but then I saw that there were individual desks too. M was sitting in one and J had taken the one in front of her, so I went to the one in front of him but the chair there was only half there so I went one further and sat down. I turn around and thank M for making me realize there were desks. She asks why it seems like I never do anything myself, and J and I simultaneously answer that it's because I'm lazy. Then he goes on to talk to her about me texting in class and stuff. I turn around and start contemplating my laziness, but then I notice that our teacher is a... is a... well... like... a gigantic wall of colored squares (from what I recall, mostly blue, green, red, yellow, and orange), and each square is on a bar so they can flip around forward or backward and act independently, but they tend to move in patterns, like waves or symbol designs. My view goes third-person and zooms up to the wall so that I can stay directly above wherever the current pattern is in flipping the squares, so I quickly zoom all over it to follow it, and the wall tells us a story about some robot he knows that's in the hospital, that is apparently not true but one of the conditions of listening to the story is that we have to act like it is. After his story things go back to first-person and he tells us that we have to go visit the robot for him, and we point out that the story wasn't true but then he calls us on breaking the condition. Then, all the squares go flat again, and then several rows of them flip over to reveal a chart that stretches pretty much all the way across the wall. On the bottom of the chart there is a row of names listed sequentially, and he starts reading them off in order slowly and awkwardly, claiming that this whole thing was the robot's name (I think it was mostly an extremely long gibberish first and maybe middle name, followed by the last name Hillary). And then I woke up. o_o

      #3 - The Car Thief [Non-Lucid]

      With an old friend, D, I go to my old community college to pick up some food (Subway, I think?). On the way there we were talking about some "Taco Bell girl" who had apparently done something bad at the college and gotten arrested, possibly involving my car. We get there and park by the side of the building right by a bathroom first because I really need to pee, but when we do there are a group of girls from my high school standing there looking strangely at us. I could tell this girl N wanted to get into my car for some reason, and when I had walked far enough away from it she started running toward it, so I ran back to catch her. She started trying to jack it and almost drove off, but I stopped her and she just started digging through all of my stuff. I finally ruined her efforts and she told me she was sure I'd have a trophy from the Taco Bell girl incident or at least my laptop on me or something worth stealing. I pushed her out of the car and D (who had done absolutely nothing to help) and I drove off, talking about how not only did we not get food but I didn't even get to use the bathroom. Suddenly we're back at my house and joking about how we hope next time she doesn't try to brainwash us into handing over our cars or something because I'd be fine (even though I wouldn't because it's my car she wants??) but if they got D they could use his car to bribe me into handing mine over, and then I said "Yes, finally it is mine, hahahaaa. " and we laughed and D says that if I had his car I'd probably put a gigantic tank cannon on top. >.> And that was it lol.