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    1. Four Days of Non-Lucids

      by , 02-21-2013 at 10:25 PM
      I have been completely swamped for the past few days, but I've still been trying to remember my dreams and smoke less before going to bed. So here's what I got from the last four nights.

      Feb. 18

      I want to say that I took 50 mg of zinc a few hours before bed and 10 mg of melatonin at bedtime for this. I think it was this night....

      Almost Like A Lucid.... [Non-Lucid]

      This dream was long and I don't remember a lot of the build up to it, but I do recall that around when my memory comes in I had the perception that I was viewing something that had happened earlier in the dream again from a different perspective, like I had gone back in time to watch it. I'm not sure if this event had actually happened earlier or not, but it sure felt like it did. I was standing in front of a building in some downtown area watching a crowd of people walk through the front doors, and among them was the past me. I also saw this girl walking not too far from me and decided to possess her, but she got into the building before I could get up to her. I easily rewound time and caught her before she went in again and entered her body. Then I just kept walking into the building to see what all the fuss was about. The inside looked just like some kind of mini-mart like a 7-Eleven but maybe just a little bit fancier. As I walked around I started thinking about some imaginary superhero story I was apparently making, specifically in relation to the villain. I had an idea about how to start them out with something like mind reading or telepathy and move it up to body possession through some kind of power increase, but I can't remember exactly what it was now. At that point the dream became a little less vivid and I shot forward through the wall (smoothly phased) and started flying over the field I was next to, since this place was now a stop on a highway out in the middle of nowhere, and as I was admiring it I woke up.

      Feb. 19

      I'm fairly certain I took a 10 mg melatonin here, too.

      #1 - I'm Sure He Can Handle It [Non-Lucid]

      I was hanging out with my friend N when we somehow became aware of the fact that our mutual friend R (who I met N through) had been taken hostage somewhere. We were in a house that I believe somewhat resembles my aunt and uncles' old house from like fifteen years ago, but I barely remember it. I decided to call his cell phone to see if he could pick up, but his voice message had been changed to some guy with a really heavy British accent talking about how we had reached some kind of game development company or something. I tell N that he must have been taken hostage by British criminals who had changed his message so that they could pretend to be a legit company and no one would know to save him, and that we have to go rescue him right away, but added that "I still have a class to go to today. " I turned my head and saw a TV with a commercial playing in the corner of the room. The audio to it was talking about something along the lines of making your own robot, but all the video was showing was a guy wrapping himself in plastic and trying to mold it to make armor out of it. I instantly feel that R might've seen this commercial too and had the same idea, and so he may already have been able to escape on his own.

      #2 - Lucid Dreaming Tutorial [Non-Lucid]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is walking around the park by my house with my mom and coming across these kids, like three or four boys around eight to ten years old if I remember correctly. They asked me how to fly in a lucid dream so I showed them, though I did something totally different than I actually do in a lucid (which this was not), which was like this multiple jumping thing kind of like in a Mario game. Despite thinking that this was my normal routine, I could tell that it felt really odd as I was doing it, though I didn't know why. However, I still did manage to fly, but they didn't quite understand my method. I just told them I'd see them again some time and teach them more later on, because I guess I was busy at the moment.

      #3 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      I was giving someone recommendations and tips about which Nippon Ichi Software game to play.

      Feb. 20

      Poor Judgment Calls [Non-Lucid]

      I didn't actually write this one down, so my memory of it is kind of faint now. Basically what I remember is that first I was at my house with my cousin K, then something involving Marona from Phantom Brave happened (I think she might have been my cousin at first that turned into her?), and then I was with JB, this guy I used to hang out with who was pretty sociopathic. We were in my room and my parents kept bothering us, and we were trying to get them to leave us alone so we could have sex (eep ). We never got them to go away before I woke up, though.

      Feb. 21

      #1 - I Wonder What It Was.... [Non-Lucid]

      The part of this dream before my recall really kicks in was at a store, but that's about all I can remember about it. What I do remember is being at a family party at my house, and everyone was gathered in the living room to congratulate this guy I don't recognize for doing something.... I'm not sure what it was, but I know that I felt that either I deserved it or at least he didn't deserve it, or something along those lines. I was being sort of rude and went to the kitchen to sulk alone because I couldn't stand to be in the room for all that, but at one point the guy came in and tried to make me feel better and I started just trying to get over it. My cousin A walked in and started saying something about these bowls of grapes and cherry tomatoes that were sitting on the counter by me and managed to squeeze some open and wear them on the tips of her fingers just to be funny, and then they sort of just absorbed into her fingertips and disappeared and she left. >___> I turned around and my friend M's mom was there too, for some reason (it didn't even look like her, I just perceived that that's who she was). She started telling me about where she grew up, but I don't recall anything she was saying. The dream sort of shifted as it was falling apart, and I got a third-person flash of a Facebook page where someone was telling this girl A that I met recently that she was beautiful and an inspiration to everyone, and then I woke up.

      #2 - If Only This Worked In Real Life [Non-Lucid]

      I was driving around with some random guy and Linkzelda, and I was trying to show the guy how to get to our imaginary school campus by following Link's directions. At one point we parked and me and the random guy got out of the car at this apartment complex, and this guy who I somehow immediately knew was Jewish came up to us begging for help. He had a gun and said he had run out of bullets for it and was being chased by a group of people, and there was some situation with more guns in an apartment upstairs. The guy that we were showing the campus decided to be a hero and ran off to that upstairs place, and the Jewish guy ran off frightened as he saw the group of people coming after him again. At that moment I realized that they might see me if I'm not careful, so I started whispering to myself "I'm not here, I'm not here...." and getting into a meditative state. I dropped the perception of my body and started floating up away from the scene, but then I looked down at one of the guys running by and got sucked into his body. The dream jumped around a little and I was in some hazy perception of something about a guy and some really attractive woman with guns, but it's so blurry that I can't really recall what was going on now.... And that's the last thing that happened before I woke up.

      Final thoughts.... I'm noticing a definite increase in the amount of dream control techniques I employ in non-lucids these days. And it's not just from the examples shown here, it's been happening more and more lately. I wonder if it's because of the way I try to drop awareness in lucids anyway and just run with it; maybe I simply recognize the similar state of mind and use it without acknowledging what it implies?

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    2. I Need More Nights Like This

      by , 11-18-2012 at 02:01 PM
      #1 - Maybe Some Post-Apocalyptic Future? [Non-Lucid]

      The first memories of this dream are very patchy. What I remember is that there were lots of these robots that looked like they were designed to be piloted by people for combat. They had the typical dwarfish body with a big round cockpit head design. However, when you actually got inside, through an opening in the top, there was a huge lair inside each one. Some of this dream took place in first person and some in third person, but apparently I was this girl who was just a little bit creepy-looking and sort of lanky, and my face was divided in half with colors so that (I believe) the left side of my face was my normal skin and hair color and the right had pale white skin and light navy blue hair. My hair was also much straighter than it actually is. Though I don't quite remember the experience (though I suppose this whole dream could pretty much count), I also recall taking like eight hits of LSD and almost snorting a line of MDMA, but then I got distracted. The clearest part of my memory comes in when I'm walking around an apartment complex looking for this huge drill vehicle I guess one of my friends was supposed to be at, and when I finally found it I started talking to them (I want to say it was a girl). They were shocked because I had aged more than them, and I explained that it was because I spent so much time in a combat robot lair and time moves faster in there. I think there was a little bit more to that, but... that's about where the vividness fades out, and I wake up.

      #2 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      Something about having a big dinner with my parents and Linkzelda or something like that, I remember seeing them both separately but not really any other details.

      #3 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      My friend N (who is not on DV) and I were arguing against some posts on DV, and all I remember is that the subject was blue and white suits, either for skydiving or skiing, and a claim that you have to do ridiculous things just to be noticed in this world.

      #4 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      Just a direct quote from my notes for this one, it's hard to really remember it now. "Talking to Auron about how DV doesn't cater enough to people who want to improve their bodies through 3D models? Or something like that...." >.>

      #5 - Creepy Thoughts [Non-Lucid]

      I was visiting S in a house he was renting the top floor of, and I believe he was renting it with a roommate. The house was gigantic and I didn't even really get to see most of it, but I did end up sleeping over either on a cot or in a sleeping bag or something in a room I had to myself. There was a window in the room with a clear view of another house across the street, though with where I felt I was in the house and the size of the house I'm not entirely sure this view made much sense. Regardless, I could see the other house's balcony, and that got me thinking about the fact that if someone was out there I'd be able to see them clearly and they wouldn't notice me at all, and that just made me think about how often people must just people watch us for various reasons that we never even realize. And that's about where the dream ended.

      #6 - Fight In The Gym [Non-Lucid]

      I was with this guy I used to hang out with, JB, and we were at a school function or something with lots of other people. I want to say we were in a gym with a stage on it, and we were pretty close to the stage at first. Out of nowhere these two guys sort of near us started fighting, and along with the rest of the crowd we got pushed into one of the back corners of the room, and most of us sat down. I was literally there in the corner myself, everyone was packed in pretty tight and there was a guy in front of me and a girl to my right that were wedging me in there. I actually felt completely trapped because they were pushing tight but there was no discomfort of any sort, so it felt really nice. >w< Someone tries to take a couple good pictures of the group after those guys randomly stopped fighting and then ML, this girl I knew in high school, is saying something when her mouth starts growing gigantic and rotating sideways. >_> My memory starts getting a little hazy at this point, and then I wake up.
    3. An Ordinary Dream Day

      by , 11-17-2012 at 09:18 AM
      An Ordinary Dream Day [Non-Lucid]

      I'm hanging out with my old friend JE and his brother TE in some random house with a sort of log cabin type of design. For reasons I can't remember now, I realized that I needed to have my car on me and it was all the way back at my house (which was a significant distance away), I guess I hadn't driven there myself but I was supposed to? I asked TE if he could drive me there to get it, and since he would have to drive back as well I told him I would give him triple gas money. That got him to agree, and then my memory skips forward a little bit and I remember us stopping at a gas station so I could an ATM.... After that my memory skips forward much further, though. Now I'm posting on DV and the only other people I remember clearly being a part of the conversation are Dianeva and Linkzelda. I only vaguely remember that the topic of discussion was something about romance and pain, and something that Dianeva said made me nostalgic, but I can't remember what it was now. During that, I woke up.
    4. Day 1: Hyperdimensional Tentacled Alien Reality Factory, New Phantasy Star Dungeons, Karaoke Game

      by , 07-24-2012 at 03:40 PM
      Supplement Dose: 10 mg Melatonin, 50 mg Zinc, 250 mg Choline, 100 mg Vitamin B6

      #1 - Hyperdimensional Tentacled Alien Reality Factory [Non-Lucid]

      This dream was fairly long if I remember correctly, but as it was early in the night and has a significant ending I've forgotten much of the beginning. My old friend D and I were back at our middle school, though we were still our same ages as now and didn't seem to think much of it. We got in my car, which was parked right in front of the school (in the parking lot), and we drove probably less than 100 feet, parked in a different spot, and got out and started walking back to my house instead. The park in between the school and my house seemed odd; the layouts of everything were arranged incorrectly and there was a ridiculous amount of very confusing construction going on. It seemed that in every direction there were lines of constantly moving shapes and out-of-place colors and textures (which is kind of hard to describe). The trees in the forest also took a very different path than they actually do. Of course none of this tipped me off to anything, I just turned to D and said something along the lines of "Wait, why are we walking? We could just go back to the car and drive there." We went back and got in and slowly got on the road in line with the other constantly-moving vehicles, though we had to drive on the sidewalk over lots of construction to do it, and we became part of the Escheresque conveyer belt just like everything else. As we approached the area where there was normally a bridge that crosses through the foresty part of the park, instead we were carried (because the road dropped, so we were more like floating now but it was more of a telekinetic pulling sensation) through what I can really only describe as some kind of yellowish-beige hyperdimensional caverns that also appeared to be some sort of fantasy town filled with enormous (like, their heads were bigger than my car) tentacled but vaguely humanoid alien monsters that emitted an aura of being some kind of hyperspatial entities with various astral powers. As we were pulled further into this it became clear that all of this was actually just part of a gigantic plane of perception that existed as a singular object which was simply modifying its own structure but was still just one thing.... And then my recall fades out and soon I woke up. X)

      #2 - New Phantasy Star Dungeons [Non-Lucid]

      I was hanging out with N, R, and J, and R and J had been playing Phantasy Star Universe apparently and N was showing me how we could use our PSPs to connect our Phantasy Star Online (which is not even a PSP game) files to their Universe files and together we could all play on brand new maps, including an insanely detailed forest where we fought a boss that I can't remember now, and sort of a Star Ocean-like medieval town that was in a circular shape and caved in to a sewage drain in the middle where we battled some kind huge red robot monster that was designed to have these really curvy claws and body structures.... Also hard to describe, but I thought it looked cool. >w< However, R and J had passed out for most of it, and N was slipping in and out of consciousness, so for the most part it was either him and I or just me playing. Near the end, N commented about how we need to "slow down on the rum" for some reason, but then I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I don't think this dream ever fully formed, it really was a legitimate framgent. What I do remember is that I'm pretty sure Linkzelda was there and we were talking about schizophrenia, and I vaguely recall either putting on or already wearing a two-piece bathing suit that releases dopamine, which sounds insanely awesome. XD

      #3 - Karaoke Game [Non-Lucid]

      My cousin K and some friend of hers had left a karaoke game at my house and I played it with her friend since K had already left I suppose, but I didn't really know any of the few songs they had already unlocked so I wasn't doing very well. Later the girl just kind of vanished and I went to turn off the game, originally thinking it was in my GameCube but then realizing that it actually had its own system set up next to it. I looked through the menus a bit more and noticed that it was a Disney game and the characters were all kids and moms. I specifically remember seeing a little boy based on Mickey and a tall, completely black-and-shiny-skinned voluptuous woman based on Minnie. o.o I turned the game off and wandered into the kitchen and started getting really nauseous for some reason. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was almost 11:30 AM, and I thought to myself that it must be because of all the dream aids I took. () I went to grab a cookie to eat to try to make the nausea pass, but then I woke up, thankfully not nauseous for real.

      Spoiler for Reflections:

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    5. Something New

      by , 04-13-2012 at 09:45 PM
      This was first dream I can actually remember that I've had in days, likely due to all the weed brownies. The day leading up to this dream I ate a brownie and a half (I think?) and smoked some in the morning, but then in the evening was only drinking. That's probably why this dream was... the way it is.

      Something New [Non-Lucid]

      I was watching something, I have a vague feeling of it being South Park. There was also some talk about The Beatles going on, but just in the background somewhere. Whatever I was watching, it grew and took over my entire perspective, and I shifted into third-person. I was panning my view left over a wall, and everything started taking on deep hues of neon red with twists of golds and purples and some other colors to a lesser extent, and the world started flattening and becoming somewhat cartoonish in an ancient hieroglyphics type of way. Patterns were being drawn and morphing around on the wall, and eventually the wall opened up to reveal an enormous panoramic view of some house from the point of view of what appeared to be one of the living room corners. This created a very bizarre feel to the whole scene, it was simultaneously flat and curved. The panning stops when there's a door to another room directly in front of me. A woman walks through the door and the scenery around her starts rapidly shifting and morphing into various patterns in a sort of rapid-fire flow, and her appearance is frequently changing as well, and she occasionally phases through other objects in her surrounding. The background has taken on sort of a salvia-esque spin and the woman seems to be made of some strangely stacked cardboard-cut-out-like building blocks.... It's really hard to describe, but I saw people that looked to be made out of the same material a long time ago when I mixed diphenhydramine with psilocybin mushrooms. The whole environment is becoming incredibly unstable, and suddenly the scene ends.

      False Awakening - I'm driving down the service road of a highway in one of my old cars, and I just look around and for a moment think that that bizarre scene was something I was just thinking about, but then I remember how vividly I experienced it and it occurs to me that I must have been dreaming and now I'm awake. I tried typing up the dream, but then became concerned about the fact that I was apparently sleeping while driving.

      False Awakening - I wake up again, still in the car. Now I'm getting really concerned that I'm actually driving while asleep but I can't force myself to wake up. I still take time to try to type up my dream in my phone, but the time is really messing with me. It looks really wonky at first and then keeps changing around randomly. Of course, it doesn't tip me off to anything.

      False Awakening - This time I woke up in M's apartment, where I actually did spend the night after we finished drinking. Her big dog gets up and climbs on top of me in a really uncomfortable way and won't get off. I'm again trying to reach my phone to log the dream, but am unsuccessful.

      False Awakening - Once again, I woke up in M's apartment. She's already awake and tells me that she's late for work, she has to go "feed the whale". I get up too and tell her I need to go soon, so I probably won't be there when she gets back. After that, I woke up for real, and almost completely forgot the actual dream.

      Dream Fragment - This one I don't remember much of, but there was a big texting conversation going on between me, Linkzelda, M, M's boyfriend, N, M's previous boyfriend, and C. (Maybe some other people, too?) It's hard to remember now, but I'm pretty sure I saw part of this dream through my own perspective, part through M's perspective, and part in third-person. The only visual I can really remember now was that M's previous boyfriend was at his house wearing one of those cone-shaped birthday hats and there were balloons tied to a chair behind him.
    6. Battle For The Pencil, Getting Hustled

      by , 03-27-2012 at 04:25 PM
      #1 - Battle For The Pencil [Non-Lucid]

      Linkzelda was in a good deal of this dream, though only fleetingly whenever he was. I was in this enormous and highly stylized school and I was carrying around a folder, a pencil, and a laptop, and consistently throughout the dream Link would sneak up behind me and attempt to grab the pencil from me before I was able to notice soon enough to do anything about it. While I don't remember a lot of the more specific details of this because the dream was really long, I do remember that every time he tried it was getting more intense because it was making me paranoid. Each time it seemed like he was getting just a little bit closer than the previous time. The last time, I was sitting at my laptop looking at a website that looked like some crappy '90s Angelfire page and listed information about different types of alcohol, and suddenly I had this feeling that he was right behind me. I turned around but it was too late, he already made a reach for the pencil, but I wasn't going to give it up so easily! (I hadn't even used it once in the dream. ) I got a firm grip on the pencil myself and thus began a massive struggle of trying to yank it out of the other's hands. It got sooo emotionally intense, but in the end I finally won. I was so amped up and happy that I proceeded to laugh exactly like Shion from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

      After that I just walked off. I went down this gigantic spiral staircase and ended up in a cafeteria where I proceeded to look for some of my school friends, though really for the entire duration of the dream I was mainly distracted because I was just so happy that I was able to do that laugh.

      #2 - Getting Hustled [Non-Lucid]

      I live somewhere right next to M now, and she's texting me about her day and talking about how she went across the street to this strip mall place for lunch. As she's saying this, I actually see her crossing the street to do it. I decided to head over there too, but then I got distracted and started thinking about going to GameStop, which I guess was also part of that strip mall. However, on the way there I looked into a different restaurant and saw N, D, J, and O, so I decided to go inside. We were in line getting food on trays like in a school lunch line, and I had a lot of food but all I really remember about my meal was that it included a couple bags of Cheez-Its. There was a guy in the line who was texting and totally immobile for a long time, so we all cut around him but the cashier refused to serve us. :T She said we had to go wait our turn if we wanted our food. We argued that that guy was trying to hustle us , but she told us we didn't have a choice. I think something short happened after that, but that's all I remember.
    7. Could It Be?, Candy Gift Boxes

      by , 03-21-2012 at 06:01 PM
      Dream Fragment - Another good one ruined by not waking up all the way right away. >.< Literally all I remember about this dream now is that Linkzelda41 was there for I'm pretty sure the whole time, and there was lots of talk of OBEs, and I think we may have been having some too because I remember seeing the whole world reduced to some kind of energy grid. Then I woke up and thought delirious thoughts to myself for a minute or so, then just laid in bed all happy for another couple minutes and said "Wait, hold on a sec!?", but by then it was mostly gone.

      #1 - Could It Be? [DILD]

      I was at my house in the den having a small party with a group of people who I mostly don't remember, but it included this guy J who I haven't seen since middle school but we used to see every now and then, but he was really soft and sensitive (that's putting it really nicely, it wasn't exactly in a good way). There was also a female DC there who stands out in memory unlike the rest, she had kind of a badass style of dark clothes that looked like they were just meant to be worn as normal clothes but still had kind of a club look to them, it's hard to explain exactly but I think it looks really cool. (Aaaand just right now as I'm typing this up, suddenly something occurs to me. The last time a DC was this vivid in my memory, she was wearing the exact same style of clothes. The hair style was different here, but the face looked about the same from what I can recall. And that DC from before also happened to have super speed and could have totally kicked my ass if I didn't wake up from my lucid, she totally outclassed me. And here comes the interesting part....) The girl used a cloning ability to split herself into two bodies. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought of this as a dream power, but it didn't make me become lucid. She starts making out with J with both bodies at once, and he's having a GREAT time, and I start taking pictures with my phone. Eventually she stops and the two of us head into another room and I tell her that was really nice of her to do given the way J is kind of fragile. She smiles at me, and suddenly I get the idea to head back to my room for some reason. As I walk past my dad's office, I hear O talking on the phone with his dad sounding like he'd have to be heading home soon. I decide to start looking through my phone to see if the pictures I took are any good, and I can't find them. But I do find a picture of a different J, a guy I used to hang out with a lot when I got out of high school, standing in some high school chemistry classroom. (Though it wasn't the one we had, we did have a chemistry class together in 10th grade, so it's not too crazy.) Suddenly the scene overtakes me and I'm watching it in third person. I become lucid, which is odd considering the perspective I'm in now, and the girl suddenly appears out of nowhere next to J. My falling-love-with-girls-in-dreams instinct takes over, and I jump into J's body to try to make out with her. Before I can, it suddenly snaps back to me in my own body in my bedroom at home, with me sitting on the bed and her sitting in my desk chair. I reach out and kiss her and pull her back on to the bed with me, but then the dream ends. :T

      False Awakening - I get up and start thinking about making note of the dream, and then for some reason I can't quite remember now I get sidetracked thinking about OpheliaBlue. Suddenly I start having a panic attack, and I'm flooded with false memories about how I took a hallucinogenic dose of diphenhydramine at the party from the dream, which definitely didn't actually happen. I'm freaking out and thinking I must have overdosed, I feel my forehead and it's sooo hot, my limbs are all feeling extremely tense, and my heart is beating erratically and keeps having stinging sensations. I drink some water to try to cool myself off but the water itself is kind of warm, so I get up and turn on the lights (successfully!) to get dressed and go get some cold water from the kitchen, but things are already starting to look really bad, and as I touch my chest to feel my heart rate suddenly I feel a heavy sinking feeling. But then I wake up. Finally. :\

      Dream Fragment - "Something about trains, teleporting, and a girl named Nelly...."

      #2 - Candy Gift Boxes [Non-Lucid]

      It's the end of the school year in high school, and someone who I can't remember now is teaching me how to make these triangular transparent two-sided candy gift boxes as a present, and then afterward O invites me to go get Chinese food with him, but I wake up before anything becomes of it.


      So now I'm really thinking about the female DC, she's really the only DC that vividly stands out to me, she's outgoing, she's recurring (totally odd for me with DCs), she totally overpowers me in lucids, and she can use dream powers that I'm not even close to having yet.

      Could she be my DG...?
    8. Fragments And Sensing Energy

      by , 03-19-2012 at 07:20 PM
      Dream Fragment - I was at a Target-like store with D and my European History AP teacher from high school, and we were locked in some battle over who would get some random girl DC as their wife, "based on some doubles/singles Ed, Edd n Eddy setup", I have no idea what that last note means. Don't remember much else, it was pretty weird....

      Dream Fragment - This one there was definitely more to, but I didn't wake up all the way from it and it was hazy even when I did, so it's pretty much lost. But what I do remember is that the whole time there was a very emotional feel to it, and I spent a lot of the dream talking to a girl, in whom I could clearly sense Linkzelda41's energy.

      Dream Fragment - "Hanging out with M and N, shopping on ecstasy and sort of freaking out."

      False Awakening - I woke up and walked to the window and looked outside and was super excited to see the ground covered in snow. Somehow, I had a feeling it would be, too, even though the weather in waking life is nothing like that.
    9. Cute Animal Class, Our Fate Is Sealed

      by , 03-04-2012 at 04:57 PM
      I can't wait for Link to read this one.

      #1 - Cute Animal Class [Non-Lucid]

      I'm back in a middle or high school class, but it's taking place in my room at home. I don't perceive it as my room at the time, though. The class was strange, and generally involved petting cute animals. I spent the first part of a dream petting a black cat that was sooo fluffy, and I remember a white cat walking around in the background, and at some point some dog that was cute but upon waking up I'm pretty sure was horribly mutated, or at least not remotely what a dog should look like. I think she was based on N's dog, too. Class ends, and I remember thinking that winter break was about to start. I reach down and grab a random blue jacket that's sitting on my bed and struggle to put it on for a minute, then I turn to look at the door and notice that Linkzelda41 is there! I said something along the lines of "Merry Christmas" or "happy holidays", and I ask him to wait up for me while I grab my stuff so we can leave the class together, but he heads out. :< I try to grab all my stuff and run after him, but I start to notice that there's a LOT of my stuff in this classroom. (Still haven't realized that it's my room. ) I start panicking and grabbing as much as possible, thinking "I can't just leave all this stuff here, I need it at home!!", and my arms are starting to get really full and I'm not sure how much more I can carry, but then I wake up.

      Fragment - "Large class, black midgets with dog heads that turn into trucks, singing, P."

      #2 - Our Fate Is Sealed [Non-Lucid]

      I'm with a bunch of other people my age in a house (based on D's?) sitting on a couch facing the kitchen counter. Apparently, we perceive it as being stranded or locked in somehow, and we have been for a couple days. We're trying to keep spirits high, and one guy has been smoking weed with the guy who's cooking our meals because he was freaking out, and we all joke that the food is way better now. A girl tries to play a prank on them after they're coming back to the room from smoking a bowl, but isn't fast enough. He makes some small plates of food and hands them out (and I mean really small, but I suppose we're rationing), and I offer some to the girl sitting next to me on the couch but she declines. Finally she says "It's going to happen... we're all going to die." She has some prophetic powers or something and laments that after all this being trapped it's just going to end. She warns everyone that if they want to make the end of their lives worth it they better do it now. She points at me and says she can't say why but I'm the only one who can go home, but it still won't save me. She also claims that some of us may temporarily come back from the dead but not for long. As a result, when I get home she wants me to make a list with all of our names on it, that way it'll add to the mystery when we die, and when she comes back to life she can get the list and sell it for millions. I woke up after she said that, though.

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    10. Moving Too Fast, Losing Control

      by , 03-01-2012 at 07:24 PM
      #1 - Moving Too Fast [Non-Lucid]

      This dream was fairly long, but I really only remember the stuff that happened near the end. I remember that my dad's car had been rigged to explode and some guy had the detonator to set it off whenever he pleased, but we had removed it from our parking lot so we weren't worried. And yes - I said parking lot. We were living in some big fancy house that I'm totally unfamiliar with, but I could see through the window out back to where we had our own tiny parking lot with five or six cars parked in it. Clearly we were well off in this dream! I went into one of the bedrooms and saw a lot of random people, mostly people from my high school but other people too, just hanging around a TV which a bunch of game systems connected to it. I sat down and joined them, and we were testing some new device that lets you play Xbox 360 games on any system. (But with what purpose? ) It stopped working properly when we tried to use it with a Dreamcast, though. I don't remember what I said next, but this one girl, C, that I've known since elementary school decided to take my idea and make an X-rated video game with it. I remember them discussing briefly how it needed to be virtual reality, and I believe I saw an image of a naked woman in front of me, but then they started talking about how they would need to sacrifice a large number of some small animal to make it happen. Someone who I didn't quite recognize at first (and may have just been really hazy in general) gets up and says they refuse to take part in that, and left the room. I just stared in the direction he left in for a minute, and then I thought to myself, hold on, was that Linkzelda41!? So I got up and followed him out of the room.

      Here you go, Link.... Make of this what you will. When I walked outside, the scene changed to a school I'm not familiar with, but it was fairly wide-open. There was a large crowd of people and I saw Link way up ahead, and I tried to catch up to him but he was moving too fast for me, he kept getting further away and there were constantly people getting in my way, and since I was non-lucid after a while they caused me to get distracted. I eventually lost track of Link so my brain invented a new problem for me, the fact that I was about to be late to class. I ran into some other people I knew from high school in the hallway (though I don't remember who) and we walked past what looked like it was about to turn into a fight, but everyone there started singing Christmas songs instead. I started telling people about the porn video game that was being made by this guy, J, despite the fact that he wasn't even there, and then I went off to find my class. I wasn't able to though, I just got really anxious about it until I woke up. :T

      Fragment - "Man of Shred, infinite theory". That's what I wrote in my phone when I woke up. Hmmm....

      #2 - Losing Control [DILD]

      I was in high school and I went to see an old teacher (not one that I actually had, or even exists) that a younger friend now had and liked but he turned out to be totally senile. :< That part of the dream is pretty hazy. I see a beautiful girl walk by and feel a crush coming on, and I'm like damn it, I shouldn't have come back to high school. >:T I left out the front door and a crowd of people followed me and I can't remember how, but somehow I was proving something to someone. I think the whole crowd of people was following me to my car, followed by this girl M who's in a lot of my dreams lately (but not the same one that I got drunk with from the last entry, I should come up with a better naming system...), and she was wearing braces though I don't think I ever actually saw her with any. Suddenly I became lucid, I think seeing M might have tipped me off to the fact that I was dreaming. I turned around and started walking backward so I could see the crowd, but the dream started fading. I said "Come on, people, let's stay lucid now!" and it came back. But I let my stupid emotions from the non-lucid seep into me and still felt some lovey feelings, so I grabbed M and tried to give her a kiss, but she backed off a little and then her lips vanished. o_o She also gained some freckles she definitely didn't have before.... After that, the dream ended.

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    11. King Of The Jungle

      by , 03-01-2012 at 04:15 AM
      Urgh, I'm so fried right now. -.-;; I ended up drinking again last night with my friend M, I really need to take a break now.... But anyway, I had one dream, and it ended with what may be a false awakening, but honestly I'm starting to think I may have actually woken up but just been hallucinating for a minute before my brain fully woke up. Before I went back to sleep again after that (though I don't remember any more dreams) I was able to make myself hallucinate some things by focusing on them so I'm pretty sure this was the case, actually.

      #1 - King Of The Jungle [Non-Lucid]

      The first thing I remember is trying to follow M to some strip mall restaurant, but on the way there there was a large space between the two of us and a bunch of old guys kept walking in my way really slowly and annoyingly. But I finally got there and ran into C, a kid I haven't seen since right after high school, but who I've known since the day care I went to before I started elementary school. I think I got caught up with him a little while we were standing in line waiting for food, but then it jumped forward to me being in the jungle. I got stuck in some kind of loop here.... I would wander through the jungle a bit until I ran into King Kong () And there would be some big smoke explosion or something (it's really hard to remember) that would make it hard to see him, and I'd walk off on some path extending directly outward in the direction he was facing. After a while the path would curve to the right and I'd just continue down it. Then it would start over again, and it happened at least three or four times, possibly more. I remember telling myself that this was just part of my daily routine, it was what I did every day before lunch. So on the last time I exit the foresty area and end up in a big open meadow. And I get a text from Linkzelda41! I don't remember the exact wording of the first couple texts, but he invites me to go to lunch with him and OpheliaBlue. I think to myself that I just came from eating with OpheliaBlue, but I could eat again. I ask him what they're getting and he responds with "It's a Mediterranean cuisine." I text back "Mmm. Where at?", but after that the dream ended.

      Here's where the false awakening/hallucinations thing happened.... I woke up in M's apartment, sleeping on the couch. This was all EXTREMELY vivid. Way more vivid than any false awakening I've ever had, it was basically exactly like real life. Every single detail was correct, despite the fact that it was only my second time ever being there and my first time ever being there in the morning. When I actually fully woke up, the lighting coming in through the windows and everything was still exactly the same, and there was no lapse in consciousness between this part and when I was awake, it just switched. So I'm pretty sure I just physically woke up but was still dreaming.... Anyway, so I woke up. M was walking around the apartment holding a Gatorade bottle filled with what looked like marinara or pizza sauce. She looked at me and said "Hey, you up?" to which I looked around slowly and then responded with "I think I'm awake...." Though, this is also a sign for me because I've never noticed anything was up in a false awakening before, even the incredibly bizarre ones. So she holds out the bottle to me and says "At least we've got mozzarella wine! " I looked at her confused and she started talking about how she'd gone to a class already (she had class in a few hours) and some guy kept farting the whole time, and the other people in the class were picking on him and calling him some mean nickname, though I don't remember what it was. I laid my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes while saying "That's rude." :< M hesitates for a second and then says "What?" and I open my eyes ready to say that I was talking about how they were making fun of the guy, but when I do she's not there. Everything else is the same. And I realize that I'm awake. o_o
    12. The Water Slide Accident, Trapped In Darkness, Dreaming About Sleep Paralysis?, etc.

      by , 02-26-2012 at 09:42 PM
      I decided to try using aniracetam as a sleep aid last night, I'm not totally sure if it had an effect yet but my dreams did seem different than normal. I took 750 mg, maybe I'll try 1500 mg tonight. I did manage to remember a good few more dreams than normal, but I think that's mainly because I decided to stay in bed and keep falling asleep again for longer.

      #1 - The Water Slide Accident [Non-Lucid]

      I'm at some public pool working as part of some "water-raising" experiment. (Like literally... I think all we were trying to do was increase the water level in the pool. ) There was a gigantic rectangular tent at the top of a long water slide on one end of the pool, and I climbed up the slide (somehow) and into the tent. In it was Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, a couple other random people (maybe other characters from The Big Bang Theory but it's hard to remember), and my middle school orchestra teacher. Sheldon was doing something to conduct the experiment, and we all stepped forward to look out the window to see if the water in the pool was rising, but we shifted too much weight in the tent and it started slipping down the slide and into the pool. It was completely closed in and we were all freaking out thinking we might get trapped inside of it and drown. We hit the water and I expected to die, but somehow I made it up and slowly I saw everyone else popping up out of the water as well, including Linkzelda41, actually as Link! (For those not game-savvy, the character in his avatar.) I made sure everyone was okay but noticed that my teacher had never come up, and when he finally did he wasn't breathing. I went over to him and we dragged him out of the water and I started doing CPR, though without the mouth-to-mouth, just the chest thing. (The dream switched to third-person around this time, too.) I did it for a long time but it wasn't working, and I started crying but I didn't stop doing it. But he finally gasped and woke up! When he did I gave him a big hug and wouldn't let go. The dream jumped forward to me being in the hospital and getting prescribed some random drugs for... something, I guess mental trauma? :T I don't know, but the dream ended at that point.

      #2 - Trapped In Darkness [Non-Lucid]

      I'm home alone watching a movie almost totally in the dark, and the darkness is starting to creep me out a bit. I read online (or maybe heard from someone, or something...) about how some secret FBI agent or some other government agent on a plane accidentally stabbed someone they were sitting next to by activating a lightsaber unwittingly in his bag because it was built with an on switch that was too easy to access because the designer was lazy. I also remember that the lightsaber was red, because I actually saw it happen in a third-person kind of way. This had revealed to the world that the US government had successfully created lightsabers, so I texted J (who's a big Star Wars fan) about it and then read something about how they were launching a new moon into the sky to make up for it. I looked out back through the glass doors and saw a plane in the sky, so then I went out front and saw a rocket (really tiny) launch off in one direction across the sky, and a HUGE, absolutely gigantic moon launch off in the other direction, but from the same source. It went behind the house so I went back in and to the back yard, and looked straight up in the sky and saw it there, still enormous. All of the stars in the sky were constantly scrolling across it like the night sky was just a huge spinning wheel, but that didn't really seem to bother me much. The darkness outside was getting really thick though and it was still scaring me, so I went back inside and walked into the bathroom. I tried to turn on the light switch, but it wouldn't work. () That made me even more freaked out, so I ran out into the living room just generally frightened and hoping my mom and dad would be home soon, but then I woke up.

      I'm never going to get better at doing RCs.

      #3 - Dreaming About Sleep Paralysis? [Non-Lucid]

      There's some presentation going on at my house in the den by some orchestra guy, with lots of orchestra teachers there sitting in rows of chairs, including my high school orchestra teacher. My friend J (the one I texted before) and his mom are also sitting way up at the front, right by the TV. The guy puts on a song and each of the teachers has a music sheet where they're supposed to be writing down the notes as they hear them, but almost none of them do, instead opting to wait until the end to just jot them all down, which I find pretty impressive at the time. After they all finished and walked away, I walked up to J and told him I thought I'd have some awesome news to tell him about lightsabers being real, but that turned out to be a dream. () He laughs, and we go out into the living room to hang out with some random girl and OpheliaBlue. We start watching a movie, and I can't remember what I was wearing but I just remember thinking of it as something really informal to the point that it would be embarrassing to be seen wearing it, and then the doorbell rang. I didn't want to answer it like that so I went into my bedroom to change, and that's when things got weird. My room was dark, and my fan was sticking out of the wall to the left of me when I walked in, but still running. My movements became incredibly jerky and snapped back as if I was in sleep paralysis with my eyes open, but honestly... I'm not sure if I actually was, or if I was just dreaming that I was. Part of the reason I think that is because I "realized" that I was in sleep paralysis, but I don't think I was really lucid about it, and I never realize it when I actually do wake up into it. I don't know though.... It was incredibly vivid, so maybe I was and I just realized it for half a second and then started hallucinating. Anyway, after the realization my vision switched to a third-person view from the perspective of the road in front of my house, looking up at a bunch of trees hanging over it (which aren't actually there). These trees were very mystically mechanical in their movements and had something that I call the "IMAX 3D" effect, which is something I get when I'm tripping really hard where everything is more detailed then anything in reality actually is. I started to wonder if I was on DXM, but then I started thinking that the doorbell ringing was probably just my parents coming home (since they were still gone from the previous dream, I guess) and I could've just answered it how I was. I saw that playing out in my mind's eye, but after that I woke up and noticed that my fan wasn't exactly in the same position in my view as it was when I thought I was in sleep paralysis, so... I just don't know.

      #4 - Testing A New MMO [DILD]

      I'm at my aunt and uncles' house. I don't remember much of the first part of the dream, but I end up going in the little kids room and slide across the floor in the weird way I do in dreams sometimes, and that warps me back to the front of the house. Some MMO has come out where you play the game in real life and you use these rifles that shoot green plasma bullets. I get one just to see how it is, and S ends up getting one too so he comes over to play it with me. We run around the house shooting at each other, and then I run back into the little kids room and end up doing the slide again. I say "Oh, this is a dream, isn't it?" and become lucid. Unfortunately, after this dream ended I didn't wake up enough to write it down, I fell back asleep and had some other non-lucid dream, and when I woke up again I tried to write down this one as quickly as possible but I still can't remember what happened after I became lucid, though something did happen. I also don't remember the other dream, either. Oh well....

      #5 - An Intense Argument [Non-Lucid]

      I get a hotel room for some reason with an old friend J (different J than before) and some guy who's just a random DC, but apparently a very close friend of mine. I'm trying to have a good time talking to both of them, but there seems to be a lot of tension between the two. (I know what this is based off of, it has to do with J. :T) They end up getting into a big argument and both strip naked to show their dominance. And then they start wrestling! One side of me is like, come on guys, don't do this, you're being childish.... :\ And the other side of me is like !!!! They break up the fight and the guy tells J to get out and not come back, so he does. I'm planning to go drop J off and come back to hang out with the guy, and I tell him it'll only take me about twenty minutes but he says he has to be at a football game in that same amount of time. So I say goodbye, and shake hands with his girlfriend (who just randomly appeared, and apparently I had just met) and hug him, and they left. J is texting me to hurry up, and I'm trying to switch from shoes to sandals for some reason but my socks are being illogically weird feeling and won't come off. Finally I just walk into the hallway, which is actually the music hall in my middle school (and the hotel room was where the orchestra room is) and I hear D's voice telling me we'll never make it in time because the middle school is right by the football game and the traffic will be terrible.

      #6 - The Secret Codes [Non-Lucid]

      This one shifts back and forth between first- and third-person a lot. I remember Hank from King Of The Hill talking to a group of kids about some (fictional) famous singer and guitarist's weird-sounding name and he corrects them on how to say it, and when they ask him how he knows he sighs and says "He told me." Somewhere in here there is a discussion about some gum or candy that you're supposed to chew if you're freaking out or having a bad trip. I remember that but not the visual of it. Then my dad and I are at a movie theater seeing some movie I can't remember anything about and it switched back to Hank, now in a flashback, walking around awkwardly at a concert or rave of some kind. He meets some young guy that turns out to be that musician who tells him how to say his name, then some weird "secret code" used in the gay community (I think specifically involving politics, which was definitely not real and very bizarre sounding, though I don't quite remember it). He walks off past John Redcorn who is on acid or something and freaking out, and he sees Hank but clearly isn't sure whether or not he's actually there and he says to himself "Where is that candy!?" Back at the theater, the movie's starting and my dad tells me more about the secret gay political codes claiming that the guy told him (I guess carried over from Hank) and I'm like "Uh-huh...." >_> Then back at the concert, John Redcorn is chewing on some of that bad trip candy and looks really happy, and he sees Hank again and they talk and he says he'll help Hank get out of there, because I guess he's lost somehow. Once again back at the theater, my dad is still going on and on more in-depth about these secret codes, and I'm like, seriously, I'm trying to watch the frickin' movie. >_____> And that was it lol.

      Whew, that took a while to type up! At least a I was able to recall a lot, though.