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    Often dull, often about space, often sexual.

    1. Manchurian President

      by , 11-17-2016 at 08:01 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was playing through text options as if I was on Fallen London. One card said something along the line of "Trials of _____ House", which I selected.

      I am in first person again, and I was in a modern club, with a stereotypical rich godfather and all that good stuffs. Me and someone else were infiltrating the place to find blackmail material regarding the godfather, in case he was a pedophile or something like that.

      We got into a room next to the godfather under the guise of needing their... services. We beat up the workers, knocked them out, and tied them as I tried to spy on the godfather. He had a harem of girls serving him. We stole a few jewelries from the room and then amdemto get away since we couldn't find anything to black ail him with, but somehow they caught us and the godfather walked out to meet us.

      Somehow everything worked out. The mafia collapsed. They were linked to the government. The perspective moved to a misty morning in a military airport, with the president of United States (he was blonde, but he didn't look like Trump) using his VP (who looked like Hillary Clinton, but whom I am pretty sure wasn't) as a scapegoat. He walked away from her and the guards, popped champagne and lifted the foaming bottle up as mist enveloped him. The credits roll.

      I had a false awakening (I don't know why I don't do reality checks in these when I have always did reality checks after waking up) where I was sleeping beside my father. I may have gotten up a bit and used my laptop to searhc up naughty stuffs while he was sleeping.

      My dream returned to the president again, back where we left off. The VP was crying and protesting her arrest as the supposed mastermind behind the Mafia, while on the other side of the mist the president talked to some shadowy figures.

      My dream transitioned to me playing 3D Metroid (I have never played Metroid) where the environment are in HD 3D but the enemies are pixelated. I fought my way up what looked like a warehouse, got up an elevator, and came to a plaza surrounding a courtyard. I discovered that I have unlimited jetpack and I flew up to the top level, and tried to fly to an enemy and cut it in half with a sword. I missed and flew out of the map, which was a building floating in the sky surrounded by the vast emptiness of the skybox. I curved around and flew back inside the level for another try, but I missed again, then I woke up. I would also note that the flight felt different from the other times I flew in my dream. It felt like actual flying, unlike the levitation I always did not counting the one time I had angel wings.
    2. Back to My Old School

      by , 11-22-2013 at 11:13 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I dreamed that due to some educational shenanigans I have to attend my old school (and by old I mean OLD. It's my first school, which in reality was already demolished) during summer. (This actually would work since I study overseas)

      I found that what I had found tolerable when I was younger and in this school was pretty annoying, mostly from my culture clash. The whole ritual of singing the national anthem and praying while standing pretty much pisses me off, so I just screwed around.

      I couldn't remember my time in classes, which in my dream I had chalked it up to me sleeping through class and being really sleepy. It actually turned out that it's because my dream is actually a collection of dream fragments.

      There wasn't much going on. All I remembered was that I could fly around the school, and I understood that it is something only I can do. I'm out of practice, so I didn't suspect a thing despite the evidence of me dreaming being right in my face (If I had bothered to do a memory reality check I'd have known)

      What I was looking forward to was to show off my English in the English class, but I woke up first. Well, not really, I'm pretty sure I woken up a couple of times during this dream. So I suppose the more accurate term would be I woke up, raelized I was dreaming, and decided that I'm not going to continue because it's getting boring.


      It appears that I am so out of practice that I don't even notice obvious dream signs, which in this case were memory losses, flying, and the fact that I'm back in my old school. On the other hand, it seems that I'm a natural at flying. Woo.
    3. Dracula, Death Eaters, Lucidity

      by , 12-31-2012 at 03:23 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      There is some long bit about Dracula, Harry Potter, and stuffs that I'll recall later, or not. Anyways, some crazy Death Eater trapped me, Lupin, and probably Kingsley inside some green-tinted world. He then said from outside that we're in the Uber Bottle. Lupin told me that the way to get out is to find the opening of the bottle, and we spread out to find them. I went to the bottle-world version of the death eater's original office, and found a cork stuck onto a computer screen. I tried staring inside the hole, but it didn't bring me back outside. The screen is on, and somehow I remembered to do a reality check with texts. I became lucid, and did some more reality check, but I'm on the verge of waking up so I stabilized and observed everything in great detail until I could see things. I began talking to myself, but then decided to stop it as it would make me lose lucidity. I decided that saving Lupin and Kingsley really isn't that needed since they're just DCs. I spun around and teleported to some mall with glass wall. I'm standing on the second floor on a mezzanine. I jumped off the railing and flew! I didn't have a goal in mind since I never expected to get lucid today. The feeling of flying was so exhilarating I was afraid I would wake up. I stopped mid-air because I lost some control, but then finally managed to propel myself forwards,and phased through the window-wall. My parents were waiting outside. My dad congratulated me on flying, but apart from that they don't seem to be aware of the nature of their world. Having no goal, I decided to follow them. I woke up later while in the car because to moving IRL.

      I actually recalled the dream in a lot more details, but it's mostly tidbits that I can't even explain with words.

      I guess this is technically not a dream fragment since the whole stuffs on this dream are actually several dreams combined.
    4. The Lucid Class

      by , 10-03-2012 at 08:24 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I'm on vacation and that's why I have been ignoring lucid dreaming, but this dream is just way too good.

      I have no idea how I became lucid in the first place, it seems I'm in one of those prep session in my boarding house. The others knew instantly I became lucid, and it distorted to some kind of lucid dreaming class. I did a lot of RCs, but I realized later when I woke up that I forgot to stabilize. I can't remember much of the details because again I'm on my vacation and I don't feel like stressing myself to recall all the minutest details. I managed to fly, and the dream distorted to some sandbox game for a while and stuffs. I talked to my friend that if I can't improve my dream control maybe I should study from Darth Vader.

      That's like the ultimate evidence I lost lucidity.