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    Oneironautic Escapades

    1. 2069

      by , 11-28-2020 at 12:34 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am with mark weins
      He is a swinger with some norwegians
      He wears pink lace underwear

      I am on a layover in texas, Ben asks if we can hang out before my next flight, I agree.
      He picks me up and we drive back to his parents house without notice.
      When we get to his house he gives me a small black electronic device I do not recognize. It kind of looks like a small digital camera with a display on the back and buttons on top but I don't know how to turn it on.

      The house is incredibly large with hundreds of rooms and a grand foyer which has been extensively decorated for Christmas. Multiple floors overlook the entrance room with many hallways coming from various directions. It is reminiscent of the house from Home Alone only it is cartoonishly large.

      I gather that this is mostly Ben's family and extended family. Only there are almost a hundred people scattered about running their own unique intentions saying goodbyes and everyone seems to be in a hurry. I gather that the adults are dropping off their kids of various ages and they are all going on some adult outing together.

      I do not recognize anyone, everyone is quite comfortable and I get the impression this is a yearly occurrence for everyone involved. The kids all form their own little friendship groups as if they were being dropped at summer camp. No one recognizes me and I don't even see his parents anywhere.

      I was traveling and forgot what time I needed to be back at the airport. I do not have my ticket but remember I had a picture of it on my phone. Looking at the time I realized my layover was only 45 minutes and I have been in this house much longer than that. I was somewhat anxious but am now resigned to the realization I have missed my flight and now am only looking for Ben.

      Walking up stairs and checking hallways I decide to start walking into rooms, they are all different shapes with different groups of people in them having their own little social gatherings. I lean against a large papasan chair that has a smooth leather jacket hanging on the side. As soon as I do a smug looking short haired blonde teenager appears and immediately starts chastising me for wrinkling his perfectly smooth leather jacket. He points to me as I am wearing my members only jacket and insults me saying I wouldn't care because I'm already wearing a wrinkled leather jacket. I'm inclined to agree. I move along.

      I understand that there are going to be 50+ people all staying in this house in various rooms scattered all about. Only the adults were leaving one by one couple by couple out the grand entrance, assuming they are all congregating in front of the house for their adventure. I do not know where they are going but they are all excited to leave their kids and the kids are apathetic/happy to be with their friends.

      I cannot find Ben anywhere, like no where no where. Always new rooms new couches new arrangements of kids of all ages 18-5 having their own little gatherings scattered about. I wander around for almost an hour looking for him to no avail.

      Things are starting to not make sense as I don't recognize technology or even the styles of most people. It occurs to me I may be out of my time. I ask some kids what year it is and they are just laughing at me thinking I am kidding. That there is no way someone doesn't know what year it is at Christmas time. Finally someone says it's the year 2069. I am somewhat flabbergasted. I have no idea how I have slipped out of my time again. But I am welcome to the adventure.

      There are still some adults here and there saying goodbye to their kids. I notice a somewhat concerned couple saying goodbye to their children and assuring each other that everything will be fine and they will be back in no time. They are dressed somewhat bohemian and I feel a comradery with their style. Most of the parents are ritzy and done up like they are at a formal Christmas party, like upper class glitzy styles and too many conflicting expensive perfumes.

      I see an older gentleman come out of a door to the grande entrance and I think at first it is Ben's father. Only his face looks like Caesar. I extend my hand and tell him it's good to see him again and it's been too long. He doesn't know who I am but shakes my hand anyway. I wonder if my hand is dry or sweaty from the hurried walking around this expansive house.

      I finally see Ben up some stairs walking a girl with mocha skin up more stairs and to his loft getaway. I gather he has been avoiding everyone and I am somewhat frustrated I have missed my flight and have been wandering around for the better part of an hour in another time, confused as hell. His loft has a large balcony overlooking the city below. It is a cartoonishly large futuristic and detailed city, with purples and greens and blues and yellow hues to the buildings. I now definitely know I am out of my time.

      I am standing on the rail looking out to the view just taking it all in when he approaches me to my side and stands by the rail next to me. He asks if I've ever seen anything like it before. I say yes, it's exactly like the city I saw in my dreams a couple nights ago. He is taken aback but not entirely surprised. There is a girl sitting on cushions behind us who is the girl he was leading up here. She is confused at our conversation. I remember that he left me in the beginning so I start into some great tirade exclaiming my frustration with him. I take off my jacket and I have no clothes on underneath. I have no shame but I am yelling at him that I have been lost, and out of place, and I have no clothes, and I missed my flight, and I have no idea how I got to 2069. The girl with him is bashful at my appearance and several people walk by gawking while I am going on my monologue. I am unphased in noticing them as I am always comfortable nude. He assures me he can get me to Denver quickly. I look off the balcony, there are multi hot air balloons in various shapes and colours, I joking say Oh you're gonna fly us there in a balloon!? He smiles knowingly and responds that if I had left with his dad we could fly the blimp.
      'Noah?' I hear, and I am awake.
    2. Drama and the Neon Terminal

      by , 11-26-2020 at 02:21 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      The laundry room was flooded, I was concerned about the clothes that were on the floor but there are too many so I resign that everything is wet again, the dream fades

      Having trouble falling back asleep. I am suddenly somewhere else. In another room I do not recognize, it is afternoon. G is sitting on a futon looking at a stack of older pictures she has found, they are framed.

      I lean in closer to see and there are nude photos of when she was younger in various poses, the largest frame is of two guys sitting down exposing their member, I gather these are ex boyfriends, she is giggly at the memories. I am furious. She doesn't understand why I am mad so I begin to throw the frames back at her face with force while shouting I don't want to see my best friends dick! She is bewildered and doesn't grasp my irateness.
      I am back laying in bed.

      What followed was quite confusing as I was phasing back and forth from my dream to my bed uncontrollably. I would be in bed and see the dimness and the low rumble of other people walking through the house, and back to that brightly lit room which was completely unrecognizable to me. While in the room the girl who was with me now looked identical to someone I used to work with. Only she knew me as someone else. I was confused every time telling her I didn't know where I was, I didn't know who she was, I've never been here before. She called me a different name and assumed I was joking or being sarcastic the entire time. The jump occurred 3 or 4 times before I was stabilized in the other place.

      She was with one of her younger friends and I, recognizing her somewhat asked her name, she said Addison. This is not her name IWL, still unfamiliar with my location or how I got there. Everything felt too real and detailed to be a dream. I told her that her name was Breanna, she laughed and still thought I was joking, but I could see the concern start to appear on her face. Perhaps I was having some mental psychosis I felt her think. This is all just too real. I felt like it was wholly possible as I was in a place where nothing made sense to me but everyone around me was certain of me.

      They were crawling out the second story window to sit on the roof to overlook the neighborhood as teenagers often do. I was tired of being confused and decided it was time for me to leave.

      I told them I was leaving and though there was a slight protest they quickly faded from my immediacy. As I was leaving the house I now found myself in a heavily populated terminal of sorts. The clarity now fully hit me as everything was INCREDIBLY coloured and crisp in detail. Like a fine lifelike render from a video game. I could not believe my eyes. The room was large and decorated with a variety of screens and advertisements and swirling passing vehicles. It was a bustling metropolitan city center of sorts.

      All the people around me had neon coloured garments and LED strip like accents, it truly felt like a cyberpunk setting only everything was clean and bright. I now noticed there were humanoid shapes as well. Perhaps they were robots, perhaps they were augmented humans I couldn't be sure. Everyone was relaxed and generally having a good time. Completely overcome by the detail of my surroundings I began to cry. It was beautiful, there was too much detail for me to focus on everything. I was awash in the emotion of finally being somewhere new, as if I always knew this was where I would end up. It was relief coupled with the bliss of newness. I felt the tears stream down my face as I smiled larger than I have in sometime.

      I walked to a large walled window to my left which I knew to overlook the city and I can only describe it as planet coaster combined with Coruscant. Vast sprawling brightly coloured buildings with streamlined shapes and transit systems which resembled high-speed roller coasters. It was also overwhelming. There was too much to see, every window in the terminal had a similar vantage. I took a few deep breaths and continued to explore the terminal I was in.

      I now noticed there were screens for people to buy different tickets for different rides or tours or locations I couldn't be sure. None of the writing looked familiar but I recognized a $ sign and numbers here and there. I was made aware that there was a public communal buying platform where people could list the tickets they had bought and opt to sell the ones they weren't going to use at a discounted rate to anyone else looking for the same destination. Nothing but smiles, it truly felt eutopia-like.

      I ventured into a room off to the side with maybe a dozen full body wrapping chairs which would contour to your shape when you sat in them. They felt like a captains chair on a spaceship. We were all oriented generally facing a large screen in the corner of the room but could still see out the walkway to the grand terminal.

      On my left arm pad where my hand comfortably rested there was a myriad of controls including a couple joysticks. Curious I began to click buttons and toggle the stick. On the large screen we were all looking at appears an overlay with games and information and I gather I am controlling a cursor on the screen. Concerned the display I pulled up accidentally was obscuring other people's experience I quickly looked around to apologise to those around me. No one batted an eye and continued tapping away at their own controls and all still watching the screen. It was then I realized that only I could see the display overlay I had pulled up because it was unique to this chair. And everyone else had their own display that they all saw on the same screen which I was unaware of. Impressed I continued to toggle and click but quickly gave up because I couldn't read any of the characters on the screen.

      I began walking back through the terminal just taking in all of the details and colours. It was an amazing sight and felt so futuristic I was amazed no one noticed me out of place.

      There were various humanoids intersparsed through the crowds of actual humans. I question a droid which I gather to be an informational hub of sorts. He explained this terminal is a dome of protection from the outside environment, all domes are connected with high-speed transit and entertainment junctions. There was more information conveyed but the details are lost to me. Other than the knowledge of some great existential threat. They were all hiding from a predatory extraterrestrial race which occasionally would land and take a batch of humans never to be seen again. It informed me of a breaking news of a landing occuring and authorities were being dispatched to quarantine the area.

      I am fond of ETs so I decide I will follow this cue and attempt to make contact. I am now outside the dome in a sort of dark and foggy area, I see bright lights and a circular craft just beyond a large boulder in front of me to the left. As I round the large rock I glance up and am almost blinded by the lights. They shine in a sort of pulsating manner coming from the center. I hear a ruckus behind me and know these are the authorities coming to help/make things worse.

      I am now in the craft surrounded by a brilliant white light, it is clean and only the corners are barely visible. I see a face in front of me which has undecipherable features. There is a metallic sheen to the lower half. It looks at me close with a tilted head as I begin on some monologue, the dream fades