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    Oneironautic Escapades

    1. The Yacht

      by , 07-27-2012 at 03:15 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So yesternight was another first, nothing too epic. Mostly just odd.

      I was traveling down an interstate of some kind that was suspended above the water. With a few friends I couldn't make much out other than a girl in the van with us kept eyeing me funny.
      When we reached the end of the highway there was some sort of transition and I gathered that we were all on a mega-yacht now. It was owned by Pakistani business men and there were beautiful women all around who were the entertainment.
      The only one who really stood out to me was a blonde, with slender frame, teased hair and multiple colorful bracelets on. I understood she was 'The head boss's' girl, though he cared not too strongly for her.
      She was all about me, we were all over each other. The amount of detail that was experienced during our 'hook-up' was borderline erotic. She had striped panties on under her miniskit wrapped in leather studs. Holding her leg up on my side I could feel the warmth of her hind against my palm.
      Nothing too sexual occurred before we were found out. Amazing it took so long as we were in an open patio surrounded by people. He was furious with her toying and banished me to a small platformed support beam under the highway. It was slippery and hard to hold onto, I was readjusting my grip watching the boat motor away when my perspective shifted.
      Somewhat shocked I looked back to the pillar platform where I was just standing, and no one was there. Looking down at my hands I noticed they were smaller and dainty, with multiple colorful bracelets on both wrists. I was standing on the boat motoring away from the interstate, I was now the girl I was just hooking up with moments before. The crowd watching the whole situation was starting to disperse and business continued on as usual. Completely confused as to my switch, I just knew that they couldn't find out I wasn't really her. I tried talking to some of the girls and realized my dialect was off but the sound of my voice was higher. I decided not to talk much thinking her friends might wonder why my behaviour was off.
      Realizing I was a girl, I kept trying to pee sitting down. Trying at least three different toilets I couldn't go any of the times. Until the last toilet which was joined next to a shower. The 'main boss' guy came over to talk to me, and he turned on the shower while I was sitting down. It got me wet, he smiled perversity and I told him off. He left and I continued to adventure around the now aged boat.
      Sitting down at a row of computers I decided to look myself up. The keys I was pressing weren't the letters that showed up on the screen. It confused me as I experimented with the obviously broken keyboard. I thought maybe the keys were just switched around so I leaned over to the girl next to me and asked to see her keyboard cause someone must have been joking around on this one, changing keys and whatnot.
      In the smalltalk I told her I was looking for 'Noah' because he was the most amazing guy I'd ever been with. She giggled, and so did I because I momentarily realized that I was Noah, talking myself up to random girls in guise .
      The keyboard wasn't working for me cause every time I looked down it degraded and looked older with more and more keys missing. I was so focused on trying to work the keyboard I got frustrated and woke up. The end.

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