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    How easy can two thousand light years be crossed in one night?

    1. Going to sleep dream fragment I

      by , 03-20-2012 at 03:51 PM
      1: I was tucking myself in, getting to bed. And I think I fell asleep as well, thus having a dream inside a dream.
      In the dream-dream, I didn't know I was actually asleep :twice: and I dreamed that a boy came up to me and asked me on a date.
      I answered him yes, I think, even though I really shouldn't have.
    2. Shades, figthing and losing.

      by , 03-15-2012 at 06:06 PM
      Okay, so I had many dreams this night. Glad I didn't forget 'em...
      Two where fighting for my life, and two fragments of other stuff..

      is it scary the first time you wild?-zeldacopydreamwolf.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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      1: The dark wolf
      I was in a desert, with a dog, a labrador retriever I think. There was some grass there, and a tower. I went up in that tower. And I think this is where fragment One belongs, but I'm not sure. I might aswell had started outside the tower and the desert, and then went in.
      Cause remembering now, I went downwards.
      There were kinds of birds there, that wanted to attack me. I think they were supposedly Zelda inspired, though I hadn't played it in a long time. They couldn't reach me as I went downward, as my dream-logic said that since they were birds they could not fly down.
      When I got to the bottom of the tower, I stepped out in a patch of grass. The dream kinda led me forwards.
      (memory;There had been somekind of time-lapse effect in the tower, so I had been in that exact time and place, and I knew that we had been attacked.)
      We= a labrador, me, and possibly a werewolf (if that also weren't me)
      A black wolf was attacking us. The lab and something important. But all in all I think it was after me.
      The labrador came to my rescue as I struggled with the monstrous dark wolf. It had point fur, yellow, shiny round eyes, and long, white claws. The labrador came into the scene in a glorious, hero scene. It jumped on the back part of the wolf and bit. It left red, sore marks in a circle on the wolf's waistline. The wolf quickly shook the loyal dog of.
      And then it came back on me. I remember seeing a brown male were-wolf with ripped pants and a four or six pack on it's stomach. It was human like, with hockey-hair in a darker more complete shade of brown.
      I don't know if the were-wolf was me, some part of me say yes, some part says prob. not. I saw the wolf in a third person view, so maybe I had already lost the fight.
      I am very certain, at least, that in some point in the fight, the wolf won.

      2: The hall
      I was in the hall. Maybe this was on the top of the tower. Maybe the tower was like a collection of dreams I was scheduled to enter this night
      The hall was kind off set up like a mirror hall, just with no mirrors. The walls had golden list-work on the top and bottom. The floor were tiled, I think, but not white. The walls were beautiful, I think, the light and the setting
      But that's not important.
      My parents were kinda outside of the scene, but they were there, back a fence, as miniature figures in my vision.
      A shadow figure is fighting me. I never get to see his face, once I see a glimpse of his hair, as if his shadow slipped for a moment. It is dark oak brown.
      I am spawned behind a fence in the hall once, so that the fence was between me and him. I tried to get back to enter the intense fight again. For some reason I really felt like I HAD to fight him, that I must. I couldn't get past the little fence, as in a video game. Midna (from Zelda; Twilight Princess) appeared by my shoulder and teleported me back to him. Midna was like half the size of myself, and a little rounder.
      And the fight went on.
      In dreams, I usually go on unfrightened. But this one really scared me. Especially when the knifes was brought up, from a wase on a little table or something. He threw them at me, but I managed to duck, and I threw them at him. I think I might got hit by something once or twice during the dream, but didn't really recognize. At all times I was afraid that he would hit me, instead of me hitting him. I was afraid it would hurt, afraid he would win.
      I shouted for help, and my mom and dad came after being confused for a bit. They seemed very distant, and un-understanding. They took some spoons and carried them outside of the scene again.
      I ran and reached for some sharp knifes on the floor, and picked them up. Shadowman was after me, but I got up and spun a 180 before he could touch me. His final brick was laid when I threw them in his shoulder. They hung on in his flesh. I think there might have been four or five, even seven, sharp steel knifes in his left shoulder. . He didn't bleed. He didn't moan in agony, or scream as if in intense pain. He stood there, and lifted his right arm to reach them and drag them out. This was about the time I won, he died.

      Short Dream 1: Party
      My brother was going to a party in a trunk.
      I didn't know why.
      Also, outside my bedroom window, I could see a corner of a pool. Thats where the party was held.
      I was held outside, as in, I weren't allowed to join.

      Short Dream 2:Chocolate and Actor ranking.
      Me and a friend (N.) was going down to a cafeteria at my school. N. was going to buy something, and I was going to buy another friend of mine (A.) chocolate. Me and N. went down. They sold converse shoes there, and I was determent to try some on.
      We tried blue ones (the ones everyone have..) and it turned out I had bigger feet than him. I felt like I was really, chunky footed, .. And then we bought the food ad went outside the store.
      After a while I discovered I was still wearing the blue converse. I was starting to panic. Didn't I buy them? I had no memory of buying those, almost not even being in the store. I checked my pocked to see if my 100dollar bill was still there, or if I'd used them on buying the shoes. They were still there. I checked if I was carrying a check-out note or something, but I couldn't find something. I was too embarassed to go back to the store (yep, u heard me) so I went home, confessing to family.
      ... At another scene with my friends we were walking down a road outside. A. said said that the teachers were ranking the actors for our school-play from 1-3. (as in 1 best, 3 worst)
      "And what am I?" I asked, feeling like pushing it.
      There was a short, but noticeable awkward hesitation among the gang.
      "You, you're 4." said G.
      non-lucid , memorable