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    How easy can two thousand light years be crossed in one night?

    1. Dinosaur (frorm childhood lucid dream) enters the stage and crashes the party

      by , 03-28-2012 at 07:21 PM
      We are in a house that could be a hybrid between where I live and the Twilight-vampire-mansion. Bright white walls, windows and corridors with smaller rooms.
      Maria having a party, entering a singing contest.
      I wish her luck, and hope for the best.
      She is making new and other friends, and I accept that, I am glad for her.
      But I have the feeling that something will go wrong soon.
      And suddenly I am moved to third person view watching a kid in front of the small crowd's skin suddenly rip apart in the middle of his face, neck and stomach. I think he is me.(I'm a girl btw.) I can see the red flesh at the edges of his skin, but there is no blood or screams, no agonizing pain.
      Out of where his guts (in reality..) would have splatted out, rises a giants head. And now I am the giant, as the boy has changed into it like a butterfly growing from it's cocoon.
      Everybody is watching me, I am a little surprised and feel like the situation had just taken a turn of the worse. I roughly slide out of the room and hurries to a window. I now know that I know that something bad is coming. And am I right!
      In the shadows of the forest outside the dark window I can see a dark creature keeping watch over the house. When I understand it's form, my heart jumps. The familiar T-Rex, from my first brief lucid as a kid, is out there, hunting me. I see it disappear among bushes, before I run over to a window on the upper side of the house. At the left sits my father. I make sure to keep close watched over the forest outside, and any suspicious shadows there might be, as I discuss the dinosaur with him. During this tense conversation I can't recall, I somehow understand that it is my job as a giant to defend the house and the people that are inside. I must meet the dinosaur at it's arrival and hold him back with all my fight.
      Most of all I had wanted to hide in the corner of a locked room.
      I again spot a darker shadow in contrast to the trees, and know that the dinosaur is coming closer.The dinosaur is coming for me. It's coming for the glass of the window.
      I run to another room nearby, and know that the dinosaur had already leaped trough a now shattered window. I hear steps and feel it's presence like an unavoidable truth.
      I hear loud cracking noise as the T-Rex heads in the door separating us and get's trough. First, it is just his giant head in a hole of the door, with green shells and sharp teeth. Then it is his full-sized ancient body, as the once most infamous predator of the earth he were, standing before me. It is almost as looking into a gun pointed at your head, only this time it is highly aggressive and a little bit taller and larger than the average giant.
      We threw ourselves at each other, wrestling, but it didn't last for long though.
      I had something he wanted to get; a glove. And the rest of the dream circled around me; The giant, watching a fighting and how-to-use-your-magic-glove instruction video together with another person, knowing the dinosaur could break trough the doors any minute.
    2. Idealistic teenage terrorist group (can you make that one word?)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 08:13 PM
      So I was in the library with L. again, which means this could be a possible dream sign except that I don't think I have ever been in the library with L. yet..
      Before we went down the stairs "terroristic" buillies came over to us and made us sit in a corner, trapped. We didn't know what to do, but eventually we talked ourselves out of it I think. I don't know what they wanted, except bully, which frankly, a lot of bullies appear to long for. It might have been something about not borrowing the book I had found and now held in my hand. We were sitting at some benches. They slouched down the stairs with hunched shoulders, and we followed after making sure we were not in the danger-some.
      The stair had business like blue, dimmed transparent "fences", and the stairs themselves were grey.
      When we got down I was about to deliver my book. I felt jumpy and hurried. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, without bringing attention to myself. The floor was grey, the walls white and the room dark, so I should'a known better than to feel "safe" so soon. If safe means not in a potentially life threatening circumstances..
      The disc had a woman librarian behind it from Real Life. The disc in the middle of the room was also from the library in town, oak brown with a black plate on top in a curved form went towards the entrance. The entrance was a fancy double glass-door. It had kind of a "light" atmosphere. I was soon getting out of there and starting to feel more confident.
      Before I talked to librarian I glimpsed a TV hanging on the wall next to the left door. The librarian, and now my friends A. and M., was also watching. My companions, subtract the librarian, didn't pay as much attention to it as I did. It was a news report.
      On the screen there was a young dark male in a dark green bobble-vest. He was running, plowing trough the impulsive and officious reporters. He pushed away a black camera in pointed towards him, and a voice came on. It was the anchor on the channel, talking about "Idealistic terrorists on the loose. They are teenagers and are very idealistic".. or something. O, jeez z__z .. I think the news in my dream might have been a clip from a RL memory from the riots in London on the news channel.
      "Oh my." the librarian mumbled.
      I looked at her, and the book in my hand was just seconds away from being handed over when the teenagers bursts through the glass in the doors. Although there wasn't any shattering or scrapes on their faces as the group gathered in the room staring determined on us. I barely had the change to act at all before they pointed their millitary guns at us and shouting us to leave the room and enter the little door on another wall of the room.
      "They want to isolate you!" I heard the librarian gasp terrified before we were all ripped away from her and enclosed in a small, green-walled room. I knew that this must be some sort of experiment. My friends knew no escape, but I had the escape in my mind.
      They sat hopeless at the end of the rectangular room when I showed them how we could climb out somehow and jump over a fence with a hedge. A. did it nicely, but M. needed a little instruction. But we made it out and that's the important part.
    3. Stupid camera!

      by , 03-19-2012 at 04:06 PM
      I were at some camp, Again.
      And I found out that some guy, and a girl friend of his, not girlfriend) had taken some photos of me. That worried, and annoyed me.
      Me and Lise, my friend went over to them. I asked him to borrow the camera.
      "No! Why? You'll just take it." He said irritated
      "No." I started convincing "Of course I won't. I'll use it on shopping!"
      "You'll just delete the pictures."
      "No." I lied, "of course not. Just give me the camera, please?"
      And that was what it took to get the little compact grey camera that may or may not have been digital.
      I went down to a clothes department, Cubus-ish I think, except I had never been there before. Lise were with me. To play out the "faking" I looked at some T-shirts along a wall. Then I lifted the camera to look through the pictures. I showed Lise.
      The little camera showed 5-6 miniature images of an unknowing little me walking around, standing around, sitting around.
      So I decided to delete them. I was worried that Sim. and Mal. (owners of stupid camera) would come down to check up on what we were doing. And just then they did. And that pushed me into a sudden hurry.
      I rotated the camera in my hands, and pressed a Menu button. A little grey menu on the right side showed up, but none of the three alternatives contained "trash bin". I lifted the camera feeling like a trapped mouse, looked beneath it, and all that was was little grey buttons. Agh!
      Sim. and Mal. were getting closer.
      "I told you." "What are you doing? Deleting the photos." "Give me the camera now!"
      "No.!" I said, rejecting to hand it over.
      Looking for a gap in their defense, and finding it, I leaped between them, avoiding contact with their bodies. I think Sim. had reached out for me, but missed way far off.
      I had managed to push out of the door when they got themselves together enough to follow me. I didn't have much of a headstart though.
      My heart was beating quickly and something similar to adrenaline started spreading trough me. I think I might have run over parked cars beside the sidewalk.
      Then the dream ended.

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