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    How easy can two thousand light years be crossed in one night?

    1. "Lucid" (non-lucid) dream, trapped in a dream X The Hunger Games influenced set up

      by , 03-18-2012 at 04:27 PM
      1: "Lucid" (non-lucid) dream, trapped in a dream X The Hunger Games influenced set up
      First, I'm having a "lucid" dream, where I am not lucid at all, it is just my subconscious mind tricking me into believing. I do what it is most likely I would have done during a lucid. I am standing in front of a double window, I smash it with my hand and leap out of there. In the dream, I am thinking of unfurling my wings, and call for Warren from X-MEN to learn me how to fly. But, then of course, I fall down, thinking this won't work. And then I start strolling down the street, towards a nice red-brown cafe at the corner of the street. It has wooden panels and glass plate-windows.
      I "wake" up.
      I am in my bed, laying up at night, hoping for a lucid dream again. My room is almost pitch black, but I can still see. The contrasts are unusually bright, all I can see is bright white light crashing with black shadows.
      I am afraid, curled up on my bed, waiting to fall asleep into the lucid-world.
      There is a storm, and it is raging inside my room. Things are flying uncontrollably around, the computer screen on a desk in the middle of my room blows open, showing bright lights off into the darkness and the curtains on the left side of my second window is pushed aside, reveling a bright white glow from outside my window. It is like a nightmare. I can't fall asleep. I am afraid someone scary and nightmare-ish will enter the stage.
      After a while, a woman enters the room, after a while. The storm quiets, and she has a flock of other teens following her. I think she represents Anne, from Maximum Ride: School's out forever. (currently reading)
      She takes the computer away and we leave the room. Then we walk down a hall and she has a safe atmosphere surrounding her.
      Next, I am in a lucid dream again. I count my fingers and all, and have an unusual amount of them (ten once! New record) but I don't become lucid as it is part of the dream that I will become "lucid" and take "lucid" choices.
      And now I am in the cafe. There are mainly girls there, laughing and everything. There is one waiter and he is a blonde man. I went over to talk to him, as all the others in the cafe was busily talking to each other.
      Just as we enter a conversation, I don't remember much what we said, he crumples into this; http://www.mommyniri.com/wp-content/...lectionRex.jpg , and turns black-white.
      A teacher from my school (IRL he is a copy of the headhunter-principal from School (the normal kind) in Maximum Ride: School's out forever.)
      He tells me he that he have had enough of this nonsense, switching in and out of dreams and reality, and falling asleep all the time.
      And I understood that he was in control of the dream from now on.
      And he's trapping us (me and some other children that goes to my school, on my age) in a dream.
      The next thing I remember is being inside a P.E. -ish hall, in half the size. At the left side, there is benches and carpets spread along the floor. And on the right side, kinda backstage-ish there is hung an green overhang and behind there is spread different weapons and sticks - knifes, bows and arrows, maybe ropes, sharp metal.
      Me and E. trots over to the weapons, along with some other kids. The rest hurries to the benches.
      I realize that I might need something to defend myself with, and perhaps my territory.
      I tell E. he might need a bow. I already have one, from before (somehow). When the place is cleared for weapons, I have taken a knife and some arrows, I do an overlook and find an extra set of arrows for my bow.
      When I round the overhang, I see that people have already gathered in groups, survival-team-ish, behind gathered benches. Making their own territories and improvised fortresses. I join a group that welcomed me warmly, as I had belonged with them from the start. That is my only way of saying it.
      Kim is there. I think. And E. And some more, I didn't really notice. In the dream, it was people I trusted and that would manage.
      People had gathered carpets to cover up their flipped over benches. I helped my team set up what they had, and copied a team on the opposite corner of ours.
      The mad (mad. As in ko-ko) teacher was watching us.
      I don't know if I was getting ready to aim my bow at somebody.

      The End.

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