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    1. Dream 15/01/2016

      by , 01-15-2016 at 05:51 PM
      First dream i dream about being in a shopping:
      -First i was with my younger sister, she was buying a hamburger.
      -Then i was with Fran. He wanted to purchase a puzzle game. I stood by his side, probably i had to answer as well. Then i note that the ladies were just walking there.

      Then i was on school, talking about Game of Thrones with Fran. Then he talks about it with another classmate called Mili. Then he just layed on the floor, to sleep. We were on a break. I was just sitting on a table talking with some classmates called Ro and Mica J. Mica handed me a brochure with ten points, and she asks me, remember these? I said yes, i do. The number 8 specially. I don't know what that brochures were but i seemed to know in my dream. Then a woman comes, she was interviewing groups. I didn't mind to go and get interviewed but i refused. So she appealed for kind of threats. She said, well i will have to call by names of the lists. It was actually the same, and i didn't care. She wasn't a teacher. Anyways she left with a group.

      Then i find myself in a walking path/road in a forest. I was with two older guys. I was being chased and suddenly the chaser came. He was Salva's bigger brother. But he came out of prision, he was something like Sideshow Bob. I hid and the two older guys said they didn't know where i was. Then i was being tired of seeing that. I knew i was stronger, those enemies were strong too but behind my capabilities. So i came out and grabbed this guy by the neck.
      Then i find myself coming out of a roof, from a house located in Hugo Salvai's shop. I came out of the window of that house, (it looked like a realistic dreaming scenario, i had high awareness but no lucidity) and the front yard had yellow flowers with healing powers. Immediately when i came down and stepped into the flowers i knew the powers of those flowers and adquired them as well. Since i was the first i was the only one that i could adquire them. Then i saw these people, now they were 2, were chasing me on a car. I run in the opposite sense of the street, with a great velocity. And i continue running. I didn't care if a car hitted me, i would jump. My velocity was about 40-50 km/h. After about 5-6 blocks i stopped in a cafe, next to a building, with the intention of jumping the wall and hiding in the building. I just crashed on that open cafe and went on invisible mode, so people in there couldn't see me. By that time i knew i was being chased and i heard some noises of Waking Life, so i knew i was dreaming. I suddenly woke up.