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    1. 18/01/2016

      by , 01-19-2016 at 05:48 AM
      I will keep it simple since i wrote it once and the page closed and lost all the content.

      First dream Joako, a friend, was about to have 4 babies with his girlfriend. Well, she actually wasn't his girlfriend since she was more like free style, but they were couple.

      Second dream i follow some orcas in a cannyon with water. I realized there were some soldiers pointing at me with rifles like 20 meters ahead. They start shooting and i run backwards. I kill two guys by my sides who were just standing doing guard and i escape. I hear the radio that it was best option to live the lazy life than to engage in an activity since it was dangerous, and our troops demanded corn and food while they didn't protect the citicens. Pablo Rossi was talking on the radio.

      Then i dream about something about a gold ring and a smith. He lost the ring but when people returned it to the owner they didn't trust him because it didn't fit in his finger. The thing was that the ring also had iron inside, and that iron thing, that was made so it could fit the finger, was lost, so the ring was big.

      Then i dream about me being taken to Cba to a health institute. There were my grandparents, and my parents. I had to go down a precipice to enter the health institute, my father and my grandparents were already there but i wasn't. I thought about jumping like parkour style, but they got each one of them in top of the other and lifted a chair. So i sat on the chair when it was close enough and they went down and put me down. We walked inside the institute. A lady begins with a series of injections. I thought they would be painful but i didn't feel any pain. First they drawed blood and then something like a ball from a vein in the butt that indicated the state of my liver, how was it functioning. It was pink so it did pretty well, i wouldn't have trouble with it in my life. In the institute i found out that instead of Cba they wanted to take me to Spain, but for something, like no big deal, they took me there. The day before in the dream i smoked cannabis so the doctor was aware of that and she began talking something about "Adela" and she began saying something like "to show him the effects that the drugs cause to the system and the organs". She injected me something that apparently cleaned the whole system. It was benefitial was the doctor thought it would hurt a lot, like being burnt alive, but actually it didn't, it felt very cool, relaxing and healthy. I thought maybe this high tech institute is outdated of what cannabis is, if it were alcohol probably it would hurt as the doctor thought. But anyways since i detoxicated i wouldn't consume anymore. Then my father asked something if they could give me a towel and the lady said "why? cant your father buy in Cordoba?" actually he couldn't but i replied to her "i left home not well prepared".

      When i woke up i felt my body very relaxed. In the dream i felt tension before entering the institute, but when they took blood from me that tension went as well with the sample. In some dreams you are bitten by a dog or an animal and you feel the pain, in this case i was extracted some blood and injected some cool detox medicine and i woke up very relaxed and feeling good. Although i didn't like to be taken to a place like that without my decision, it was something that went well, even though the doctor was "pesimistic" (with the pain of results) i enjoyed it all a lot.

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