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    1. 29/08/2016

      by , 08-29-2016 at 03:45 PM
      I dreamt i invited a friend, Fran, to a house in the countryside. We slept in the night, and at the morning of the next day i offer him some breakfast although there wasn't anything to eat. First i offer him some mint tea, then some toasts. I was walking from the bedroom (actually we were sleeping on the living room) to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the sleeping place. Then i went to the refrigerator to look for chocolate and honey. There were 3 bars of cholocate left, so i took 2, and there was the bottom of a jar of honey, and the refrigerator was empty. He wanted to put that into the toasts, lol. Then he asked me for some cream (like cheese-cream). This part is really disgusting. I go to the kitchen and fetch from some drawers two pots of cream. I give him one pot that was open but full and i check the other one. He starts putting the content into the toast, while i was looking that the pot i was holding had some hairs that came from the underarm. He was still preparing the toast, so there was no need to scream. I told him "look at this, it seems this is not cream but rather deodorant." He said something like oh, and was undisturbed with it. He finished preparing the toast and we decided to throw it in the toilet. A toilet was right there in the living room. We finished our poor breakfast and we went outside.

      We crossed a river, right outside the house to spend the day either walking on the road, or having fun. We were almost crossing when i told him i had to go back to grab the keys. He told me he would call his boss (he actually doesn't work) to tell him he would stay here. I ask him if he wanted me to grab his bicycle, but i didn't hear an answer. So i went back and i heard him saying that the water was cold. It was indeed cold, but i considered also that it was morning. I looked up the sky and it was cloudy, very cloudy, like if a storm were coming. I get off the water and had to walk about 40 meters to enter the house. There were some trees before the house. I look at the sky again, and i saw a grey background with a lot of ravens. I walk nevertheless and these ravens start to fly, like concentrating (and some of them charged) and then flying away. While they flew away the sky became clearer and the storm dissipated. There were like 100 ravens, and i felt tense while i was walking beside them. I didn't wanted to hurt them but i supposed they would attack me, and then i wouldn't know if i would react or not. I was more fearful of my reacting rather than whatever the ravens did to me. So some of them charged at me, like 3 or 4. I still walked but i was having doubts with regarding my intentions, if i wished goodwill even if they attacked me, or actually i was having an intention of ill-will towards the attacking raven. One of them bited me in my arm, and i didn't felt pain, but i felt/thought that something had to be done. With tranquil deteremination i grabbed him by the beak and opened it, but i wasn't feeling angry at all and that was something very good for me, rather i felt equanimity. He flew off but as soon as he was flying, and all the crows were doing the same, the sky opened up and showed that a beatiful sunshine was behind the clouds, and knowing that i waked up.

      As soon as i waked up (i knew i really waked up hehe) i had a clear insight for my meditation. The most difficult part of the sitting meditations i do are to keep the constancy in the time of the sitting. For example if i determine to do 1:30 minutes i tend to do 1 hour, which is the normal rythm i have [Im not pushing myself too far in the goal, because i realize it is something i can actually do, i could even do do 2 hours, and 180 minutes would be pushing too far]. I don't do it because i know it's a little bit more of effort and im lazy, but im also aware that the benefits of doing it would be awesome and great. This dream has given me the motivation to endure my meditation, work a bit more, and i know that i will get to see the results soon.

      What results i expect?:
      -That 1:30 minutes of sitting would eventually be as easy as doing one hour.
      -That all the pain that comes from meditation would eventually fade away (not by itself hehe but from work of the meditation which is done little by little)
      -That after the pain is gone i will experience some pleasant feelings, and that would be the next thing i would have to deal with.
      -I will gain more clarity and tranquility. That means peace of mind.

      Some other notes:
      -The house i dreamt was house of M. Olguín, of Rio Cuarto.
      -The countryside was that which my mother rented from May/June to August/October 2015.
      -I actually walked the road of that countryside to the city one day. I walked like about 4 hours and have completed only 20% of the road, so i went back before dusk. I arrived just in time, the sun was setting when i arrived. So it was also a fun day. (The next day my mothers boyfriend came in my bicycle (the one of my friend in this dream) and i went back the same day in that bicycle. He stayed for about 4 days there, but there was food to survive hehe.)

      -Yesterday i watched a video of Bhante Vimalaramsi about the obstacles of meditation. It was a great talk which motivated me a lot. I think what it taught me was to accept, be mindful, investigate and continue. Developing this would be something like developing strength (in the mind).

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    2. Dream 11/01/2016

      by , 01-11-2016 at 08:01 PM
      Some activities i did before going to sleep. When it was already dark at night i went out with my bicycle for a ride so see some scenarios. I seem to enjoy more of the awareness at night, and that helped me in my dreams tonight.
      Then, before going to sleep, i meditated one hour aproximately in Zazen. That helped me a lot in vividness of my dreams and restfulness of mind in my dreams, at the last moment of a dream that actually helped me got lucid.

      I fell asleep at about 3:00 AM. In my first dream I was at a supermarket. In front of the cashiers, in the same building, there were many shops. In one of those shops there was a woman who kept a tablet that was mine, she said for safety. I wanted to go in and talk to her but the shop was closed. Then i talked to a cashier, and she said that there was no problem that she would give me one (apparently she trusted my word). So he passed the tablet through the laser and she asked me for 15 pesos. I told her that was why i wanted to speak to that woman. There was nothing wrong with my tablet and now i have to pay 15 pesos for nothing. But ok i payed it. Then she bagged it and while she did that we talked about a football match of this morning (which nothing happened in waking life, actually before going to bed i was thinking about football and Argentinean team, something i haven't done for like 2 years). She asked me if i saw the football match of Argentina this morning and i said no, i don't watch football anymore. She was surprised, a man who doesn't watch football, but i wasn't surprised of her, i know that some people are ignorant enough that think everyone will have the same habits. She was with another woman, and for not being rude i said that i haven't watched a single match since Argentina lost the world cup on 2014, she said that she couldn't believe i (actually she did but she said that probably for my tenacy. I actually wasn't interested anymore, it's just a business, that doesn't attract me).

      I went out the supermarket and took a walk in the city. I crossed a street and i saw my grandmother in a car, like working as a taxi driver. I go to the square (scenario i had seen in my bicycle ride before going to sleep). I was heading from a supermarket called Vea to another one, more close to center of the city, called Top. I don't recall so much what happened there. But after that i headed with my mother to a street where there is a school. I saw a small square and next to it the entrance to a garden (street mitre). My mother passed it but wanted to show it to me, and i pointed out that it was behind. She kept going anyways and we went to the end of the street. The building were each time more ... antique, they were like gothic style (the houses were like 2 meters tall, and made of stone, fine stone), and the place looked like a town more than a city. In a street there were some old men playing or washing and i asked my mother if she could stop so i could see them. She did 100 meters more and stopped at the end of the street. I asked her if she could go back. She didn't answer me. I asked her if i could drive. She was staring at me. I told her "It will be ok, it's a lucid dream, im aware" but with compassion (not with conceit like happens other times i get lucid. This is probably a nice effect of the meditation). My dream starts to fade and i find myself awake, but i stay still, thinking that i could return to the dream again. Anyways i was in a bad postion (not awful like other times, but wasn't good either). I thought about the DEILD technique so i stood for a while like that. Then i thought about writing the dream and do a WBTB but i didn't since i would remember the dream. I fell asleep again, i continued in the same dream, but i wasn't lucid. It was like the dream would prolonge for like 10 minutes. So i continued dreaming. We headed with the car to our left. We go to the end of the street where there was a river going down. I got out of the car and my mother was already with his boyfriend so i left them and went on my own. I got myself inside some ruins and jungle. I saw there was no escape from that point onwards so i had to go back and surround that place, go through a river "gate" and there i could continue. I saw there was a big stone, and water flowed below that. It wasn't very dangerous since nobody could fall there, but one could put a hand there. Anyways one wouldn't want to since there were a lot of insects there and a lot of moss. Suddenly i see the boyfriend of my mother coming and he puts a hand in the water and he drinks it. Then he shouts, "i drank some of the water you drink" (like saying to my mother) i told him that is not the water she drinks, this one has insects. He didn't listened to me, probably he heard me. I go back and im ready to go to the river. I was at the spot where the car was (i was to the left of that place). I jump out of some big squared stones and i see to my right (i was in front of the car, so same direction as i was before) and i see a beautiful landscape. The skies were blue, but that blue was covered with purple, orange and yellow. There were some trees, very tall, like 20 or 30 meters of altitude. It was like the earth if it would have evolved spiritually, with no pollution or anything like it. The tree looked like weirwood of game of thrones, but it was taller, and when i saw it and the sky behind it it was a lovely mix of colours. The place was the andino, at the end of Bv Roca, i was standing to the left of what would be that place. By the way, when i was coming down the big squared stones i thought about the benefits of giving up adictions, that it is neccesary, then i saw that beautiful landscape.