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    1. 21/10/2016 Meeting a classmate

      by , 10-21-2016 at 09:08 PM
      I went to bed at 2:30. Fell asleep at 3:30 more or less. Woke up at 7:30 and recalled some dreams:

      I dreamt being in the house of my grandfather. I was with my grandmother and my sister Sofia. We were conversating, i was about to leave. Suddenly we hear a noise... that came from my stomach. It sounded like a fart, but i didn't fart, lol. I said that the air was adjusting in my body, but nothing went out.

      I was on the school yard. It was dark. There was a lazer at the end of the pitch, like the one that come from root powers in Avatar the leyend of korra. It pointed at me and wanted to kill me. There were cameras everywhere, so everywhere i went the cameras would recognize me with infrared light and the other lazer would aim and shoot. I couldn't get to the other lazer because it was about 120 meters away. I manage to move... and go to a lower ground so the lazer had no chance to shoot me. It was tough but didn't have to be so tough since i just could do that. Anyways there was the sports teacher, called Diego. In the dream he was not in good mood, maybe he was involved in that lazer stuff... I was not going to hang with him, no matter what "authority" he had in the school (actually in this dream the teachers had no authority whatsoever. I think im letting go that ). So as soon as i started walking away and turned my back on this teacher for good the headmaster came. Again. He could order, yell, whatever, but i gave him no authority. He didn't even talked or if he did he said something about economy... but it was related to Diego's Class. So i was not interested, not going to get involved and waste time on it so i left. Nobody complained.

      Then i took notes on the following dream but i don't remember very well the dream, so i don't understand them. I dreamt i think being in the apartment. Eri, my sister, was there and some friends of her: Magda and Emi. Then i wrote that my sister asked me why people were listening to different music. I said something like i don't know, none of my business, besides i was listening to my own. (It was like a question to complain).

      I did a WBTB and one hour later i lied down in bed to try WILD. I failed. But i had a nice dream:

      I was definitely on a dream... but not lucid. It was a dream city, so i don't know where it was. There was a building and a grill of an apartment in the third floor more or less set on fire. A lot of firefighters came with hoses to turn off the fire. They did it every action with no hesitation and a nice work. They said that the fire got up to the 8th floor (i only saw the grill on fire, but nothing else... lol And it was a sudden burst of fire, out of nothing. There was a man there though about to make an Asado (Barbecue)). I was on the bottom floor, in the streets actually. It was night. Some militars wander around to show people where the bathrooms were, and since i was one of the young people i had to help other citizens to get to the bathroom. Actually there was only a guy, 30 years old, looked like marine but just looked like, he wasn't militar. He didn't need any help since he followed the soldier. But as we came back and i saw him he was with no expression but i think he was kinda grateful i went. Then i go back inside the building and a classmate greets me, and she asked me if i could go with her to the bathroom. I thought i just came but ok, i could later talk to her (these nights i been wanting to interact with a DC real or fictional. She was real). We go to the bathroom and when we get in there were only three toilets separated by a transparent plastic sheet and with no doors. I thought ok, i might have to go out now. But before i could do anything i saw this girl walking in fron of me and going to the third toilet, she put down her pants and sat there and started peeing. "Alright... i guess" i said and went to the first toilet. Actually one couldn't see anything through these plastic sheets, but it was a shared bathroom and no privacy whatsoever. I took out my thing and started peeing as well. She finishes and waits for me outside the second toilet. Meanwhile i was not finished, and she starts to get harrased by a guy (probably of my age). When i first heard him i thought if i had to go to and engage in some fisticuffs. I was afraid, not about fighting, but about him nocking me or even killing me and she getting raped or something like that. So i remained calm, so far she could defend herself for a bit and i would be much more light when i evacuate all the urine from my bladder. Then i hear her say "don't spit at me". At this moment i was about to go out and just but i remembered that i would be better fighting if i had no sensation that i want to urinate. So i finally finished. It took very long, like 2 minutes dreamtime. I do three steps back and i saw that the bathroom was a bit different already (no more plastic sheets but the normal kind, more spatious, and with more people (people i knew and that actually could back me)). The first person i see was my friend Fran O (he was a thin guy. 2 years ago he started gym, and made a lot of muscles. Now he is in normal shape) with lots of muscles. I stared him at the eyes and he at me and we both knew we each had our backs. Then i turn to see this girl (which i won't name) and he was in front of this guy. I ask if there was a problem, and she tells me that he wanted to charge to use the bathroom. I stare at him at the eyes as well, but with no ill-will, however not friendly either. He was smiling, with a smile like or of evil or wicked fun. I asked the girl if she wanted to go and she said yes, lets go (she understood that no was for engaing in fist-fight). So throughout all that moment there were some preocupations but nothing went out wrong (the only thing unclear was the spit however, but when i asked her she didn't say anything so... since i didn't see it maybe it didn't happen like i thought it could). We walk out in the streets and back to the building. There was a restaurant and i wanted to wash my hands there. We were leaning on a desk, and she sees that there was no gas, after reading a poster. So we go outside and to a dining hall, where there were rooms as well (it looked like the old hospital of Rio Cuarto, but with orange lights and still at night). She was about to leave to her room, but i saw that i had some alfajores de maicena (small ones) and i thought that i didn't want them but i could share half with her. So she returned, maybe to say bye, and i offered her this half-alfajor. She thanks me and eats it really liking it. We go outside (like the outside door of the University [First time i dream with the university i think] and i saw a guy eating a lot of pizza. I tell him that he doesn't have to eat it all, that sharing it could be good. Then i go outside and eat the alfajor. With that tiny piece my mouth was full, it was a lot, and very sweet. I didn't want to eat something sweet at that moment, but too late. As we walked we talked about microeconomic concepts such as "needs and wants" and how we could translate it into spanish. She told me "expectation" or something like that (actually i think she told me something else). Then i woke up.

      The last dream was just like any other dream, but just it was more memorable. Also during the dream i made right choices, because i didn't hurry.

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    2. 05/01/2016

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:35 PM
      My first dream

      I was in University. I had classes with a friend who i really liked, which was a DC. At the end of the classes i find out that they separate me from that class since i was not being so efficient in my studies. We crossed some train rails where 5 trains went through and which transported people from one city to another. I felt very bad to be separated from her, so at the next day i studied a lot and became super efficient. Surprisingly at the beginning of the class they accepted me. I had to cross the rails again, so i could take the trains of the other side. It was very risky but had to be done. I went inside the classroom and there was a philosophy professor. He was boring and a bad teacher because he got mad. I sitted behind this girl, who at her side was with another one. There were some things written on the blackboard, which made no sense, actually it was like some lines and scribble. Behind me there was a friend called Augusto. After the lessons the teacher gives a bag of chocolate alfajores. But i wasnt given one. I claim one to a girl called Feli, who was at my left and she didn't want to give me one. I calmed when another friend called Oti gave me half of his. Then the assignment of the professor was to be generous and share that alfajor with another. After the assignment those pieces of cake turned into granulated pieces so it was easier to give a certain quantity of it. People start gaving it and there were some who were stingy, who didn't want to share. I didn't know to whom to give since i didn't consider none of them kind, and i was going to be left without any of it and my task would be over. Oti had left and the girl i liked dissapeared. So i holded. At the end there were like 3 groups who had a monopoly of these pieces. All people giving their "valuable item" to them, and they wouldn't give anything, they would hold everything for themselves to get even bigger and be the first. They could resist to hold it without giving some away which seemed like hard (like hardness to live such as in movies like In Time). The group i saw was composed of Mati, Joako i think, Ignacio and others. I still had a lot left since i wouldn't give it to them, it would be irrational to make rich another and me be poor. And giving it away would appear as a good heart but in reality it would have been not since after that they would want it back. So i stayed there and did nothing, didn't sympathized with these people so i wouldn't give anything to them. Different would be if they would have nothing, probably i could have been generous then.

      My second Dream

      I was in a building and went upstairs. We were at a very high floor and we had to go down. But the stairs to go down were hard. They were woodden stairs of 5 steps, and each floor had like a trapdoor. One had to know how to go or you would get lost. And getting lost there you could waste a lot of time since it had a lot of floors and many rooms. It was night and we were like 3 to 5 up there. We decided to go down, but suddenly a new member shows up. I decided to help him but the others werent waiting for me. So i had to remember where they went and also tell this new mate, Fran, to come with me.

      My third dream

      I was fighting my father with martial arts. I just kicked him in the legs and he fell to the floor.

      I was with an english teacher of school, called Analia.
      I was with a aunt called Analia.

      My fourth dream

      It was morning already, after a festive day. The streets were empty and the sky was grey but not cloudy. I was in street Bv Roca. I entered a passageway where there are houses. The gates were unlocked. An old lady came in with me. She had her face as one that drinks alcohol would look like, or have the skin like. I walk through the passageway and another lady comes from the end of the hall. There was a house there. She was dressed as an old nurse.

      Something like this but in the head she had a bigger thing, like a nun but in white. She looked like Dona Florinda of the Chavo del 8. She spoke some words with the old lady but she didn't even look at me. At the same time i'd been having like a feeling of being lonely because of a loss, probably because the sister of my grandmother who lived there, who passed away like 10 years ago. I probably had to clean that place and live there on my own.